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The Mini-Suites with a Balcony have room for up to three and feature curved walls, a sitting area, two lower beds that convert to a queen-size bed and a luxury bath with shower or tub. The also include additional bedding to accommodate two more guests and a private balcony with an amazing view.

Mini-Suite with Balcony (MB)
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Mini-Suite with Balcony Cabin Reviews
Cabin 1180
Feb 2017
Nice cabin with plenty of storage area and sitting area. Not a fan of the opaque glass doors on the shower and toilet areas. Just not offer enough privacy for my liking. Note: Lots of storage under beds! Balcony was good. Not huge but comfortable for two persons.
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Cabin 9260
Dec 2016
The cabin itself was nice but poorly designed. We had a number of problems with the cabin itself and reported each one. During the first few cool days we didn't realize the air conditioner was not working properly. Once we got further south and the weather was hot it hardly worked. We did report it and it was fixed but it still was not cool enough. The sink only had hot water. Reported and not fixed. The toilet did not always flush; reported and fixed the first time but we still had issues with it. The shower did not drain properly.
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Cabin 11255
Jun 2016
Less than Average By: gomerdog123
the cabin was large enough for 3 adults, with plenty of storage. the bathroom configuration was a bit odd, but we were able to work with it. liked the large shower and the balcony was wonderful.
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Cabin 10081
Apr 2016
Extremely well designed in terms of storage space. The lavatory is separate (but with frosted glass!?) The Shower is excellent. The sink in the main area, outside the curtain, took some getting used to and is ridiculously small. Our room was cleaned thoroughly every day. Excellent. It's probably the best cabin we've ever had on a cruise – except for that sink!
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Cabin 10094
Mar 2016
Jan 2016
First time we had a bath tub in our cabin. Room is excellent.
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Cabin 11159
Jun 2015
The mini suite afforded reasonable space for two travelers and offered decent storage space. Our room was clean and everything seemed reasonably up to date. The carpet was the only thing that was showing some wear. The room AC system worked well. We experienced little to no noise from adjacent cabins or the hallway. The only noise I heard was the occasional movement of deck chairs from a nearby cabin. The room's bed comfort level was average although its length was short and will not accommodate a tall sleeper very well. The bed did not have a fitted bottom sheet and I found that to be a minor inconvenience. Pillow quality was substandard. The shower was quite large and had excellent water pressure. Typical with cruise ships, the noise from a toilet flush was REALLY loud, so we made a choice not to flush in the middle of the night for fear of waking up a sleeping companion. The TV programming selection was miserable, as MSNBC-World and BBC offered the only up to date news channels for English speaking travelers. The TV did run repeats of select US network TV comedies and dramas although the selection was limited and repeated frequently. Some older movies were offered for free as well, but they were not compelling titles. The PPV movie selection was not great. Also, the cruise line information segments available on the TV were very low budget. The one that dealt with shore excursions was an embarrassment for a multi-million dollar cruise line seeking to generate interest in a profitable segment.
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Cabin 10264
Apr 2015
The Cabin layout itself lived up to everything that everyone had talked about so there were no surprises. If we did not have the experiences with the broken glass and bed bugs I would have had a more favorable rating of the cabin.
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Cabin 13241
Apr 2015
Disappointing By: swordsman51
Cabin layout was weird-bathroom components separated. Counter top space seemed narrow. Closet size was small; lots of cabinets but each one didn't hold a lot. For the most part, comfortable.
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Cabin 123073
Dec 2014
Epic Fail! By: green2u
The toilet and showers are frosted glass enclosures separated by the foyer that takes you in/out of the cabin. If sounds of your roomie’s bodily functions do not bother you, you will be fine. Otherwise, frequent the more private public facilities. A curtain can be drawn to separate the shower/toilet area from the rest of the cabin. But once curtain is closed, this cuts off the ability for your roomie to go in/out of the cabin door (it also cuts off the room's return air vent) . To make maters worse, the Do Not Disturb/Makeup cabin/etc. wheel is outside the cabin, so that you physically have to go into the hall to change it. Not cool if you are not ready to expose yourself to the world just yet. Th shower is huge for no real reason. And once you figure out how the shower works, the water temperature continually fluctuates from warm to scalding.The vanity is right up against the bed. The sink is a very small bowl where I splashed plenty outside of it while shaving. The protruding faucet caught all shaving cream, toothpaste, etc. Inadequate small light above the sink. No wonder so many women on the ship looked like their makeup was a la Baby Jane Hudson. While I appreciate the thought of separating the sink from the toilet/shower area, the sink could have been directly on the opposite side of the room away from the bed. My cousin and I needed the bed separated into two singles. In other ships' setups, that would mean placing a nightstand between the beds. On the epic, beds separate by mere inches. Several nights, I rolled over and kicked/hit my cousin! I woke up with a backache every morning, unlike at home. The handle on our sliding glass door came off the first time we used it (repaired the next day) and the mini-fridge gave off heat that my cousin could feel when sleeping on the pullout couch (we complained but this was never fixed as the interior of the fridge was warm, too). We had problems the first night with the room temperature, but it was fixed in 2 days.
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Cabin 11081
Oct 2014
Amazing First Cruise By: marrcham
The cabin was almost perfect. Very clean, tons of storage, awesome balcony which we took full advantage of every night looking out at sea and watching the stars as well as watching the entry to the next port in the morning. The only concern would be the pillows which were flat and hard...that means old to me. Otherwise, a great room.
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Cabin 11077
Feb 2013
Cabin 11077 Not huge, but not cramped by any means. Were just forward of stairs and elevator which was a great location. Very well soundproofed. Balcony was just right size. Cabin had plenty of storage space, great shower in size and water pressure. Comfortable bed.
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Cabin 11081
Jun 2012
Cabin 11081, a mini-suite was spacious, had great storage space, but the bathroom configuration is not our liking.
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Cabin 12266
Mar 2012
Whiners Stay Home! By: buckeyebandman
12266 - Mini Suite - Decent location, up high enough that the life boats don't interfere with your view. Never had a problem with noise from the hall or cabins around us and never heard noise from the activity on the top decks. Was a easy climb up 3 flights of stairs to the main pool deck.
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Cabin 12266
Nov 2011
Fairly large room; great shower; great balcony; rather quite location
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Cabin 12073
Jan 2011
The cabin was trendy, modern and comfortable. There was lots of storage room. The round bed made it a bit small but it was very comfortable. The sofa was a bit hard. The TV was great. I did not mind the separate shower (lots of room) but the toilet area lacks privacy. The separate sink was fine. I do think NCL kind of blew it with their unique bathroom design but it's not a "deal breaker" by any means.
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Dec 2010
An Epic Vacation with Good Friends By: luvitwhencruisin
Deluxe Balcony Room. Plenty of storage space. Great bed. Very comfortable beddings. Walk space is tight around the bed. Wave room is neat but not that revolutionary. Bathroom set up is ok. Shower being bigger is a good idea. You do lose some privacy in the "time capsule" bathroom pod.
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Nov 2010
Epic review straight up By: Sarecycle
Small cabin but very functional, tons of storage space. Shower was huge, toilet closet a bit weird but functional. Round bed find for us but we are both under 5'7".
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Cabin 11255
Aug 2010
We had 5 staterooms on Deck 11. Two were studio cabins. The occupants really liked them. Just enough space. Funky lighting. Comfortable. There was a family stateroom for 4. They had loads of space. Liked the shower. Had a pull down bed for their eldest child, very sturdy, she liked it. It was cozy. The 2 other rooms were deluxe with one room made up with queen bed and another for 3 adults. Even with 3 women we had plenty of storage space. Hanging closets, shelves. Under the sofa drawers, overhead cabinets. We stored our suitcases under the beds. Lighting was good. I brought my own vanity mirror and power strips. Medicine cabinet has lots of storage space. Liked the Under-counter basket for used towels and recyclable paper. Bedside LED lights, bedside shelves. These cabins are unique very well conceived.
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Cabin 11080
Jun 2010

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