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The Mini-Suites with a Balcony have room for up to three and feature curved walls, a sitting area, two lower beds that convert to a queen-size bed and a luxury bath with shower or tub. The also include additional bedding to accommodate two more guests and a private balcony with an amazing view.

Mini-Suite with Balcony (MC)
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Mini-Suite with Balcony Cabin Reviews
Cabin 8187
May 2017
Cabin 8187- Mini Suite towards the back of the ship with a balcony This was a handicapped equipped room (although neither of us are handicapped) but it was ok with me because this room was HUGE. Lots of room to walk around, pretty big shower, nice balcony. This is my first cruise with a balcony and I loved it. and I loved not being so squished in! Negatives: It being a handicapped-enabled room there were a few items that we disliked. The cabin door was automatic for obvious reasons...but there were many times it opened and closed on its own. When we left for the night we had to stay there to make sure it locked and did not reopen. Or I would be standing by the door and suddenly it was open. I think it was just not catching the lock and we didn't realize it. So that was a bit of a pain. If we wanted to close it manually (with our arms!) it was hard because the door was extremely heavy. The shower and toilet were all one level (no lip on the shower) and when you took a shower it would get water all over the bathroom. If I took a shower and my husband came in to use the restroom he would have to be careful because the whole floor would be flooded. I also noticed some water leaked out of the shower door onto the carpet. The sink light switch was difficult to find. It is underneath a cabinet. We spent 15 mins looking for it and finally called our steward. There are switches on the vanity to "super lock" your door. When this is pushed, it will give you an extra layer of security. WARNING: you can still leave the room with this button pushed and when you come back you will have to call security to let you in! To avoid this, there is a red light in the hall right outside your door. If this is on...don't leave! Unlock the door with the switch by the vanity. This was a very poor design flaw by the way. This switch is near the vanity right by the hair dryer. I accidentally pressed it when I was putting the hair dryer back in the rack and we got locked out. Security was very nice though and let us in fairly quickly. We did have an issue with our cabin being serviced way too late. They would not make up our room until 1 or 2 in the afternoon and our turn down service was always after 9pm. We did mention it but it continued to be late. Because of this, we did not have our room turned down twice because after our two 10 hr excursions we were ready for bed at 9pm.
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Cabin 13050
Mar 2017
Not my haven By: sheltonlt
This cabin is below something that makes noise like bouncing balls during evening.
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Cabin 9087
Nov 2016
Disappointing By: cdynok
Cramped, no seating other than a serpentine couch, no where to set a room service tray except 1 portion of the counter. no place to set a plate. You enter the bathroom and then move right into the "suite". No better than a normal balcony room, just longer by a few feet. Same layout.
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Cabin 8076
Jul 2016
Mr Putu the cabin cleaner provided a 100 per cent plus friendly service, super clean and great animal shapes made from towels nightly.
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Cabin 10257
May 2016
the cabin is very well organised -- comfortable beds - decent size balcony - the toilet and bathroom opposite each other didnt bother us as there is a curtain which acts as a separator
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Cabin 9092
Apr 2016
EPIC 10 Day Med Criuse By: imfareware
Loved the room and space. Bathtub was a great addition.
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Jan 2016
Overall Great Experience By: londonlady2
Bryan our stewards was fantastic. The room was kept totally spotless and we couldn't fault the room or service at all. The minibar is expensive but that's the norm whereever you go (and loved the fact that there was always ice in the ice bucket)
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Cabin 9082
Dec 2015
Not So Epic By: Clytha
Unusual layout regarding bathroom area giving little privacy. Soap and Shampoo/Conditioner in dispensers. No other toiletries provided. Ample cupboard space, drawer space only in sink area.
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Cabin 9254
Nov 2015
7 Days Mediterranean Cruise By: Beh Soo seng
Comfortable with basic amenities. Separate bath & toilet. Plenty of storage places. Coffee- making facility.
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Cabin 9247
Jul 2015
Room was fine other than a stain on the floor. Balcony was very nice but didn't use it as much as we thought we would. Still would want it in future. Nice big deep tub, which we used a lot after all the walking we did in port. Only thing I wish they had was a electrical outlet by the bed. Jose our cabin steward did a great job. Close to the aft elevators and didn't notice any noise at all. Frig never really gets cold. Would recommend this location without reservation.
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Cabin 10088
Apr 2015
As stated earlier, the cabin was small, and not designed well. Would not have put the only sink in the main part of the room. This room had a tub + shower, which was a decent size. One suggestion I would have for those pondering which side of the ship to get a balcony room on - all of the ports we went to had better views on the opposite side of the ship. We were on the port side, which when we were at a dock, faced away from where everyone got on/off. While you didn't see what was going on on that size, it was much quieter.
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Feb 2015
Cabin design is unique shall we say. The configuration of the toilet, sink and tub is not very good. The bottom of the bed is circular, so it's kind of short. the couch is just uncomfortable. Plenty of closet/storage space. Our cabin steward was fantastic!
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Cabin 11088
Feb 2015
Room was large with tons of storage. We didn't hear any noise outside the stateroom and the room was near to the elevators and stairs so it was easy to get around. The view was ok, but there are lifeboats below. The bed was a bit short. I'm only 5'10" and my feet were hanging off the end. We didn't mind the bathroom set-up. The shower was much larger than any other cruise we've been on. There was no table in the stateroom, so we had to eat room service on the bed. There was only a tiny table on the balcony, so we couldn't eat there either.
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Jan 2015
This room was great! We preferred that the bed was closest the balcony and the couch was the first thing in the room. The bathroom was interesting and the curtain gave you a sense of privacy. It was quiet, close to stairs/elevators, and the bed/pillow was more comfortable than my own.
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Cabin 10258
Dec 2014
We had two cabins, ours was a mini-suite- and previously we stayed in a typical balcony. There really was a difference in room size- as my boys had a regular balcony on deck 10 and our room was “longer” with a nice big shower. Enough has been said about the shower/toilet situation on this ship- it’s weird- it just is. You don’t have much privacy for the bathroom no matter how you try and work it out. ONE of you will most likely become familiar with another facility on the ship when necessary ;). Storage in both rooms beats RCCL hands down- but in the mini-suite, I actually had a lot of empty cabinet space- which is nuts. There were two full hanging closets and door after door of additional storage. Suitcases fit easily under the bed. The bed was comfortable, and if you open the hinged door on the back of the couch, you will find an extra down comforter and pillows – which helped me survive my husband’s love of cold air conditioning. Only complaint- it would be nice to have one more plug (only two, and that’s if you unplug the coffee pot) and move them ABOVE the counter, rather than underneath and inside a cabinet. Bring a power strip! Problem solved.
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Cabin 8052
Dec 2013
This cabin is fantastic! It is verily close to the forward elevators and just above where most of the activities go on the ship. The stateroom has a tub/ shower and an extended balcony. This room had literally more storage and cabinets than we needed. Two closets, 4 hampers, big screen television, and the list goes on.... I am sold on Mini suites from now on.
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Cabin 10088
May 2013
Honeymoon on Epic By: zsattar
CABIN: We had a Mid-ship suite with balcony, room 10088. directly across from the stairs/elevators. We thought our location was the best in the ship, as we didnt have to walk long narrow hallways to get to our room. And it was quiet as the rooms are well sound-proofed. The size of the room and balcony are excellent. We loved the curvy design. There is plenty of storage space. The controversial bathroom was nice in our opinion. Our room also had a bathtub instead of a shower was great. The room was spotless clean. We had Champagne and Chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us one night. The bed is very comfortable and they provide plenty of pillow options.
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Cabin 10265
Apr 2013
We got a mini suite on the 10th deck, not too far from the elevator on the starboard side. I was amazed at all the storage -- we didn't even use close to all of it. All across the top above the tv is storage -- we had 3 closets. bottom across the tv is all storage. Above the sink -- there are several shelves, the mirror/medicine cabinet opens with more shelving and below the sink there were several drawers including a drawer for dirty towels. There are a few towel hooks along the shower area. Also storage behind the couch (and we learned this on the info channel) -- there are storage bins under the couch. We put our luggage under the beds. The balcony was much bigger then I expected -- compared to Pride of America it seemed wider and deeper. Even next to each bed are small shelves. You can also press the light button on the phone to turn off the screen at night (there is an info channel on the tv that describes info about the cabin). Didn't see many people from the balcony - talked to our nice neighbors a few times- but not many people were out on the balcony around us for most of the cruise Would recommend you bring a multi plug/outlet-- as there are only two US plugs under the counter under thr tv and another plug that looks like a European type plug Also didn't mind the bathroom setup at all -- maybe because we read mixed reviews we were expecting it to be worse. We had a bathtub and I want to warn people who have mobility issues that it's hard to climb in/out -- if that's an issue, make sure you have a shower -- as the bathtub is pretty high to climb over. (I took plenty of pictures -- but will post those later) Toilet isn't bad either -- both the bathtub and toilet have frosted glass walls that close off and the curtain separates this area with the rest of the cabin. You have plenty of room to move around. No problem with the sink either. Our couch was next to the sink, beds were closer to the balcony which we had requested to be separated. The rooms seem very quiet/pretty soundproof - never really heard our neighbors and I think once heard some loud people in the hallway late at night.
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Cabin 9086
Jan 2013
We found 9086 to be an especially well-located cabin, just off the forward elevators on the port side of the ship. The ninth deck puts you nicely between the public areas on decks 5,6, & 7 and the upper public areas on decks 14 and up. Taking 6 flights of stairs to get to and from the Garden Cafe Buffet IS doable, and helps work off the extra food you'll be eating. The 2 to4 flights of stairs to get down to the lower public areas are nothing, and even if you're tired of stairs or they're not your thing, the elevators are just steps away. We never heard any hallway traffic or elevator noise the whole cruise. I'd imagine the exact same would be true for the similar cabins on the starboard side. The matching cabins off the aft elevator bank would have a longer walk to the Buffet, but a shorter path to the main dining rooms and pool areas. We didn't even come near to filling the storage provided on only one side of the cabin there was so much space. We did run out of hangers for hanging clothes. The hangers provided in one closet do not transfer to the other closets either. We made do, but I'd guess you could ask for more hangers or bring plenty from home. We'd been warned there were few electrical outlets (three 110v and two "European" 220v) in each cabin, so we'd brought a couple extension cords. I sleep with a CPAP machine, and used one of the extension cords to route over the headboard of the bed from the "shaver" outlet in the medicine cabinet to the bedside. We used the other extension cord to plug in our iPhones and iPad along with the coffee machine on the counter opposite the foot of the bed. While it seemed like a good idea, I awoke constantly during the first night, and finally discovered the power from the shaver outlet was cutting in and out, making my CPAP machine shut down completely and then re-start from scratch. I "rewired" the cabin and slept well from that point on. Next trip we'll bring a power strip with a short cord and a long extension cord. At night we found the blackout curtains covering the balcony sliding door worked well, even if there were a couple of the magnets missing. The light indicating there was power to the TV, and the lights from the bedside reading lamp switches provided plenty of "nightlights", so much so that we ended up taking sugar packets from the coffee service and laying them over the reading lamp switches to tone them down. The bed in our cabin seemed a little short, possibly because it had generously rounded corners at the foot of the bed to match the cabin design. I'm 5'9" and found that if I shoved my head almost up against the headboard only my toes hung over the end of the bed. Mini-suites come with a bathtub shower, and the requisite "salad-bowl-sized" sink. The shower is comfortably large, the water pressure's generous, and only on the last morning of the cruise, when everyone is due out of their cabin at the same time, which means almost everyone is showering at the same time, did we ever get warm instead of hot water in the shower. If you're a man and shave with a blade, you'll bump you head against the mirror above the sink while getting your face wet to apply gel/foam, and you'll cover the countertop and maybe even the floor with water (that's one reason you may want extra towels every day in your room if you're a guy). In addition to the soap and shampoo dispenser in the shower, there's also a soap dispenser with the sink.
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Cabin 14052
Dec 2012
The Epic By: wvfrogg
Room 14052. Mini Suite. Very quiet, even though it is under the Garden Buffet. I heard no noise from that. It was also on the other side of the elevators from the Kids Recess area, and I never heard the noise from there even once. I am not a fan of the wavy walls, etc. Separate bath facilities may pose a problem for some. Plenty of storage, but oddly shaped.
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Cabin 10088
Nov 2012
We were right off the elevators in 10088 and after all the on board problems we had THE CABIN WAS QUIET ( excluding the squeaks and cracks). Our son was in 10092 and his shower door and bathroom door were off the hinges when he got on and remained after several requests to have them fixed. The only disturbance were the "late night woopie party's" next door inside and on the balcony.
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Sep 2012
Epic But No By: Neet New Jersey
The cabin was a nice size with great storage space. Didn't mind the "bathroom" situation because it actually was bigger than a normal cruise ship bathroom. Did not like the bath tub, too high to step over.
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Cabin 10097
Sep 2012
The cabin is perfect for a couple but it could be awkward for friends or families with children because it has no confined restroom. There is a curtain you can draw around the bath and toilet but the lavatory is on the other side of it in the cabin. Both the toilet and bath have their own sliding glass doors but when someone gets out of the bath he/she is in the cabin unless the curtain was drawn. There was so much storage space that we didn't use it all! On most ships we wished we had more. On the EPIC we had plenty! The balcony had 2 chairs, 2 small tables and a long chair (I forget how it's called in English).
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Cabin 8177
Jul 2012
Great Expensive Fun By: Martin Eaves
Excellent location. Very quiet. Only a short walk to the midship stairs.
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Cabin 10082
Jun 2012
Epic - June 17 - 24th By: Poppet1964
Nice cabin, great location near elevator and stairs. No extra noise. Good view from balcony. Clean, well-kept.
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Cabin 10273
Feb 2012
Good but with drawbacks By: gforce124
Cabin 10273. Satisfied. Deck 10 mid-ship, minimal rocking. Plenty large enough for 2 adults. Shampoo and shower gel provided in dispensers on shower wall, great idea. Great closet and storage space, great tub/shower, large enough for two people. Located close to elevators with no noise. Balcony great size but can hear neighbors easily when door is open. When door is shut it's fine. Provides plenty of towels including beach towels to take ashore. Note: room service only provides continental breakfast, no eggs, bacon etc.
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Cabin 8169
Jan 2012
Excellent storage in the deluxe balcony level on the Epic. Felt the elevators were nearby and convenient for us. Cabin steward was helpful in getting a place for us to store the scooter for my husband out of the cabin at night and whenever we were in the cabin. Fantastic sized balcony. The life boats being where they were no so good but guess no helping that.
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Cabin 9251
Sep 2011
Extravaganza! By: Livingepistle1
Upscale design,comfort, relaxing,super peaceful balcony,good space and closets,very nice lighting,like the Wave arrangement of the room,loved the tub&shower area..actually just LOVED the whole room/balcony.
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Cabin 8181
May 2011
A mixed Epic Adventure By: rosey1946
Huge area. So much storage we did not use it all. Loved the bathtub. Not crazy about the toilet-not enough privacy. Balcony wonderful. Location by the elevators was wonderful-no noise and so close. The decor and colors perfect and exciting.
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Cabin 8063
Apr 2011
I had the deluxe balcony room. It was big enough for 2 no problem. Plenty of closet space, comfortable bed. The balcony was the most important part....going to sleep with the door open to hear the ocean, sitting out there all afternoon with a book. Incredible. Stress levels went from 100 to zero in 24 hours.
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Cabin 8164
Apr 2011
A great time on the NCL Epic By: botanygirl23
Great balcony-very quiet. Nice view of the lifeboats. Overall very happy with 8164
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Cabin 9083
Mar 2011
The "deluxe balcony family cabin" was a tight fit for my husband and I. We are not overweight (5"'5"120lbs/6'/180lbs)or super tall. This being said, we needed to be sure cabinets were closed if either of us was walking through the cabin, could not pass each other without one of us sitting on the bed or couch, and we couldn't redress if we used the bathroom. In addition the bed was short, which left my husbands feet off the end. There was ample space to unpack clothing but other then this, I can't imagine living in this space with a child/ren. Key controled lights and tv were cool as was improved closet space. BTW NCL...the poor lighting and absence of makeup mirrors...not girl friendly!
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Cabin 8052
Dec 2010
Very impressed By: CrysCPD86
Great cabin, close to the elevators and stairs, at the front of the ship below the Garden Cafe (buffet restaurant), not far from other places. Decent sized tub, big TV, poor resolution shows.
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Cabin 8185
Aug 2010
8185 Starboard, Aft. There are only 2 banks of I would suggest getting a cabin either forward or aft. Aft was near the Adult outdoor area, and many other things...just not near the buffet.
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Cabin 10257
Jul 2010
An Epic blunder By: Dennis Russell
My balcony stateroom was small. At one place I could touch opposite walls. poorly designed storage space and frosted glass doors to the bath/shower and toilet not to my liking. The wash basin in the bedroom area did not make sense.
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Jul 2010
Family balcony cabin,,,, a total joke. not good at all
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