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Balcony staterooms have a queen-size bed (that can be separated), pillow top mattress, a television, vanity, full closet with sliding doors, sofa bed, private shower, and a shaving bar.

Balcony Stateroom (BD)
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Cabin 10116
Though the balcony is on the smaller side as mentioned in other reviews we did not find this to be much of an issue but of course we would like to see a slightly larger balcony on their future ships (enough room for a small table perhaps???) The rest of the room was well designed and very comfortable. The bathroom was functional and water pressure was excellent.
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Cabin 9854
Stateroom wasn't as large as we were used to, but it was fine. It was clean and our attendant was fantastic.
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Cabin 9738
Rude Angiemichelle
Cabin was beautiful. He did I wonderful job
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Cabin 10144
Cabin was very nice, great to have a balcony. Would have been nice to have a better option on what to watch on TV since we were on the ship an extra day do to the stop being canceled and the decks were so full. Trying to relax and watch something decent was impossible.
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Cabin 8160
The cabin was spacious and very very comfortable. My only criticism is that AC power is only available on one side of the cabin so I had to run an extension cord across the floor to power my CPAP next to our bed.
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Cabin 9736
Our room was 9736 and had the angled balcony. I knew it would be a little bigger but we were both impressed to find a lounger out there. It was definitely a perk and I probably wouldn't have spent any time out on a regular balcony but this one had extra room so we used it.
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Cabin 9806
Spacious, with nice shower feature of multiple shower heads.
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Cabin 13804
Worst Cruise!!!!! DeborahHensgen
Poorly taken care of. Trash left in trash cans and dirty dishes left on counterpoint for 5 days
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Cabin 14802
Narrow, plenty of storage, balcony small but usually only myself out there reading or coffee in the morning. Loved being on the balcony coming in or out of ports. Coffee maker, hair dryer, shampoo, liquid shower soap. Twin bed came out of ceiling for child.
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Cabin was nice, roomy and clean, however the lacquer fake-wood trim was too reminiscent of the 1980's for such a new ship. This was my first time with a balcony state room and it was a very nice experience.
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Cabin 10118
The best service came from my cabin Stewart Jonathan.made me feel appreciated.
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Cabin 10214
Excellent Cruise maganini
Great cabin with nice sized bathroom. Lots of storage space for everything and suitcases fit under the comfortable bed. Balcony size was fine for two people and we did enjoy sitting out each day.
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Cabin 10890
We had a wheelchair cabin so the cabin was decent. It had lots of space. They called us to try to move us after we had unpacked. Really strange because they usually happens before you board the ship.
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Cabin 10290
The cabin was well designed, plenty of storage, my only complaint was that the cabin steward wasn't able to meet the needs of customers with special needs. I requested the room cleaning during specific hours and he was unable to service in a timely manner.
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Cabin 8146
Excellent Getaway rickandrose1
Cabin had more then enough space and very conviently use of space, always kept clean and fully stocked with towels and Ice. Bed made daily and turned down nightly.
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Best Cruise Ever Hezrogers
Our stateroom attendant was wonderful. He did an outstanding job !!!
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Cabin 14190
Loved our Getaway WolverineCruzer
We were able to get to our cabin-#14190-around 1:00pm. It was a midship balcony-category BA. The size was what we expected, and our only gripe was the location of the closet which was right by the bed, meaning only one person could get there at a time. I haven't seen many cruise lines where this wasn't a problem, but you adapt. The bathroom, and shower were actually a little bigger than we expected, and was adequate for our needs. The balcony was small-only 35 sq feet-but we were able to make the best of it, so no complaints there either.
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Cabin 8148
The room was more spacious than what I expected on a ship. It was just right for two people. I think it would be too crowded for more. The compartments and hangars were just enough for all our stuff and we had enough to wear something different every day. The shower was nice. Hot water would come on almost immediately. It was nice to have the string to hang our swimwear on. The lighting was nice and some free movies were available like Forest Gump and Edge of Tomorrow. The room was very clean. The balcony was nice and we used it some. It was mainly only best for leaning on the rail and sitting and chatting. One thing we didn't like too much was some hair was on the outside of the sliding glass door and when they sprayed the deck it didn't get rid of it. I am making a recommendation that something be installed to keep the doors from slamming. It would happen sometimes because people would leave the balcony door open. It mostly happened during the day so it wasn't too bad but enough to be kind of annoying. The housekeeper did an outstanding job. She made it a point to introduce herself to us. Her name was Nancy and she met all our special requests. My wife liked the towel animals and she would make special requested animals when we would leave a note. She also would say hello and goodbye when she was in the hallway.
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Cabin 13730
Cabin was clean and comfortable. Typical cruise cabin.
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Cabin 10288
Cabin had lots of storage. Balcony wasn't huge but had room enough for 2 to sit comfortably. Bathroom was organized well and I felt like the shower was bigger than other ships.
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Cabin 11888
Some how we ended up with this room (its a handicapped room) I just had knee surgery and the booking agent must have thought I needed a wheelchair. Boy were we lucky it was 2x larger than all other balcony rooms!
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Cabin 11888
Some how we ended up with this room (its a handicapped room) I booked our cruise on BOOKIT and I just had knee surgery and the booking agent must have thought I needed a wheelchair. Boy were we lucky it was 2x larger than all other balcony rooms!
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Cabin 8156
Great location.....All the rooms are small and have tiny balconies
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Cabin 11821
Nice cabin although balcony very small-need more than 3 channels that show the same shows day after day-although pay per view available(like everything on this ship, there is aprice charged for everything
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Cabin 9276
The bed was beside the balcony - enjoyed that set up as opposed to our neighbors in 9274 that had the couch near the balcony door. Tons of storage throughout the room, plenty for two, and would have still been adequate for 4 that our room held. For such a new ship, I was surprised that there was a huge indention in the mattress. Superman Clark, the room steward, brought extra pillows and we were just fine.
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Cabin 14268
During the day, there were no sounds from the Garden Cafe buffet overhead. It is well-carpeted and no scraping chair sounds came through. However, at 3 am (!) there were all sorts of metal bangings and squealing that came through the ceiling. We could hear metal doors opening and banging shut. It was worse some nights than others. The other noise problem came from the live music two decks above. The deep bass played in our room as well as on that deck. That would continue most nights after 1 am.
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Cabin 10286
Adequate - didn't spend much time in the room as you shouldn't :)
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Cabin 118800
The cabin we selected was nice. Warm though, never seemed to cool off. The room did smell like a sweaty body slept on the couch but I never go far without my Lysol. The remote only worked if you stood right in front of the TV. The bed was comfortable and clean. The refrigerator was cool not cold. The bathroom a little small compared to RCL and Disney.
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Cabin 10884
Balcony too small. Not enough closet space. Rest of cabin was fine.
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Cabin 9772
The cabin was as expected. The "sweet spot" on the flush bar for the toilet was more difficult to find than it should have been.
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Cabin 10884
Marginal at best josephmeek
Very nice and well taken care of......
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Cabin 13268
Disappointed midwestener
our ADA cabin was great it was about the only thing that made the cruise bearable that and our room steward he was great as well did everything he could for us.
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Cabin 10876
Not for Us bonmarche
The cabin was nice, but there were no drawers to stack your clothes. There were drawers under the couch, but they had extra blankets and pillows in them, so they weren't really usable. The bathroom was large for a cruise ship. There was actually room to sit on the toilet without putting your feet in the shower. The bed was OK, but I really dislike the duvet being wrapped in a sheet because when I get hot at night, I have no covers to throw off unless I unwrap it. Another thing I dislike is that the bottom sheet is ALWAYS coming undone. Why don't they get fitted sheets?
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Cabin 9284
Very clean and comfortable.No CD player Just Tv Sufficient luggage storage. Balcony too small.
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Cabin 10720
Great vacation! xugreatone
Great room - small balcony. Says it fits 3-4. We had 2 and it was fine - but had we had 3 to 4, I would have definitely felt cramped. Bed was pretty comfortable, but my fiancée felt it was a bit hard. Limited TV stations for when you're in the room. Not a lot of drawer space for storing clothes. Take a surge protector as you only have 2 outlets and they only work if your key card is in the slot by the door. I read that advice online prior to the cruise and was glad I did. If you have the ability - download a TV show or some movies to your Kindle/iPAD prior to the cruise to have some entertainment options if you don't feel like leaving the room. Bring a deck of cards or some other games if you like those as well.
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Cabin 10278

We were in cabin 10278. I liked the port side as you can see South Beach leaving Miami and view the fireworks from your balcony. I did not mind the cramped space entering into the closet as it was next to the couch and not the bed. I did not mind the small balcony either because this is the first time we had one therefore I have nothing to compare it to. I liked the roomy shower. I chose this cabin as it was very near the elevator. I would recommend choosing a cabin with a triangle shaped balcony as it is definitely larger. I purchased some Eco Pads for the 1 cup coffee maker and brought my own coffee. In hindsight I think the cabin steward would have given me more coffee had I requested it and the coffee they provided was good. Brought our own pop as it is more economical and the cruise line only has Pepsi products. I had the steward empty the refrigerator so I could utilize it. I requested an egg crate foam mattress for the converted couch as it is not comfortable. I brought along a small power strip as there are only two outlets. I also brought along a fake credit card to place in the main outlet to provide constant power to the cabin. I had to pilfer washcloths from our cabin stewards cart as there were none in my cabin. Oddly, I saw another gentleman having to do the same thing.

Feel free to email me at if you have any inquiries.

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Cabin 10722

Stateroom Attendant - "invisible" and went above and beyond the call of duty.
Room Layout - didn't mind that our stateroom was smaller than usual, but only 2 outlets, no drawers, very small balcony. There were additional storage features but not the most accessible.

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Cabin 10126

Ample room and storage for 2. Would be tight for 3. The balcony overlooks the tiered balconies on decks 7,8,and 9 so you can look down and see other guests. The bed was comfortable, the couch however is barely tolerable.

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Our Balcony (BD) on Starboard 10 Forward was very clean, washroom was a good size (for a cruise) and bed was comfortable. The mini-fridge was always stocked, and wasn't loud, and our balcony cabin had a coffee maker as well. The hair dryers provided are 1800 watts and worked fine, and the shower had shampoo and body gel. Each room does not have an iron, but if you call your steward they will provide one for free for a max of two hours per day. There was plenty of storage space under the couch for our clothes, and the washroom offered a lot of shelving. However I can't say our boys had nearly the same amount of storage in their interior cabin. We travelled with our two teenage sons, and therefore wanted a separate cabin for them to stay. Their room was located in a separate hallway with only interior rooms in that hall, however they were on the same deck, and no more than forty feet away from our room.
However, I will say that we noticed in both rooms that you could faintly hear conversations in the next room if you were close to the door. Overall, the rooms had a nice layout, and were a good size.

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Mixed Feelings clancy43

Cabin was quite adequate with lots of storage. Bath was nicely sized. Regular hairdryer which was appreciated. Enjoyed the balcony quite a bit. Bed was hard, but much better with an egg crate ~ available at your request. I took additional hangers, I think there were about a dozen there. Power is activated by key card which was a neat thing ~ lol, helped me keep up with the key card! Also, had switches for "do not disturb" and "make up room". Very happy with room and steward.

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Cabin 9894
Good Not Great HoosierCruiseFamily

Stateroom was immediately available with no waiting. The roses I ordered for my wife (beautiful) were in the room when we arrived. Extra clothes hangers provided upon request. The cabins were smallest we have seen. Balcony also very tiny. Counter and storage very tight but manageable. Some of the ladies complained about minimal lighting in the bathroom. The family cabin on deck 5 was more spacious and easily accommodated family of five. All of us on deck nine near our room 9894 (aft) were routinely awaken by banging and clanking from nearby service elevator.

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