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Substantially larger than a balcony stateroom, a mini-suite includes all the same amenities of a balcony stateroom, plus the added luxuries of a welcome glass of champagne, separate seating area, sofa bed, two flat screen televisions, marble top furniture, a closet and bathroom tub.

Mini-Suite with Balcony (MA)
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Mini-Suite with Balcony Cabin Reviews
Cabin B420
Mar 2017
Wonderful Crew, Great Food By: Wooden Seagull
The cabin was in great shape and the cabin steward was great!
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Cabin M222
Feb 2017
This is my first and most likely ONLY trip on the Regal Princess. Since the Royal Princess is of the same design, I won’t be traveling on that ship either. There are many physical/design reasons, which apply to both vessels that are most inferior. There are more passengers, but the elevator configuration is the same as the smaller Emerald, Ruby, etc. ships. How can more staterooms and floors with a significant number of additional passengers be added without any additional elevators? There were many times when a wait of 10 minutes or more for an available lift to stop. We had a mini-suite and the balcony was embarrassingly small. There were two chairs, a foot stool and a table which filled the balcony. There was no way two people could be on that balcony. How is this a good idea? Something more than a mini-balcony is expected when paying for the luxury of a balcony, especially on an extra cost stateroom. The entertainment was another HUGE disappointment! The production shows had larger participants than usual, but quantity does not equal a quality production show. The dancers, who have practiced and rehearsed to perfection were always in the dark. The spotlights were on the singers. We can hear the singers without the spotlight, we can NOT see the dancers without light. What a disappointment for those kids who have worked so hard to just dance in the dark. That is really unfair for both the audience and the dancers as well. Why are there spotlights facing the audience? It is difficult enough to see what is happening on the stage and then that becomes impossible with these more aggravating spotlights. Who thinks that is a good idea? Finally in regard to the Princess Theater and other venues as well … why is the sound over-modulated? We have average hearing, granted there are a LOT of Senior Citizens on the ship, those with hearing issues have hearing aids. The rest of us can hear fine. Why is the volume levels “ear harming” loud? This is supposed to be “entertainment” not irritations! The Horizon Grill and Horizon Court are a total embarrassment for Princess! It was worse than the cramped Horizon on the Emerald or Ruby. Where are the plates? Why aren’t the plates where the food is available? Why does the food keep moving? On other ships like Holland America there is signage for what is available – salad, sandwiches, desserts, main courses, etc. There is no such indication on the Regal Princess. That is confusing enough, but then the food moves! One time the hot cereals are in one place, the next time is has moved! How is moving food a good thing for the passengers?? Sometimes the help were confused as to where something may be hiding. Additionally many, almost a majority, of the service people have attitudes. From the pizza or burger area on the Lido Deck to the Horizon servers there is a LOT of attitude! Obviously they have not been trained to help or assist the passengers. They are more likely to argue, not understand or flatly ignore a passenger request. You would expect all service personnel on a ship to go out of their way to please those paying for the opportunity to be NOT served. That is an additional embarrassment for Princess. The lines to see the Future Cruise person was another embarrassment. Apparently Princess wants your money to “lock” you into another cruise. You would think the Princess person would spend more than a few hours a day taking money! It is totally uncalled for to be #24 in line to as a Future Cruise question! I guess the passenger’s time is not a priority for Princess … we are already trapped on-board. What is a couple hour wait to talk with the professional? On a positive note, the food quality was several “clicks” above that on other Princess vessels. Usually Princess food is overly salty. There were many times in the past when salt-free dishes were requested. That was not required this time. Even the soups were not overly salty. That was the BEST thing on this cruise. So … travel on the Regal or Royal if you want to be disappointed. If you want to wait forever to get to deck 6 by elevator for the dining room. If you want to pay extra money for a minuscule balcony. If you want to be ignored by the service staff. If you want to have totally disappointing production shows. There is more to share, but this is enough! Happy travels … hopefully on smaller Princess or alternative ships! PS-I am at the Elite level on Princess, so I’ve been around the Princess block more than one time!
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Cabin B332
Feb 2017
Walls not very sound proof. Cabin size ok--balcony limited to two. TV system great. Bathroom tub/shower great.
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Cabin M517 / M537
Jan 2017
Good size, plenty of storage space. Sleeping and lounge areas, both with large TVs. Compact but perfectly good bathroom with bath & shower. Small balcony with 2 full seats & 2 foot stools. Comfy bed. Excellent room steward. Sometimes had to wait a little to get through to room service, but not a big issue. As mentioned above, only complaint is that - being directly under one of the restaurants - it was noisy in the morning.
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Cabin b429
Dec 2016
Nice cabin, great size deck. Close to the center elevators. Terrible cabin steward.
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Cabin A427
Dec 2016
Awesome By: Rayric
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Cabin C416
Nov 2016
Nov. 16-26, 2016 By: canusa
Great cabin, very quiet, nice size balcony.
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Nov 2016
Great cabin exept for the bathroom wich smells a little...
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Cabin C403
Oct 2016
Baltic trip amazing! By: donnadee10
We had a mini suite...nice having a larger bathroom.. great cabin steward! Loved the extra space!
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Cabin A410
Sep 2016
Stateroom A410 is midship, and is equal distance from the back of the ship to the front. It is a reasonably a good position, however the walk to the dining rooms at the back of the ship can be tiring and a closer stateroom could be better. Size and facilities in this mini-suite are adequate.
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Jul 2016
Lovely room with plenty of space to spread out. Rooms are immaculate and well-appointed and there plenty of electrical outlets for phones and computers. The mid-ship location makes for a very smooth sailing.
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Sep 2015
Nice you to have the room separation curtain and a muh improved movies selection. Getting decent US sports on TV or elsewhere on the ship is frustrating.
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Cabin B326
Aug 2015
Again-I don't agree with the negative comments regarding the smaller sizes- we opted for a mini suite- plenty of closet space- nice size bathroom- didn't use the balcony. Yes, compared to older ships it is smaller- but after all it is a cruise ship!!!
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Cabin B428
Jun 2015
Royal Princess - can be Better! By: Bellaggio Cruisers
mini suite - very nice. Comfortable. Plenty of room. Balcony - never used on this sailing. Steward -ok Room Service Breakfast offered very few choices. With such a port intensive cruise, we have breakfast in our cabin to get an early start. It was not a good menu.
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Cabin A212
Jun 2015
Cabin a404
Jun 2015
Not so royal By: norm.b.
not what we expected from a mini suite . was expecting something a bit more up market considering the extra cost involved .
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Cabin C429
Apr 2015
Best Princess ship style yet! By: Savvy Waveriders
Our cabin was large and roomy, with a full size sofa and 2 wall-mounted TV's. Love the on-demand tv shows. So much easier to watch a movie. We couldn't fill all the drawer space. The desk is very large. The closet and cabinet were roomy. The bathroom was adequate with a full-size bathtub. Would've liked 2 sinks, but not worth the price of a full suite to get them! We had a roomy extended balcony. Booked early to get this size.
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Cabin B-402
Mar 2015
Xmas in the Sun By: bellbus
Love the mini-suite. Much larger compared to other ships at the same category.
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Cabin A500's
Jan 2015
Small balcony, but redesigned mini was adequate.
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Cabin R518
Dec 2014
A pleasant experience from a Celebrity Pax By: floridatravelersforlife
The Mini Suite Cabin was a pleasant surprise. It’s 8 ft deeper than a Standard Solstice Veranda Cabin. You get a sitting area with a couch and a second 50 inch flat screen. Plus you get a tub in the spacious bathroom. You can actually soak in the tub. The closet is compartmentalized and the little hallway that is created can be used as dressing area. The closet and bathroom make a nice buffer to quiet down noise from the hallway. Very few public announcements were made, like Celebrity.
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Cabin M523
Nov 2014
Lovely a nice location....with a small balcony that was large enough to enjoy a glass of wine, read and enjoy the view. What more can you ask.
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