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(172 sq. ft.) Two twin beds (can convert to Queen), private bathroom and sitting area.

Smaller Interior Stateroom (Q)
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Smaller Interior Stateroom Cabin Reviews
Cabin 8675
Jun 2017
So much fun...highly recommend! By: Cruisecriticohio
Small cabin but quite adequate for 2 people - can set up as twins or queen. Plenty of space for luggage underneath beds. Plenty of room for clothes & shoes. Soundproofing was outstanding - close to Dazzles and Elevators and could not hear anything going on outside of room. We booked two rooms.
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Cabin 10535/10537
Jun 2017
Un-freaking-believable!! By: Mosquito Man NC
Very clean and extremely friendly attendant.
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Apr 2017
Upholstery very dirty. The rest was great.
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Cabin 7443
Mar 2017
Clean, but poorly laid out
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Cabin 9430
Jan 2017
Loved the cabin. No complaints. People told us they were small, but we had 3 people in our room (one on the couch) and had no issues. Slept better than we have ever slept, may be because of the rocking of the ship or the darkness of having no outside window. But for whatever reason, it was wonderful! Also, our room attendant, Bruce was super!
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Cabin 10279
Oct 2015
This cabin is not just smaller than a standard cabin it is missing some of the bells and whistles that normally come with an Allure of the Seas cabin making it very basic. No ipod station, no room service breakfast menu, no Royal Caribbean book (with full room service menu), etc. The wardrobe is half the size of a standard cabin and there is a chair instead of a sofa. Honestly the cabin would be better without the chair because you can't get into the wardrobe without dragging the heavy chair out of the say. There are no drawers except for a very small one in the bathroom, a few cupboards with shelves but no drawers for little bits and pieces. The bed when it is made up as a double is against the wall on one side so I would recommend that if you stay in this cabin you ask for the beds to be separated. This room is adequate but honestly pay the extra and go for a standard size room
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Cabin 7433
Jun 2015
Clean, spacious, bed was bigger and more comfortable than I expected.
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Cabin 6153
May 2015
Great. Location also good.
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Cabin 7432
Feb 2015
Our stateroom was quiet & we rarely felt the ship movement. The stateroom attendant--Carl--was great too!
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Jan 2015
Best Cruise Ever! By: penelope123
I always choose an interior room. I like dark when I sleep so this is a perfect choice for me. Also, I prefer to spend my money on other things, my room is to shower and sleep!
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Cabin 6139
Dec 2014
Too Many People By: ak1004
We didn't care much about the cabin, sisnce we don't spend much time in the cabin anyway. The bed was comfortable, storage not great but adequate.
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Cabin 7137
Dec 2014
Mall of the Seas By: downhomejudy
Small, interior cabin. Very clean, well-organized, with hair dryer and plenty of outlets and charging stations. Beds high to allow storage of very large suitcases underneath. Bathroom efficient, water pressure and temperature good. Bed very comfortable.
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Cabin 7191
Dec 2014
Allure Of The Seas By: Got_Cruise_Will_Go
good size room, nice bathroom and window facing the Royal Promenade.
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Cabin 9675
Dec 2014
Very good location, near the aft elevators and one of the stablest places to be when the ship was rocking.
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Cabin 9426
Dec 2014
Our room service was just amazing and thanks to Earnest Romero for taking good care of the room and basic needs, children truly loved and appreciated the variety and shapes of towels he made each night! We also liked the overall friendliness of the staff except for a few who seemed cold, especially when beverages were ordered.
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Cabin 7675
Jun 2013
Stayed on the 7th floor on the dining room end at the rear of the ship. Liked our location, close to the promenade, boardwalk and dining room. Hated the closets. Bathroom is okay as well as the rest of the cabin.
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Cabin 7677
Dec 2012
Our cabin seemed smaller than the interior cabin we had on Freedom of the Seas. The bathroom and room decor was more attractive on Freedom and there were more cubbyholes for storage on Freedom. The closet door was a constant pain, seemed hard to open and close. Turns out we did not have the cruise guide book with room service menu in it until our steward found one in another room. Gives a tacky impression that we had to ask for robes, lotion, body wash and conditioner. Carnival provides all of these w/o guests having to ask. BUT our room was VERY convenient location-wise. Neighbors only on one side and we could easily walk down stairs to Royal Promenade or Boardwalk and from the Promenade easy to walk down one more flight to Entertainment theaters.
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Cabin 9109
Nov 2012
It was Alluring! By: dandl1986
9109 Inside cabin at the far aft of boat. Great cabin. Quiet and dark great for those looking for a lot of rest on the vacation.
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Cabin 8553
Sep 2012
Room 8553 - basic inside stateroom. We've booked large balconies on cruises before but found that it was a waste of money for us because we are literally NEVER in the room, always doing some sort of activity or show, or EATING! Inside stateroom had couch, queen size bed, basic shower, flat screen TV... nothing out of the ordinary that you would expect from a cruise ship.
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Aug 2012
A 18 year olds Allure By: CANsweetie
The closet doors slid open on their own sometimes, it was kinda creepy
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Cabin 9677
Mar 2012
Great location! We were steps away from the elevator, central park, and just about everything we needed. The room size is standard, closet space is limited (had to get creative when unpacking)
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Cabin 8543
Nov 2011
Better configuration of the two that they used. The bed is against the back wall instead of in the middle of the room. 3 outlets on desk, plus one below it. Hair dryer, built in clock and IPod dock. Built in night light in bathroom.
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Cabin 11141
Sep 2011
Fun time on the Allure of the Seas By: Turtle Traveler 22
Our inside stateroom was good; not too far from the forward elevators. Only noise we had was the baby next door who cried a lot.
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