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Why Choose MSC Opera?
  • A truly international experience
  • Poolside line dancing is a hoot
  • Dining rooms feature traditional seating

MSC Opera Entertainment

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It's in its entertainment offerings -- day and night -- that MSC Opera really shines. The fun comes in two flavors. First are the professional production shows, individual performers and incredible musicians. Then there is the wacky world of the ship's Animation Team, a troupe of young, hip, funny, charming and possibly certifiable "camp counselors."

During the day, activities include language lessons (Italian, of course, or Japanese), tango classes, craft creations, contests, games, and live music playing everywhere -- even during the daytime! You'll hear tunes at the pool, at the al fresco dining spots, during tea, in the main lounges on Deck 5 ... all performed by a sundry group of musicians including bands, trios and pianists.

The nightly production shows are jazzy, colorful and exuberant, whether it's a "Night in Paris," a "Grand Gala" or guest talent show (there is no live music in the theater -- it's recorded, but it doesn't distract from the show). Magicians interact with the audience and singers serenade.

The Animation Team practically shames the guests into participating, acting as cheerleaders for enjoyment and inclusion. They may have to shout their instructions in five languages, but all the guests "get it." Bingo is a hoot, with the announcer repeating the numbers in all the languages represented. "Number eight! Numero ocho! Acht! Huit! Otto!" The Mr. and Mrs. Opera contests are so funny that it's hard to remain upright because you're laughing so hard.

A 24-hour Virtual Reality arcade is located on Deck 12 near the Byblos Disco.

MSC Opera Public Rooms

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Public Rooms
One of the benefits of minimizing atrium space and eliminating two-level dining rooms is that usable space seems to expand. MSC Opera has what seems like an inordinate amount of public area to enjoy, made to feel intimate (even though some of the rooms span the width of the ship and are quite large) by low ceilings and the use of banquettes, cafe tables and chairs. During the day there is a wonderful deck to use behind the disco, perched over the stern's wake and quiet with covered tables and plenty of chairs.

There is a flashy disco on Deck 12 aft which gets going at around midnight and, like the Energizer bunny, keeps going, and going, and going...

The casino gets quite lively at night, but is very short on slot machines. There is plenty of space to add more, and considering the four-deep lines waiting for an available machine, the ship could substantially increase its revenue by accommodating the gamblers just itching to donate to the bottom line.

There are a series of shops surrounding the "plaza" on Deck 5; alas, the shopping experience on Opera is a non-starter with scant variety of merchandise that's whoppingly overpriced (even the duty-free items are about 25 percent higher than on other ships or even in stores in port).

The Internet Center is modern, convenient and well-located and uses an ingenious system for access: Just insert your room key card into a little box and you are online. Unfortunately, it is horrendously expensive and incredibly slow (check e-mail while in port).

MSC Opera Spa & Fitness

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Spa & Fitness
The spa may suffer the unimaginative name of The Health Center but it is lovely, specializing in Balinese treatments offered by Balinese therapists. Treatments are a bit pricier than the norm ($149 for a 60-minute massage) but there are discounts and specials offered throughout the week, especially on port days.

On the port side there is a large relaxation room, again with floor-to-ceiling windows, wicker chaises -- and peace and quiet. There are steam and sauna rooms for both men and women, generously sized and free of charge. A small workout room is located at the bow. Classes in "yogalates" and Latin Dance are offered for a small fee.

The pool deck has two pools and two hot tubs.

There is a small mini-golf area at the very top of the ship and recreational activities, such as line dancing, at poolside.
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