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Mid-Ship Oceanview Picture Window Cabins

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These Oceanview Staterooms have two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed as well as two pull down beds. Because they are mid-ship, you'll have easy access to everything on board. Plus an incredible view from the big picture window.

Mid-Ship Oceanview Picture Window (OA)
Decks: Deck 4 | Deck 7
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Mid-Ship Oceanview Picture Window Cabin Reviews
Cabin 4580
Feb 2017
Cabin was well set up but cabin steward was very erratic. Some days no glasses...some days cabin not made up by noon. She was very sweet but might be better utilized in another area.
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Cabin 4042
Jan 2017
Good location on ship, being amidship but a little bit forward. Far enough away from stairs and elevators so no noise. Yet not too far to walk to either amidship or forward stairs/elevators.
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Cabin 4048
Dec 2016
The cabin is cramped with no where to sit except on the bed or one foot stool. There bunk beds attached to the side walls. I don't see how four people could stay in the room. If there are only two occupants ask the staff to split the bed so you'll have room to get around.
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Cabin 4014
Oct 2016
Very nice. The service was super.
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Cabin 4108
Jun 2016
Hawaiian Islands: Wonderful! By: Peggyloves cruising
Small cabin as expected, met out needs and expectations.
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Cabin 4050
May 2016
We had to have our shower curtain changed as it was stained with something brown. Found trash under the bed. Adequate in size and bed was comfortable.
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Cabin 4042
Apr 2016
Worth the trip, but. . . By: logantonshoes
Room was decent size (of course bathroom tiny), bed comfy, plenty of storage. Good location to steps and elevators, Overhead light above bed was hanging down for last 3 days of trip (guess maid and steward did not notice), took 3 days to get tissues in room, and bathroom faucet leaked.
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Cabin 4018
Oct 2015
Our cabin was very nice. They are small but more than adequate. We found the beds quite comfortable and the temperature was perfect all day and night.
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Cabin 4102
Oct 2015
Our stateroom had a large window with drapes that were closed every time the cabin steward came into the room. The room was very small and we had to crawl over the bed because the upper bunk beds did not allow you to stand upright on the sides. There were only two of us in the room. I can't imagine having four people there with all the luggage. We barely had enough room. We put the luggage under the bed to get it out of the way. It would be nice to have a soft comfortable chair for reading or watching TV but of course that would be impossible in the small cabin. The bed was fairly comfortable though. Our cabin steward, Gerry, did a good job of keeping things cleaned. The safe in our room did not work and the door did not close without pulling it shut tightly.
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Oct 2015
decent size ocean view room (no balcony). Window was dirty on the exterior so this ocean view was limited (ridiculous)
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Cabin 4548
Sep 2015
Don't know what people expect on a ship but we found our room more than adequate,clean and tidy
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Cabin 4088
Aug 2015
Overall good, very roomy but window was very very dirty. The room is under a bar I think and a couple of times around 11pm you could hear noises but it didn't last too long.
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Cabin 4032
May 2015
Adequate storage Small shower Room in disrepair and dirty upon arrival Quiet location Comfortable bed
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Cabin 7108
Mar 2015
Silver Anniversary Cruise By: aliandmarie
Cabin was dusty, and when we tried to phone housekeeping to report the issue, we were unable to get through
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Cabin 7110
Mar 2015
the cabin was ok, small and efficient like most other cruise ships. It was in good condition, and we really didn't have too many complaints on it. We got the ocean view room, except the large window was very dirty (and oddly spotty like someone tried to put a film on it and had air bubbles in certain locations) so that was kind of irritating (I understand windows on the outside get dirty from salt, but the whole weird film which further obstructed any clear view was irritating). Plus, though we weren't on passenger walking deck, we saw people (I assume Crew) walk by on several occasions, so we left the curtains closed most of the time. Would probably save the money and get a lower level room next time. The room wasn't bad, it just wasn't worth it. It was kept mostly clean, but we must have interrupted the lady who was making up the rooms on more than one occasion (though her supplies showed she'd moved on to other rooms). on 2 of the 6 nights we were on board (we preplanned to leave a night early), we came back after dinner to a room that had no bath-sized towels in the bathroom?!?!? one of those 2 times, we took apart the towel animal on the bed which contained one larger towel and shared). on the other time, we rinsed off and used hand towels to dry instead. SERIOUSLY? Also, every day we'd hang our 2 towels up to dry following use (following the mounted sign that said if we do that, they would not be replaced (ie more ecofriendly). following making up the cabin, they were always mysteriously gone and there'd be 2 folded ones up on top again. whether she just replaced them every day, or she refolded the used ones (so that we couldn't figure out whose was whose, I don't know).
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Oct 2014
Not a happy cruiser By: vkay40
Comfortable bed
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Cabin 4096
Dec 2013
Awesome first cruise! By: twinnie18
I was expecting our room to be TINY and I was pleasantly surprised! There is heaps of room to store your belongings in drawers and cubby holes and there was plenty of room underneath the bed for luggage. The cupboard had plenty of room for our clothes and shoes, we just divided the hangers equally between us and folded the rest of our clothes. The bathroom was small but not as bad as I'd thought. The shower was pretty small but not an issue, and comes with soap and shower gel dispensers. The bathroom also had soap on tap dispenser which I much prefer to the bar of soap in hotels. What I loved about our room the most was sitting up in bed at night, lights switched off and the curtains open, watching the ocean go past.
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Cabin 4554
Sep 2013
Our cabin was 4554 ocean view midship. It was very close to the elevator and staircase. It was port side.
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Cabin 4558
Apr 2012
Mid-ship so not very rough, quiet, clean and very comfy beds. Not sure why anyone needs a bigger cabin unless you just want to stay in your room. Central location.
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Cabin 7610
Feb 2012
Our cabin was very nice. We were at mid-ship on deck 7, so it was a great location. We chose the picture window rather than a balcony. Ship cabins are small, it is a given, unless you spend on luxury accommodations. I did wonder how large people managed the tiny shower.
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Cabin 4048
Dec 2011
POA November 11 By: annenic
Cabin 4048: Very comfortable outside cabin. Quiet and in a good location for stairs. On starboard but possibly a port cabin would be better for views when in port - especially while Kilauea is not giving a lava show on the Big Island.
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Cabin 4042
Aug 2011
Quiet location, good location for getting on and off the ship at ports. Large window but not floor to ceiling. Beds were comfortable.
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Jun 2011
We were in an Ocean View cabin. VERY tiny & barely enough room to move around. But, hey, we didn't go to Hawaii to sit in the cabin. It was clean & well maintained. Great location amid ship. Made it easy to get to either end of the ship
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Cabin 7106
Apr 2011
Surprisingly Good By: robbinsca
Great big picutre window with no obstructions. What a great view. The room was well laid out. It didn't have a lot of storage room, but for Hawaiian cruises it was more than enough. I didn't need a balcony with this room.
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Cabin 4102
Jul 2009
Hawaii on a dime! By: jynx26
Our cabin was an Oceanview room.  Believe it or not being on the 4th level was actually perfect.  We walked down one flight of stairs to get on and off the ship.  We walked up one flight to eat at the Cadilac and up one flight of stairs and down for the Liberty and Skyline.  And the Hollywood Theatre was up one flight of stairs as well! We loved were are cabin was because after being gone all day we didn't have to get on the ship and wait for the elevators we just walked up one flight of stairs!
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Cabin 4538
May 2009
Worth the wait! By: tat2chik
We were on the 4th level and our cruise travel agent made it a point to put us in an area that was away from the noise. She said we would be just below the jewelry store and we were away from the bars, restaurants, and the elevators and bathrooms. We had an extra barricade when we were docked in Maui that was like rubber barrels as bumper guards, and those made noise as the ship emptied or filled up. It was squeaky as rubber would be against the steel of the ship, but otherwise it was quiet, even as we were as close as we were to the water too. We had enough room, and was able to do okay in the small showers too. No complaints all around.
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Cabin 1409
Sep 2008
Fantastic Cruise By: Ross F
Cabin 1409, handicap facilitated, huge living area and bathroom, large window, close to lifts, noisy exhaust fan (was fixed 1 hour after notifying reception)
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