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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), private balcony, sitting area, and a private bathroom. (182 sq. ft., balcony 50 sq. ft.) Some rooms are accessible.

Superior Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony (D5)
Decks: Deck 12 | Deck 14
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Cabin 10196
Great Ship- Lousy Service
Cabin was extremely small. The walkway between the main bed and the walls is extremely small.
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Cabin 14224
Oasis July 30 2016 = AVERAGE
Smallest cabin we have ever had - our steward (Daron) was the best thing about the stateroom
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Cabin 10548
Expected more!
The steward on the ship was Excellent, he took good care of us! The room was okay, use to more storage. Shower very small and did not have soap dispensers.
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Cabin 12158/12160
Best Cruise So Far! littlefilly
adjoining balconies on port side. no complaints the room was fabulous.. the beds are super comfy, I slept very very well.
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Cabin 12190
Awesome Cruise craigjane
Very nice, very clean. Always cleaned immediately when we left the stateroom. Lambert our attendant was fantastic.
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Cabin 12728
It didn't have all the amenities of a suite, but it was relatively spacious with a large balcony. Very quiet location being at the back of the ship. Great steward!
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Cabin 12240
Over the Top Oasis travelgma
The cabin was expected but the bed was right in front of the closet which made it often difficult to get your clothes. The desk is very small but seemed adequate. The balcony was huge but it would have been nice to have at least one lounge along with the 2 chairs and small table. It was a bit of a walk to the elevator but really not bad. Our room steward Chito was excellent.
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Cabin 14690
The cabin was fine for two people. I would not recommend any more than two adults in the cabin, although there is a sofa bed which would be all right for a child.
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Cabin 14650
Absolutely spotless and in tip top shape. No signs of wear and tear. Nothing. Our stateroom attendant was absolutely fabulous and even though we pre-tipped, he still earned an extra tip from us at the end. We had a standard ocean view balcony on Deck 14. The view was great, and even this high up, you couldn't feel the ship move. We had our king bed split into two twin beds which was great. Also, our cabin protruded out further than others since we were under the pool area that curves out. We were able to see the side of the ship pretty well from our balcony which was neat.
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Cabin 12
Ample for our needs - bathroom sink was so small and positioning of the small counter wasn't the best idea when planning.
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Cabin 12250
Excellent! Seeking Solace
Perfect for my needs. Attendant was fantastic! Made sure my water was the last thing on ice so it was chilled when I returned. Was able to answer pretty much all my enquiries about the ship and shore excursions.
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Cabin 7172
The cabin was fine - clean, fresh. The bathroom wasn't huge but standard for RCI we feel. We enjoyed this room and really enjoyed the location on deck 7.
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Cabin 7158
April 11-18 2015 Cougar08
Nice sized cabin with enough room for two people. Our room steward took great care of us.
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Cabin 9136
AMAZING mmarciano31

Good room, very nice...but with all the cruise ships, it felt somewhat cramped.

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Cabin 9552

Cabin had plenty of room for us although my husband found the shower tight

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Cabin 7180

Overall a very nice stateroom. Fantastic room attendant! To concerns: 1. I wish RC used the over the head of the bed storage method that Celebrity uses and 2. the seat area on the couch was faded. Not a big deal but something I was not prepared to see on a ship of this caliber. One thing that might have helped the TV would have been a search engine to find things such as photos taken when onboard, tours, speciality dining etc. All of this was there, but at times was hard to find.

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Cabin 7216

I would prefer my bed to be by the window instead of the sofa. It was your typical tiny cabin and the shower was so little I could barely move and I am not huge at all. It was hard to shave my legs! On Norwegian we had a tub/shower combo, which was a lot better.

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Excellent cabin with a great cabin steward.

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Cabin 6210

Most deck 6 balconies can not see ocean when looking directly belowdecks to
lifeboats. We were fortunate that there was a large space, 5-6 feet, between boats
that allowed us to see the ocean when looked straight down not just out. Room is
Mid ship but as most rooms on the huge ship they are much smaller than on
smaller ships

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The cabin was as expected, excellently maintained by our cabin steward, except for the TV not functioning or repaired for the first three days.

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Cabin 8328
Hot and Hotter Busters Dad

8328. No cool water in the shower...water was scalding hot and had to use the sink to wash. Great location on deck 8 for morning coffee at the Park Cafe. Very quiet.

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Cabin 10702
Cabin was spacious and very quiet. Loved it.
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Cabin 7206
The room was comfortable for 2 people, and there was space in the closet and storage area, for probably 3 people. It wasn't noisy, even though it was across from crew space.
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Balcony - small but efficient, got what we expected, was not disappointed. Quiet - but hate that RCCL allows smoking on balcony! We had to shut our door once for several hours because of a smoker. Other than that it was great.
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Cabin 11220
We were in a D5 outside cabin with a balcony mid ship on deck 11. The cabin was OK but smaller, with smaller closet space and fewer drawers than many similar cabin types we have had on other cruise ships. The bed was not vary good either.
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Cabin 7208
We had a balcony cabin. It was very cozy. Not large but very functional and comfortable. The bathroom at first seemed larger than most cruises I have been on and the shower, while tight, seemed fine. However, upon taking a shower, I realized there was not enough room to dry oneself or move much. Given the girth of some of the passengers I saw onboard, I wondered how they managed at all. The toilet is wedged in as well and presents interesting but not insurmountable challenges. There was a flat screen TV with many channels including CNN but there really wasn't much to watch. There was a sofa, desk and closet with shelves and plenty of hangars. There was a small safe, NOT big enough for a computer or an ipad. The balcony had a table and two chairs and was small but sufficient. I wanted a suite, but honestly, to spend thousands of more dollars for some extra room seems like a waste of money when the balcony cabin was just fine. We peeked in on a grand suite and it was really not that big. I would have been upset had I paid $8000 for that vs. $2200 for our balcony.
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Cabin 6230
This was an accessible stateroom and was great. Perfect location, perfect size.
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Our balcony cabin was right next to the library which was both very convenient and easy to locate. Tiny closet! No room to walk once the sofa bed was out for the evening. My pet peeve- the container in the shower which is open on the front allowing anything you put in in to fall out! The rooms are attractive and the bathroom is pretty. The shower was a good size- we liked the rounded front. The balcony rooms on the Oasis aren't as big as those on the Freedom class. The beds were comfortable- even the sofa bed.
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Cabin 12156
Bad Food.... GoSix
We had one of the port side balcony staterooms on the 12th floor, #12156. The room was very nice, with a flat screen TV and a very comfortable bed. The balcony was spacious with no obstructions in our view, definitely the best we have had on a cruise. The AC outlets are under the vanity/desk; so bring an extension cord to make access a little easier. The shower was a tad small, but the water was plentiful and the temp didn't fluctuate like it has on other ships. The closet was very close to the bed, which made access somewhat cumbersome. However, the stateroom, overall, was very nice.
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Cabin 14584
Cabin was adequate size, clean, comfortable for 2 adults. I would think this size would be challenging with more than 2 people. The cabin we had on the Jewel of the seas in a similar category seemed bigger and we did have the kids in the cabin with us that time.
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Cabin 8616
Oasis of the Seas BeckNCall
Room 8616, perfect location. Perfect size for two people. Balcony perfect size for two people. Great mattress. Had the best restful sleep every night. Very quiet in the middle of the ship on Level 8 which is the same level as Central Park.
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Cabin 6632
Cabin 6632 - this ship did not have enough drawer space like older ships - did have plenty of hangers in the closet. Deck 6 is great - same as the boardwalk and mid ship is good since can get to lots of things quickly - just take right or left.
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Cabin 11608
great balcony, mid-ship, convenient and quiet location.
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Cabin 10620
Simply the Best lrfreeman
Beds are comfortable, closet are small, showers are tiny, balcony should have loungers that recline.
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Cabin 12220
We loved our room. It was a quiet location and yet you could easily get to where you wanted to be from here. We wanted to be somewhat close to the pool areas, but far enough away so we wouldn't hear the noise. We felt there was adequate space for the two of us. We loved our balcony view.
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Closets were small, the only electrical outlet outside of the one in the bathroom was under the counter in the sitting area, very hard to get to. We always take a power strip when we cruise but for some reason RCI confiscated the surge progector we had brought. We had brought it on board RCI ships before. Our cabin steward brought us a cheapo extension cord which probably really was a fire hazard. There was no clothes line in the shower. All other ships we have been on had the retractable lines for drying "unmentionables". Drawer space was very limited. Shelf space was adequate. The beds were very comfortable. One amenity that we really enjoyed - Our traveling companions had the balcony cabin next to ours and we could open the separation panel between the balconies and have coffee and conversaton together.
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Balcony cabin category D5 - loved the room location - mid ship. Cabin was very small - hard to both get ready for dinner. The bed was next to the closet which made it difficult to get clothes, shoes, etc....
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Cabin 8572
D5 Balcony: Cabin was a little smaller than Radiance Class and drawer and storage space seems to be less. Great bedding though, much improved over earlier RCI ships we had been on. Location on Deck 8 just forward of Midships was wonderful though. Close to elevators, close to Central Park for Coffee, etc in the morning and easy to get most anywhere on board.
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Cabin 12608
Ocean View balcony 12608 on the starboard side. Great location. Middle of ship between the two elevators. Bed by the balcony. Bathroom a little small. Do not like the plugs under the desk. I brought 2 extension cords to plug my hair dryer and curling iron into, and managed to do my hair in the bathroom, this way my husband was able to rest in bed without hearing the hair dryer.
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Cabin 7224
I liked the layout of the closet...usually there are shelves on the inside and but hard to get to. The shelves in our cabin were facing outward making them much for accessible. The over-sized bed was great but it took up most of the was only a few inches away from the closet making it difficult to get to. The balcony was small but still workable for two people. Even though we were on the 7th deck, we were across from the kitchen. As you walked down the hall, you could smell food...and occasionally, we noticed soap suds seeping out from under the steel door and onto the carpeted hallway...seems like a major design flaw.
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Cabin 8582
The state rooms have been cleverly designed to make maximum use of the square footage available. Smaller than Carnival, but appeared to have more space. Ample closet storage. Bathroom, especially the shower cubicle was very well designed.
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Cabin 7212
Standard room, not much luggage space, quiet location, no real issues with room itself. Didn't like the TV arm, does not extend far enough. Would have like loungers on balcony.
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Cabin 7212
Our room was fine for two, a bit small, quiet location, never heard any hallway noise.
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Cabin 11214

We were in 11214 and liked the layout of the room very much. The bed was next to the balcony and we had not problem getting around the cabin. We did find the room very noisy resulting form poor soundproofing between the cabins. We could hear the washroom door slam close each time someone used it. We also heard lots of noise in the hallway, in terms of conversations and cabins doors slamming.

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Cabin 10612
Decent sized closet. Comfy beds. Nice balcony (although our neighbor smoked a lot out there.) Bathroom was small, but functional.
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Layout was good- Enter into sitting area, then bed is near balcony. My parents room was the opposite, enter into bed area, and sitting area near balcony- which did not feel as spacious as ours. The closet was hard to get into but had lots of hangers. The worst part was the outlet under the desk was difficult to get to. My parents missed seeing a clock. There was one on the phone - but hard to read. Our rooms were in the back of the ship on the 6th floor near an elevator. Excellent location to get around. Boardwalk area, Aqua Theater, Photos, and Bar was on our level. Dining room and promenade was 1 floor below.
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What in the World? FreeIISpree
1. Size-Too Small/Tiny and more space could have been added in the door was not designed to open outward. 2. Noise- All cabin doors slamming and toilet's flushing were too loud. Could even hear the adjacent cabins toilet flush. 3. Sink- Too small, shallow and awkward faucet placement. Storage- Totally inadequate and horrible placement of bed in front of closet. 4. Bed- Comfortable. 5. Balcony- Great size and wonderful panoramic view. 6. Shower- Too small. Tall and Wide people will absolutely not fit. 7. Location- Great midship cabin and very little noise from passenger. 8. Deck Hall Floor- Too thin and very child running down the deck hall could be felt, which gave me a headache. 9. Wind on Balcony- None unless to stuck your head over the rail.
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Cabin 86**
Unbelievable Frierpie
We stayed in a balcony room on Deck 8. it was right in the middle of the ship and was perfectly located for taking a stroll through Central Park late a night! I didn't find a problem with the room, however, unlike other RC ships there was a lack of storage in comparison, i.e. there were no bedside cabinets with drawers - these were just shelves. I do hear that Allure will have ipod clocks and this is a good idea as there is no clock similar to hotel standards. The bathroom was very nicely finished with wooden interior and tile detail so a bit nicer to look at than previous RC cabins. In general the rooms were nice and the beds very comfortable for a good nights sleep.
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Cabin 11174
Royal did not make good use of space in our room not enough storage. The cabin was not cool enough during the cruise.
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Cabin 210
Staterooms were excellent. Plenty of storge for your clothing. Balcony was very adequate and kept very clean by the staff. Loved the Deck 10 location. It was a nice quiet location. Our Cabin and Deck was recommended by our travel provider. It was a great choice. It was accessible to elevators.
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Cabin 12624
The MIGHTY FMcruiser
Our cabin was located mid ship, across from some kind of storage rooms. I thought it may turn out to be a problem, but fortunately it was not. Cabin location was perfect. The only problem was that we could NOT enjoy our balcony because the people in the next balcony smoked all the time and we did NOT. Something should be done about this......
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Cabin 9620
Cabins should have a little more room, more storage or end tables with draws. The sliding Glass door to the balcony, when opened, shuts off your air conditioning, even if you close the door behind you. The door must be closed from the inside and closed shut for A/C to go back on
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