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Chose this cruise over a year ago because of the itinerary - which was slightly changed due to the hurricanes. This was fine - and not a factor in my review. We were early to embark, had the 12:30 slot. It was raining and the process ... Read More
Chose this cruise over a year ago because of the itinerary - which was slightly changed due to the hurricanes. This was fine - and not a factor in my review. We were early to embark, had the 12:30 slot. It was raining and the process was not organized. Wet luggage delivered at 9pm - including the contents. I assumed that the luggage was kept under cover, but apparently not. This was frustrating and disappointing as a start, but our room attendant brought tons of hangars and I had clothes hanging everywhere trying to dry. Our room was fine. We've been on the bigger, newer ships, and the age of this one did show a little. The balcony was teeny, barely fit the table/chair, so we hardly used it. Would not recommend spending the money for balcony on this ship if you are unsure. It ended up being just a window for us. But the room space was perfect and there were lots of areas for storage. Water pressure at the sink was nill. But shower was great. Ship has been kept in great condition. It was clean and neat, and every staff person very friendly and accommodating. But overall, it was uninspiring. Biggest pluses: Weather was good (hot, but sunny) and seas calm. Spa was great - services exceptional - and appointments easy to get even last minute. Fitness and wellness staff knowledgeable and dedicated to their jobs and the people they worked with. (shout out to Marko who was always a pleasure to see everyday) Coffee at the (pizza place? I think) was best I've had on a cruise. Consistently good. Dining room staff was great and the food was better than any other (free) options on the ship. (though we paid to eat in the restaurants or on the islands as much as possible) Getting on/off ship at ports - well organized and never backlogged. Biggest disappointments: Windjammer. Probably worst food ever on a cruise. Healthy food / salad bar pretty much non-existent. (salad bar was like 6 things and 3 lettuces - never changed) For everyone else in my party, soup was same most days and just repeat stews etc. And of course, crowded - All. The. Time. Nothing makes me feel more like I'm NOT on vacation than fighting crowds for a table or a plate. We stopped even thinking of eating there any day we were at sea or any time that was "normal" eating time. Late night (after 9:30) eating: There is only 1 option. And that's to stand in line for 30 minutes for a slice of rubber pizza or a stale left over tomato/mozzarella sandwich. We were shocked by this. They keep serving drinks of course, till wee hours - so make sure you stow food in your room if you need to eat when you're drinking a lot! Entertainment: not abundant. I was happy to be on a ship that didn't require you to reserve your seats for everything in advance. I guess the downside to that is limited activity. The theater is extremely comfortable though and we could always get a seat. Excursions - ours got cancelled on this sailing. Was a theme with many people we met. That's never happened before- especially so many of them. We ended up winging it at each port and that was OK. Every stop had a decent local tour available. While the ship did offer activities during the day - the fun stuff was poolside - and impossible to get near unless you camped out 2+ hours ahead of time. It was a crowded ship. And I hear they are refurbishing in January and adding MORE cabins. Can't imagine. Ports: Curacao: We did Resort for a Day at Santa Barbara. Had a great time - highly recommended. Beach was wonderful. Beautiful resort. Our sunset cruise (booked on ship) was canceled. Bonnaire: If you didn't book a water activity, there's not much to see here at the port. Little shopping, no restaurants. So,we ended up taking advantage of the thinner crowd and stayed mostly on ship. Aruba: beautiful island and were were docked there all day (7am to 11pm). Did a walking tour with an outside company which was interesting and fun and provided a chance to eat local food. Then grabbed a taxi to Eagle Beach for the afternoon ($20 for a chair!) but really enjoyed the beach and the drinks. Wanted to shop, but most things closed at 6pm, so we just did some bar/food hopping and hit the casino. St. Kitts: Made this our shopping port since excursion was canceled and we have been here before. Locals super friendly and lots of shops/straw market. Friends grabbed an island tour by local taxi and said it was incredible. So the itinerary was great. The ship was just good. This is our 5th RCI cruise and we just booked a newer ship (Harmony) for next year. We've done Oasis and Anthem (in the years they were new) so maybe this smaller ship just wasn't for us. Our party is on the fence as to whether we need to consider another line. So we'll give it one more shot !! Read Less
Sail Date November 2017
Well, we're back. We arrived in Puerto Rico on Friday, December 10th for our Sunday, December 12th Cruise. We stayed at the San Juan Marriott and Stellaris Casino. Nice hotel, the pool bar and restaurant were HORRIBLE. Avoid it at all ... Read More
Well, we're back. We arrived in Puerto Rico on Friday, December 10th for our Sunday, December 12th Cruise. We stayed at the San Juan Marriott and Stellaris Casino. Nice hotel, the pool bar and restaurant were HORRIBLE. Avoid it at all costs. We arrived at the Port on Sunday at about 12:30pm. There were 2 large lines, but very little organization. We stood in one line to deposit our luggage (luckily we found someone to take our luggage), and then stood in another line to get into the terminal. We stood in line for over 4 hours. They were having Customs issues. I heard a number of reasons, 1. someone died on the cruise before, they only had 10 customs agents for over 3000 people...I really don't know but RCCL never sent anyone to tell us. We had an elderly member of our family who became ill waiting in the heat with no chairs for over 4 hours and when I discussed her condition with RCCL, I was basically told "sorry, nothing we can do". I'm not used to that when it comes to RCCL. I'm going to be general with everything, please feel free to contact me if you need more specifics. Room - We had a Deluxe Oceanview with Balcony on the 6th floor (Rm. 6308). The room was neat the balcony confining...no glass doors, all metal, large enough for us. Our friends were in a connecting room in 6306. Our Room Attendant was Al, and was our personal star for the week. Ship - The ship is lovely, no big difference from the others in her class. We have and will always LOVE Royal Caribbean ships. Food - I'm not a picky eater, but quite honestly, it wasn't that good. The EXACT same breakfast every morning, and they were always running out of food, and all the stations were never open in the Windjammer. In the main dining room we had the surf and turf on Friday evening, only to have one of the lobsters be spoiled...that wasn't cute. Our waiter was ok, our Asst. Waiter was very personable and our Headwaiter was also very nice...Dining was not our favorite part, which it usually is. Not so much the food, but the interaction with the Waiters. The Crew - Well, this was disappointing...everyone had a very laid back attitude...almost to the point of lazy. No extra efforts, no nothing. We met some stars but most everyone was quite laid back. Ports - We went to: Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten, and St. Croix. St. Maarten was the best as it always is for me. I love the shopping. I have been on 5 cruises with RCCL, and by far, this was the worst. If there was one event to epitomize my trip, here it is: We made an appointment with the Loyalty Ambassador on Thursday evening at 7:30pm. There were 12 of us. We arrived at 7:30pm only to find a sign that said that she wouldn't return until 8:45pm. When she returned, she apologized and explained that she was alone and had to attend the Platinum and Diamond event. No problem at all. We completely understood. We made a reservation for the Allure for next year. Gave her our specifications for dining, and rooms and made our deposit via our credit cards. She asked that we write each card number down on a piece of paper. She said that she would send me the confirmation numbers later that evening. I gave her my room number and made myself the lead contact. Nothing came Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Please note that I went to her office daily to ask, only for her to tell me it would be there that evening. On Sunday, during debarkation, we saw her in front of the Platinum meeting area (We are Platinum members) and I asked her again. This time she said that she sent the information to one of our rooms the night before. Noone received it and she only had my room number....so it all sounded fishy. I called Royal Caribbean in route to the airport and asked about our reservations. They were made, but not held with a payment, so that meant that she lied to me. She couldn't have sent any paperwork until she made payment. She did eventually do everything yesterday (Monday) morning. 2 names misspelled, no crown and anchor numbers, and incorrect ages. So basically, thats how I felt the whole cruise...like I was being told one thing, and given another. I still love Royal Caribbean, I will continue to be a loyal supporter, but I won't do Adventurer, I won't come out of San Juan, but I will be on the Allure on December 4, 2011. We enjoyed our cruise and our vacation, it just wasn't the quality of service we expect from Royal Caribbean. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
Adventure of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 5.0 4.1
Family 5.0 4.1
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 4.0 3.9
Rates 4.0 4.0

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