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5 Orlando (Port Canaveral) Holiday Cruise Reviews

It was our second time with the Epic and we thought it would be a great idea to spent new year on board. The crew was not polite even rude at sometimes the officers where rude and were apparently a bit tired, the food is almost all ... Read More
It was our second time with the Epic and we thought it would be a great idea to spent new year on board. The crew was not polite even rude at sometimes the officers where rude and were apparently a bit tired, the food is almost all extra charged ( not one price but almost all alla carte also in the Manhattan room) I don't mind this but then the quality needs to be much better. They changed a lot of staff apparently a lot of Romanian,Indian and Chinese crew instead of other European and Philippino crew it makes a big difference. The turkish head of the hotel officers was walking around like a dril sergeant and his french boss was never around. the ship was way to full it was impossible to get a chair by the pool because everything was taken. This ship is there to take your money and don't want to give you back any service. the rooms where not as clean as you suppose to have the balcony was never touched and the glass was dirty all the time in the BVI we where next to the Disney and then you think gee maybe I should have done that one how clean and pretty the spiegeltent show is great, but this ship is getting down in quality fast I could write more negative but i need to work and get ready for a next cruise the Epic was once great no its terrible so no more epic for us. this was not EPIC Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
Traveled for the Christmas week on the Epic. Our group was a party of 6 with two large balcony cabins. We were 4 adults and 2 teens. Embarkation was very easy. No lines at 11 AM. Staff greeted us with a smile and we were easily on board ... Read More
Traveled for the Christmas week on the Epic. Our group was a party of 6 with two large balcony cabins. We were 4 adults and 2 teens. Embarkation was very easy. No lines at 11 AM. Staff greeted us with a smile and we were easily on board and on our way to the buffet area. We had the drink package and immediately began to use it with a cocktail of the day. Amazingly, there was outdoor food ready for us!! The buffet opened shortly after that. We did wait a long time to get to our cabins, and when asking how soon it would be, I was told "when it's ready we will let you know" A bit curt, but oh well! Cabin was as described...........strange but doable Lots of storage but awful lighting and outlets awful. Bring along some extra extensions of some sort.. Met our wonderful cabin steward, Rosalee, who remembered our names from the first time we met! How do they do this???? She did all that she could to meet our needs but was never intrusive. Will get back to cabin issues in another section of this review. Been on several cruises and feel this food was some of the best. Have read other reviews of this ships food and can't understand why all the complaints? Ate in 3 specialty restaurants and all were great!!! Mostly ate beef the entire trip, so after I have my arteries cleared, will stay off beef for awhile! Drinks were good and plentiful and service was very good for the most. Wonderful service in Cagney's and Tempanaki !!! Catered to our shell fish allergic granddaughter, always watching to be certain there was no cross contamination. Entertainment was as good as any ship we have been on and we were sure to have made reservations as we knew this would be a very crowded cruise. Husband liked the casino, but was unlucky! Felt some of the big events held in the Atrium should have been moved to the theater as there was just too much crowding and not nearly enough places to sit. Actual shipboard activities were just OK. As always pool deck very over crowded and seat savers the usual problem as on all cruises. Basically used my own large balcony instead. Bought admission for the adult only water spa and enjoyed the peace and quiet and huge water features for the entire week.Very clean! Thought Epic did a good job celebrating Christmas all week....music, movies etc. Did not do any tours this time as we had been to these islands previously. Also there was the need to tender and water was rough for me to safely get on and off the ship.Missed Jamaica due to high winds, so felt bad for my grand kids. Now the ugly! We noticed that our carpet in the cabin was very wet and reported it in the A.M. We were having room service in our cabin when maintenance knocked and asked if they could come in to check. No problem we said. They failed to mention that they were going to open a drain while we were eating!!!! Quite an odor! We quickly went outside on the balcony to finish our meal and when we went back in, they had left two very large pieces of equipment to quickly dry up the carpet. Now we all know how small these cabins are and it is next to impossible to get past the bed to begin with, so having a large fan and a dehumidifier in the ONLY walking space was quite a trick!! Also the volume of noise was unbelievable!!!!! So after we tried our best to get ready, we left the cabin for the day. They were still in place when we came back to rest and had to call maintenance to haul them away. Carpet never really dried and on the night of day 4 it happened again!! Really nasty!!! Back with the fans etc! Now on the last night of out cruise, while packing, I received a call from customer relations asking if we would please move out for the night to a cabin one flight up. Ummm, I don't think so! They then proceed to say they were concerned with our health...think MOLD.....really?? How about the last 6 days? If they had another cabin to move us to, then why didn't they? Originally said ship was at capacity. Where did the people who were in this new found cabin go? Did they leave them on last port? Were they sleeping on the pool deck? Did they jump ship? Made no sense and so declined. What they really wanted was to run those fans all night to cover up the wet carpet for the oncoming next day guest!!!! Well good luck with that as they never did find the problem. For a week of soggy carpet the generously compensated us $100 Probably not nearly enough to cover one of the medical tests we may need for mold disease!!!!! All in all it was a good cruise if you eliminate the carpet stuff and our inability to stop in Jamaica. Nothing is perfect. When dealing with 4,000+ passengers you must expect some blips, so get over most of these issues. Again, special thanks to our room steward, Rosalie!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
We cruised for the fourth time the week of Christmas on Freedom of the Seas. We have cruised other lines as well as other RC ships. Honestly, if this had been my first cruise it would have probably been my one and only. This was not the ... Read More
We cruised for the fourth time the week of Christmas on Freedom of the Seas. We have cruised other lines as well as other RC ships. Honestly, if this had been my first cruise it would have probably been my one and only. This was not the same Freedom of the Seas we have cruised 3 other times. We were made aware of the propulsion issue and change to itinerary when we checked in at boarding. A little late to decline the cruise at that point. We did receive room credit for any inconvenience. It was a decent amount but quite honestly not enough to compensate in my opinion. We were late arriving at San Juan due to even slower ship speed from rough currents. Therefore our already shorted day was even shorter. RC would have been smarter to have deleted Labadee stop hence allowing enough time to arrive at San Juan and St. Marteen. Additionally, being Christmas Eve and Christmas day in San Juan and St. Marteen respectively there was little to do in port anyway. We were okay with that since we have been to both ports previously. We respect the businesses for closing. Just something to think about before booking the week of Christmas. The propulsion issues also created a heavy vibration felt all over the ship. We noticed it most in the MDR and in the Olive & Twist lounge. We actually stayed in the same balcony cabin we had cruised in before. The cabin still (a year later) had all of the maintenance issues we experienced in it before. The balcony door vibrated loud enough to keep you awake at night and even worse with the propulsion issues. The showerhead was still not spraying properly. Our room attendant was fabulous as always. The MDR seemed to have confusion every evening. We were moved to three different tables one night before they figured out where they wanted us and yes, we had a reservation. There seemed to be a language barrier with the wait staff that I have never noted before. The demographic was very different as well on the cruise. Perhaps because of the week of Christmas?? Mostly families with unsupervised rude children running amuck. I do not mind children I have 2 of my own (young adults now) but I do find rude children and their parents offensive. This is not in RC's control I understand just a cruise downer. Karaoke most nights was preteenagers trying their hand at Taylor Swift. The usual adult only safe zones were riddled with children of all ages. Obtaining a chair on sea days was horrendous probably due to the mounds of broken chairs not able to be used. We have cruised on FOS with a full ship before and did not encounter this problem. Also, the saving of seats is not monitored as FOS posts in the Cruise Compass that it is. There were chairs that were empty for hours with only a towel. It would have been nice to have been notified of our toilet was not working and also that the public restrooms in specific areas were not affected. We woke to discover that issue. Yes, I had visions of the Carnival stories in my head until I found out it was not ship wide. Apparently, someone flushed something forbidden and the problem was resolved. All in all it was a wonderful trip with my family. We didn't allow these hiccups to ruin our family vacation however we all left saying, "that wasn't the cruise experience we are used to" We have booked our next RC cruise (not on Freedom however) so we are not soured with RC. They do have some work to do to redeem themselves.   Read Less
Sail Date December 2014
We just got back from our Thanksgiving Week cruise aboard the Carnival Sunshine and had an absolutely fantastic time! This is our family's second cruise with Carnival (we have previously cruised on Royal Caribbean and Disney). Last ... Read More
We just got back from our Thanksgiving Week cruise aboard the Carnival Sunshine and had an absolutely fantastic time! This is our family's second cruise with Carnival (we have previously cruised on Royal Caribbean and Disney). Last year we traveled on the new Carnival Breeze for 8-days in the Southern Caribbean and this year wanted to experience the same amazing Fun Ship 2.0 options. We were certainly NOT disappointed! In fact, we felt the Sunshine provided a lot more! EMBARKATION Getting on the ship went extremely fast - even though we didn't purchase the "Faster to the Fun" option. We parked off-site at the Radisson "Park and Cruise" area for about $7.00 per day (highly recommended). I dropped my wife and two kids (ages 10 and 7) at the port to check-in, drove over to the Radisson and took the shuttle bus to meet them after security. It took less than 30 minutes and we were on-board the ship by 12:30pm. Once on-board, we were able to drop off our carry-on items in our staterooms and headed up to the Lido deck for lunch. After lunch, we went exploring and found that there were so many places to hangout and relax, for both the adults and the kids! When we returned to our staterooms before the Sail Away Party, we found all of our luggage being delivered to our rooms. We unpacked, made it to the Lido deck for the Sail Away Party and our fun aboard the Sunshine began! DINING Some of the reviews on cruise critic have been very negative towards the Sunshine as far as food options are concerned and I have to STRONGLY disagree! We never had a bad meal on this ship! BREAKFAST Each morning we either went to the Lido Marketplace for the buffet, the Blue Iguana breakfast burrito stand (outstanding Mexican style eggs), or the Main Dining Room - my kids and I loved the pancakes (especially the blueberry) and the french toast covered in Frosted Flakes or Honey-Nut Cheerios! We sat in the calming Havana Bar a few days for breakfast where they served made-to-order omelets and non-traditional offerings. LUNCH For lunch the options were endless - Guy's Burgers (amazing), Blue Iguana (fantastic shrimp burritos), the Lido Marketplace (salads, sandwiches from a REAL deli, excellent shepherd's pie), Cucina del Capitano (pasta bar and pizza), JiJi Asian fusion (Mongolian wok), and the Taste Bar (deck 5). DINNER We ate dinner in the Main Dining Room 5 of the nights and each meal got better and better! We sat at a table for 4 n the Sunrise Dining Room (much bigger and more beautiful than the Sunset Dining Room) at table 548 (second level of the dining room). We were originally concerned that we'd be stuck at a table with strangers, but Carnival has eliminated that by providing each family a table for themselves! Our wait staff, Imade and Edgar were fantastic! Each night they knew exactly what the kids wanted to drink, had wine glasses on the table for my wife and I (we bought the Premier Wine Package - only $150 for 5 bottles of excellent wine selections), kept bringing tasty baguettes and rolls, and made sure that each dish was to our liking! It was made very clear from the first night that if there was anything we wanted they would completely accommodate our requests - and they did! We had a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner, dessert was always perfect, and the food was always hot when it was supposed to be! One evening, we ate at the Cucina del Capitano Italian restaurant and had an amazing meal. Being Sicilian and having eaten outstanding Italian food my entire life, I always am skeptical when it comes to imitators making Italian recipes! Cucina del Capitano did not disappoint - the food was phenomenal! It is served family style, of course, and the portions we so huge that we could not finish. Everything on their menu is was authentic. Even the mid-meal music was spot on for a real Italian experience! All of this for $15/pp (only $5 for the kids ordering off of the kids menu)! One evening, my wife and I ate dinner in the Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse (sent the kids to the kids club for dinner of chicken nuggets and mac n cheese - they loved it). We ate in the Steakhouse on the Breeze and really enjoyed the meal. This time, on the Sunshine, the meal became a truly memorable dining experience! Of course, for $35/pp, you would expect a good meal at a decent restaurant, but at Fahrenheit 555 you get an outstanding meal, impeccable service, and a 5-star restaurant steak! First, they bring out homemade bread and three dipping sauces along with a chef's specialty appetizer - nice touch! I ordered a Crab Cake, an 18-ounce Rib Eye rubbed with 5 spices, and mashed potatoes! My wife ordered the Ahi Tuna (huge portion), the Filet Minot and creamed spinach. Everything was so well prepared that the steak just melted in your mouth! Then the dessert came - a selection of four delicious chocolate concoctions and an enormous raspberry cheesecake! We only got through half of both so the waitress offered to give it to us to take back to the kids. We thought that this was a nice gesture and when she returned she had two plates - one with the rest of our cheesecake and another WHOLE slice for the kids! Again, made the meal into an experience! For late night, there was two 24-hour soft-serve ice cream stations, room service and (our favorite) thin-crust pizza (some of the best pizza this Italian ever ate)! ENTERTAINMENT What we experienced on the Breeze was that Carnival had taken a back-seat to other cruise lines as far as entertainment, so our expectations we not that high when we went on the Sunshine. Man, were we wrong! Carnival definitely has something great in their Cruise Director Jamie! She is 110% energy, yet so personable and friendly! She does everything - from the Sail Away Party, to the Dr. Seuss Parade, to the Hasbro the Game Show - and Jamie (as well as her crew) take the time to get to know everyone! The Playlist Performers were extremely entertaining - the Epic Rock show should not be missed (ten times better than the performances on the Breeze)! The EA Sports Bar showed a ton of NFL and College Football games (even our USF game on Friday at noon) and the bartenders (Andres) were excellent! They have two X-Box systems and the kids can play all of the EA Sports games they wanted! The Red Frog Pub was our hangout on the Breeze so we immediately made it our after dinner destination for a drink, some dominoes, and good music. On the first night we got to the RFP, there were only a few people in the bar, no sports on their big screen TV's and a musician who my wife referred to as James Taylor (because he was playing very boring, elevator music) turning our favorite hangout into a disappointment. But then, on the third night, we heard Kimberly playing the guitar from the Ocean Plaza and made a bee-line to the RFP. She was joined by another talented singer and together had quite a crowd! Apparently, we missed the memo on these two because they had a following! We ended up in the RFP for another two performances on other evenings and the RFP totally redeemed itself (although Carnival should allow for sports to be televised on the TV screens in the RFP - they would have twice the crowd). The Seaside Movie Theater was a great experience, too. We sat in the Serenity Deck cushioned seating area, grabbed a few drinks, and watched a great movie, The Fault in our Stars. Each night (when there weren't deck parties) there were either movies or NFL games (Thanksgiving Night) showing, There was always free popcorn and blankets available to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. CAMP CARNIVAL Our kids loved, loved, loved Camp Carnival!!! Each day and each night they asked to go to "the club"! They have games, movies, parties, events and the staff there were amazing! Uncle D (Dezmond), Natasha, Kiki, Chelsea and Raquel (plus several others) were fantastic with the kids! My kids never had a bad experience and met so many new friends! They made so many crafts that their Camp Carnival Night Owls backpacks were overflowing! We always felt safe leaving our kids with the staff there and never thought twice about having them stay until midnight! PORTS OF CALL Cozumel - My wife and I have been to Cozumel several times, so we were not initially excited to visit this port again. Once again on this trip we were pleasantly surprised! We took a cab from the port to Paradise Beach (about a 5-10 minute ride). There, for $18/pp we were able to enjoy a huge swimming pool; tons of water trampolines, slides, climbing structures, etc.; access to paddle-boards and kayaks; and a bungee-trampoline my son absolutely loved! The restaurant and bars were fantastic making Cozumel an entirely new experience for our family. The cab ride back to the port was quick and easy. All of the shops near the port were great - purchased some fantastic locally made tequila and hot sauce; pure vanilla extract; a Christmas ornament for my wife; and a hand-made dress for my daughter. Roatan - My wife booked an excursion through Island Marketing (highly recommended) for a beach day at Bananarama on the West Bay Beach (total of $120 w/tip). We had to walk through the port area and through the security gates to meet our tour guide, Carmen. She took the four of us in a private car through the mountainous island (about a 30-40 minute ride) to West Bay Beach. She told us all about the country of Honduras and how Roatan is a much more desirable island to live on - home prices were unbelievable compared to the US! Once we got to Bananarama, we had access to a full beach area with a restaurant and bar. My wife immediately signed up for a snorkel tour ($30 for almost two hours, including gear and a private tour guide) that took her to the second largest barrier reef in the world (her favorite part of the trip)! Meanwhile, the kids and I enjoyed playing in the water, eating lunch, and playing giant Connect-four and Jenga. When my wife got back, I was taken to down the beach to a secluded area for a much needed massage (ask for Diana - only $20 for 40-minutes). After another hour or so, we got changed and Carmen took us on a tour of the island. She stopped and let us take pictures at several locations, allowed us to go to the Roatan Rum Company for some locally made rum samples and rum cake (bought a huge bottle of rum), and continued to tell us about the island. We were back at the port, did some shopping and back on the ship by 5:00pm. *The only thing about Roatan is that, at the beach, there are tons of people trying to sell you stuff. Just say "no, thank you" and they move on! Belize - We were supposed to tender to the island of Belize, but the winds were 50 mph and the seas were so rough that we could not make it - so Carnival decided to move past Belize and head to Costa Maya - the staff and crew made it as pleasurable on board as possible to enjoy another day at sea. *We had another excursion booked through Island Marketing (they refunded us our deposit immediately) Costa Maya - We arrived to a very overcast and breezy port. My wife was in contact with Steve at the Tropicante - a restaurant and "resort" on a nice strip of beach in Costa Maya. My wife reserved two lounge chairs and two adirondack chairs with an umbrella for us to use. Steve doesn't charge for the use of the facility or the chairs, but simply asks if each person spends $10-15 on food and drinks while at his beach area. After an $8 cab ride (need to catch a taxi outside of the port area), we arrived at the Tropicante where a staff member greeted us, took us to our chairs (which were already set-up for us), and took our drink order. Now, I must say that this area doesn't look like much, but the service and food quality was fantastic! The free wi-fi was a plus because it was Thanksgiving day and wanted to face-time our families. We stayed a few hours, enjoyed some free shots of tequila (thank you Steve), and headed back to the port for some shopping before the 1:30pm departure. DISEMBARKATION This process is what you make of it. We had one of the last numbers called for disembarking so we just hung out on the Lido deck, enjoyed the sun and the coffee and waited our turn. We were off the ship and through customs by 11:30 and at our car in about an hour (long line for the Radisson). 2015 We will be back on the Sunshine next Thanksgiving for the 8-day Eastern Caribbean cruise! We cannot wait!   Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Sail date: Dec. 23, 2013 Cabin 8126, Junior Suite Good: Our cabin – so quiet and spacious. Great storage Leroy - stateroom attendant – really worked hard to fix problems he did not create. WOW attitude! Erhan and Naceur – our ... Read More
Sail date: Dec. 23, 2013 Cabin 8126, Junior Suite Good: Our cabin – so quiet and spacious. Great storage Leroy - stateroom attendant – really worked hard to fix problems he did not create. WOW attitude! Erhan and Naceur – our waiter and assistant each night Cabanette on Coco Cay - AMAZING Food in the dining room Stage and Screen show Clips of shows we missed the night before on TV Very smooth embarkation Snorkeling on Coco Cay Wonderful holiday decorations Apology from Guest Services Bad: Gifts and Gear items not delivered Shore Excursions desk not open when we boarded When Shore Ex desk was open – only one person working it for about 45 minutes. Line did not move. Different prices quoted in email from Crown and Anchor for Cabana than what was available at Shore Ex desk No account on TV…had to go to Guest Services to see account. Had to go to Guest Services seven or eight times to resolve Gifts and Gear. Tried to change drink package to go down one level from what I purchased and was then charged for an extra drink package! Gifts and Gear assorted fruit and cheese basket to be delivered the first day turned into a basket of fruit and a plate of only brie on the second to last night. Not enough soda machines…. had to wait 10 – 12 minutes in between fill ups. That is not exactly “unlimited”. Windjammer floor wet and no one seemed to care when a guest fell due to the wet floor. Had to stand in line every night to get into the dining room. Wanted to book the next cruise on the morning of departure…no one was working the office. They just left some fliers out. Overall: We had a great time but I am not sure I would go on EOTS unless I had an amazing deal. Ready to book with Royal Caribbean – but on a different ship. This four night cruise was to see if my husband likes cruising. A year and a half ago I did a seven night cruise on Freedom of the Seas with a girlfriend. And my husband wanted to give it a try so we picked this quick, four night cruise over Christmas. We stayed at the Marriott in Cocoa Beach and had a room with a bit of an ocean view- but enough for me to see our ship come in at 6 a.m. We arrived at Port Canaveral a little before 11 a.m. and we had a short wait to get onboard. Once onboard, I went straight to the Guest Services desk to reserve a Cabana or Cabanette and to change our drink package. I originally booked two Classic Packages – all the beer, wine, soda you want so my recovering alcoholic husband could have all the NA beer he wanted. The rule at the time of booking was that each cabin member over the age of 21 had to buy the same package. All I wanted was soda, but I bought the $207.00 package to follow the rule…so $414.00 for the two of us to not have a drop of alcohol. I was very pleased to find out that the package rule changed and I called RCCL the day before my cruise to change it. They said I had to go to Guest Services. Back to the line in Guest Services….once I reached the counter they told me the guys selling the packages had to make the change. I asked about the cabana and was told I had to go to Shore Excursions…which was not open yet. I was very surprised that the Shore Excursion desk was not open as soon as they started to allow passengers onboard. I went to the beverage guys and they changed my Seapass sticker and made me sign something that said I was changing the package. I asked where my refund would show up and the guy said Guest Services would tell me that later that night. I asked for the back copy of what I signed and he said I could not have it!! I repeated to make sure I heard it right that I could not have a written copy of what I signed and that he had no idea where my refund would show up. I went off to the spa to make a hair appointment because you cannot make that type of spa appointment online. That was not a problem. I went to the Park Café but it was not open yet. We went to the Windjammer and I left my husband there to go to the Shore Excursion desk. The line was long and I was in it for 40 minutes because only one person was working the desk. Eventually, a second person showed up and had a shopping bag with a Santa hat in it for the guy working hard at the counter trying to handle the huge line. The price for the cabana was higher than was quoted to me in an email from Crown and Anchor and the two person cabana for $120.00 from the same email did not exist. I booked the $50.00 cabanette – one of the best decisions I made for this cruise. I then made a reservation for a table by a window for the dining room. My husband was very irritated that the first hour of the cruise involved me running around following directions from RCCL that were not correct and he had to eat lunch alone. Not a good start. We got into our stateroom – a junior suite 8126 and it was really nice. Our stateroom attendant came in right away and introduced himself. Leroy was a difference maker for my husband and he was so much better than the stateroom attendant I had on the Freedom. The room was very nice with lots of storage. I could not find a Room Service menu (it was in the desk drawer), but I was very pleased with the room. Over the cruise, we heard short rumbles a couple of times a day, but no noise other than that from the pool deck. We were really pleased with how quiet the room was and how attentive Leroy was. I was a little bit surprised that the fruit and cheese basket I ordered, brownies for my husband that I ordered and the chocolate strawberries that I ordered were not there. On the Freedom, all of the items ordered from Gifts and Gear were in the stateroom right from the start. The ship started to leave and it was rough once we got out of the channel. My husband had on the patch and then we added the Seabands. I wore the Seabands as well. I never had a problem on the Freedom, but I was sick to my stomach by the time we went to dinner. Our waiter was Erhan from Turkey and we enjoyed him very much. He worked like a synchronized swimmer with Naceur from Tunisia. At each meal I watched waiters with their assistants and they looked irritated with each other. These two moved quickly, with a quick smile and a joke to make sure everything was perfect. Once my husband realized that he could order something else if he did not like something, he really enjoyed the dining experience. The maître’d was moving all around and even helped to bus tables. He spoke to us several times. I never recall a maitre’d picking up dishes! We went back to our cabin to unpack and to try and deal with the motion of the ship. We skipped the shows that night. The next day at Coco Cay was worth the whole cruise. We got up early and we were the first ones at the cabanettes. This is a private beach area with two chairs, a shade thing, floating mat, two huge bottles of water in ice, a fruit plate and later on – a bar was set up. There was one attendant and she (nicely) chased off anyone who did not have a reservation. This was all for $50.00 and SO worth it. Everyone in the cabanette area was quiet – no kids. It was SO peaceful. My husband was the only one snorkeling and all the fish followed him around. He said it was a truly remarkable experience to be the only one in the water. Nassau was icky…and mainly closed since we arrived on Christmas day. We did walk over to the Queen’s Staircase. The guide at the start was very good. My husband went up and one of the vendors at the top tried to take his money from his hand and when he quickly put it back in his pocket – the woman put her hand in his pocket and followed him when he ran away from her. Creepy. Geoffrey was running trivia that same day and no one showed up for it. He was really nice and answered every question we had about the ship and then played trivia with my husband. He could have packed it up and gone on a break…but he basically entertained the two of us for an hour! Another WOW attitude! Day at Sea was nice – hubbie won me many a pen at trivia! Getting off the ship was easy – but we were disappointed that the office onboard the ship for future cruises was not open that morning. We had about four hours to kill onboard that morning and would have liked to have spoken with someone. In summation, the crew was SO much better than the crew on the Freedom. The Freedom OTS should have training given to them by the Enchantment OTS. The Guest Services, Shore Excursions and Gifts and Gear took up a lot of my time when one visit to Guest Services should have resolved everything. I am ready to cruise again!   Read Less
Sail Date December 2013

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