Qsine place setting on Celebrity Silhouette

Whimsy is on the dinner menu at Qsine, Celebrity Cruises' innovative global fusion restaurant, where the only things you should expect are the unexpected, with surprising twists on cuisine you might be used to. A perfect place for families or groups of friends, Qsine serves shareable dishes and encourages you to play with your food. Diners order via iPads, which replace boring old paper menus, and dishes tout funky names like "Painter's Mignon," "Crunchy Munchies" and "Sushi Lollipops." Qsine even offers its own inventive cocktails.

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Walking into Qsine, the first thing you'll notice is the lighting -- the lamps are upside-down and on the ceiling. In what feels like a nod to the elegant eccentricity of the Mad Hatter's tea party in "Alice in Wonderland," sleek high-backed chairs are placed next to lower, ornate seats. The result is quirky and playful, yet chic -- in keeping with Celebrity's goal of "modern luxury." Color schemes fluctuate from ship to ship, but expect variations on stark white mixed with touches of chocolate brown or tangerine. On Eclipse, handblown glass vases serve as unique and striking centerpieces. Even the wineglasses are designed to impress and perplex: they're tipped to sit at what feel like a precarious angle. But it's the presentation of the food itself that adds the most distinct pops of color and form to the dining landscape.

On Celebrity Reflection, Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Eclipse and Celebrity Silhouette, Qsine also features the Le Petit Chef experience, which uses 3D technology and digital animation to project a two-inch tall French chef onto your table as he helps prepare your meal using unusual methods, such as dynamiting the ocean in order to catch the seafood he needs for your stew or rolling a large snowball to serve as your ice cream.

Small appetizer at Qsine on Celebrity Summit


Dishes in Qsine take their cue from cuisine styles worldwide -- Chinese, Indian, Peruvian and Iranian, to name a few. Courses are served family-style; each serving is enough for about four people and can be served in any order you choose. (Tip: You can order as many dishes as you want, but order half portions of each dish if you're just looking to taste everything.) If you're averse to sharing, and prefer a traditional three-course dinner, Qsine might not be the right choice for you. Fussy eaters shouldn't fear Qsine -- though the courses are generally creative, they're not too adventurous. Most of the innovation lies in the presentation, so while the plating and garnishes might seem extravagant, you're still ordering what are essentially sliders, spring rolls, shrimp cocktail, chips, dips and chocolate cake. Dishes include vibrant bowls of ceviche hovering on a faux granite two-level serving platter with a variety of sauces; a dozen tiny little tapas stacked in a construction of shadow boxes; or candy-colored, chocolate-dipped strawberries on sticks in a square of real grass -- fittingly, the dessert is called "Strawberry Fields."


Celebrity Cruises' Qsine costs $45 per person. On ships in which dinner at Qsine includes the Le Petit Chef experience, the charge is $55 per person.

Qsine restaurant on Celebrity Summit


Qsine is available onboard the following Celebrity ships:

  • Celebrity Eclipse
  • Celebrity Infinity
  • Celebrity Silhouette
  • Celebrity Summit
  • Celebrity Millennium
  • Celebrity Reflection

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