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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), vanity area, and a private bathroom. (135-144 sq. ft.)

Interior Stateroom (M)
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Interior Stateroom Cabin Reviews
Cabin 8523
May 2017
Cabin 4459
Apr 2017
Refurbish or Retire By: ledris2
Terrible don't book it. So much noise from the back office of guest services and the casino bar you won't sleep. Shower toooo small and no refrig. Be sure to ask for one. Very small bunk size twin mattresses that sagged on the left and right (in the middle if together)
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Cabin 7617
Mar 2017
Very basic, but that is what we paid for.
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Cabin 2551
Mar 2017
CABIN deck 2 no 2551 never again, the cabin was very small, old and dated the bathroom and shower room was terrible, you could not turn round in the shower without the shower curtain touching you and water going over the floor, when moving at night constant drowning sort of noise, best sleep when docked
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Cabin 3657
Feb 2017
Great Crew By: truckerboy53
The cabin was small but comfortable & we missed a window but it was clean & tidy, our stateroom attendant (Mark) was excellent
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Cabin 2060
Jan 2017
Cabin a little small bathroon very small, but lovely hot water always . clean sheets every dayno issues at all.
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Cabin 2455
Nov 2016
The best... OH NO By: MsJoeyC
Our cabin was small, like interior cabins. Very quite. No noise from other rooms, or from the hallway. I would recommend this room.
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Cabin 7017
Oct 2016
The stateroom 7017 inside cabin was the largest of all the insides we have ever had. Plenty of storage space. If you want shampoo and conditioner just ask your stateroom attendant. No fridge in room but we had ice bucket filled daily at our request.
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Cabin 7111
Sep 2016
Cannot fault the cabin we got what we asked for a double room Kept clean Fresh towels twice a day
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Cabin 3113
Jul 2016
Simply a Great Experience By: Starwrangler
Plenty of room, and certainly enough storage space for all our stuff. I was very pleased with it.
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Cabin 3053
Jun 2016
Standard cabin, totally adequate and very clean.
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Mar 2016
Almost back to back By: steencondo12
Clean cabin with great service
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Cabin 2585
Dec 2015
Great Cruise, Almost Perfect By: steencondo12
Great cabin attendant. the cabin was always clean. But who spends much time in the cabin anyway when there is so much to do?
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Sep 2015
Unreal Cruise; Loved It! By: Holly1721
Small and squishy I guess but we were okay with that, after all you don't spend much time in there anyway.
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Cabin 2067
Jul 2015
Vision of the Seas By: dragonmaster
Cabin is small and tight. It is a bit outdated. There is no room for the ladder for the bunks when the beds are combined below. The nightstand did not fit correctly into the cabin and was used as a table with the drawers being unaccessable.
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Cabin 2061
Jul 2015
Ok, But Not Great By: bernie4768
Cabin small but has everything you need and your room is cleaned twice a day.
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Cabin 20551
Jul 2015
Disappointing Vision By: Sausagedog1
Very small tatty, claustrophobic colourless, lacked and warmness
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Cabin 8035
May 2015
A broom cupboard would be more spacious.
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Cabin 2051
Apr 2015
Incredible but true By: domingo.troche
Cabin excellent clean, and cleanen service excellent.
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Cabin 4536
Feb 2015
Cabin way to small.Cabin steward was unattentive to dirty clothes and shoes on floor.Cabin Steward never once removed dirty dishes from cabin.Only two nights were there towel animals and no way could one of them be understood.
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Cabin 7621
Feb 2015
Stateroom average size - adequate for two people
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Cabin 2071
Dec 2014
I wanted a balcony room but none were available. I was actually impressed with cleanliness and (all things considered) the size of our interior stateroom. We didn't spend much time in the room, so it was a non-issue. I still would have preferred a balcony room and even offered to pay the difference if one became available. No luck on this cruise.
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Cabin 8053
Nov 2014
Room was very clean and the stateroom attendant pulled down the two extra beds at a timely manner.
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Cabin 8033
Oct 2014
A Very Happy Birthday Sailing By: stephanievrubio
For this cruise we, once again, chose a cabin that was mid-ship and near an elevator. We chose an interior cabin because we found that it worked best for us. Cabins should be selected based on how you plan to use the cabin and of course, your comfort level. My husband and I are heavy sleepers who have blackout custom drapery throughout our home. While we enjoy sunlight during the day, in order to sleep well at night, we appreciate some darkness. So, an interior cabin is perfect for us.This cabin was much less noisy than the cabin in our previous cruise. It was a little smaller as well, which didn’t matter to us much. We have found a system for storing our suit cases, toiletries, and clothing items which allows us plenty of space to move around the cabin. What struck me as odd is that the cabin did not a have a separating drape (or curtain) to pull to cover the bed. This was a little bit annoying as we like to pull that when we order room service. I should have done a little bit of more research because I have found that not all interior cabins have drapes. Aside from this our room was wonderful.
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Cabin 2539
Oct 2014
The staterooms are so outdated and small.
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Cabin 8033
Sep 2014
Small stateroom little floor space and odd access to the bed unless you separate it into twins. Biggest problem is exterior noise above at all hours. Avoid Deck 8 if possible.
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Cabin 8553
Jun 2013
Cruisers Beware By:
Decor was outdated and desk had marks on it. Closet space limited for 4 people. Room attendant really encourage reusing towels and wash clothes. Cabin was convenient to elevator.
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Cabin 7621
Jan 2013
tiny restroom, tiny shower, small closet. Very small cabin.
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Cabin 3807
Aug 2012
Very disappointing By: aroundthehorn
The cabin was well situated near the central elevators.
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Nov 2011
OH YAAAAYYY By: Mrs Birmingham
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Cabin 2057
Oct 2011
Inside State Room, in urgent need of updating. No refrigerator (however I did get a refrigerator on request to store my medications). Although there is good storage space throughout the cabin due to large/over sized vanity desk, there could be more space if the outdated television would be removed and the enormous glass coffee table would be taken away. The sofa is not big enough to sit on, there are curtains to divide the room and give privacy in the bedroom area. The beds (if twinned into singles) are too bouncy and it is easy to fall out of the beds. The Bathroom is surprisingly large (shower cabin, sink unit with storage and WC). The room is well lit up throughout.
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Cabin 4573
Jun 2011
Fabulous vacation!! By: allieic95
It had a great location but a squeaky door leading to the centrum kept me up the first night. The crew quickly fixed it with no problems. We were very centrally located with a big enough room for three people. Our other half of the group spent 1000 dollars more for a window and the same size room, what a waste!!
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Nov 2010
Vision of the Seas Interior Cabin (M): Ours was an inside stateroom on Deck 7 forward. We found it convenient to everything. We are not ones to spend much time in the stateroom anyway. Our stateroom was quite small but efficient. Carpet, furnishings and bathroom were showing their age and heavy use. Two people had to choreograph moves to navigate the tiny floor space. One person standing in front of the closet could be caged in if another opened the bathroom door. The bathroom was something like an airplane restroom with a tight don't-drop-the-soap shower. Sorry, no bathtub except in luxury suites. Sea Dawg says it is a good idea to pack your own won't-fall-through-cracks soap and specialty shampoo. Be forewarned - our hot water was either scalding or lukewarm. We find that we keep a small stateroom neater than a larger one - have to or else the accumulated clutter immobilizes us. I think we would have felt less ship motion had we selected stateroom more in the center of Deck 7.
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Cabin 8033
Sep 2010
Baltic Cruisers By: Arizona Budgies
We had a banging clunking noise in our cabin, sounded like a hammer on metal, was periodic. We mentioned it to customer service and were told we were under the pool and nothing could be done. To compensate they sent an apology and a bottle of wine with glasses and bottle opener to our room - we thought that outstanding. There were times when this noise did wake us up though. Cabin size was what we always experience. Cabin location, center of ship was ideal and perfect. Other than the occasional banging noise the rooms was quiet and well placed.
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Cabin 4019
Jul 2010
Still a Vision to behold! By: caribbeandave
M Grade inside 4019. Very adequate for 3 with upper berth organised morning & evening by our cabin attendent. Quiet and well kept cabin. Plenty of wardrobe space.
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Cabin 2029
Jan 2009
Fairly small, but cozy. Small bathroom, but functional. A little noisy.
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