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Studio staterooms offer a full-size bed, lighted recess above bed, 26-inch television, bath with a separate sink and shower, window to view corridor, and private keycard access to the Studio complex and lounge.

Studio Stateroom (T1)
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Cabin 11537
The studio rooms are cozy (at 100 square feet) but are well designed and have most everything you could want. They are gathered together in one private area on the ship which requires key-card access. The rooms have a double bed, plenty of closet space for a week and I found the shower and toilet room to be of reasonable size for a solo passenger. There is a small desk and a stool to sit on as well as an in-room sink and storage under the bed. The only thing missing from the studio is a mini-bar which I rarely use and never missed. Studio cabins are priced for single occupancy which allows solo cruisers to avoid high single supplements.
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Cabin 10541
Thank You NCL for making something available to the Solo Traveler!! Aside from wanting a couple of additional drawers...Loved It!! The Studio was designed perfectly....comfortable & large enough for one person in addition to a good value as a single traveler does not have to pay double. The Lounge was also a nice touch too ...especially for morning coffee & danish, a place to stretch out if you want or to grab a drink before getting ready for dinner. I'm looking forward to raveling this way again!!!
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Cabin 11515
the cabin was perfect for me as a solo traveler, the bed and shower were perfect for me i'm about 5'9" and weigh around 190, so if you are a lot taller and a lot bigger than that , the studio cabins might not be for you, and there was plenty os storage space for my clothes although i do pack somewhat light, i didn't even use one of the "closet" spaces. There were some strange noises at time, but nothing that bothered me while sleeping.
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Cabin 10527
comfortable enough, small, internal with dummy window. there was a strange noise coming from outside that was very disturbing and it was heard by many in the internal cabins. it was suggested it may have been the ice machine. never got to the bottom of it.
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Cabin 11561
Disappointing fsfan1
The cabin is fine for a solo traveler. I only sleep and shower in the cabin. I am always out and about, meeting as many people as I can
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Cabin 11547
Yes, the studios are very small but very efficiently laid out. The studio layout is extremely functional and I liked the clean, modern look of it. The closets aren't big but there is a basket under the bed and room to store your suitcase under the bed as well. I would have loved natural light, but no dice since this is an interior room. The studio lounge was great. I got coffee and pastries every morning and you could get cocktails in the evening at night. There was a bartender in the evening that served rinks but, unlike what I read in other reviews, solos did not congregate in the lounge to meet at night. Instead we met at the Sunset bar in the evening. This way solos who weren't staying in the studio area could also meet up. I agree with reviews that the toilet and shower are small, but I fit just fine in both and I'm not a small person. You could hear water from toilets flushing but overall it was pretty quiet.
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Cabin 10507
The cabin was cozy and comfortable. Despite it's small size, it didn't feel claustrophobic at all. My only complaint would be a lack of drawers for clothes. This was somewhat mitigated by a large basket underneath the bed, though. My suggestion would be to replace the small table between the closets with a small set of drawers.
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Cabin 10539
Always clean and well maintained.
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Cabin 11573
The Time of My Life RoadWarrior7
The studio cabin was only a few meters from the Studio Lounge and very well equipped for the solo traveler. Every day, I returned to my cabin to find towel animals, chocolate-covered cherries, and even a bottle of champagne on my bed. I returned to my cabin from my two excursions in St. Thomas only to find my cabin decorated with balloons and towel animals on my 50th birthday. My compliments to the housekeeping staff on a job well done. Special thanks to Errol Bailey, the Hotel Director, and his team for the royal treatment.
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Cabin 10503
I really liked the studio. There was room for all my stuff (and a 16 night trip requires a good bit of stuff), and I thought the storage wall design was clever. There were sufficient outlets, and the shower and toilet compartments were roomy and well thought out. Even my two large suitcases easily stored under the bed. Speaking of which, I especially liked the large bed that didn't have a seam in the middle, and I liked it even more with an egg crate to make it softer. I did ask the steward to remove the small stool that also serves as storage and table, because I felt it was really in the way and I found it very heavy to move around. The Studio Lounge was a great feature, as most mornings I had coffee and a chocolate croissant, plus a piece of fruit, to start my day. The bartender staffing it in the evenings was kind enough to give me ice for my thermal mug, too, which I appreciated, having brought my own Diet Coke onboard (I don't like Pepsi products). I chose my cabin carefully (10503), because it was on the same deck and close to the Studio Lounge, and was NOT a connecting studio (I have found those doors tend to affect the soundproofing in ship cabins). For my purposes, the studios overall were perfectly located for the parts of the ship I visited most (the spa, vibe, the theater, the atrium).
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Cabin 11501
Clean, everything functioned fine
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Cabin 11553
Cruise=10, Food=2 Jkcruise21
Small but adorable!
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Cabin 11545
Getaway lacey718
I booked a Studio Cabin because I wanted to experience the smaller cabin with no single supplement. Personally, I loved it! The cabin was plenty big enough for one person, with ample storage space for a one week cruise. It offered all the necessary amenities with 2 sliding door closets, numerous shelves and cubbies for storage, a narrow desk with flat panel TV, wash basin, shower, and toilet. The bed was queen-sized and comfortable. The porthole window (with a view of the hallway) kept the room from feeling claustrophobic. The only thing I missed was drawers for storage. The private Studio Lounge shared by single travelers was wonderful – plenty of seating/tables on two levels, a coffee machine which included cappuccino, latte, macchiato, espresso, and hot water dispenser for a variety of teas, orange juice, fresh fruit, a wide assortment of pastries in the morning or cookies and cake in the evening. There is a (for fee) wine dispensing machine and a soda machine as well as a bartender for a few hours in the evening for mixed drinks.
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Cabin 11531
A Great Vacation kibbles37
The cabin was very functional. The size was fine for me. The bed was large. A good value compared to paying for an inside cabin by myself. The lounge area for the Studio cabins was a nice feature.
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Cabin 11519
Loved the cabin. Very compact, but fine for one person.
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Cabin 11543
Best ship yet Linda from London
So well designed and brilliant use of space. It was clean and sparkly. The whole studio complex was a wow factor!!
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Cabin 10521

It was very small, but fine for just one person. There was not enough storage to unpack all my clothes, though.I would not get an adjoining room as the wall between was very thin and I could hear everything from next door.

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First time cruiser BluesProf

The Getaway has a Studio Lounge area for solo travelers and provided a staff member to insure that we were well taken care of (although, personally, I find that if I choose to travel alone, I really don't need a babysitter, but he was helpful and not intrusive and some of the solo female passengers were very impressed with this). The housekeeping staff was very competent and always cordial. My only complaint is that I had an inside solo cabin and it was miniscule, dark and cramped. Not even a chair, and knees bumped up against the john wall. I suppose this is no big deal since I spent most of my time elsewhere but sleeping in a coffin-like, pitch black cabin was a bit disconcerting.

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Cabin 10521

I was in one of those studios for single travelers. It had everything I needed, with plenty of outlets and storage. The lav was small, but I just kept the door open. The double bed had to double as a couch, which was fine. I was able to prop the pillows up in the corner and make a nice place to watch a movie. The TV was nice and big, but there were only three channels that weren't NCL propaganda, sports or news. The decor in the rooms was very modern and sleek, and the regular sized hair dryer was a nice touch. I had heard about noise in the cabins, so I was careful to not choose one next to any service areas or dead spots where there might be pipes nearby. I was in 10521, and had no noise or issues of any sort. I would definitely consider doing the solo studio again! NCL, if you are listening, putting shelves in the closet above the safe would be an improvement over having two tall closets and only hangers enough for one.

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Cabin 11551
Love the ship captain tedebear

The studio suites for the single travelers are a great concept. The room is small, but more than adequate for the single traveler. I am 6 feet tall, and 180 pounds. The shower is a little tight. I did bump my elbows a few times, but if someone is a large person. It may not work for them. Having the studio lounge for all the single travelers to meet and gather is another unique aspect of this single cruise opportunity

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Cabin 10523

First time staying in a Studio Cabin, it was a great space for me with lots of storage. If you're claustrophobic you won't like it. If you are a large person you won't fit or will be extremely uncomfortable in the stand up shower nor in the separate toilet area.

My cabin number was 10523, this cabin was very noisy due to a design/engineering flaw. The black water pipe along with other systems are located right next to this cabin and you will hear a constant crashing/thunder type sound. This noise goes on all day long, overtime someone flushed the toilet or uses the water system. It's terribly loud. The room attendant and maintenence staff are very aware of this issue and there is nothing they can do. Avoid this room. I did bring it to managements attention and they acted as if they were surprised (but everyone else knew about it), they did offer to change my room among other things to ensure that I was satisfied. My only disappointment was that I had to escalate the issue all the way to the Guest Services manager and also not take no for an answer. I believe that customers shouldn't have to go through layers in order to be heard or have a known issue rectified. That was a little insulting to me. The issue was finally rectified to my satisfaction and I did enjoy the cruise. DO NOT STAY IN THIS ROOM. 10527 was also very noisy.

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Cabin 10515

Bad cabin!!!!
Although it was an efficient layout for its size, it was near some type of ductwork for the vacuum toilet system so it was very noisy at times. If you boom a studio, make sure it's surrounded by other cabins with no storage closets or blank spaces notes on the deck plan

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