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Norwegian Spirit Inside Staterooms are the most affordable way for you to cruise. With room for up to four, you'll have two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed and additional bedding to accommodate two more.

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Cabin 6017
Roomy cabin, especially shower cubicle. Cabin steward was very good. Not too intrusive and lovely towel animals every night.
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Cabin 6065
The cabin was located directly under a kitchen area. If you want to sleep between the hours of 04:00 and 06:00 do not book this room
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Cabin 6015
Cabin was small but comfort and convenient to elevators and main dining rooms. Fine for single or couple but would not be good for more than 2 people in room.
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Cabin 5519
Quiet location and was great since I traveled solo.
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Cabin 6003
We booked the smallest, least-expensive cabin available. This has become a theme for me when cruising with the exception of when i have the luxury of booking a suite (few and far between). This is one of the ways that i attempt to save a little money on vacation because once i get on-board I like to treat myself. This particular inside cabin was the smallest i have come across. A little history on the ship - it is the oldest active ship in Norwegian's fleet and prior to this was owned and operated by another cruise line based out of an asian port. The primary passengers on these ships were from asian countries and were primarily of smaller stature as compared to the average american passenger. This is evident in the size of the rooms and in particular in the size of the bathrooms/showers. If you plan to cruise on the Spirit know this going in. My stateroom attendant "Putu" was great. He is the best example of great service that i experienced on-board. Examples: He knew our names/faces after the first day, he was always kind and readily available, and (surprisingly) i was never once awoken/walked-in on while in my room during servicing hours. (On all prior cruises, at some point during the cruise, my cabin attendant has come into my room while i was sleeping/lounging/etc. I have never been upset about this because i am there for 7 nights and they are servicing the rooms twice a day...its bound to happen, i have never used the "DND" sign as i have never really been caught in an embarrassing moment - on this cruise it was almost as if Putu was watching at all times to see when his passengers leave their cabins - he had it down to a science.
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Cabin 8025
Wonderful Ship Cruisekittens
The worst part of our trip! Oversized pull out bed chair was much too big for this stateroom blocking a lot of space we would have enjoyed using differently as well as the chair was long ago needing replacementvas it was terribly soiled, worn, torn, and you sunk down into it as it was worn out. They did replace it with one that was a little better, but same style and just not as soiled. It should be thrown out! The rest of the room was nice although really small and the location was forward. I won't make that mistake again as the ride during higher waves was awful making me seasick and miserable for several days. My husband who isn't prown to motion sickness was even bothered by it In this this location. Never again will I have a forward room...middle to aft only.
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Cabin 5519
Cabin was nice, except for all the noise coming from the service hallway on the other side of our wall at times.
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Never again Georgiamom4ever
Cracked tile and the toilet continually didn't flush
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Cabin 5035
Since the Spirit is a one-of-a-kind ship, our cabin, Room 5035, was also unique at 200 sq. feet (double-sized room). It had better lighting than I remembered and a small chair-and-a half that became a shelf for our menagerie of towel animals. Gede, our room steward, was very helpful in getting us an adapter for our electronics, bar soap and replacement cushions for the chair and chair-and-a half. There was plenty of room for storage. Shower and bathroom were fine.
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Cabin 10077
Things to know Boxie_boy
Okay nothing special but expected on a ship. Enough room for 3. And who spends their time in their room anyway - its only for changing and sleeping off the hangover!
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Cabin 6509
Nice cabin, bed was VERY comfortable - bathroom smelled but storage space was nice.
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Cabin 10565
The cabin was significantly smaller than any other we had been in before. The major missing item was a sofa and the space to place it. Having no place other than the bed to sit got old real quick
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Cabin 5537
First Ever Cruise anncaprio
We had a double bed and so the sides were a bit narrow. We would probably have had more room if they had left it as twin beds. The tv channels were good and we could keep up with BBC World news plus several new release films on the english Movie Channel. The Steward looked after us well and made very clever Towel Animals. Look out for the 'Bat'
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Cabin 5089
This was a quiet inside cabin near the elevator. Slight noise from I-95 on occasion and slight noise from a child in the next cabin the second week. Cabin was normal for inside, but it had the best shower with the best water pressure I have had in 29 cruises.
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Cabin 4493

Inside cabin. Very quiet apart from some noise when docking. spacious enough room and large bathroom. Very comfortable beds. Lots of storage including a little alcove area beside the bathroom.

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Cabin 5511
The Cabin Since we knew that we would spend very little time in our cabin we did not care for anything fancy, but we were very happy with both the stateroom and the house keeping. It's very far away from the action, especially for the kids, but we actually enjoyed the exercise with the long walks to the aft of the ship where most of the functions took place in our case. The bed arrangement is a little odd. Instead of the common 2+2 bunk bed system the Spirit has its 3+1+1 arrangement where one simple bed is pulled out from underneath the bunk bed. This leaves you only half of the under bed storage space, and very little walking space when the bed is in place. A low and wide chair / very short sofa converts into a bed as well. The beds were comfortable, and it was easy to adjust the temperature of the cabin.
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Cabin 5005
Our room was right above the engines at the front of the boat, but the only time we were made aware of that was when we were docking or leaving the port. Other than that - quiet! Also we booked an inside room with no portholes. Others may like the window view and they like not feeling so closed in, but we loved the blackout conditions.
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Cabin 5007
Mostly quiet, feels tucked away
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Cabin 5003
Our cabin 5003, on the Norwegian Spirit was exactly what I was hoping it would be, adequate. There's a saying I like, "everything looks the same with your eyes closed", so really I wasn't expecting much more than a place to crash at midnight. It's no denying the cabin is small, as it was designed for the Asian market rather than us fat Americans. But it easily held our emptied suitcases and the bathroom with glass shower door was plenty roomy. The bed was not my favorite. My 240lb frame found it too hard and the valley created by putting two single beds together just makes it worse. But then again, I wasn't expecting space age memory foam either. I now appreciate my bed at home more now. If you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to consider something further back as the rocking is prominent and the crashing waves on the bow sound like a train wreck at times. Also the mechanical equipment used in port on the ship is easily audible too, so don't expect to sleep in. This created an alarm clock for me so I didn't mind.
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Cabin 6523
Good cabin but the beds were too firm
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