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My family and I do a big adventure trip every year and we had been wanting to do SE Asia for a couple of year and just couldn't find anything escorted that lined up with school holiday breaks. We booked about 9 months in advance for ... Read More
My family and I do a big adventure trip every year and we had been wanting to do SE Asia for a couple of year and just couldn't find anything escorted that lined up with school holiday breaks. We booked about 9 months in advance for myself, my active but older parents and my 16 yr old daughter. We have previously done only land packages with Tauck tours and were looking for something close to that level of service and accommodation and we were pretty pleased overall with the AMA experience. We had a day of our cruise cut off due to a typhoon in the area closing the embarkation port. The cruise line added an extra day in Ho Chi Minh City at the Sofitel with lunch and dinner (but no additional excursions), we did not miss any ports but did lose time in pheom phen and had to forgo an excursion there. Accommodations on the land portion (all Sofitels, including the Phokeethra in Siem Reap and Metropole in Hanoi) were first rate. The Metropole is a truly special hotel experience, especially if you are as into history as our family is. We had a category B stateroom on the ship and I was pleasantly surprised (with limited cruise experience) having previously sailed with disney and on an expedition ship in the Galapagos, with the size and comfort of the cabins. The bathroom allowed for a shower without having to do any strange contortions, and there was ample space to spread out a little, dress and relax with two people. We chose the one on the end of the ship by the gym, didn't feel any movement at all, and it was much quieter location. Things we liked: The staff was all very nice and accommodating, but the hotel manager (Marcus) and the restaurant manager (I am horrible and forgot her name but she was beyond fantastic) were standounts. Massage/spa prices were very reasonable for a cruise ship, as were the additional charges for upgraded wines. The included wines were also very drinkable, but I wish they would serve wine by the glass in the bars instead of just at dinner. We did the chef's table one night, I didnt think it was anything extra special. In general the food was perfectly edible, but nothing standout EXCEPT when they cooked local. I wish they had more local options at dinner, where it was pretty much all western style. The local items on the action station and morning noodle soup were always excellent, the rice paper wraps and spring rolls, etc were also fantastic. We tended to leave dinner a little wanting some evenings. They do have more mainstream choices available for every dinner (salad w/chicken or shirmp, hangar steak etc), but when in a place like SE asia, there's too much good local stuff to be cooking up fancy french food - but the brand knows their audience and I'm probably the weirdo who wants to eat pho all the time. The local guides changed with each region, and they were all good, but we were lucky enough to have two really outstanding guides in southern Vietnam and in Cambodia before we got to Siem Reap. Vinh and Buntha really make the trip special with their insight and their stories. Loved all the shore excursions we did from the standpoint of the sights we saw, loved they had options for people with mobility issues or who wanted less challenging temple climbing etc but still wanted to actually see the highlights. The overnight cruise in Ha Long Bay at the end of the trip was also great for scenery and the accommodations on that boat were also really nice. The cooking class and bingo, and a a few of the other daytime onboard programs while the ship was in transit were fun. I wish they had more enrichment, maybe a photography class, more in depth lectures about the history and culture, etc. but what they did have was fun and informative. What i wasn't crazy about: Some of the shore excursions I would have liked to have a little more time allowed at some of the museums and temples, etc. I felt rushed especially at the War Remnants Museum and Temple of Literature, Reunification Palace and the market in Ho Chi Minh City. I also wasn't crazy that for New years eve we were tied up at basically a loading dock in the middle of nowhere Cambodia, and there was no place to get off the ship to maybe check out some local nightlife. The staff tried really hard with the evening entertainment, but it wasn't really my speed, especially in a region known for night markets and such. We were VERY and I recognize VERY lucky that our trip included a few multi-generation families with younger people so there were other people my daughter's age or near it on the trip, which made it more fun for her. the food on the Ha Long bay boat was edible, but nothing to write home about. Also, the wifi on the ship worked intermittently at best and there is no roaming service in Vietnam - no biggie for me, but for some it might be an issue. Also no wifi in the cabins, only the lounge and the sundeck unless you're in a suite. We also didn't get our documents from AMA until about week before we left (2 weeks before the actual tour start date) and as we were visiting another country on our own and 2 days of transit to get there, it left me a little anxious and we were unable to pre-register for shore excursions, as they had already closed by the time we had had a chance to review everything. Overall, we loved the trip, we were fortunate to have some experiences that were really life changing (touring the Killing Fields and S-21 Detention center with Buntha, Sunrise on Angkor Wat), I came back wanting to return to explore more because I found the people so welcoming, and feel like on such a whirlwind trip I didn't get to explore the cities as much as I would have liked to. The river cruise does allow you to get to places like Tan Chau, Sa Dec and the rural areas of Vietnam and the floating villages on the ton le sap, etc in Cambodia where there really aren't western tourist class accommodations. My mom thinks river cruising is now the greatest thing. It wouldn't be my first choice to go back to for something like Europe, but for something more exotic such as the Zambezi, the Irrawaddy I'd probably book another one. It was a good trip for the diverse ages we have in my family, there was plenty of activity for my daughter and i and enough down time to allow my folks to be able to enjoy most of the sightseeing and still relax. Read Less
Sail Date December 2017
Pros: very clean and well maintained ship Internet, when in port, works very well - no streaming Good organization for departure More things are included than on some cruises - most alcohol, for example, is included. ... Read More
Pros: very clean and well maintained ship Internet, when in port, works very well - no streaming Good organization for departure More things are included than on some cruises - most alcohol, for example, is included. Variety of shore excursions was great and it is included in the price. Food is very good. Well presented, healthy and small size portions meant less waste. The ethnic dance we were treated to in our first night in Phnom Pen was extraordinary. Kids from a local school performed a one hour exhibition that was both interesting and informative. Climate control for the rooms was superb. Hot water for showers seemed to always be available any time of day. Service was exceptional if not slightly overwhelmingly considerate Things that should be included in the advertised details about the cruise: ask before you book if the cruise you are interested in leaves directly from Siem Reap or if you will take a long bus ride down to the port (6 hours). The bus was comfortable, and the road the whole way was paved. But you should be made aware of this. Only 2 per cabin. We are a family of 3, so we had to buy an extra cabin. If you do have close friends or family going with you, book early and get cabins across from each other. That way, you can see things on both sides of the boat. While never advertised as such, this is not a cruise for families. I would guess the average age on the cruise is about 55. We are struggling to make sure our 14 year old is having a good time. But that's not the cruise company’s fault. We knew this going in. Also know that the majority of people on the cruise (at least on our cruise) are culturally unaware when it comes to foreign countries. From how they act and the excursions that are set up, this is more of a “photo op” cruise than anything experiential. That's not to say you can't get off the boat when it docks and explore the culture on your own. Just don't plan on the cruise company giving you that kind of option. In addition to the above, leave frustrations and embarrassment about how your fellow cruisers act behind. Talking during performances, loudly laughing and cackling while receiving a monk’s blessing, wearing inappropriate clothing (after several written and verbal advisories) and not learning how to say “hello” or “thank you” in the local language is not something you're going to be able to explain or ask forgiveness. It's just the way people are. The guide says that you may consider bringing “smart casual” clothing, but you absolutely don't need to. We love to pack light, so we didn't and never felt uncomfortable. Shorts that cover the knees and shirts that cover the shoulders along with decent walking shoes are the only necessities. Laundry is expensive on board like most cruises. Try to do laundry before you depart. There’s really not a convenient way to do laundry after you start the cruise. Lock the outside cabin doors in Phnom Penh. You're right up next to the dock, and while there is security, it would give you some extra piece of mind Read Less
Sail Date March 2017
AmaDara Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 4.5 N/A
Dining 5.0 4.8
Entertainment 3.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.7
Fitness & Recreation 4.0 N/A
Family 3.5 3.7
Shore Excursions 4.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 3.0 N/A
Service 5.0 5.0
Value for Money 4.5 N/A

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