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This was my and my wife's third cruise, all on different lines. That's now given us a good basis for comparison but it's also spoiled us a little bit, because every cruise has been amazing in its own way. Each line and ship ... Read More
This was my and my wife's third cruise, all on different lines. That's now given us a good basis for comparison but it's also spoiled us a little bit, because every cruise has been amazing in its own way. Each line and ship has its own strengths, and occasional weaknesses. We had a Grand Suite on this cruise, which is something I really recommend. For the most part we were able to show up and just walk onto the ship, with a quick stop at the check-in desk (but in the VIP line, which had no wait). The benefits of having a suite are more than we expected. Of course the room, bathroom and balcony are bigger, but the Suite Lounge turned out to be one of our favorite places on the ship, especially because they give unlimited free alcohol during happy hour. There's also a party for suite guests midway through the cruise that also has free booze. And we made pretty good use of the VIP seats in some of the venues too (though some aren't very good seats - in the Lyric Theater, they're in the balcony!). Disembarkation was the same - with the suite, we were able to just walk off the ship as soon as de-boarding started. (We did check our luggage but didn't have an airport transfer, so being in group 1, we were able to leave right away.) There was already a massive line for Customs when we got to the terminal, but we got the VIP line so sailed right past it. I mean, I'm not a big capitalist at heart, but you do get what you pay for with a Grand Suite on this ship! This was a positioning cruise so it was much cheaper - normally we wouldn't have been able to afford it. (Top tip: look for a positioning cruise!) The ship itself is big and nice to look at, with fairly traditional designs for most things that feel like they belong on a ship. The Sapphire Dining Room, for example, looks like something you might have seen on a golden era ocean liner. The one massive exception, which must have been a big innovation when the ship was built, is the "Royal Promenade" running down the middle of the ship. This looks really impressive when you first see it, until you realize it's basically just an indoor mall. That's it. There's not really any reason to go there unless you feel the need to buy a watch on a ship, or fill up your soda cup at one of the two soda machines. The other ships I've been on have had central atriums that serve the same purpose, but somehow they feel a little more "ship-like", and the bars and whatnot feel like real destinations in themselves. The Royal Promenade's bars and restaurants feel like eating or drinking at the mall, and we never ate or drank there after the first day. Another unique thing that stayed impressive for us is the ice rink, which I know now is a Royal Caribbean trademark. We went to the ice show twice - it was amazing to think you can see such a thing on a ship. It was beautiful, although as you can imagine there were a few moving-ship-related falls. I don't even know how they do some of those jumps or one-foot spinning moves while the ship is pitching and rolling. Speaking of food, we thought the dining room food was *really* good for the most part, and we ate there every night but one. They do repeat a lot of appetizers and desserts, but the main courses were mostly different every night, and I don't think I ate anything that I didn't force myself to finish, no matter how full I was. It was just too good to leave anything behind. I especially enjoyed the prime rib and New York strip steak. The Windjammer buffet is... well, it's a ship's buffet. It's exactly like the other buffets on the other ships we've been on. Some stuff is good, other stuff is "eh". The pizza was just bad. But at least you will never go hungry. Breakfast is a particular weak point, as it always seems to be in ship buffets. They did have one day for lunch when they set up about 10 different meat carving stations with different freshly carved meats, and that was neat. Always go for the freshly carved meat if you can - it's usually very good, and there's always at least one station set up. We were on a Valentine's Day cruise so they really pushed us at every opportunity to make reservations at a specialty restaurant. Giovanni's Table finally wore me down and I made one there when they actually called me in our room. But I didn't regret it - even though the dining room was good, Giovanni's Table was a noticeable step up, and I had seriously one of the best filet mignons I've ever had there. The service was also on another level, and of course the decor is like a real restaurant. This ship has two main pools - the regular pool and the Solarium, which is the better of the two (if you're an adult, as you have to be there). The regular pool area was constantly overcrowded, and even the VIP loungers were always fully taken. The Solarium was never quite as crowded, although it feels a little more quiet and enclosed. (But it's just on the other side of one door from the regular pool, so you can easily go back and forth.) I really missed the aft pool like the other ships we've taken have - the aft section of the pool deck on this ship is taken up by the Flowrider surf simulator and the waterslide. I know who they're trying to appeal to with these things, but I didn't see many people using them, and given how overcrowded the main pool is, I really think they should just install another pool and bar back there instead. The Lyric Theater hosted a couple of comedy shows, a couple of dance shows and a comedy/musical tribute show on our cruise, and we went to all of them once. The entertainers were all really good/funny, and the singing/dancing shows I thought were very professional. (My wife wasn't that impressed by the Latin dance show, but I was.) In terms of shore excursions, we booked the Magen's Bay Beach day at St. Thomas, and did our own thing in St. Maarten. I got the impression when booking that a lot of stuff still isn't really running in the Caribbean since the hurricanes (no zip-lining option, for example!), and St. Maarten, especially, is still just in a really bad state. This was our fourth visit so we wanted to see how some of our favorite places had held up, and a lot of them are basically destroyed. The whole of Grand Case and most of its restaurants is just a shell - though we had a great lunch at one of the LOLO's there, which are open. The Sonesta Maho Beach is totally gutted. Orient Bay Beach is basically gone - I mean there is nothing there, and even all the trees and beach bars are missing! It's very sad. RCI did have beach excursions set up that I heard were fine, but much of the island isn't. Still, they want tourists and need the money, so go! As for Magen's Bay and St. Thomas, it was in much better shape, though there was obvious hurricane damage throughout the island as well. Hopefully in a couple years, the region will have fully recovered. So check the date if you're reading this in the future. One thing - in addition to being a Valentine's Day cruise, this was also an anniversary cruise for my wife and me. I had ordered one of the room decor packages for our anniversary, and RCI somehow lost my order. Big problem! At 9PM that day, I went to the front desk, and they found my order but it had somehow not ever made it to room service. They straightened it out and we finally got the room decorated (plus our cake), and they were very apologetic about it. In the end, my wife was very surprised and happy. But this is actually the second time I've had this experience on different cruise lines - so if you've got a surprise planned, always check in advance to make sure it's going to happen. All in all, not much to really complain about other than that and the overcrowding at the main pool, and maybe a few minor things about the way RCI designs its ships. Read Less
Sail Date February 2018
Myself and wife enjoyed our 7 day cruise to Eastern Caribbean aboard AOS. Loved the ship loads to do and amazing atmosphere. Slightly tired ship in some areas but only when you look closely at things. Loved the main pools on ship, both ... Read More
Myself and wife enjoyed our 7 day cruise to Eastern Caribbean aboard AOS. Loved the ship loads to do and amazing atmosphere. Slightly tired ship in some areas but only when you look closely at things. Loved the main pools on ship, both were great, sun beds around pool were fantastic however on our one sea say this area was very busy as expected. Schooner bar was great, first place we went, slightly different to other ships but still nice. I had a shot on rock climbing wall which was brilliant, great condition. Basketball court was also good. Ice rink looked amazing never got on to skate but watched ice show which was fantastic. For dining we were in Mozart on deck 5. Picked our table on first night table 576 near to entrance and overlooking lower dining rooms. Our waiter manuel and assistant Brian were both very good. Really attentive and helpful. We found food to be excellent always found something to eat on menu. One night I chose to order fillet steak from chops grill and wow what steak it was so delicious. All other food in windjammer and cafe promenade was great, couldn't fault it. Some people do but I think they must be fussy eaters or really picky. Drinks aboard ship were expensive as expected from previous cruises. So no big deal really. One bad point was the back elevators always seemed to be busy and very slow at coming. Ports we stopped at were amazing. St croix was small and not much to do if you didn't have tour booked or just wanted to walk about. Still nice though. St marten was great got water taxi across to shops and beach. Lovely place, loads of shops. Barbados was good. We booked a tour to snorkel with turtles and see some ship wrecks. Had an amazing time both of us loved the tour and tour staff. St Johns we wished we done more here, heard lovely things from others who say it was beautiful but we mostly stayed in port. This was the one port that seemed very busy and people would maybe feel slightly unsafe but stay to public area and don't got down dodgy side streets. St Lucia was good. Walked just off ship around shops and sat in bar right off ship and got wifi. Bought a 2 dollar beer and got free wifi. Fantastic cheaper than buying Royal caribbeans internet package. All in all had a great cruise, fantastic service as expected, amazing ports and so glad we chose this for honeymoon. Read Less
Sail Date October 2015
My wife and I have traveled quite a bit over the past 20 years, but as far as cruises go, this was only our third one, and first with Royal Caribbean. For us choosing a cruise meant departing from San Juan, so our choices of ships was ... Read More
My wife and I have traveled quite a bit over the past 20 years, but as far as cruises go, this was only our third one, and first with Royal Caribbean. For us choosing a cruise meant departing from San Juan, so our choices of ships was much more limited than most. And also my wife was off work for 1 year due to cancer, and the only time we could even think about leaving on vacation was the beginning of April 2015. So this led us to booking a 1 week cruise on Adventure of the Seas. I booked the cruise back at the end of January 2015, and it was to be a complete surprise to my dear wife. It was to be a celebration of our 16th wedding anniversary, and her 1st anniversary of beating out cancer. But when she started talking about going away to NYC on Easter weekend... darn, I had to spill the beans. Hotel Information: (5 stars) We left Canada two days before the cruise, and wanted to spend some time in San Juan and get into the vacation spirit before embarkation. My son have been on a cruise in Jan 2015 from San Juan and we had originally booked the same hotel in the Condado area, but after talking with him we cancelled and decided it was to be Old San Juan for us. So we booked at The Gallery Inn, a small 22 room hotel in which the buildings are several hundred years old. The building is original to say the least. Even our room had no real windows (the windows were cut out on the two large wooden doors). There was no TV in the room, and that was perfect for us. It was very beautifully decorated, very old style furniture, and definitely no the Four Seasons, but that is exactly what makes the charm of the place. The owner and staff were wonderful and met our every need. I would definitely stay here again. Embarkation: (4.5 stars) On Sunday we were to board around 2h30 pm (deck 9). We took a taxi out of Old San Juan (not an easy thing to do, especially on Easter Sunday as there was a lot of traffic). When we got to the Pan American pier there was quite a few people in line, and it was a bit difficult to figure out what we had to do, and we here to get in line. However I can say that the check-in process was really quick, and within 30-40 minutes we had out Set Sail passes and were on-board the ship. The Ship: We knew this was not one of the newer ships that are out there, but that did not stop us from booking. The ship is still larger than the ones we had on our last two cruises. It is a lot less glitzsy that the cruise we took with Carnival, which kind of resembled a disco. Although the decor is sombre, it gave us the feeling of being on a more luxurious ship (I know, that is all in our head.. lol). Cabin: We were on deck 9, Cabin 9640 and it was real nice, and we loved it. No complaints from us. Everything was spacious, everything worked as it should and we just loved it. The balcony was great, and we had breakfast on it 3 mornings, and each day around 5 pm we would sit outside and just enjoy the sounds of the seas. Service: Our cabin steward was there for our every request and was very attentive to our needs. However to be fair we did not call upon him too often, being as independent as we both are. Service in the bars, restaurant and other areas was top notch. Shore excursions: We did not take any shore excursions with Royal Caribbean. We are very independent, and we booked our own tours, or taxi service on all of the islands we visited. We rented a car at St. Maarten for the day, having been there previously on two other vacations. I will not go into any details of our excursions, as the review would never end). Activities: The few shows we got to see were very good. We did not see shows every night because on a couple of occasions we met some very interesting people from San Juan at the dining room, and we just stayed on longer to exchange conversations. To us, that was much more interesting than any show (although don't get me wrong, shows are great). We did not visit the casino, as we just don,t believe in giving our money away. We have the government taking care of it already.. haha!! We did visit the disco (Jester's) on a few occasions and had a great time, but more often that not we ended up in one of the ships bars (Schooner, Champagne, Lobby, Crown) and had drinks, met people, talked to staff and just had a ball. We never did get to sleep before 1 am most nights, except for the one night I did not feel well, having taken too much sun in St Martin. Adella (and Navil?) in the Schooner Bar were superb.. two thumbs up for their service and friendly company. We did other stuff on the ship, but it would be just too long to write, and we did not doing anything out of the ordinary, that other folks have not done before. Dining: (Food 5 stars, Service 4 stars, Facilities 3 stars) We had the My-time dining in the Mozart dining room on Deck 5. This was probably the only negative thing about our cruise. Royal Caribbean really needs to work out their My-Time dining as we did have to wait 30-40 minutes on a few nights. And we had reserved out dining times! The non-reserved line was going in much quicker. It was really not the attendants fault, as she was doing her best to ensure we were serviced asap. I think they just have an issue when a lot of people show up (and we were never more than 8-10 in line). On the other nights it was very smooth.. Food was excellent, and our servers (Albino and Julio) were always doing their best to give us their recommendations for the meals. Even if we chose something else, they would bring us a small plate with extra food for us to taste. They were great, no negative comments here, except on busy nights it was a bit slower than usual. But, hey, we were on vacation. No issues for us. One thing that really bothered me was the lack of sufficient air conditioning in the Mozart Dining Room. It would have been much more pleasant had it been a few degrees cooler, and with some better air circulation. It was very very hot dressed up in a tuxedo. Giovanni's was superb. It was our 16th wedding anniversary, and even though we had the ultimate drink package I ordered a very nice bottle of Champagne (Perrier-Jouet) and our meal was divine. Our server was Narcisso and he was the best. 5 stars to him, the food and the atmosphere that night. Entertainment: We did see a few shows as mentioned earlier. And we spent a few nights at Schooner's Bar, when they had a piano player who had a pretty bad voice at times. Even he said he did not know why he was hired, and I agreed with that. But he also was comical, and would get people to come up and sing and participate in the songs. We sang so many songs, that we ended up having a ball. It ended up being a great place to spend a few hours each night. Drinks: (5 stars) We had taken the ultimate drink package, so there was nothing for us to worry about each day. just order a drink, and ask for some premium alcohol, which we always got, and in generous portions too. The drinks were great, the service was great. Photographers: (5 stars) Given we got a $200 credit for on-board spending, the wife and I took the full photo package (photos and CD)­. Wow, the photos were amazing, and we had over 75 pics taken during the cruise. They don't just take one photo of you when you meet them, they take 5-6 at a time, in different poses. We even had some laying on the ground on Deck 3 at the photo studio. I had brought along two tuxedos (one black, one white) and another suit, and the wife was beautiful in her dresses. This was the best move we did (along with beverage package) of the cruise. Disembarkation: (5 stars) For us on our last two cruises this portion of the cruise was a real nightmare. We had originally been scheduled to disembark at 8h00 but since we were staying an extra night in San Juan, I asked to have it changed to 11h00. Customer Services was very easy, and it was changed in a matter of seconds. When we arrived at our meeting place (Studio B on Deck 3) at a few minutes to 11 we were told there was a 45-50 minute delay. No issues, we'll just grab a coffee and get a seat. Well we never had time to finish our coffee, we were called to leave, and at about 11h25 we were sitting in a taxi cab with our luggage on our way to our hotel. We actually disembarked earlier than was scheduled. Summary: I was very hesitant to take this cruise. Some of the other reviewers did not always have great comments on the overall ship and service. But for us this was definitely the best cruise we took so far (yeah, I know we only took 3). The cruise is what you make of it, and we always bear in mind that we are on vacation... so why run when you can walk and enjoy the scenery. We loved this cruise, and would definitely do another one with Royal Caribbean. We cannot compare it to the new, bigger ships however. But when I look at our 3 cruises... I can say each had it's better things than the other, but overall they were all great. We loved everything we did (and did not do)... so for us 5 stars for the cruise. We loved it so much, we are now looking for another cruise to take. We have some friends who said they would like us to go with them, as the idea of cruising makes them nervous. So who knows, maybe this fall or next winter. Next winter for sure, if not sooner. Read Less
Sail Date April 2015
Boarding: we got to the pier around noon, dropped our luggage and went to priority line, which was not too long. We were with friends and in the shade so we talked and time passed quickly even though we were all looking forward to board ... Read More
Boarding: we got to the pier around noon, dropped our luggage and went to priority line, which was not too long. We were with friends and in the shade so we talked and time passed quickly even though we were all looking forward to board the ship. Doors opened at 1:00 p.m. Once the doors opened it went rather quickly, we were on board by 1:25. All in all, better than I expected considering the horror stories of last few weeks. Stateroom:: we were able to go to our cabins at 1:30.We had GS 1324, which i consider the best GS on the ship for its location. Our attendant was great, he kept place clean and provided me with anything I requested with a smile. Cruise director: what a nice surprise....Richard Spacey as the cruise director. We had him on Oasis back in August and I consider him the most entertaining cruise director. Portofinos: before we boarded, they decided to switch the mystery dinner to the night we had picked....Our group was not happy with that. Thank God for Dina for fixing this for us and getting us the night we picked as the second best option. Place was packed, service was slow, but with a large table, we were 10, it is to be expected....but a tad too slow.... The only thing i do not like on that ship is the fact that there is only 1 specialty restaurant. Diamond lounge: exceptional service in the lounge every night and the place was packed. Concierge: Dina was great. She was able to get us the bridge tour. I wanted my husband to see that. Excursions: we did not book any with the ship this time. Dining: they had mixed up our linked reservations but did fix it, so everything worked out fine. Our waiters, were not that great this time around and not memorable, i cannot remember their name. The only one i remember is Igor from the first night and we could not keep him, since they switched us table. he dropped in to say Hi for the rest of the week since he was the table just on the other side of the wall. Quest: well with Richard Spacey there and the participants....I must say i laughed a lot....never dull these nights! 70s night: I dress up and always have fun!!!! Miami style deck party: our group had blast there until 2 am!!!!!! Cafe Promenade: best place for pizza after dancing at Jesters!!! There was only 1 night, they did not have any around 2:30..What???? Condition of the ship: mini- golf....come on, its been a while, get on with it and fix it.....rest, is fine, yes some carpets in some areas are starting to show a bit of wear and tear, but nothing so bad that I really stop and stare. Getting off the ship: we left at 10:30 and it went quite fast....airport was another story. The line to get to the US Airways counter was half a mile long!!!!! For us it was a cruise with friends..we had a blast and the week went way too fast!!!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
This was my third cruise - my first time on Royal Caribbean and my first in and out of San Juan. My boyfriend and I went together - we're mid 30s professionals from San Francisco. The first and last day of the cruise were the ... Read More
This was my third cruise - my first time on Royal Caribbean and my first in and out of San Juan. My boyfriend and I went together - we're mid 30s professionals from San Francisco. The first and last day of the cruise were the nicest weather-wise. All days in between were rainy and overcast. We skirted a tropical storm, had one port cancelled and spent an extra day at sea. The day at sea would have been nice if the sun was shining, but it was cloudy and rainy. Twice we went through serious thunder and lightening storms and once a communication tower was stuck by lightning. GREAT! However, this is a cruise ship review so I'm pleased to say I loved the ship! Adventure of the Seas is bright, colorful and beautiful. The ship is full of different types of art everywhere. The promenade was truly impressive - nothing like that on Princess! Entertainment: The activities were non-stop and attracted a lot of people. From afternoon movie trivia, to acoustic guitar, to a 70s dance party in the street, there was always something going on. This is typically the case for cruise ships but to our surprise almost all activities were well attended by enthusiastic, happy participants. People played, danced, drank and just had fun from day 1 to day 7! Most ship activities seemed to take place from 5pm to midnight, after people returned from port. Photo-takers were plentiful and they produced good photos for reasonable prices. The shows were great too! We enjoyed all the shows to varying degree even though we would never see something like the Temptations tribute or the male singers at home. The ice show was excellent. The dancing was great, the costumes and sets were well done. We enjoyed our cruise director Chris Northey and came to feel like we knew him over the week. He mostly appeared before and after the shows but was silly and entertaining. He excelled in his role as host during the Love and Marriage show and Quest. Nighttime music and dancing: Unlike some Princess cruises, we - nightlife lovers - were never disappointed by the variety and abundance of late night music. We enjoyed very authentic salsa music in the Blue Moon two nights and danced at Jester's other nights. The casino was hopping most nights, karaoke was popular in the Imperial Lounge, and much more. In short - we were very pleased with the lively entertainment and enthusiastic attendance on this ship. We did not feel old!! Food: Dinner: We tried the second seating dinning for the first time and were pleased that RCI placed us with other couples around our age. Our table was assigned 5 couples, most of whom came every night. We had a lot of fun, and a lot of wine, and it was great to look forward to catching up with everyone after a day on our own. Even though we were from different parts of the countries and political views, conversations never got out of hand. There was always a consensus of fun and respect. Of course, we were often commiserating about the bad weather and complaining about cancelled excursions. We bought a five bottle wine package which made choosing bottles simpler. I recommend this just to make your cruise a bit more special. After the first night our "customer-first" waiter got a handle on all our demands and eccentricities and provided great service. The food varied, I must say. As a result our whole table typically ordered two or more appetizers or entries each. If you like an entrEe - for example the lobster - order a second when you're ready. It will come much quicker and is usually fresher or hotter than the first one. Since many portions are small we didn't waste food when we ordered multiple dishes. Some food was disappointing but it was never inedible. Seafood was always good, especially the catch of the day and the salmon. Lunch in the main dining was available on the two sea days and was worth it. They have a special salad station that was great. Windjammer food was boring and blah. Since I don't eat meat, only seafood and vegetarians options, I didn't have many choices. The pasta was overcooked or greasy. People said the hamburgers were soggy. Anyway, we didn't expect much from here. Room: We had an inside stateroom on Deck 7. Yes, towel animals. Yes, enough space. Minimal ship movement. We liked the interactive tv where you can view your bill. Did not like all those mirrors at every single angle - but that's just me! Embarkation/Disembarkation: We avoided a HUGE line to get on by simply carrying on our two pieces of luggage each. We rolled our bags straight to our cabin around 3pm so it was a cinch. After the cruise we were in no hurry to leave since we had 2 more nights in San Juan so we had breakfast, packed, got our of our room around 9:30 and strolled right off the boat at 10:15 without any labels/tags, leaving bags in the hall, waiting areas or anything. If you pack (relatively) light, just DIY! Ports: Barbados: walked around town, got caught in the rain, hailed a taxi to a beach, went straight from the taxi to underneath a lifeguard station because it was pouring. Watched from there as the beautiful turquoise waters turned brown due to the swells and sand that was churned up. He stood under the station while I went swimming. I stood under the station while he went swimming. We went back to the boat and it was still pouring. AH, THE CARIBBEAN! St. Lucia. It rained less, we did a 3 hour drive plus a local "historical living" experience where we sample fruit and stayed on Rodney Bay beach for a couple of hours while dark clouds passed over us but never split. Antigua was cancelled so this was a sea day. St. Maartin. It rained twice while we were on the island, both time we happened to be safe in a minibus in between Phillipsburg and Marigot. $2 each way. Not much to do in Phillipsburg unless you want to buy diamonds or watches or drink beer by the beach. In Marigot we were amused by the infusion of French shops, banks, food and language, but were dismayed by the high prices in Euros. St. Croix. It didn't rain but was overcast with threatening clouds the entire day. Nevertheless we paid $25 for a roundtrip to Cane Bay complete with beach chair and snorkeling equipment. We snorkeled - good snorkeling - and relaxed, had a beer. The only thing lacking was the sun. One complaint: Since it was rainy most days I would have liked to sleep in but there wasn't anyway of knowing what the weather would be (inside cabin). The ship camera on the bow/tv didn't show rain, just whether it was sunny or not. A weather predication/report would be a nice feature on the tv... Of course, most people will probably have SUNNY x 7, it was just our bad luck. In short - great ship, lots of fun night activities for our age group and young adults! Read Less
Sail Date August 2009
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Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.0

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