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Sail Date: June 2017
The Allure of the Seas is an amazing ship with an amazing crew. The service in the Main Dining Room by Wasana and Latoya was phenomenal. Mama Mia was outstanding! The Pearl Island snorkeling excursion was good, but one of our fellow ... Read More
The Allure of the Seas is an amazing ship with an amazing crew. The service in the Main Dining Room by Wasana and Latoya was phenomenal. Mama Mia was outstanding! The Pearl Island snorkeling excursion was good, but one of our fellow cruisers had a medical emergency and I was required to step up and perform CPR (I'm an ICU Nurse). Unfortunately, the gentleman passed away, and it tainted the rest of the excursion. The Jeep/Beach Adventure in St. Thomas was UNSAFE! The guide was constantly shouting over the radio to get closer and run the light. We actually had a 3 vehicle accident on the excursion. No injuries or damage, but the tour operators could honestly care less. I was so shaken that I went straight to the Excursion desk upon returning to the ship. DON'T TAKE THAT EXCURSION!!!! The Island History/Rum Tasting excursion in St Kitts was outstanding. Doreen was our tour guide/Rum Queen and she was a RIOT! We were all laughing and having a good time even before the rum started flowing. Also, the Great House and Botanic Gardens where the tasting took place were beyond belief! The Photo Staff on the ship always takes such amazing photos. I actually purchased the digital downloads because I was afraid that if I purchased actual photographs that they would be damaged during travel. *TIP* If you are traveling in a group, one way to save money on pictures is to have them linked to ONE CABIN. That way you can purchase ALL of the pictures for around $250, and you can all chip in. (If there is a rule against this, I don't know. I did not ask about this on the ship, but the idea crossed my mind just a little too late...like when 2 friends in my group decided to purchase all of the pictures that had been taken.) Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2017
Central Park on the Allure (and Oasis) is a nice place to relax and 'chill' while listening to the bird calls and taking in the beautiful 'grounds' of live plants and trees. The Rising Tides Bar didn't always keep ... Read More
Central Park on the Allure (and Oasis) is a nice place to relax and 'chill' while listening to the bird calls and taking in the beautiful 'grounds' of live plants and trees. The Rising Tides Bar didn't always keep its posted schedule. I went a couple of times to 'get on' and ride up to the park but, it had already left the docking port in 'the mall.' (So, why is the schedule listed in LED on one of the support poles if they pay no attention to it?) Goofy. Otherwise, the Allure of the Seas is an amazing ship however, I don't care for the sliding doors on the closet. Not easy to access. Princess ships have the best design with their cabin closets facing the bathroom without any doors, making a sort of 'dressing room' in that space. On Allure, the closet is also next to the bed, making getting to it hard at times. Read Less
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Sail Date: December 2016
I had never been on a cruise before and was invited to go on this cruise with friends. It was awesome!! So much variety in events and food. My friends were Star Class and had a private suite with balcony so I was very fortunate to get in ... Read More
I had never been on a cruise before and was invited to go on this cruise with friends. It was awesome!! So much variety in events and food. My friends were Star Class and had a private suite with balcony so I was very fortunate to get in with them for their dinners, drinks, and events, thanks to their awesome concierge. If I had known about the all inclusiveness of star class I would have paid for it. You get nickled and dimed for everything else if you don't. I had an awesome ocean view stateroom with my own balcony. It was super nice to to leave it open when sleeping and sneak out naked in the cool night! My cabin steward was friendly and creative. I had to rush to get my suit jacket pressed and he made sure it was pressed the same day with very short notice. He also was a skilled towel sculptor! I walked in one evening and for turn down service he make a monkey hanging from the wall! The food options were amazing. Because my friends were star class we ate mostly in the premium places which were all incredible! We ate in the main hall once for breakfast, I think it was the Windjammer on 15, and it was ok. Typical buffet. Johnny Rockets was a good deal. All you can eat for $6.50 cover. Entertainment was incredible. Go see Mamma Mia! Our butler got us front row seats and other preferred and reserved seats without having to wait in line. I even got to meet part of the cast on deck 17 while we were going to a cabana. Super friendly and nice. Visited the spa and the services were fantastic though they pressure you into buying premo expensive products that in many cases were just as expensive if not more so than the spa services themselves. Checking in was a pain because the lines were so long. Communication about departure was hit or miss and confusing. Pay attention to your paperwork and the pamphlets on your bed!! Overall, an awesome experience, though pricey. Read Less
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Sail Date: May 2015
I wanted to LOVE this ship, I really did, but on leaving the ship after a very enjoyable weeks cruise I actually felt glad to be off it. I really don’t know why as what I am about to say it mostly positive. Firstly, embarkation - ... Read More
I wanted to LOVE this ship, I really did, but on leaving the ship after a very enjoyable weeks cruise I actually felt glad to be off it. I really don’t know why as what I am about to say it mostly positive. Firstly, embarkation - We landed in BCN at around 1030hrs and by midday we were sitting in Central Park enjoying the highly recommended first day lunch – the roast beef sandwich! Check in at the port was so quick and stress free it was almost unbelievable. In addition to this we managed to get into our cabin by 1245hrs. Perfect start! Post unpacking we explored the ship before taking in the view of Barcelona from the huge hot tub that hangs out of the ships side and offers amazing views. The ship lives up to the hype.. its big and tricks you into forgetting you are actually on a ship at all. At times you are reminded how many people are on board but for most of the time there is enough space for it not to feel crowded. We loved the central park area which, as well as the solarium, was the most relaxing part of the ship. Sitting outside Vintages in the evening, enjoying a nice glass of wine, was bliss. On the other side I thought the Boardwalk area was a bit tacky and the Aqua Theatre underused. If only Central Park extended right though and the Aqua Theatre was actually a nice pool. We did the following dining options – My Time Dining in American Icon – newly refurbished but still your typical cruise ship dining room. The food was not so bad and the service was very good (big shout out to Loyda our waitress). Izumi – really liked this restaurant and the food was fantastic. Highly recommend if you like good sushi 150 Central Park – the restaurant itself is lovely but the food was awful!!! 1st course was a tasteless salad followed by under cooked pasta (also tasteless). The main (beef) was ok, noting special and the dessert was dry and equal quality as what you get across the park in Park Café! To top it all the waiter ended the meal by trying to sell (HARD SELL) us a cook book and a wine decanter. We were expecting this to be the highlight of the cruise (dining wise) but it was extremely disappointing. Sabor – LOVED IT!!! My favourite by far. The food was so tasty and fresh. This was a bit of a shocker as I thought we took a chance with Sabor but it turned out to be fantastic. We took the $19 pp tasting menu but be warned, the portion sizes are huge! Very enjoyable evening and all washed down with cucumber margaritas. Breakfast – first morning we went to Jhonny Rockets but the food and service were both awful. After this we stuck to the Solarium which was perfect and never crowded We opted for the premium and select drinks package which we managed to use better then anticipated and we calculated that we went over every day so we got more than our moneys worth.. however keeping track is very hard as RCL have clearly decided to hide all the drinks menus. Aside from the English pub and Vintages all the other bars had basic drinks menus and you usually had to ask for it. Now why would RCL do that I wonder….?? Ports of call were all great with the exception of Marseilles. You dock miles out of town and unlike Palma or La Spezia the port offers the most pathetic free transfer that’s still a good 20 mins walk from the ship. RCL of course offer an extremely overpriced transfer which is a better option but if Palma can offer an extremely organised and cheap transfer to town, and La Spezia offering a free transfer, why can’t Marseilles?? Awful port and 'ok' city. We only took one excursion (Pompeii on your own transfer) which RCL cancelled and put us on an early morning tour (original was pm) which we were not happy about. This excursion only gave us 1hr40 in Pompeii during the morning peak.. so we saw about a third of what we wanted to see. Huge mistake not doing Pompeii our way by train. We did most of the shows – Aqua Show – underwhelming and badly performed. Tell Me on a Sunday – Performed amazingly well but bad choice for a cruise ship. It was lost on a majority of the audience, most of whom walked out. I on the other hand really enjoyed it. Its a very British musical lost on a very international audience. Blue Planet – Mix Glee with Cirque de Solei and throw in a bit of Eurovision and you get Blue Planet. Its super camp but well done and entertaining. Comedy – very good, fab venue Ice Games – strange theme but this was my favorite. Performed very well. All in all we had a fun week but getting away from 6000 people felt good. I think Voyager class is more to my liking.. but then again Central Park is something quite special. Something just didn’t work for me on this ship and I really don’t know what it is. Maybe its just too big, maybe the feeling of being on a cruise is lost, maybe the fact there are so many people meant we came across a higher than average number of rude/undesirable passengers. Who knows! I doubt I will travel Allure again but would still recommend it. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2013
It's always good to start by introducing our group, so you can judge in comparison. There were eight of us: 2 gay male couples in their 50's, a family of 3 (mom, dad, and their 6-year-old daughter), and a 50-year-old male ... Read More
It's always good to start by introducing our group, so you can judge in comparison. There were eight of us: 2 gay male couples in their 50's, a family of 3 (mom, dad, and their 6-year-old daughter), and a 50-year-old male traveling on his own. I am part of one of the couples, and navigate in a manual wheelchair. We have had different prior cruise experiences, so I will speak only for myself: this is my partner's and my fourth cruise: we were on the Oceania Regatta twice and MSC Poesia once. We arrived in FLL a couple of days prior to avoid any connection problems and enjoy a relaxing day either at the beach or in town. Our airline damaged my wheelchair on the trip down and we had to arrange with them to get it repaired before the cruise began, so that extra day was very useful. (For what it's worth, American Airlines and the company they worked with did a fine job.) Embarkation looked overwhelming, but all the stories about RCCL's "well-oiled machine" held true. We did not use any special "accessible" lines and still got through the entire process very quickly. From the time we were getting bags out of the car to the time we were aboard ship, we took just over an hour. And this was with the party broken up into different queues as our cabins were on different decks. We had an accessible room, 14251. This was a lovely cabin overlooking Central Park. We've read lots of complaints from those with interior-balcony cabins but were very pleased with ours. The noise that would be overwhelming with a Boardwalk-facing room wasn't an issue over Central Park. We were directly across (and only 1 floor below) from the kid's pool, so we had a lot of associated noise during the day; from dinner-time on, though, it was a quiet and relaxing place to hang out and watch folks in the park 6 floors below. The room was fully accessible and 1.5 times the size of a regular cabin. The rest of the party's rooms were ocean balcony and interior cabins. There were mixed reviews about cabin size, but a running joke throughout the ship was how some larger passengers could possibly squeeze into the Allure's tiny showers. (For what it's worth, the accessible cabin has standard wheel-in showers with a drop seat, so don't worry about that.) Bath amenities include soap and shampoo; if you ask, however, you can also get conditioner, body wash, and hand lotion. The ship was jaw-droppingly impressive from the moment we stepped aboard. The Royal Promenade is a swank, 2-level shopping mall. Hard to believe you're on a cruise ship. It was chaos at check-in with long lines of folks making dinner reservations/packages and shore excursions. Avoid the confusion and set things up beforehand. The Boardwalk was lovely but loud. There's a carousel at one end and the Aqua Theater at the other, so there's almost always something going on. (Keep this in mind if you are considering a Boardwalk interior balcony cabin.) Here's where you'll find Jonny Rocket's (free for breakfast, fee for lunch & dinner), a hot-dog haven, a delicious donut and ice cream shop, and Rita's Cantina along with several shops (a bit lower-end in comparison to those in the Royal Promenade). Central Park is very lovely and serene with the sound of crickets and birds (I'd read that the animals are real, but never saw any myself.) There are several restaurants there as well as the Britto shop, but it's mostly a quiet mid-ship garden. I cannot recommend strongly enough that you make any and all reservations as soon as possible from home. We'd set up a 3-dinner package (first meal at Chops Steakhouse, reserved before you leave; two other dining experiences to be reserved once aboard), all shows, and beverage packages. We also reserved one of the Fiesta nights at Rita's Cantina. The 5-bottle wine package was a good deal for us -- a bottle was just enough for the 8 of us and we didn't need one each night. A few of us also took advantage of their soft-drink package. For around $50, you get all the soda you want throughout the cruise. Let me explain the details on this. You get both a "souvenir mug" and a notation on your Sea Pass card. Your card is used in restaurants and clubs to get "standard sodas" like Coke or Diet Coke. Your magnetized and coded mug, however, is used in special machines throughout the ship (adjacent to Sapporo's Pizza on deck 5, Windjammer Cafe on 16, and Wipeout Cafe on 15) to access over 100 different sodas: Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Fanta, Fanta Zero, A&W Root Beer (or whatever Coke's brand of root beer is). And many of these also had an option of adding a flavor into the mix: Cherry Coke (or Cherry Coke Zero), Lime Coke (or Zero) -- this was a favorite. How about Orange Coke? Raspberry Coke? Cherry Sprite? Grape Fanta Zero? I got far more out of this package than I would have expected because I was sampling different sodas throughout the voyage. Don't like one? No problem. You can dump and refill it in about 10 minutes. Although they don't "allow" this option to be shared, I will confess that my significant other and I were both drinking from the same mug and nobody seemed to mind. The food: good, but neither consistent nor great. The main dining room was lovely and the staff took excellent care of us. Our dinners there were very good. We were surprised (given previous reviews) that the free steak (prime rib the first night) was actually quite good. We enjoyed an assigned dinner time because it allowed our party to split up during the day but easily arrange for shared dinners at night. This also allowed us to have the same staff each night -- this is something I'd not considered before, but it is nice getting to know your table staff throughout the cruise. (Oceania has an open-table policy, so you don't get the same dining crew unless you specifically ask.) One looking-back regret is that between our 3-night, $50 for-fee-restaurant package and nights where entertainment made our 6PM dinner time cramped, we only got to use our assigned table/staff twice. For what it's worth, we were still able to use the room for dinner, but only as a no-reservation party when we came in around 8PM -- and the staff there was even friendlier than our regular table (though all were fine). The main dining room for lunch was surprisingly good as well. A very good salad bar that is tossed for you, along with any entrees you might wish. We only had breakfast there on departure morning; it was good, but rushed, but expect that was because it -was- departure morning. The buffets at the Windjammer Cafe were ok. Crowded. Unimpressive, for the most part, although we did agree their mashed potatoes were extraordinary. (I'm not sure that's what you want to be famous for, but I suggest giving them a try.) Avoid this place on boarding day; follow those in the know to the Park Cafe in Central Park and have a roast beef sandwich instead. The Park Cafe had good food but bad attitude. Throughout the cruise various members of our party found the staff there rude and curt. We often took advantage of the Solarium Cafe for breakfast and lunch. Lighter, healthier fare but without being Capital-H-Healthy. The exact opposite kind of food is found at the Wipeout Cafe: tacos, hamburger, hot-dogs. The tacos were yummy. We also often grabbed a slice of pizza at Sapporo's. Good NY-style pizza. The Boardwalk Dog House has seven different kinds of hot dogs to sample from different kinds of meat and different parts of the world. Makes you re-think your standard Oscar Meyer. Among the for-fee eateries, we sampled 4. The Chops Steakhouse was delicious with very good service. It was my personal favorite. The Samba Brazilian Steakhouse was a carnivore's nirvana with 9 different cuts of meat brought to your table. I loved the filet until I had the sirloin. As opposed to reviews I read, there were only 9 cuts of meat and there was neither obtrusive music nor live dancing / dance instruction. It was quiet, low-key, and delicious. The salad bar was also quite yummy. The service was great. servers come by with large skewers upon which the meats were rotisserie-cooked; each piece is hand-carved at the table. My only complaint was the gluttony feeling I had as I left. Giovanni's table offered al fresco dining in Central Park. It was very atmospheric, especially as the singer from the Schooner Bar (James Brown) was coincidentally scheduled to play a long set in the Park that evening. The food was uneven, though. My partner was very unhappy with the shrimp. The lasagna was amazing. A problem is that the pasta choices are served family style and it was difficult for everyone to be happy with just a few choices. So order more. It was a favorite for at least one of us. And then there was the Fiesta at Rita's Cantina. I don't know how indicative of their dinner menu it was, but it was bad enough that it became a threat: "Be nice to me or I'll send you back to Rita's." "No, I'll be nice! I promise!" The food was worse than Mexican food you buy frozen in the grocery store. So basically we spent $20 for 3 good drinks. Not bad, I suppose, but still. The entertainment felt forced and was only saved by a guest at another table who was a fun drunk. Do yourself a favor and skip this. The entertainment was surprisingly good. Chicago (a slightly abridged version) was well-performed. OceanAria was breathtaking. Blue Planet was beautiful but (for some of us) boring. The trampolining was impressive in both Blue Planet and OceanAira. The ice shows were ok, but nothing amazing (although the considerations of doing a jump or spin on a moving ship are impressive to begin with). The Comedy show was a lot of fun. We weren't big on the casino, sorry. What was impressive is that there were so many things going on at once. Sure, there are multiple showtimes for most venues, but I got the impression I could take the cruise all over again and not need to repeat any of the experiences I had this time. Again, RESERVE YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, either on-line or via your travel agent!! There were long lines for folks who hadn't reserved ahead of time and were waiting for available seats. Some of us tried booking the comedy show just a couple of weeks prior to sailing and it was already sold out. Also be aware that although you are reserving a seat at a show, you are NOT reserving a specific seat. You will want to arrive a little early if you want your choice of seating. Wheelchair seating is back-of-the-house, although we did see somebody enter the Amber Theatre from the front of the house side door (3rd floor) and transfer to a front-row seat. Not sure how that was arranged. We did also take advantage of non-reservation fun like rock climbing walls (far harder than they look) and the zip-line (far easier than it looks). And, disabled folks will want to know that although I couldn't go rock-climbing, I -did- meet the mobility requirements for the zip-line. (You have to be able to stand on your own.) The guys there were very accommodating. The gay couples also took advantage of RCCL's standing "Friends of Dorothy" meeting policy: Champagne Bar @ 5PM. It was a good opportunity to make new friends and compare notes on the fun things we'd enjoyed. We all found the staff to be very gay-friendly. To be more precise, everyone was gay-not-caring. Straight couples, gay couples, didn't matter to staff or (as far as we noticed) fellow passengers. There are several swimming pools. There's a kid's pool, a noisy, colorful, fun place for toddlers through (I'm guessing here) 2nd or 3rd graders. There's a "beach pool" which offers no sand, but is a zero-edge pool (no steps, just a gradual incline). This is useful for those in appropriate chairs or devices. There's a "regular" pool, and an adults-only pool in the solarium (where we hung out, as our group's sole child was happily enjoying her days with the Explorer Club). We were surprised to find that the Explorer's Club does not have any scheduled pool visits, so plan accordingly if you have a kid. There are also whirlpools available throughout the ship. Passenger favorites are those cantilevered near the front of the ship, but we found the TV's there distracting and preferred those in the Solarium. Be aware that all whirlpools are raised and there are no lifts for those who cannot climb in on their own. Our main concern was with the crowds, in spite of what we'd read. No surprise that the ship felt far more crowded on at-sea days. Since we'd done this itinerary on another ship in the past, we felt very comfortable using port days to explore the Allure on a less chaotic pace. While at sea, it was useful to stake out a claim on lounge chairs early in the day. But understand that reserving chairs is frowned upon. The one point where we did feel inconvenienced was waiting for elevators. We'd often have to let one go by because it was too crowded. You'll want to use the stairs whenever possible. As said, we did not take this cruise for its itinerary. We didn't leave the ship in Nassau. In St. Thomas, we just walked around on our own for a bit. In St. Maarten, several of the group took an excursion riding a bus and then a bench-bus to the highest point of the island, from which everyone walked down with a guide. Surprisingly, there were few vantage points from which to see the island as the path was very lushly-grown. It was a good workout for those who went. Ee aware that although the "well oiled machine" does its best to get you back in port quickly, there are roughly 6000 going through customs at once. RCCL has special disembarkation plans for those traveling in a wheelchair; we didn't take advantage of this since I don't need assistance to get around in the chair. (They also said they could need up to an hour of extra time for setting this up.) But even without that time-sucker, leaving takes a lot of time. We were pulled out of line so we could use the elevators at the Port in Fort Lauderdale, so that saved us some time -- and it still took over an hour to get through customs. And be aware that because of all those people leaving at the same time, Fort Lauderdale airport can be a nightmare as well. It was practically standing-room only at our American Airlines terminal. (We had an 11:55 flight to ORD.) So be patient and allow yourself plenty of time. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
I booked a boardwalk-view cabin, 9325, for the novelty (it's no cheaper than a ocean-view). It's just three cabins back from the back of the ship, so had a very good view of the aqua theater and the ocean. Only the very far right ... Read More
I booked a boardwalk-view cabin, 9325, for the novelty (it's no cheaper than a ocean-view). It's just three cabins back from the back of the ship, so had a very good view of the aqua theater and the ocean. Only the very far right side of the stage was blocked when seated. For our chartered sailing the aqua theater was used for daily parties, and was pretty rowdy. For most sailings, I suspect there isn't a lot of activity or noise. That said, closing and locking the door really does block all but the loudest noises. My overall impression: I missed opening the door to a balcony, having privacy, and listening to the sound of the ocean gliding by - but it was fun to try once. It was fun to sit on the deck, enjoy a glass of wine, and watch the shows or activity below - or the zip line above, or rock-wall climbers to the side. I found the cabin to be extremely quiet - never heard people above me or beside me, toilets whooshing, or doors slamming - with the huge caveat that the adjoining door to 9323 provides very little sound isolation. I would avoid getting a room that has an adjoining door if you don't need it. The balcony was usually shady, but did get some direct sun. The ship is designed so that every other cabin has the bed either by the balcony, or by the bathroom. 9325 has the bed by the balcony. I was pleased that the Rita's, a few decks below, doesn't vent into the boardwalk and therefore into the room. Never detected it was even down there. Other ship comments: - Absolutely perfect embarkation. I showed up around 1:00 and walked on with no wait. Luggage showed up 20 minutes later. Friends who showed up at the early, at 11:00, had the same experience. Awesome. - Getting off with the express-walkoff (if you can carry your bags, you can walk off between 6:15 and 6:45). I was on the car rental bus by 6:20. - Although there are a lot of elevators, they seemed to always take forever to show up. I usually took the stairs (up to deck 16 and back all day long, thank you very much). But if you're not up to stairs, give yourself some time and patience. There are also only two main elevator/stair locations - so you sometimes have to hike to get to them. - The promenade, on deck 5, is a nice walking/run path on the outside (2.4 laps to a mile), but the view is obstructed by the life boats. - Why does it take 2 hours to have a meal? This is a general complaint of cruising, not specific to the Allure I suppose. And can I get a refill on my wine during that time?? - The buffet was disappointing. Only had carved ham for breakfast one day. Selection not all that exciting for any meal, and didn't differ from one side to the other. No omelet station! The plastic white tongs simply do not work- comical trying to pick things up with them. That said, it had the same food as was on the daily menu for the main dining room - so at least you can pick what you want, and do so at a faster pace. Dinner is the same plastic plates as lunch and breakfast, and no table cloths either. - Izumi Asian fare had great sushi (hint: you don't need reservations for the sushi bar, just for the tables). The hot-rock dish was unique, but I'd stick to sushi the next time. Had very good service here, and the dinner pacing was good too. This was my favorite place (hit it twice). - Enjoyed the tapas and wine at Vintages in Central Park - made for a nice light dinner. - Couldn't get reservations at Park 150. - Rita's was actually quite good (though the guacamole tasted like it was from a plastic bag rather than fresh). Food came up quickly here too. - Samba Grill, the Brazilian steak house, was good - not great. Though my partner thought the chicken was the best he ever had (and he wasn't the only one to find the chicken to be the favorite of all the meats). Pace yourself, you get a lot of food here. Nibble at the salad bar, don't load up. Really. Here too, took forever once we were done to get a check and get the heck out. - Johnny Rockets for breakfast took an hour for french toast. - Park Cafe was my favorite for breakfast and lunch - quick and light. The sliced beef sandwich for lunch was very very good. I could pop down there from the pool, pick up a sandwich, and be back at my deck chair in no time flat. - The main dining room also offers a breakfast buffet. Same as the windjammer, but different venue, and nicer setting. - Loved people watching in the royal promenade. They had a good sound system and good music - though it may have been specific to our charter. - Solarium offers comfortable chairs and quiet atmosphere during the day if so inclined. - Public bathrooms on the ship have paper towels instead of cloth. Not awful, just noticeable. - I hardly felt the ship move. Kinda missed the gentle rocking at night. - Casino was very large, with lots of tables and machines. Generally lightly attended, and generally smoky. Half the casino is non-smoking, but didn't seem to matter (like Lufthansa when they had one side of the plane as non-smoking...). There was a large variety of machines, but somehow not the ones I wanted to play. - Staff was full of smiles, but somehow service just wasn't up to RCL standards. Slow slow slow. Orders often wrong. When will cruise lines get rid of the need to sign a slip of paper constantly? Give me a pin number or something I can poke into the waiter's machine. - They did good pours with the booze (didn't carefully measure out a jigger). That said, the drinks really were too expensive. I think the cheapest wine was $8 a glass, plus obligatory 15%. - The hallways to the staterooms are wider and taller than other ships - not that narrow cave-like feeling. However, this seems to be so that the staff can constantly have their carts out in the hallways. No more ninja attendants who magically take care of your cabin. This is more like a hotel where you see the maids all the time. And more often than not seemed like they were on their little phones. Seems like they could move their carts out of the way if they would hang up and get to it a little more. - Shows were great (well, the adult shows). Chicago, Blue Planet, Ice Skating, Oceanaria - all outstanding shows and performers. Kudos. Read Less
Allure of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.4
Dining 5.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.5
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 4.0 4.0
Service 5.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 4.0
Rates 5.0 3.9

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