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Two lower beds, which make up into a queen-size bed. Sitting area with desk, balcony, television, refrigerator and spacious closet. Approximately 179 square feet including balcony.

Balcony (BC)
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Cabin C421
Cabins are basic and smallish. Everything is twenty years worn or at least it looks that way. Our curtains were rotted. The carpets stained. Chips and scuffs on the walls. Vacuum toilet failed many times. Television was tiny and system broke down often. The airconditioning had to be repaired. My swipe card for the door failed 15 times and had to be replaced each time. Our steward was an absolute treasure and we rewarded him hansomely for his efforts in spite of our dissatisfaction with many other elements.
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Cabin was good and cabin staff was excellent
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Cabin B747
Quite a small cabin with a very cramped balcony,barely room for the chairs.Most days we had the external dirty gantry tied up beside the balcony. However the main problem was the ever present sewerage smell in the air conditioning which meant having to leave the balcony door open in the tropics.
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Standard layout Balcony Cabin. Very squishy pillows feel OK but scrunch quickly leaving a sore neck on wake up. Found stained mattress cover and doona from previously. These are NOT changed between passengers. Cabin Steward works hard and does the best he is allowed to do. If you need a walker in the cabin, remove the backrest and most will fold under the bed OK. The steward stored our wheelchair and was most helpful in fetching when needed. Limited space in bathroom to store toiletries. Only two small shelves and no ddrawes or cupbaord as on other cruise liners.
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We had a balcony cabin, which was small but comfortable and nicely furnished. We had not had a balcony before and I highly recommend it. It was lovely to sit outside in private and read or have the door open to let in the sea air. I also found the beds (twin share not a bunk) extremely comfortable! Our cabin member was nice but unfortunately not the most helpful or attentive. We found sand in the drawers and grime on the lamp/door handles. Apart from that the room was clean. I have read other reviews that suggested taking Glen 20 spray for the air-conditioning vent or antibacterial gel/wipes for your hands and surfaces which we did.
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Cabin C734
Clean and well maintained, good size and comfortable.
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The cabin was smaller than other Princess ships but very comfortable and spotless. The balcony was very private and large enough for two people to sit out there. We had sewerage odours which would frequently waft through our air conditioning. This would have been most unpleasant if we had been unable to open a balcony door. For the amount of people who caught a respiratory virus I feel it is imperative to be able to access fresh air from your cabin.
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Cabin C327
Relaxing Getaway c kot kot
Small but comfortable.
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Near elevator and laundry which is convenient but the Hallway was noisy.
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Cabin C545
Easy On Easy Off SummerTraveler
C545 is right across from the crew only stairs. It really didn't bother us because hardly anyone used it except for delivering/picking up luggage at the beginning/end of the cruise. It is a great location for emergency exit. The cabin is at the end of mid-ship area and the Casino is below. No public area above, just more cabins. It was quiet and you didn't feel a lot of rocking when the sea was choppy. C545 is about midway between the forward and aft elevators.
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Abnormally small cabin and balcony but neat and clean. Noise level was good,cabin was insulated well unless you have kids in vicinity then you're not so lucky. Very uncomfortable beds.
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Cabin C741
Had a lovely time blooberry
Big enough -- tiny bathroom, good storage space (closet and desks). I've seen bigger balconies, but it was adequate. Beds were comfortable once we asked for egg crate mattress toppers. WAY down the hallway (far from elevators and laundry, which was fine). Only bothered by ship noise when we were docking.
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Cabin c343
Beginners luck! mary & melvyn wall
only minor thing was shower room size very compact and shower not as powerful as the one back home but was suuficient for our needs.
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Cabin C616
Our cabin was comfortable and well appointed. The closet space was a bit limited, but we made due. The shower has a lip that comes up so I no longer flooded the bathroom everytime I took a shower. Our steward served our every need.
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Excellent Balcony and location in the middle of the ship. Pleanty of closet space but they need update the hangers. Bed was very comfortable.
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Cabin C328

Cabin C328 was a balcony cabin and seemed very small. We barely had room to walk from one side of the cabin to the other since the bed took up almost the entire space. Very small television off to the side. Since there was nothing to sit on other than the bed, my neck got sore from watching the tv from the bed. No noise from the other cabins.

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Cabin c436
Cabin balcony..Queen bed with egg crate top..still a little hard,but fine..small balcony,2 chairs,but really all u need.Shower good size for a man 6'4'loved views and left patio doors wide open every night.Lots of closet space...a perfect room
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