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Two twin beds (can convert into queen-size), central park view balcony, sitting area, and a private bathroom. (182 sq. ft., balcony 52 sq. ft.)

Central Park View Stateroom with Balcony (C1)
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Modern Cabin, loved the fact that you have 2 sets of lights. The main lights that illuminate the entire cabin well. and LED lights for night and low consumption so you're not in total pitch darkness when you arrive from the bar at night to sleep. The bathroom has plenty of space and feels good to use.
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Cabin 12174
Our first mega-ship Old Man USA
This is a normal RCI balcony cabin (which are great), but when on our balcony, thousands of people could see us (even from the elevator landings) so don't count on any privacy at all. Moreover, with the view not really changing it wasn't worth the money.
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Cabin 12591 ?
Wonderful Cruise on Oasis jdaug@zoominternet.net
Great cabin with a comfortable bed.
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Cabin 11609
Beautiful room with a huge balcony. Plenty of storage with a beautiful view! It was a great atmosphere having the balcony sliding door open to listen to the piano and violin players in the evenings. No bugs were a plus too. I was nervous at first, but we slept with the door open an inch so we could hear the nighttime noises (cricket soundtrack) and didn't have any bug problems. :)
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Cabin 12591
When we cruise, Oasis class ships we love the Central Park balcony cabins. We love the flora and the many Paxs walking in & out. Lots of traffic around Central Park Café. Not a bad size cabin for our needs. From past cruises, we try to get cabin with bed near the sliding glass door as we do not want the hassle of messing with the closet. Safe is a bit smaller than other ships in the fleet. One improvement made from the 1st Oasis cruise in 2011 was the placement of electrical outlets on the desk and not under. Cabin steward was excellent and knew of our needs. One wish is to be able to receive more tv channels in cabins.
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Cabin 12217
Comfortable, quiet, great bed, adequate storage, good steward (Lionel).
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Cabin 12249
My cabin was as clean as could be...my steward was wonderful...I just couldn't ask for more...he even did really cool towel animals...they weren't necessary, but he took the time to do them.
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Cabin 12629
Oversized balcony! Room not too comfortable for two people in twin beds. One bed was pushed very close to the closet making it very difficult to get to wardrobe. Room is next to a service galley so we did hear some noise from time-to-time when the crew was being loud.
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Cabin 10215
Awesome Cruise Bigherm
The cabin was nice and comfortable.
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Nice room and great cabin attendant. Too much noise in Central Park at all hours.
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Cabin 11255
Cabin 14270
Great Ship! ashley11793
Central park was great! nice and quiet and there were birds chirping during the day and crickets at night. Such a pretty view even though we were barely in our room the whole cruise as there is just so much to do onboard. Rooms were small but better than any other ship I have been on. Only complaint was that it seemed as if the A/C was weak throughout the night as it was a bit hot in our room at nighttime.
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Cabin 10239
The balcony on the Central Park was quiet and comfortable. The more expensive Boardwalk balcony was hotter and noisier. I am glad we did the Central Park balcony although I prefer ocean view...
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Cabin 12605
Cabin was okay, smaller than we expected. Closet is so shallow the sleeves on our sweaters and sport coat had to be pushed back to close the doors. No drawers and the night stand was nothing more than a double shelf telephone stand. Balcony was okay overlooking central park - it's not as peaceful and private as expected. TV selection of shows is sad. Other than the news and some kids programs everything of any interest is pay per view. NO free internet or laundry for frequent cruisers.
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Cabin 12587
We had booked a Central Park mid-ship deck 12 balcony cabin #12587 and I am very glad we did. Was quiet and the location of the cabin was very close to the elevators and stairs. The location was also very convenient to Central Park as it was on deck 8 and Royal Promenade decks 5-6. The cabin space is enough for two people, the bed was closer to the balcony and the couch closer to the closet making it easy to get to our things. I would recommend this location.
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Cabin 14633
Beautiful ship! FirstEuropeCruise
The cabin was very nice. Our balcony overlooked Central Park and the bar elevator. Our cabin steward, Raul, was fantastic. I told him the first day that I would like some ice and he renewed it twice a day for the remainder of the cruise.
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Cabin 10609

It was a unique experience to have a central park balcony, but in the future we'll stick to ocean views.

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Cabin 12605

Cabin was of adequate space and well maintained. Our steward did a great job of cleaning and complied with each and every request...and then some. This was a first for us as this was a balcony cabin with a view of the inside of the ship. We found in novel but by the end of cruise was longing for an ocean view. The balcony door keeps all the noise out if it is properly closed. Our friends complained of noise during the night and they were in the adjoining cabin. I demonstrated how to properly lock the door and the problem was solved.

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Cabin 11579

Lovely view of beautiful Central Park. Loved the nature noises from the park, but had to close the balcony door when music got too loud on the pool deck. Nice place to sit outside and read.

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Cabin 11243

We were staying in a balcony stateroom overlooking central park, we had 11243 and 11245 which were towards the rear of the ship and near the rear lifts.
The cabins have different layouts, in 11243 the couch was near the balcony and the beds were near the wardrobes. In 11245, the couch was near the wardrobes and the bed near the balcony. The latter being the better layout, as the couch is near the wardrobes there is little room and you have to sit on the bed to get items out of the wardrobe.
The rooms have a nice outlook especially at night as the park is lit up, in the daytime the balcony is quite noisy as the kids pool is above the balconies and they also have live bands up on the deck.

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Cabin 12585
lovetosail sandy crane

The cabin was fine.

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Cabin 12177
Great! No noise issues close to elevators and stairs.
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Cabin 11349
Truly Amazing Ship u4icmusic
The cabin was small, but efficient. The shower is tiny and the bathroom sink is too low. Other than than, there is plenty of closet and storage space and a nice flat screen tv. The room is small, but enough for two people, barely. Some rooms accommodate 3 and 4 guests, but they are the same size, so that would be too small for me. The balconies on most adjoining rooms have dividers that can be opened up by the room steward.
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Cabin 10631
Wonderful mud24
Had a cabin over central park, deck 10. In the morning you would hear the music playing and my husband is a light sleeper. I thought the balcony was a nice size, but the rooms tiny.
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Cabin 10187
Cabon 10187. Good space and near the front of the ship. Looks right down on the restaurant Vintages.
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Cabin 12647
Great location, quiet, good closet space and shelf space, outlets swkwardly placed, small bath, no room in bathroom for retractable clothes line, full length mirror, lovely light colored furnishings, colorful rug, nice art work on walls, wished that the room was bigger but it was comfortable, bed was comfortable with plenty of pillows. I would take this room again.
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Cabin 11617
We had a mid ship Central Park cabin, deck 11, 11617. I think we made the right choice with this cabin, and we chose it because we were afraid of being seasick looking at the ocean while moving. Good move on our part: looking at the ocean was a bit disorienting, and looking at Central Park helped us tremendously. Plus at night, the Park is the prettiest venue on the ship. Our cabin was small, but cozy, clean, and very well appointed. Our bed was near the closet: my sister's cabin 11615 had the bed near the balcony. Lots of closet space, and a small safe that would fit an iPad but not anything more than a notebook. I am a fairly thin, normal woman, and the shower was very narrow. I expected that so no worries. But it is really small, if you haven't ever been on a cruise ship. One downfall of our location is the noise during the day. If you are seeking peace and quiet on your balcony, forget it. The pool deck is 4 decks above you if you are on Deck 11 and it is noisy during the day. Very noisy. Announcements, a calypso band, kids yelling, games. This was the thing I disliked the most about the cruise: the pool deck (more on that later). I loved the balcony in the early AM and at night. 11617 is next to the plant wall on one side, so... only neighbors on one side. The plant wall has, well, plants and they don't make noise.
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Cabin 14651
Over the top wdlnds58
Balcony overlooking Central Park. Very roomy and handicap friendly. Spacious bathroom and close to elevator
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Cabin 12187
See above - our cabin was nice and Mark, our attendant was GREAT. But the Forward cabins are not the way to go. Almost everything is in the AFT section, and I would never book Forward on the Oasis.
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Cabin 10237
We stayed in room 10237, and inside balcony in central park. We absolutely loved it. We would order room service and eat on the balcony for breakfast, looking over the beautiful park and occasionally people watching. We did not find it loud at all, and generally the park was pretty empty. It's no ocean view, but a nice alternative when price is an issue. The inside of the room was great, found the bed to be very large and comfortable. The pillows weren't that great though. I definitely do not think I'd be able to share that room with 3 or 4 people though. It was comfortable with 2, 3 would be a crowd. The bathroom was a lot smaller than expected but we got used to it very quickly. I found there to be plenty of space for my luggage and clothing as there were only two of us, and we each brought one suitcase and one duffel bag.
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Cabin 12209
Nice quiet view of Central Park. For a cruise cabin, it was a nice size. For my wife and I it was perfectly fine. Always clean. Everything worked. The bed was VERY comfortable.
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Cabin 10319
WOW this is BIG! Never Home Always Crusing
Spacious, comfortable Park View Balcony - not private, could see everyone else's balcony. Felt like an apartment building view of the neighbors. The cabin itself was decent. Decor was tasteful and relaxing. Bathroom was bigger than your average ship but not by much. Overall very nice.
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Cabin 12602
Fantastic Experience Mr. & Mrs. G+
12603 was always spotless and I believed that they changed the sheets daily and ironed them. The bed was great and the cabin overlooking Central Park was an experience to be had. Beds were made twice a day. Towles were constantly fresh. In my opinion, it's not as good as a sea view balcony, but it was a pleasant change.
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Cabin 637
Central Park Balcony, over-priced and really an inside cabin with a balcony.
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Cabin 11853
Wished I had an ocean view - Central Park was not my style.
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Cabin 12609
Our cabin was 12609 overlooking Central Park. I would have given it a higher rating (5)--except for the room layout. It left a lot to be desired. Our king size bed was near the closet--What a bummer. Had a difficult time getting to the clothing on the bottom shelf. Also,the sliding doors was a problem because you had to battle the shelves near the bed. But, the worse part of the design was the electrical outlets--they were placed beneath the desk. You had to get on your hands and knees to plug the hairdryer, camera chargers, etc. We are not that old, but I feel terrible for the seniors and elderly. It basically made the room seem smaller than it actually was. Missed the deep closet above the TV on the Voyager and Vision class. Also, the safe was much smaller. The location of the room was excellent. Mid-ship and basically equidistant to the Centrum(s) elevators. Location was excellent as it was pretty close to the Library and the Card Room that contained their Internet stations.
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our C1 Balcony Stateroom was amazing who would have thought you could have a balcony looking INWARDS onto a fully grown and green park? the Stateroom was very airy and spacious and plenty room for the 3 of us. our 3 year old even had a foldaway double bed to himself! cannot fault in any way
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Cabin 14607
Cabin 14607 was a good choice overlooking Central Park. The bathroom while small was still more than adequate. The beds were comfortable and large(two twins combined). The closet was large enough to fit our clothes for a 9 day cruise. More electric outlet were need however it can be overcome by taking a power strip or a one to three outlet plug.
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Cabin 11639
Up and Oasis!!! briankalish
Closet strangely designed, but useful, but you can store your big bags under the bed with no problems at all...plenty of room under there. The TV was great and you can check all of your info and accounts interactively. It took a while to figure how to get warm water going, but that wasn't an issue. Ahhh...note****...the toilets are not like ours at home. You cannot flush wet wipes down there...it clogs up the system...only regular TP. We found this out the hard way one day...don't ask. hahaha.
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Cabin 10197
The cabin I was in overlooking Central Park was very small. The air conditioning goes off when you go out on your balcony so you come back into a hot room even when the door is shut. I understand their wanting to set it up this way, but it's uncomfortable for those of us who actually close doors when the A/C is on.
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Smaller than other RCI staterooms. Bad layout, bed next to closet. View of Central Park not so exciting, no privacy as people across from you can see into your room and you can see into theirs!
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