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Two lower beds, sitting area and floor-to-ceiling glass door that opens to a private balcony.

Balcony (BB)
Decks: Deck 10
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Balcony Cabin Reviews
Cabin 10134
Sep 2016
Good cruise on the Pearl By: rdthorne45
View was good, almost an aft cabin on starboard but more midship it seemed. Smoking from below decks or perhaps neighbors hit us in the face too much of the time that was annoying. Steward did great job cleaning, bed comfortable & amenities OK. Deck was quiet at night.
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Cabin 8546
Aug 2016
Our cabin actually had what was called an enclosed balcony. So in case it rained, you could still sit outside and you wouldn't get wet. The room was more than spacious and the bathroom was more than adequate as well. The bed was very comfortable and our housekeeper was always there for any of our needs.
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Cabin 10150
Aug 2016
Perfect location, our travel agent helped us with this one. Close to elevator and we had a floor of rooms above us so we wouldn't be right below a restaurant or club. Steward got disappointed because we would be in our room and he couldn't turn down the bed and make us a towel animal so he learned to put the towel animal in our room while we were gone during the day. A balcony is a must! We did spend a lot of time in our room.
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Jun 2016
May do again. By: sodennis
Cabin was the standard 185 Sq. Ft. with no amenities in the bathroom - - which nowadays is standard. We used to get toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and several other things but no more.
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Cabin 9120
May 2016
Quiet, spacious (relatively speaking...), and in good order. Well-located between aft and midship stairs. Deck 9 is a nice midpoint between dining and amenities higher up and shops, dining, and promenade deck below.
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Cabin 8518
Jan 2016
Disappointed This Time By: jbrazel1
Our disappointment this trip was our cabin and the lack of concern from guest relations. On arrival we walked into our cabin and saw the bed with the big sway in each bed and said oh no, can't do that for 11 nights. We then walked out to the balcony and saw a lot of white trash on it. We started looking around and realized it was paint chips. The cabin steward was nice and cleaned up the chips so we wouldn't track them into the room. My husband went to guest relations to talk with them about the bed. They told him for us not to unpack and when everyone was onboard they would call us and move us to another cabin. That was fine and we went exploring the ship. When it was time for dinner and we had not heard from them my husband went back to guest relations to get the new cabin #. He was told they would move us to an inside room. Now keep in mind, we paid for a balcony. Of course he wasn't happy with that. They said every other cabin on the ship was full. REALLY? They did change our mattress which did make the bed fine. After the paint kept falling in big chunks and one fell on my husbands leg and cut it they did decide to paint the balcony while we were in our first port. They scraped off the old paint and painted it and that did remedy that situation. Toilet oVerflowed one time and two days later would not flush at all. I have written to NCL about all of this but to date have not heard back from them. There seems to be a total lack of concern from their management.
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Cabin 9104
Dec 2015
Best Cruise Ever By: khavens
Small but clean and with a wonderful balcony we used every day
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Nov 2015
Interesting Cruise By: japer
Smaller than what was expected for the first time we tried a balcony room. Even our friends who have had balconies before were a bit disappointed.
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Cabin 9546
Oct 2015
Pure Enjoyment! By: dmhbadger
The cabin was just fine, having a balcony gave the impression of a bit more space.
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Cabin 10050
Sep 2015
Somewhat Disappointing By: norazolna
The cabin was beautiful, Spacious and the bathroom was large, which was nice. Nice to have the coffeepot in the room.
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Cabin 10156
Aug 2015
loved the location of this. Two floors up to the buffet to grab coffee in the morning from the GOOD machine. Aft of the stairs, so no one walking by. Plenty of storage, and the balcony got a lot of sun.
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Cabin 8036
Jul 2015
Cruise largely great By: bobmeans
great service
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Cabin 10544
Jul 2015
Comfortable bed, everything was in working order. Arthur, our steward, was friendly and makes some great towel animals! I especially enjoyed the monkey the night the ship was rocking a bit. Gave us a chuckle when we entered the room.
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Cabin 11620
Jun 2015
Loved the cabin and it was the best part of the cruise. The bed is fantastic the balcony was great. Our room steward, I wish I remembered his name cause he was amazing.
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Cabin 10044
Jun 2015
Panama Canal 2015 By: bobtrains2004
The cabin was pretty good. Our cabin steward did an okay job.
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Cabin 10560
May 2015
Cabin 9118
Mar 2015
Excellent mid-ship balcony stateroom.
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Cabin 10522
Jul 2013
Norwegian No More By: cmu_2012
We had two twin beds and a sofa bed in our room. There was a good amount of room during the day but when they put the sofa bed together for sleeping, the balcony was not accessible. I traveled with my 76 year old grandma and she could not crawl over the bed to get to the balcony at night. Since we went to Alaska, the sunset is after 11pm and our sofa bed was made at around 7pm.
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Cabin 10128
May 2012
Loved our Cabin. Awesome bed. Reasonable space and organization.
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Cabin 10642
Jan 2012
New Year's Cruise By: Dallas_Doggie_Mom
We were in cabin 10642, which is a handicapped balcony cabin aft. It was wonderful. Very spacious. The bathroom had a fold-down chair in the shower, which was my main concern. It was roomy and convenient. The mirror tilts to your needs, and there are rails all around. We had the two beds pushed together to make a queen. The only problem with this arrangement is the emergency call button is then located between the pillows! We accidentally pressed it twice - once while we were asleep and once while watching TV. Very embarrassing! On a positive note, I can report that the desk calls almost immediately to see if there is an emergency! :D From a practical standpoint, there are two 110 outlets right next to the bed on the vanity. This is very convenient if you have a CPAP or other medical appliance which needs to be plugged in. There is a third 110 outlet across the room, but this is where the coffee maker is plugged in. Some (my husband) would say this is another medical appliance! :D
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Cabin 10642
Jan 2012
This was a handicap balcony cabin. When the two beds were joined to make one bed, the alarm button was in the middle of the bed. My wife and I each set it off by bumping into it.
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Cabin 10158
Mar 2011
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly By: BostonTravelPro
CABIN We wanted a balcony cabin and didn't really care where it was on the ship so we decided to go with a "Balcony Guarantee" (purchase the least expensive balcony cabin and a few weeks before sailing you will receive your cabin assignment. You are guaranteed a balcony cabin or better). The NCL website states the balcony cabins are 205 sq ft, I figured I can't go wrong with that. How I wish I had brought my tape measure. It sure felt small. My 184 sq ft cabin on RCCL Mariner of the Seas felt much bigger than what I had on the Pearl. Perhaps it was the layout? The bed was right at the end of the hallway. One bed was against the wall. The bedside table was literally wedged between the two twin beds. Then the sofa was wedged up against the other bed and that was against the balcony slider. It all felt very crammed. Plenty of closet space. Too few hangers and they are those awful detachable ones. Three drawers. Shelves. A few hooks outside the bathroom. You certainly have room to store things. And large luggage even fits under the beds. The bed was short, but the most comfortable I have had on a cruise ship. The vanity area is small. We were never able to use the vanity since the corner of the bed was in the way of where the stool would go.We had a coffeepot which was great. The sofa was comfortable. The tv was tiny. There was a table and chair under where the tv was on a shelf. I'd have preferred to not have the table and chair and just had space. It was very difficult to find a spot to dress without bumping a wall or a bed. The balcony was spacious. Enough for two chairs and a small table. Plenty of room to move around. The bathroom was wonderful. I wouldn't have minded a smaller bathroom to give the cabin more space. Large sink with plenty of counter space. Three small shelves for personal items. Two towel racks. 4 hooks. The shower was large enough for two people. It wasn't the typical cruise line shower that looks like a capsule. It even had a clothesline. The toilet area had a gliding door you could close. Before booking I had read that the room had a mini fridge. HA. It was a mini bar that was crammed with items to sell, no room for my own items.
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Cabin 10158
Feb 2011
Very peaceful, comfortable size, nicely decorated, small toilet space, very clean, decent sized balcony.
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Cabin 10008
Jan 2011
Tiny closet small balcony with a lot of rust.
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Cabin 10518
Dec 2010
I travelled alone, but found my cabin to be more than ample of space. I like the way the bathroom is laid ouit where the toilet is seperated from the shower with a mirror and sink area as a divider between the two. Also, I found the bedding to be plush...always crisp and the linens smelling freshly cleaned. I really like the HUGE throw pillows to accompany the standard sleeping pillows. A wide selecton of movies available for free day and night in the cabin. Balcony was more than adequate, comfortably accommodaes two people.
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Cabin 10652
Oct 2010
Cabin was nicely appointed. Many drawers and shelves for clothes. Bathroom divided with glass doors to separate the shower, sink, and toilet. Only one person can fit in there, so you really cannot shower, when someone is using the sink. The beds were fine, but if you used the fold out bed that was a sofa, you could not get to the balcony. We didn't use the sofa bed. It really should not be in there. there was a table, and chairs, also. A nice touch. also a coffee pot, and TV, and refrigerator/mini bar. Water is filtered and OK to drink. The balconies are close and you can see everyone, and hear them, but the location was quiet and away from the public areas and lounges. No noise what so ever from working staff. Near the elevator, which was convenient. We were on deck 10, which was great.
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Cabin 10154
Oct 2010
Not enough space between foot of bed and wall. Tough to get around, especially if you have some mobility problems. An extra 8 inches would have been nice. Lots of storage. When sofa bed is out, it's impossible to get around. And there's absolutely no table or desk space. If you want room service, you can't put the tray anywhere.
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Cabin 10022
Aug 2010
Never Again on NCL By: Ladyjo50
The actual cabin space was fairly good. It was a little tight at the end of the bed area - two people could not pass each other, as the room was too short. Also, there is a divider separating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. At first glance it looked like a good idea, but when using the toilet we realized that when sitting on the commode, your knees were agains that wall and your arms were squeezed at your sides. Have no idea how overweight persons can cope in that tight area. The shower area however, was more spacious than most we've encountered on other ships.
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Cabin 10526
Dec 2009
Tiny toilet area, knnes hit the wall. Room kind of small. Perfect location right off the elevators
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Cabin 10538
Oct 2009
great balcony, quiet location, not too far from elevator
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Cabin 10532
Mar 2009
Smaller, but who cares. We loved it.
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