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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), private balcony, sitting area, and a private bathroom. (182 sq. ft., balcony 50 sq. ft.)

Superior Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony (D8)
Decks: Deck 6 | Deck 7
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Cabin 6134
Our cabin was forward on the port side, a dead end. There was very little traffic, however we did walk quite a bit to reach venues in the stern. Some people might shy away from a cabin so far from amidships, but our journey was quite smooth and comfortable.
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Cabin 8530
This cabin was spacious for 2, and the balcony size was standard-small, but comfortable. Our room steward was quick and effective and friendly.
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Cabin 6556
Very Clean and neat, balcony was bigger than I thought. The bed slept so good, and I have a bad back.GREAT BED!!! There was also a fold out couch, we didn't use that. The electric hub(multi outlets) were loose, so a good connection was not made on my tablet. So I just plugged in to the outlet under the desk table top. There is also another outlet behind the bed too. That's where I plugged in my CPAP machine also with an extension cord.. That worked fine. Plenty of hangers in the closet, LOTS of STORAGE area. We used the safe for our passports and the copy of our drivers license, credit card, passports and health cards. I was surprised how much storage space was in the bathroom, but then again I brought a over the door organizer with little pockets I put most of my toiletries in. Bringing that zippered pocket organizer was a great idea. We didn't use some of the cabinets. Great lighting, a/c worked great and in July it was hot. The room smelled good, nothing was worn, no holes in the couch. THIS ROOM IS PERFECT!!! except for the loose electrical multi outlet, but I brought my own multiplug and plugged it under the desk. MAKE SURE you take everything out of the "Mini BAR" that all costs, so I wrote down and inventory as I put the stuff above the fridge on a shelf. Then checking my inventory on the last day when we put it all back. **Benny will be your Steward, he will take GREAT care of you :-D
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A bit worn and in need of some new upholstery on the couch - it was soiled. Carpet looking a bit worn as well.
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Cabin 9160
The cabin was roomy, airy, quiet, and the room steward was great. No complaints.
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Cabin 10-552
2nd cruise, 1st on Oasis ConnCruiserFromMeriden
It was very nice. I think the cabins on Freedom were a little larger, but this was more than adequate.
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Cabin 10724
The room configuration is small with the bed next to the balcony. It was very small. Not a lot of closet space on this one either.
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Cabin 11138
Very comfortable. I would choose a room mid-ship next time. This ship was so large and it seemed like we were constantly walking from one end of the ship to the other.
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Cabin 8632
Nice, comfortable room in general. Loved the comfort of the couch. Balcony was very pleasant, and I enjoyed feeling the breeze from the sea.
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Cabin 12292
Cabin was very roomy and located in an excellent place on the ship. It seemed like most things we did were very near our cabin. Downside to this cabin is an occasional "growling" noise that comes from the wall/halls. Staff said it was from machinery that turns on once in a while (about 25% of the time it was on). If you need white noise to sleep this will be beneficial. If you need silence then choose another cabin. This cabin is configured with the beds near the closet and the couch near the balcony.
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Cabin 8290
Very clean, comfortable, and temperature controlled....Loved Imade our awesome cabin steward.
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Cabin 12690
At first glance I thought the cabin seemed small. We did a bit of rearranging. We moved the coffee table next to the vanity and moved the couch down slightly. We had two twin beds. I did miss the split bathroom that is in the Disney ships. For shaving legs the shower is bit small , but manageable.
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Cabin 7716
Our cabin was the usual ocean view balcony. It was clean, bed was very comfy, shower was nice. No amenities in the bathroom. however when I asked the room steward for them I got some. Our room was missing a do not disturb sign and we requested one, never received it, got one off the floor in the hall. Long lines in guest services and in the future booking office. Not sure I will be back on the Oasis
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Cabin 8288
Our stateroom attendant was wonderful, but the layout was terrible. The beds were next to the closet and you could barley stand in front of the closet.
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Cabin 7274
Not Wow'd at all jennygala

Nice size room and balcony.. bathroom is very small

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Cabin 8542

My balcony stateroom on Deck 8 (8542) was quiet, clean and beautifully decorated in soft colors. I think it would be cramped with two adults and their belongings. The balcony was large. I love the sun streaming into my room when I wake in the morning on vacation. It's great to be able to go onto a private balcony in the middle of the night and star gaze! The closets could be roomier and aren't in the best place right next to the bed. It makes it a little tough to get to what you need. If you're a larger person, you might have some trouble showering in the little space capsule shower and you might be better off getting an accessible stateroom. But I found the rest of the bathroom to be a good size with some, not a lot, of space to put my toiletries. The bed was very comfortable - something I find rare while on vacation. My cabin steward, David, was so kind and attentive. Such a warm, friendly person who made sure my ice bucket was always full (I told him I really liked having ice). Even the other cabin stewards were very friendly.

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Cabin 6728

Typical stateroom but seemed much smaller than those prior.

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Cabin 8136

I loved the location since it was close to the solarium, and on the same level as Central Park. I did not have an issue with the motion of the ship in the front but we never get sea sick. The cabin size is average. The bathroom is small and we had constant problems with the head not working and must have called guest services 3-4 times to fix but it would keep breaking down. I enjoyed the balcony but would have liked it to be a bit larger and to have a lounger outside as opposed to a few chairs and a table.

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Cabin 7190
Not Impressed hydro1570

Loved the room although on the smaller side. The balcony was quite large since it is on the hump that was a nice thing. Bed is near the balcony in this room.

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Cabin 6322

Our cabin was comfortable and our room steward Vincent was awesome. We spent quite a bit of time in our cabin or on our balcony due to the overcrowded venues throughout the ship.

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Cabin 12250

Superb and supported by a super, room attendant from Romania who was one of the few crew that provided excellent service

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Cabin 729
Chaotic soapstar

This was our first trip on RCCL. We usually go on Celebrity. Celebrity is more our sort of cruise and we will be cruising with them in the future. We had another cruise booked on RCCL next year (on Brilliance of the Seas). It has a good itinerary, but after this experience we are not really sure about it..

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Newbie on the Oasis Golferchick

Very clean, nice balcony, quiet room on deck nine. Great room attendant. We had a broken drawer and it was fixed promptly. Room was tight for four people but we didn't spend much time there.

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Cabin 12588

We had a Superior outside cabin with ocean view and balcony. Cabin was smaller in square footage than what we have experienced on previous cruises.

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Cabin 11664
D8 ocean view balcony on deck 11. Great room with lots of space and very quiet. Only issue was a squeeky noise coming from the balcony on occasion. Very convenient to everything and very comfortable.
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Cabin 8286
Our cabin provided an unobstructed ocean balcony view of the deep blue about 80 feet below. It was very quiet. You can barely hear waves lapping (or crashing) against the hull. During storms, the balcony "howls" softly. The outlet is under the desk. Bring a power strip. Bed is comfy and sheets are fresh daily. Our attendant "Kennie" provided "advanced" towel art every-other night. WE brought a few ounces of powdered Woolite, did laundry in the steel wastebasket and hung to dry on the balcony using a 12 ft cord we brought for that purpose. By dinner, we made it all disappear for nightly room check and turndown. It is non smoking. No sign or odor of any previous violations was detected. Supposedly, you can smoke on the balcony, but no ashtray was provided. We saw no evidence of this ever taking place.
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Cabin 10224
Great location, centrally located. Good room, nice storage.
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Cabin 8218
We were on Deck 8 cabin # 218. This cabin was an outside balcony, and yes it was small. However, all the cabins on cruise ships are small, unless you get some kind of a suite. Although it was small it did have a lot of storage room. I think cruise lines should make the bathrooms bigger in the staterooms, I know this would take away from the size of the stateroom itself, but just my opinion. Over all the stateroom was nice and exactly what we expected.
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Cabin 8326
Great cruise dspehar
Small balcony
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Cabin 8702
Our cabin was fine - bed was on the side of the cabin close to the closet. We found there was plenty of storage room in the cabin. We had a great view of the water. Very quiet.
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AWESOME! Allykatsmom
Great location on the floor near the library. Very quiet with an ocean view balcony. Three people shared the room and it seemed to have enough space. Three women with lots of clothes and shoes are tough to fit, but we managed using space under the bed too.
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Cabin 7302
The balcony view is partially obstructed by the life boats if you are looking straight down! That wasn't mentioned when we booked but I was surprised to walk outside and when I looked down, I could not see the wake of the ship. Looking straight out, there is no obstruction. It is a little bit of a walk from the elevator but we experienced virtually zero noise while in our cabin from foot traffic or other floors.
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Cabin 14224
Nice room but layout wasn't good. There is no place to put your suitcases so we just placed them on the couch. We couldn't use the couch then unless we put suitcase in the middle of the floor and crawled over them. Otherwise, good location on ship and view from balcony overlooking ocean was amazing.
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Cabin 8706
Great ship sunlover101
guiet location, very little motion
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Cabin 7292
Cabin 7292 balcony. Aft. Great location about 10 rooms from the elevator lobby. This was extremely helpful in keeping commute times down. Room always faced views when in port.
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Cabin 7306
Wow what a ship vacationpam
great spot no noise bed by balcony great view quick to take back stairs down to boardwalk in morning to johnny rockets
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The new cabins are nice but you can hear your neighbour. Also they need more storage space.
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Cabin 9688
(Balcony) Cabin was to compact, not enough storage room, shower/basin to small. Cabin could have been a little bit larger. Love the flat screen.
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Cabin 8178
Like the door opening OUT. Good shower. Should have made the closet about 3 inches deeper so the doors wouldn't scrape the clothes/hangers when closing.
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Cabin 11562
Tips and Size Matters!! Elisabethbetsz
See above.
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Cabin 8308
excellent location, no ambient noise, far aft, limited noise from passers-by in hallway, great balcony
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Cabin 6664
Oasis of the Seas 6664 Near the elevator, nice balcony no obstructions. Bed near the balcony. Limited storage, bring adhesive hooks.
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Cabin 6676
Took run of the ship accommodations which means for a reduced fair, we picked the type of room(superior ocean view) but they actually assigned the cabin number. Turned out to be fabulous. 6th floor at the elevators and right at the entrance to Boardwalk. I couldn't have picked it better. Room was great. Interactive TV was great. Bathroom was small but ok. Shower was great. Storage was adequate. Balcony was small but fine. Cabin was roomier than most cruise ships I've been on.
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Oasis of the Seas too big average traveler
Comfortable cabin, good beds, quite spacious considering it is on a ship. Bathroom tiny, but workable. Decent closet space.
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Cabin 10134
No usable outlet in the bathroom, light on the outside of the bathroom and the sink and counter were way too small along with no storage in the bathroom and no cold water in the bathroom sink.
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Cabin 8130
Great location, quiet cabin. Bed next to balcony. Oceanview balcony.
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Cabin 8540
Our stateroom was quiet, except for one night the neighbors to our left were drunk and made a lot of noise.The view was stupendous as we had a balcony and was able to sit and watch other ships sometimes go by in the evening as well as during the day. There was a moonlight and it was so beautiful from our balcony. I loved the location of my stateroom as it was on the deck with Central Park and loved sitting and walking through it to get to other places on the ship. It was ideal for us. Will try to get the same area next time I come aboard. Our cabin attendant was there but unobtrusive and the cabin was always clean and towels placed as we needed.
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Cabin 10300
OASIS mpsteh
Our balcony was great. Good size for two of us and we were able to unpack and put the suitcases under the bed. Bathroom was fine and shower seemed bigger....loved the bar to assist with shaving legs!
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Cabin 11327
Very quiet. Great view! Could watch shows from balcony (movies, water shows) and could also see Boardwalk and the ocean! Great location. Lots of walking, but well worth it.
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Cabin 14314
Great Balcony - Quiet Location - Closet Location Difficult at times to use
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Cabin 7704
Balcony with ocean view, 7704. Great view, small balcony. Small room and storage spaces. rooms with bed next to closet hard to get into. Loud hallways and hearing through walls. Bathrooms great size.
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Closet and drawer space was a bit limited. Ocean view Balcony was great! Bathrooms continue to be a bit smaller than other lines.
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Cabin 6668
Our cabin was room 6668 on the starboard side of the ship right next to the elevators and stairwell at the aft. I HIGHLY recommend this location and this deck. Deck 6 is the lowest level of ocean view balconies and it is very convenient to everything. One deck down to the promenade and My Time section of the Main Dining Room, Two Decks up to the Central Park, Board Walk and Aquatheater is right around the corner outside and the Spa and Fitness Center is just a short-long walk to the front of the ship.
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