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Two lower beds convertible to 1 queen-size bed, whirlpool bath & shower, sitting area, private verandah, mini-bar, refrigerator, floor-to-ceiling windows.

Vista Suite with Verandah (B)
Decks: Deck 6
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Vista Suite with Verandah Cabin Reviews
Cabin 6207
Jun 2016
Our cabin was very comfortable, with excellent storage and a good sized bathroom and balcony. Good, large, couch. The poor quality, older television, was the only slight disappointment. Furnishings were in good order, and tastefully designed.
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Cabin 6127
Jul 2015
Wonderful Experience!! By: izzielu61
The Amsterdam was wonderful! Very Elegant, comfortable, and just the right size for us. We were in a Vista suite with a balcony on the Verandah deck. Just perfect! All of our friends who have been to Alaska said the balcany suite was the way to, and we are so glad we did! So worth the extra expense! The suite was roomy, comfortable, and very clean. The bathroom was more than roomy! I even brought an over the door shoe organizer for my toiletries as many of the reviews on this site said to worked like a charm! Gave me so much more room in the bathroom. The balcony was absolutely the best! We took soo many photos from our balcony...and the views were wonderful not having to squeeze in between so many other guests like we would have to do on the upper deck. Just great!! The room stewards were EXCELLECNT!! We would leave from breakfast and by the time we returned, the room had been cleaned. AWesome!! The same in the evening while we were at dinner...the turn down service had been completed with a friendly towel animal on our bed. WE had King size bed that was very room and comfortable. All in all a wonderful room!!
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Cabin 6181
Aug 2013
A very good By: ella1960
Narrow entrance way. Comfortable bed. Excellent balcony, very private and large enough for two chairs and a lounger. Great views. Smoking allowed. Doors between balconies can be opened on request. (we had family next door) Good water pressure for showers, lots of hot water. Jet tub although it is small and we never used it. Railings for support. Plenty of towels and warm blankets. Quiet, mid ship location, but a very short walk to the elevators/stairs. Never heard any noise. My only complaint was that some of the drawers were difficult to open, but there were so much other storage areas that it didn't matter. Also there were not many outlets, but we didn't need them, so again, not a problem for us.
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Cabin 6198
May 2013
Beware that smokers frequently book the balcony cabins, because they are allowed to smoke there. Unfortunately, we booked one of these cabins and could not use our balcony, because we were surrounded by smoke throughout the day (and sometimes at night).
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Cabin 6173
Dec 2012
Nice to have a bath tub in the bathroom. Medicine cabinet was larger than normal for a ship. The sewage backed up the first time I used the tub. Got right on it and no problem after that. Tight fit between the bed and wall to walk past. Could have used better lighting for reading after dark. The balcony was just stardard size and we thought we were upgraded, hate to see the normal one! The crew that took care of our room were terrific and fine gentlemen. I left extra tips for them. Smaller ship but it was alright, except for some rolling in choppy seas.
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Cabin 6208
Jun 2011
Not much closet or haning space. Large number of drawers. The bathroom is outmoded. Don't like the bathtub being elevated above the floor - lots of potential for accidents when stepping out of the tub. Despite the "directions" could not figure out how to turn on the shower. No clocks, but we knew that, so brought our own. No plugs in the bathroom. Also knew that, so brought a power strip. Also brought a nightlight and an extension cord.
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Cabin 6211
Jun 2011
Great stateroom with lots of storage and easy access to elevators, dining room and Lido.
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Cabin 6116
Jun 2011
Very quiet - near the end of the corridor by the forward elevators. Plenty of storage space. Veranda was terrific for photography. We had to move the furniture around a bit to make room to get the scooter in and parked, but there was more room to store stuff than we had stuff to store Even though the steward and his assistant had 29 rooms to do, they kept the rooms clean although they didn't always get to it while we were at breakfast.
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Cabin 6116
Jun 2011
The beds were fore and aft rather than athwart, but that's fine with me. There was room in the bathroom to put things and we had a good big shower - room for two in there should we have desired that. The steward gave us fresh flowers, and ice and fruit and we had a small refrigerator. I am not sure, because we didn't drink anything in there, whether HAL would have charged for the stuff in the fridge or not. There were plenty of drawers and more than enough closet space. We were just forward of the forward elevators. I could get the scooter through the door, but not past the bed as the turns were too tight. So we moved the outboard nightstand and put it under the kneehole of the desk and push/pulled the bed over. That made enough room for me to scooter down the hall, and made a quick left turn and park the scooter by the bathroom wall. I still had room to get out of bed and even (if I did it right) to open the nightstand drawers. Bob (knowing the lack of outlets) brought a 25 foot extension cord which he ran behind the TV and under the bed and I plugged my power strip into it, and could then charge the scooter, the phone, the computer and the camera batteries. The steward and his assistant had 29 rooms to do and I think this is more than it used to be. Sometimes they didn't get to us right away, but I don't fault them for that. We tipped them extra.
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Cabin 6140
Jan 2011
6140 - NOISY - just opposite the cabin there is a vent for some air conditioning or other plant that never stops
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Cabin 6114
Jul 2010
Beautiful Alaska By: scruffy666
Good size. Narrow space by door a hindrance. Great bed. Great balcony.
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Cabin B6185
Jun 2010
Best Alaska Cruise Yet By: oaktreerb
Lots of closet space. Full size couch. Quiet location, Nice covered balcony. Lots of mirrors. Flat screen TV. DVD player. Robes. Bathtub and shower. Easy to get to Lido and Dining Room via stairway.
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Cabin 6225
Jul 2009
Very large verandah, at least twice the size of other verandahs which extends to the extreme aft of the ship with views to the right side as well as the rear.  Most extreme cabin to the rear of the of the Verandah deck.  Very large room wheelchair equipped.  No whirlpool tub but very large shower.  Ramp on both sides of verandah door.  Extremely quiet area of the ship.  Very large closet space with six doors, small safe, and more than sufficient storage room for clothing and three suitcases.
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