Fred Olsen alcohol policy

Are You Legal?

The drinking age on all Fred. Olsen cruises is 18.

Bringing Booze Onboard

Bringing liquor on board at embarkation: Only alcohol purchased onboard may be consumed onboard. Any alcohol brought from ashore will be placed in safekeeping by the ship's security officers and will be returned at the end of the cruise.

Bringing wine or Champagne on board: Any wine brought onboard will be retained until the end of the cruise.

Purchasing liquor in port: It will be retained until the last night of the cruise.

Purchasing liquor in ships' duty-free shop: Passengers can purchase drinks for consumption in their cabin only while onboard, via the Cabin Shopping Service, and are allowed to enjoy their purchases at any time in their cabin throughout the cruise (not in public areas). Passengers can purchase duty-free drinks towards the end of their cruise, to take ashore upon disembarkation.

Free Drink Caveat

At the Captain's Welcome, complimentary drinks are served, including sparkling wine, Buck's Fizz, sherry and martinis, as well as a selection of soft drinks.

Beer Onboard

Draft: Boddingtons (Bitter) and Stella Artois (Lager)

Bottled: Holsten Non-Alcoholic, San Miguel, Spitfire and Bishop's Finger

Canned: Bass Bitter, Beck's, Carlsberg Export, Guinness, Heineken, John Smith's Extra Smooth, Newcastle Brown Ale and Strongbow Cider.

Specialty Bars


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