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Cutest Dogs Helping You Pack for Your Cruise

  • Dogs are a man's best friend, and naturally the first ones there to help you pack when you're gearing up for a cruise. Of course, by help, we mean jumping into your suitcase, rolling around your clothes and begging you to take them along for the ride. We hate to leave our fur babies behind, but we know they'll be in good hands and never hold it against us. In the spirit of canine wanderlust, here are some of the cutest dogs helping you pack for your cruise.

    Photo: Monika Wisniewska/Shutterstock.com

  • 1

    "Why did my humans choose such an early flight? I'm ready to go back to sleep!"

    Photo: Jessy Parkes/Cruise Critic

  • 2

    "If I let you finish packing for your cruise, can I have a treat?"

    Photo: Liz Tecce

  • 3

    "Maybe if I lie on top of all my humans' clothes and pretend I'm asleep, they'll be forced to stop packing."

    Photo: Carolyn Spencer Brown/Cruise Critic

  • 4

    "If Lady and the Tramp are on your Disney cruise, can you sniff their butts for me?"

    Photo: Zoe Friloux

  • 5

    "Mmm... I can only imagine the juicy steak my humans will bring home from their cruise."

    Photo: Steph Moccio/Cruise Critic

  • 6

    "You forgot your formal night outfit... and me!"

    Photo: Steph Moccio/Cruise Critic

  • 7

    "What is this large, mysterious container filled with all your belongings -- a travel pet carrier?"

    Photo: Gina Kramer/Cruise Critic

  • 8

    "What do you mean you didn't book me a kennel spot on Queen Mary 2?"

    Photo: Liz Tecce

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