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Eating Our Way Through the Moveable Feast Cruise

  • With a reputation for fine cuisine to uphold, Celebrity Cruises has partnered with Fine Cooking Magazine and its Emmy-nominated PBS series, "Moveable Feast," to create one-of-a-kind culinary-themed cruises. Cruise Critic hopped aboard Celebrity Summit for a Moveable Feast with Celebrity Cruises sailing and what we found -- from cooking classes and demos from renowned chefs to a celebratory dinner featuring their dishes -- was a delight to the palate and to our love of cruising.

    Photos: Jason Frye, Cruise Critic contributor

  • 1

    Chef Blais reveals his smoked tuna

    Chefs Bryan Voltaggio and Richard Blais offered delicious demos in the Celebration Theater, showing off recipes and techniques onstage as they fielded audience questions.

  • 2

    The chefs answer questions after a demo

    After each demo, the chef was available for photos, to answer questions, sign aprons and cookbooks, and chat about everything from Chef Blais' love of strawberry soft serve to Chef Voltaggio's obsession with Old Bay Seasoning.

  • 3

    A cooking station all set up for student chefs

    For a small group of cruisers, the highlight of the Moveable Feast sailing was cooking alongside Chefs Blais and Voltaggio in a small-group cooking class. Under the guidance of these "Top Chef" alums and culinary superstars, passengers donned aprons and picked up knives to prepare a dish the chef selected especially for the included three-course lunch.

  • 4

    Chef Blais cooks a SushiRito

    During the cooking classes, each chef let their personalities show. Chef Blais talked knife skills and walked us through creating a playful dish that was a blend of sushi and a burrito called a SushiRito.

  • 5

    Chef Voltaggio talks to his class

    During his class, Chef Voltaggio offered a new twist on an Italian classic, caponata, and showed how to perfectly cook a piece of fish.

  • 6

    Chef Voltaggio's shrimp and grits

    Moveable Feast Night in the main dining room is a highlight of the cruise; at this dinner, passengers had the chance to taste three courses from the recipe books of Chef Voltaggio and Chef Blais. Voltaggio's spin on shrimp and grits with beer sauce was a favorite.

  • 7

    Chef Blais' English pea soup

    Equally popular was Chef Blais' English pea soup. Diners, whether onboard specifically for the Moveable Feast activities or not, enjoyed the dinner.

  • 8

    Chef Voltaggio and Tom Wadson

    Once we arrived in Bermuda, Chef Voltaggio led passengers on an excursion to Wadson's Farm that focuses on organic growing. After that, we sampled a pair of traditional Bermudian dishes -- farine pie and salt cod and potato cakes – as Chef Voltaggio assisted in their preparation.

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