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The staff on Adventures of the Seas was outstanding! This ship was nice and clean at all times. My husband and I have a few (small) gripes, things that we liked better on other cruise lines: 1. not enough (free) counter service food/meal ... Read More
The staff on Adventures of the Seas was outstanding! This ship was nice and clean at all times. My husband and I have a few (small) gripes, things that we liked better on other cruise lines: 1. not enough (free) counter service food/meal options, which leads to long lines and congestion at the Windjammer buffet. A counter service at the pool area would be idea, a grill with pizza/burgers/salads. Another food issue, was the lack of a room service menu and the quality of that food. However, our meals in the main dining room were absolutely delicious! 2. Mid ship elevators were very slow, more than expected during peak times and non peak times. 3. The jogging track wraps around the 12th deck and intertwines sunbathers on lounge chairs, and there are frequently people strolling around and looking at the scenery, and they don't move for the joggers. The track is not very well labeled and as a jogger you feel as if you are "in the way". A better location would be around the sport deck. 4. The big daily "sale" that happens on the promenade cause major congestion for those guest just walking through not wanting to shop. Suggestion would be to maybe spread their "station" out longer instead of wider to provide room on either side for guests needing to get through. 5. The ice skating show was wonderful, so much talent and fun to watch! The times for open ice skate were limited so we were unable to try out this activity. 6. The "don't stop the rock" show left us disappointed. 7. On a typical evening after dinner, around 8-8:30pm, it seemed as if there was a lack of (free) activities. If you wanted to sit in the pub and pay for beer, or go to the skybar and pay for drinks, those were options. Only 2 nights were there some sort of activity (love & marriage show and a less than desirable comedy routine put on the same time as another game show activity so you couldn't attend both). 8. The food at Johnny Rockets was terrible! The burgers lacked toppings and were overcooked. The French fries served to us were cold and tasted as if they were sitting for a long time, the waiter never replaced them. Very disappointing. 9. Returning from a day at port, other ships on the dock had a "welcome back" party for their guests, playing music and giving them small cups of water. Very nice! Wish RCI would do this. Hopefully you have read through all my comments. This ship is beautiful and clean and you will have a nice time. All staff we had contact with were absolutely outstanding! Even though it looks like I'm full of complaints here, I'm not. It was a nice ship and a fantastic vacation, we just prefer other ships. Thank you! Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
Embarking and Disembarking: We arrived at 1:45pm for a embark time of 2pm, and the line was huge. We got to our cabin at 4:30pm. The first two hours was without water, restrooms, or a place to sit. Over an hour of the time was spent in a ... Read More
Embarking and Disembarking: We arrived at 1:45pm for a embark time of 2pm, and the line was huge. We got to our cabin at 4:30pm. The first two hours was without water, restrooms, or a place to sit. Over an hour of the time was spent in a line pushing our luggage forward. If we could have just dropped off our luggage, then it would have made standing in line easier. They did not match luggage and ID, so drop-off would work. I think they were controlling how many people went into the building where health check and sea passes and security were being done, so I couldn't tell where the primary bottleneck was. Disembarking was more comfortable but more worrying. We all filled out forms about our departure schedule but the disembark organizers didn't seem to pay attention to the forms. My parents, with a 1pm flight, were in a later meeting group than us, when we were staying over a night. My parents had to stand in line to request the 9:50am group. They figured the 9:50 meeting with a written estimate of 40-50 minutes before getting off, would leave them with 2 ½ hours to get to the airport--sufficient. However we waited and waited--comfortably, unlike for embarking, but worrisomely--and got out at noon. My parents missed their flight. The primary bottleneck was US Customs. My sister and family chose the 7am carry-your-own option. There were delays at Customs, but not severe delays. Bright notes: it was easy to find our luggage in the warehouse--the luggage for the 9:50 meeting group was in a nice line so it was easier than on a luggage carousel. It was easy to reclaim a held knife, taken during embarking. Getting on and off the ship at a port sometimes had a short wait and often had no wait. Controlled Items: The new policy is that you may bring in 2 bottles of wine per cabin at embarking. You may bring on liquor and it is sold in the embarking area, but it will be stored until the end of the trip. You are forbidden to bring on alcohol or any beverages or perishables at any point. I saw some people having their sandwiches confiscated. I routinely went through the checking machine with water in my water bottle and no one cared. The Stateroom: We had a set of ocean-side staterooms with balconies and they were very nice. Bathroom: Some people had trouble figuring out the shower hot water. To get hot water, as opposed to tepid (in the tropics, I am fine with tepid) you have to press the magic red button on the nozzle. You can set the shower temperature and volume independently, which is a good thing. There was enough room under the counter, once I moved a couple things, to fit our wet scuba bag. Refrigerator: The refrigerator comes filled with their stuff, but I can took it out and stored it, leaving a note in the refrigerator saying where it was, and put it back at the end. Someone else in our group had them take the stuff away and another person was told it could not be taken away. Room: The bed was two singles fitted together and the crack was mildly annoying. I really liked that the room did not smell of cleaning products. There was enough space for our stuff once empty luggage and warm clothes went under the bed. It was small but quite sufficient. Three in the room would have been inconvenient. Balcony: It was great having a balcony. Our room steward said not to leave anything flammable on the balcony when we weren't there. Someone else said they were told not to put towels or laundry out at any time. We picked the first rule, of course. Food: The Main Dining Room presents you with a 3 course menu, but you do not have to pick one from each column. I had the appetizer fruit plate for dessert one night. One night I shared 3 appetizers with my sister. Another night my dessert was seconds on the wonderful if light grilled shrimp. All seafood ranged from excellent (the grilled shrimp, a seafood salad, a bouillabaisse-ish soup in the Windjammer lunch) to good (salmon benedict, lobster tail, clam chowder). The pastas ranged from so-so to poor. The beef was good, although the "rare" prime rib varied among our large group. Every night they offered a cold fruit soup, which seemed odd--but it turned out to be a good fruit smoothie served in a bowl. The breads were quite good and there was, on request, gluten-free bread that people really liked. They did not have plain fruit for dessert. In general the food was Euro-American with other influences. Even if a dish said it was non-Euro-American, it was only lightly so--the harissa soup was quite good, but not very harissa-y. Within the Euro-American area, they did well: wonderful rotkohl and duck, wild mushrooms en croute, kippered herring (breakfast in MDR). The Windjammer: Unlimited bacon for breakfast. Excellent pineapple but not exotic fruit--no mangos, guavas, or such. The Windjammer lunches were mixed. The hamburgers were sad looking. The stews were usually quite good, and there was a biryani that was spicy and good. If I worked within the steam table limits I ended up happy. And of course, after scuba or snorkel, all food is good. You can also take food and drink away--a snack in your room or lemonade by the pool. Sometimes the Windjammer was jammed, although even at its worst we only had to wait a couple of minutes for a table to clear. Shipboard Entertainment: We mostly hung out with the group on various balconies and drank red wine. We went to the ice dancing show and it was great fun--heavy on lifts and light on jumps to accommodate the ship's movement. You need to get your tickets at 7-8am the first morning, and you can return them if you change your mind--but they disapprove of just wasting the tickets. The 13th deck bar has a great kinetic sculpture but it only runs occasionally. The hot tubs were usually occupied but rarely full. There were always deck chairs available when I looked. The little children's pool area was popular and was well equipped. Staff: All of the staff were cheerful and helpful. Our primary waiter, Merilyn, was great. Our assistant waiter, WenWen, had limited English and limited experience--but was smart, hardworking, and perceptive. Our room steward, Rafael, was very attentive and worked hard to keep people happy. Miscellaneous: Internet was 65 cents a minute and available only on parts of the ship--and the business room was not a hot spot. Lots of Spanish speakers, who were all very kind about my efforts to practice Spanish. Some passengers were annoying (do you need to spend so long selecting a roll? Why do you let your kid press extra elevator buttons when it is so crowded?) and some were delightful (so what does your Basque identity mean to you?). Would I do it again? It was wonderful for the group. Subsets did various things during the day and then we all dined together and hung out. The cruise gave a framework that would be hard to beat. But for just the two of us--no, cruises are not my thing. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Pre Cruise: I arrived on Friday into San Juan and took a taxi to the Caribe Hilton. The hotel is beautiful but felt it was very overpriced. The weather was clear and sunny on Friday. Friday night there was a 5.4 earthquake. The service ... Read More
Pre Cruise: I arrived on Friday into San Juan and took a taxi to the Caribe Hilton. The hotel is beautiful but felt it was very overpriced. The weather was clear and sunny on Friday. Friday night there was a 5.4 earthquake. The service in the hotel restaurants was very slow and over priced. Small offering of restaurants on Friday evening and the same on Saturday. Yes I understand it was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Cruise: We took a cab from the hotel about 12:30 and arrived at the ship. Our travel agent ordered our luggage tags but my sister ordered them online which was easy to do. It seemed a little disorganized but I saw a holder stating - Platinum Members luggage drop off. We all dropped off our luggage at that spot and then got the piece of paper that you had to fill out if you had been sick etc. Why can't they send it prior so you are not trying to find a pen quickly. We went through security which we had no issues. Got in line for the Platinum and checked in pretty quickly and got on board. The weather on Sunday was not that great to lay out so we sat by the bar and then went down to the room to shower and change and wait for our luggage. The luggage came later than when we were on the Serenade in 2006-2009. My sister gave the room steward some money - and voila our bags were there. We went into dinner the first night and was disappointed at how slow the service was. One of the "red" coats maitr'd told us to leave so they can get ready for the next night. Gee that wasn't our fault service was slow. My sister was very nice and went and talked with another maitr'd and the service was better the next night (we had 3 tables of 8). He hovered to make sure everything was ok but never came and said how is everything. I didnt even bother handing in my ticket to him due to that fact. I felt some were just there to do a job and that was that. How boring is that - why not make the best of it - better service = better tips and so much fun for all. It even took awhile for the bar service to catch on that they can make bigger tips since we would order about 17 shots every night. What a miss on their part. We had a great bartender on the Adventure when we went 04-05. Entertainment - I felt the entertainment was bad. No "special" entertainment like we have had in the past. If felt like after dinner there wasn't much in entertainment. Who heard of ice carving at 11 pm??????? We were disappointed in this cruise and the state of the ship. Friends of ours had a balcony room and the wood on the balcony needed touch ups - it had scrapes of it chipping. The "towels" idea needs to be refigured. My sister was charged $20 for a towel that she returned. It was easier to have them in the room. I understand people leaving them on the beach etc and it costs the cruise line money. If there are 2 people in the room - leave 2 towels. If they are not back that night in the room then CHARGE them. Seems alot easier. Stores on board: Disappointed in the apparel choices as always. Why can't they offer pads of paper with the RCCL logo on it. What about dish towels with the logo on it. The weather was fair. One day we had lots of rain in St Kitts. Dominica we did a private tour of the waterfalls. We had 2 vans since there was 23 of us. The tour was great - the walk to the "warmer" waterfalls was very hard and a little scary since it was raining and somewhat slippery. Again the tour guys held our hands and helped us down. Boy I had trouble sitting down the next day. It needs to have strenuous noted in there. Barbados - what can I say! It is one of our favorite islands. St. Croix - first time there and we booked chairs at this hotel. Later it got very crowded when we were leaving. St Thomas was our usual Sapphire Beach and then back to the beach. We have booked next year on the same ship but hope that it is fixed up! We were very disappointed in the islands when we booked on the ship. We even looked at the Celebrity ships but didn't like the islands. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
Adventure of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.0

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