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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), private balcony, sitting area, and a private bathroom. (182 sq. ft., balcony 50 sq. ft.

Superior Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony (D6)
Decks: Deck 10 | Deck 11
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Superior Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony Cabin Reviews
Cabin 12182
Jan 2017
BIG BIG BOAT By: xutar
Very comfortable
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Cabin 10662
Jan 2017
Gigantic Experience By: markinch
Perfect location, easiest to find, a few steps from the elevator. Walk up to Diamond Lounge, go Dow to Deck 3 for dining, or up to Deck 16 and Windjammer. But forget the bathroom! It came from a 737and a shower was added. The sink is so low and so small we should have brought a bucket. Give us a break! Drawers were in adequate, size and quantity. Luckily we had magnetic hooks, buy a dozen if you are boarding these all steel ships. Very disappointing. Cabin attendant superior, best ever
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Cabin 10220
Jan 2017
Great cabin, can't fault it at all. Plenty of storage for a 7-day ship, including a very large closet with safe. The bathroom was nice especially the shower DOOR versus a shower curtain, although some might find it claustrophobic. The bed was great and the bedding was fantastic. Slept like a log. Most importantly, this particular cabin was QUIET, which is nice considering the overall noise level on OASIS.
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Cabin 10624
Dec 2016
Our ocean view balcony cabin was on the tenth deck, and we were pleasantly surprised by how much storage there was for all of our stuff. Our attendant was lovely and friendly. Balcony seemed larger than other ships we've been on. Some noise from crew doors that were nearby.
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Cabin 11692
Nov 2016
This cabin was not the one we initially booked, as you can read in my review. Upon arriving I had welcome notices in the name of another guest who must have booked their room there initially. The room was clean, attendant was good. The balcony was fine, just not the room I was expecting.
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Cabin 11264
Oct 2016
Average, The cabin size was expected being on a mega ship, small but manageable. The balcony was beautiful. Being next to the elevator was a plus. Very quiet, next to the library and the private Diamond Lounge (members only).
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Cabin 10178
Oct 2016
Very Disappointing!! By: Cruiser740
Cabin was nice, nothing special.
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Cabin 10300
Sep 2016
Oasis of the Seas By: tbmrt
Lots of storage, uncomfortable bed with lumpy divider over mattresses, great tv services to check your account, etc; couch and carpet a bit faded; shampoo only in bathroom dispenser, nice size balcony
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Jun 2016
Amazing but Crowded By: Paul and Renee
Very clean and comfortable
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Cabin 556
Dec 2015
GREAT CRUISE By: josivilma
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Cabin 11318
Nov 2015
XL Ship - Size Matters A lot By: LadyLawyerAtl
ROOM: 11318. Good quiet location toward the back of the ship. Fairly spacious veranda room facing the outside port side. Bathroom is tiny and don't think several guests can take a shower in the average one. Can't fit more than one person at a time in the bath room. Did not have a storage problem but don't bring excess luggage.
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Cabin 11650
Aug 2015
Cabin 12224
Jun 2015
An Oasis Honeymoon. By: Dodgers671
The cabin was mid ship spacious and very good storage. We love the ocean view and deck 12 is a good location for ocean viewing.
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Cabin 11148
May 2015
Our balcony room, #11148, had the configuration in which the bed is first and the sofa is by the balcony doors. Last time on the Oasis, our room was opposite, bed by balcony and sofa first. I believe that makes a lot of difference in the roominess of the stateroom. I had not realized what a difference that little detail could make. It seemed difficult to maneuver around the bed to get to the closet; it got a little crowded. Next time, I will try to choose a room with sofa first. By the way, there is plenty of storage for those who, like me, pack way too much.
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Cabin 12312
May 2015
Ah, blue water again !! By: Rich Hale
Small, no power rcpt pin bath for water pik. Comfortable bed. Good attendant (well tipped), EZ access to elev/stairs.
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Cabin 6710
Jan 2015
A Wonderful Big Ship By: andrewmatt
Our oceanview stateroom was decently sized and easily accommodated all 3 people. Space became a little limited when the sofa bed was pulled out, however, there was still enough room in order to be able to get to the balcony. The balcony itself was a fairly standard size as balconies go. Our room was behind Johnny Rockets and when outside the room you could hear the music from the restaurant. However, when you closed the door to the room the room was quiet. Our room steward did an excellent job keeping the room clean and everything was in good repair. I would definitely try to get a similar stateroom in the future, though it might be interesting to get a Central Park balcony just to try it out.
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Cabin 6558
Nov 2014
Oh Ok That's Oasis By: Cruz-On
The bathroom was surprisingly roomy. I like the fact that the shower is bigger and sits out further. The room itself was very HOT. I called maintenance four times but was told they were doing something via the computer. Nothing happened it was still hot. So the first night was way uncomfortable. Second day I went to the service desk to complain about the room temperature. Finally they came and it cooled off. The bed was not as comfortable as previous cruises, it was lumpy.I did not like the fact that you have to turn side ways to walk around the bed. The door to the balcony is very hard to open. The tv in the room is very nice. There's plenty of space to store your luggage and clothes.
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Cabin 12154
Nov 2014
Cabin-Balcony, Sea View 4 ****: Our Cabin Steward Imade was absolutely superb, a true gem (12 on a scale of 0-10); cabin slightly smaller than similar cabins on previous cruises (e.g. Radiance of the Seas) this was not a problem except for the reduced storage, i.e. drawer space. The change in policy prohibiting smoking on the balcony was a surprise and very inconvenient (particularly since comfortable smoking areas were so limited, more so because of the severe weather and a large percentage of passengers were Europeans with a high proportion of smokers. Do not understand why smoking on a balcony of a ship travelling at 17 knots seems to be a major issue, after all smokers are paying passengers as well.
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Cabin 12698
Sep 2014
Great cabin, not too far from the elevator and a short walk to the aft deck on 12 where you could view the aqua theater. A short walk to the windjammer on 16 to get a cup of coffee and fruit to enjoy on the balcony.
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Cabin 12156
Sep 2013
D6 balcony - First thing I found interesting was that all the cabin doors open out not in, took a few days to get used to. Room seemed smaller this time, electric outlet has been moved to a easier spot with 3 outlets. Cubby holes in the desk that hardly fit anything, the usual draws and a decent size closet with shelves. Bathroom was pretty nice with tile and decent storage area, small low sink was strange and easily flooded. Hot water was plentiful in both the shower and sink, shower was above average. One strange thing was there was so much hot water, and no cold water? Usual small balcony with room for 2 chairs and small round table. A/C shuts off if the balcony door is not locked.
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Cabin 12538
Sep 2013
What an Amazing Ship!!! By: sabres431
#12538 Deck 12, Room 538. Great location. You are right in line with the bridge so you can see officers every once in awhile. The bed is near the closet. I thought the room was a decent size for a cruise ship. We didn't use the balcony very much because our neighbors smoked the whole time. Very close to the elevators, the pools, and the Theaters. A bit of a walk to get to food. Otherwise a great location!
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Cabin 14702
Aug 2013
One Big Ship By: tartan3700
Everything about the balcony room was great. The best room we have had
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Cabin 6180
Jun 2013
A Great Week! By: bu89
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Cabin 12300
May 2013
Me and my wife have been on 4 other cruises before the Oasis of the Seas. I talked my family into going with us this time. We had 4 balcony D6 cabin and one inside across the hall for the younger ones. We had never been on RCCL but have been on Princess and NCL. I decided if I was going to go on RCCL I was going to go on the biggest they had and what I had read was the best of their fleet. The destination was secondary as long as it was warm and sunny. We got to the port at 11:00am and we were on the ship by 11:30, very organized. Our rooms were ready at 1:00. The ship is really something to see. I mean I had looked at the pictures and the deck plans but until you are on it you really can't appreciate how big and amazing it is. There are four main pools and another one in the sanctuary. They get crowded but there is never a problem finding a place to relax in a lounge chair. One day I counted the people in or on the side of the pool and there were 85 people, but there was still room for more. That was just one of the pools. I was told there were 5800 people on this trip and it never seemed any more crowded than any other cruise I have been on. There are so many different places to go that people just naturally spread out all over the ship. We ate in the main dining room all but one night and I thought the food was good, as good as any other cruise. It is hard to have your meal arrive really hot but there was always something the we all enjoyed. They are not that concerned about being dressed all formal, one night several us went in shorts and no one said a word to us about it. Never wore a tie on formal night and again not a problem. If you like getting dressed up go for it but I don't, I'm on vacation.The only specialty restaurant we ate at was Chops Grill in Central Park. We ate outside and it was really nice. You felt like you were in a park, the food was excellent but plan on spending 2-3 hours at dinner. We ate during the day all over the place, seafood shack- good, breakfast at Johny Rockets good omelets little waiting. Park café great salads and beef on a wick and wraps and other sandwiches. Café promenade open late till like 3am free coffee and lite menu. Nice change of pace from room service. The pizza was just OK and I really like pizza, small slices not that great. The Royal Promenade is really like a mall. Very cool, Boardwalk was fun to walk through and check out but not much to do there. Central Park same thing fun to visit but no real reason to just hang out there. The top deck is very large. Plenty to do, Flow riders were never that busy, go in the morning at 9am and you can try it without an audience, that's what I did. Zip line fun but after the one on the private island not that exciting. If you go with a group get a cabana on the private Island. it is $175.00 so if you have 6 people it is really inexpensive. You get a private beach away from all the 5800 other people and a special meal just for the cabana guest. Plus they give you rides around the island in golf carts so you don't have to walk all over the place and there is a lot of walking. Also they give you a cooler filled with bottled water that is iced down and just what you need on a 90 degree day. When your ready to go back to the ship they give you a ride back to the dock. I would rent one again well worth the money. Jamaica, a couple of the group did the dunes river falls and really had fun. The port is just an outside mall with gates around it so if you want to do something you need to plan an excursion. It is nice to have the ship to hang out on when there are not as many people. Cozumel we did a Jeep and snorkel tour with All Pro tours. I would not recommend it. The drive was long and hot the beach was a joke, there were no real amenities, the Myan ruins were one building that was 10 x 10 and 6 feet tall. The told a brief story and that was it. The snorkeling was challenging even going into the water from the beach. There was a current that you had to fight the whole time. We have snorkeled all over the place and this was the most difficult of all of them. The description is deceiving it made it sound like it was for beginners and it's not. All in all we had a really good time the Oasis of the Seas is worth the extra couple hundred dollars just to sail on her. My family that has never cruised before and all want to go on another one so they had fun to. It will be difficult to pick another ship after going on the Oasis. One last thing the back of desk 12 and 11 all the way down the hallway is a door that leads to a small balcony. They are on both side of the ship and there was never anyone there. This is a great place to watch the Aqua show. We did that instead of going to the seat down below. We were on deck twelve that is how I found the balconies.
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Cabin 14676
May 2013
Bed near balcony lay out. Plenty of outlets, good storage, Shower was smaller than expected (about the size of a transporter pad on Star Trek. Some noise from above (scrapping of chairs, high heels) but not enough to be a bother (maybe one or two noises a day, ending by midnight).
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Cabin 6700
Apr 2013
WOW! By: rjr73172
I will have to say the room was small but not as small as I expected. We had an ocean view balcony room and the view was outstanding and it was often relaxing just to sit on the balcony. The bathroom was tight but again this was expected. Your on a ship and not in a hotel. I also would like to think I am going on the ship for activities around the ship, not to spend a lot of time in my room. I can honestly say I don't think I seen the people next to us except once on the balcony. I would say if you going on a cruise to stay in your room, I would choose to stay on land in a hotel which can be very spacious.
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Feb 2013
Exactly as expected and we had no problems. Starboard balcony view, deck 15, mid-ship. Immaculately cleaned by lovely woman. Quiet and comfortable stateroom. Bathroom cramped but adequate. TV was live only for shipboard announcements, but again that is what we expected.
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Cabin 8544
Jan 2013
Excellent storage space. Very convenient location on the boat. Close to elevators and convenient to Central Park....Made breakfast easy in the morning.
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Cabin 6716
Dec 2012
Our cabin #6716 was aft, and convenient to all dining venues and the promenade, boardwalk and central park and guest services. This ship has both aft and forward areas to leave the ship for excursions which made leaving the ship so easy. Balcony did, however, overlook the lifeboats.
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Cabin 12668
Sep 2012
Oasis of the Seas By: bondfire
Oasis Cat D6 Cabin 12668 Tiny closet, small bathroom, narrow location!
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Cabin 14558
Jul 2012
What took me so long! By: 747BlueQuest
My cabin was on the 14th deck - 14558 (starboard side - ocean view balcony), across from the kids adventure area and just below what I think was a hot tub. Yet, at NO TIME did I encounter any noise what so ever. Not from the hot tub users are the kids across the hall. In fact, it was so quiet and peaceful that several nights I actually fell asleep on the balcony enjoying the sound of the water below (it sounded like a waterfall, very very peaceful). I wished I could have packaged the sound and brought it home with me. Actually, that was one of the most memorable part of the trip; sleeping on the balcony listening to the ocean in total darkness. If I am sailing on this ship again I would definitely request this room again. Don't let being across from the adventure program fool you. It is very very quiet.
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Apr 2012
Almost persuaded ! By: cfcsarg
Very little drawer space. No tissue holder in bathroom. Metal rack in shower slots too wide . Everything falls through unless placed carefully. Glasses had no rack on walls as on the older ships. Being a builder I saw several areas that were compromised compared to the Freedom class ships.
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Cabin 276
Feb 2012
Good location on deck 6, across from staff laundry room but did not notice any noise at all, little extra space needed for 3 lots of clothes
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Cabin 10278
Dec 2011
10278 Good layout, bed by balcony door not closet. Quiet and close to elevator.
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Cabin 12322
Nov 2011
ROOM 12322 - great balcony, nice size room. Close to back balcony overlooking the Aqua Theatre. We loved that back balcony, got tons of great photos of ports and the islands. We watched the Aqua Show from that balcony. We did not like Port Side of the ship on this trip as the ship always docked Starboard. Beware, the ports of call dictate which side the boat docks to - so you cant always say Port side is bad. Be prepared to walk a lot if you are at very front or back of boat! Room Attendant RUDY WAS AWESOME! HE GETS AN A+++++++ Shower was nice for the size with shaving foot bar for the ladies. There was no weather channel on the TV, only predictions on the Compass. We would like some sort of active weather alerts. We loved our room. Next cruise however, we are going Starboard mid ship balcony. We will always cruise with a balcony room facing the ocean - too many beautiful views - great photos and HAVE BREAKFAST OUT THERE - ITS FREE EXCEPT THE TIP to the wait person who brings it. We totally enjoyed breakfast on the balcony. Bedsheets were the most exquisite we have ever slept on - fantastic! Beware the stuff in the fridge is not free. We took the water out and stowed it so we could keep beers in there. Plenty of space to stow luggage and unpack clothes!
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Cabin 9322
Nov 2011
Great quiet location on the aft port side of deck 9. A nice balcony with two chairs and a table where we could enjoy coffee in the morning. Due to the size of the Oasis of the Seas, it was a bit of a walk from our cabin, which was 4th from the end to the lobby stairs or elevator. This was not an issue for us and we enjoyed being a little further from the main lobby areas. However, for someone who has trouble walking, you may want a room closer to the lobbies either forward or aft.
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Cabin 612
Sep 2011
Our cabin was a great location and very quiet.
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Jun 2011
Over Too Soon..... By: OOTS2011
Deck 14, Starboard Aft great location, great cabin staff.
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Cabin 12676
Jun 2011
First time on RCCL By: reginab1979
very quiet, excellent location. Starboard side perfect for docking view of each port. Aft location near elevator and close to MDR
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May 2011
bathrooms are small/needs more closet space.
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Cabin 12566
Mar 2011
We brought 3 suitcases, and there was plenty of room to hide them in the closet. Lot's of storage everywhere. Nice TV too. We picked a location near an elevator. It was always quiet. It was great for us. No complaints.
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Jan 2011
Fantastic Family Fun By: Tom Newton
Good cabin overall, always disappointed that the smoking and non smoking aren't better separated. Smoking should, in my humble opinion, be restricted to the rear of the ship so, whilst in motion, the smoke doesn't pass the non smoking cabins. The cabin attendant was great, with his towel sculptures which delighted both us and the kids each night. Made the beds up perfectly and kept everything spotless. Unfortunately, my wife left behind her companion (George, a soft toy/sleeping aid) and he's never been returned so who knows. maybe he's out there enjoying the high seas?
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Cabin 6548
Sep 2010
Great design. Easy balcony access, and adequate storage space. The bathroom design in excellent. The round shower is very roomy, the largest of any on any of the 10 ships I have sailed on. Got a low price, and the cabin on deck 6 is just above the life boats. No problem with the view however.
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Cabin 12288
Aug 2010
Bathroom sink way too low. Two people could not be by the closet at one time. Not enough space between end of bed and wall unit where tv is. Couch too large for the size of the room.
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Cabin 12218
Jul 2010
Nice room, a long walk to any elevator, but the walk was good exercise. Quiet room.
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Cabin 14568
May 2010
Our Cabin was very nice, with a nice balcony. We were very close to the Elevator. It was along walk to the Dining Room, but we were close to the Spa, and Opus Theatre.
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Cabin 14264
Mar 2010
Great Expectations By: donharry
Tiny closet, wonderful balcony, quiet location. More space would have been appreciated.
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Cabin 11536
Dec 2009
Oasis of the Seas By: BBBJ1998
We had a D6 cabin # 11536 Great view. Very small cabin.
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Cabin 12556
Dec 2009
OASIS..AMAZES By: 2much2sea
Cabin 12556. This was across from a door that the crew uses, but we really didn't hear them that much. We loved this location. Starboard side is definitely the best. We loved being up so high, 12th floor. We were also close to the elevators, but you can't hear them at all. These rooms are a bit smaller than some other ships but designed well to put everything away.
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