Silversea Cruises Alcohol Policy

Silversea alcohol policy

Are You Legal?

Legal drinking age on Silversea ships is 21 for all alcoholic beverages.

Bringing Booze Onboard

Bringing liquor onboard at embarkation: Passengers are allowed to bring alcoholic beverages on the ship.

Bringing wine or Champagne onboard: Passengers are allowed to bring wine and Champagne on the ship with no corkage fees.

Purchasing liquor in port: It's allowed.

Purchasing liquor in ships' duty-free shop: Silversea does not offer any alcohol for sale in its onboard shops.

Free Drink Caveat

All alcoholic beverages are included in the cruise fare.

Beer Onboard

Draft: Miller and Heineken.

Bottled: Silversea stocks several different types of beer from all over the world.

Specialty Bars

At the Connoisseur's Corner lounge, an assortment of cognacs, vintage wines and ports are served.

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