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The 2018 Ship Hop Cruise (Photo: Christina Janansky)
The 2018 Ship Hop Cruise (Photo: Christina Janansky)

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Music theme cruises are all the rage these days, whether you're partying all night at an EDM festival at sea or donning bobby socks to dance to the oldies. Music fans of all genres are discovering that a cruise ship is an ideal place to see favorite bands in a more intimate setting and make friends with shipmates who share your musical tastes.

Unlike at a concert or festival, a music cruise gives you the opportunity to spot your favorite singer-songwriter at breakfast, attend a Q&A to get a glimpse into the backstage goings-on or even attend a trivia quiz, pub crawl or yoga class led by your favorite rockstar.

Here's an introduction to the types of music theme cruises you can book.

Updated February 6, 2020

Rock Cruises

Performers onboard the '70s Rock and Romance Cruise 2019

Bands from KISS to Train host rock music cruises for their fans. Choose based on type of music (prog rock or heavy metal), or pick a sailing hosted by your favorite band. There will be plenty of concerts for rocking out, as well as time to detox on the beach with fellow fans.

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Country Music Cruises

Are you a two-steppin' fan of the Grand Ol' Opry, or do you swoon over the newest country stars on the radio? Either way, there's a music cruise for you, complete with concerts, line dancing, autograph sessions and Q&As.

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Decade-Themed Cruises

Throwback cruises are, like, totally popular, and no matter which decade holds the most nostalgia, you're likely to find a cruise based on it. Pack your love beads, bellbottoms and disco attire for a cruise with rockstars of the '60s and '70s, or board a ship full of Elvis impersonators for a great tribute concert.

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Jazz Theme Cruises

Najee and Candy Dulfer performing on The Smooth Jazz Cruise

From smooth jazz to R&B, jazz-themed cruises bring faithful fans back year after year for at-sea concerts, theme parties and even artist-hosted excursions in port.

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Blues Theme Cruises

Seek out blues greats like Buddy Guy, Tab Benoit and Keb' Mo' at one of these floating musical festivals in the Caribbean or Mediterranean. In addition to enjoying multiple concerts on multiple stages (including acoustic sets), fans can attend meet 'n' greets, autograph signings, Q&As and movie screenings.

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Christian Music Cruises

If worship music and Christian rock are your jam, you can rock out and party in a values-based setting on a Christian music cruise. Cruise activities range from concerts to worship sessions, theme nights and discussions with the celebs.

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Other Music Cruises

Cayamo Cruise 2019 (Photo: Will Byington)

If that weren't enough, there are plenty of other music cruises that defy categorization. Cayamo is a popular theme cruise that attracts a star-studded lineup of folk rock, alternative country, bluegrass and blues artists, while the Holy Ship Cruise centers on all things EDM. Artists like Belle & Sebastian, Melissa Etheridge and Kesha have all hosted cruises, as well.

If you can't find a music cruise that speaks to you, follow your favorite artists and radio stations on social media. Should they decide to hop on a theme cruise, their fans will be the first to know.

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