Costa Concordia


Costa Concordia: The Salvage Begins

On January 13, 2012, Costa Concordia hit a rock off the coast of Giglio, an island on Italy's Tuscan coast. Several hours later, the ship capsized, claiming the lives of 32 passengers. Now, thanks to an amazing feat of modern engineering, the ship has been pulled upright. Check out the latest Cruise Critic coverage (and see archived stories below):


Related Stories: Key Archive of the Disaster

Cruise Critic's First Report: Mega-Ship Capsizes
The unthinkable had happened. A modern mega-ship slammed into a rock then began to sink on the evening of Friday the 13th. Read the story.

Videos of Disaster From Around the Web
Watch a selection of videos, which surfaced in the hours, days and weeks following the Concordia disaster.

How Common Are Cruise Ship 'Salutes'?
After the accident, "sail-bys" were in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Our reporter looked into how often lines participate in the practice.

Cruise Critic Member Shares Harrowing Tale
Nothing puts this tragedy into better context than the words from those who've survived it. We received this note from a member on January 14.

The Original Compensation Plans Offered
Costa offered compensation plans for those onboard during the tragedy. Not all took or have taken up the line on the offer.

In Their Words: Survivors of Disaster Describe the Scene
Several first-hand accounts, gathered from various news sources, describe the events surrounding the capsizing of Costa Concordia and its aftermath.

The Mystery of the Muster Drill: Cruise Ship Safety Laws Explained
Anyone who has ever cruised is familiar with the muster drill. Here's what's actually required by cruise lines.

Lido Deck Blog: A Tale of Two Captains
How is a captain supposed to act when a large ship is in trouble? Here's a true story of a brave leader aboard a sinking ship.

Photos From the Disaster
It's been a while since the initial capsizing, but the photos are still as moving as they were the night Concordia sank. View them here.

Poll: Has Concordia Changed Your Feelings on Cruising?
See how avid fellow cruisers feel about sailing since the events of January 13, 2012.

'Stupid' Tourists Rescued Near Costa Concordia Wreck
Curious visitors to Giglio needed rescuing when strong winds threatened their rented, inflatable boat on its way to visit the partially submerged ship.

Timeline of Events: A Look Back at the Year After Costa Concordia
Confused about what happened and when? Click here.

Q&A: Carnival's U.K. Head on How Concordia Affected the Cruise Industry
David Dingle talks about the ripple effects of the ship's capsizing.

More Delays in Concordia Removal Project
The salvage company hired to refloat Costa Concordia pushes the project back by six months.

Key Points of Schettino's Trial
Read more about the trial of the man who helmed the ill-fated voyage of Costa Concordia.

10 Cruise Line Policy Changes Since Concordia's Sinking
Several lines have changed their safety policies. Read all about the changes.

In Her Own Words: Victim Struggles With Memories, Questions
A Concordia victim talks about how the sinking affected the lives of her and her family during the first year after the event. Read her first-hand account.

Survivors and Victims' Families Mark First Anniversary of Disaster
A somber day of mourning and memorials took place on the island of Giglio on the one-year anniversary of the tragedy. Read about it here.



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