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These Mid-Ship Balcony Staterooms feature floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to a private balcony. With room for up to three they include a separate bathroom with shower, two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed, a sitting area and additional bedding to accommodate one more. These Balcony Staterooms are mid-ship, so you'll have easy access to all the delicious dining and exciting activities on board.

Mid-Ship Balcony (BC)
Decks: Deck 8
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Cabin 8149
Once is Enough accent505
The cabin I would describe as `built in stupidity`, so no matter how hard you try to live with it, you cannot do anything about the deficiences. The concept of no washroom is one big complaint. It is laughable if it were not so inconvenient. Next the curved lines, all curving inward, make the bed very short even for short people. It also curves in even further so that the big honking couch in the room is pushed way over, leaving only a path of from 18 to 24 inches from the cabin door to the balcony. What fun it was to have both of us getting ready for dinner each night, on that pathway. There were so many nooks and crannys for storage because of the curves that we kept forgetting where we put things, The cabin was not a pleasant place to be.
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Cabin 8085
Our Very First Cruise chuckandcarol
Well appointed, plenty of space, very clean, Loved it !
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Cabin 8141
To small , clear but had maintance problems ( not the cabin steward)
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Cabin 12196
not sure about the shower in that position but we managed, apart from that the beds were comfy, sheets a bit worse for wear not really sparkling white, worn more than dirty. Nice cabin help Aarron who was always about.....
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Cabin 12044
More room than expected. Layout was fine for us. Plenty of storage and the bed was comfy.
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Cabin 8104
Rules Not Enforced Manifestjoy
Nice & enjoyable
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Cabin 8163
Great Time Hlech1988
The cabin was a little cramped but functional. As others have said, the shower and toilet areas are a little strange; however, my daughter and I managed. The steward, Greg, was great.
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Cabin 8091
No cover over the balcony. During the Atlantic crossing there were no problems. During the Barcelona, Palma, Marseille, Barcelona segment there was trash and garbage coming from above. This cabin has the bed next to the balcony door with couch next to the shower and toilet.
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Cabin 13169
Our cabin was beautifully decorated and very spacious. Our balcony was quite large but also private. The bed was extremely comfortable. We had a hot shower every day and the water pressure was excellent.
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Cabin 8116
the layout was correct and functional, would have like to have more ac outlet as only 2 was available. Balcony size was perfect, add room for 3 chairs and could have got a 4th one easily
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Cabin 10151
First time cruiser JamesSullivan
cabin was fine but a bit small for 3 people. That is not an issue with the ship. we did have passengers in 10147 that were smoking constantly on their balcony. This made our balcony unusable if they were out there which was disappointing. We notified Guest Services and I believe they were talked to but the smoking continued. The cabin was well maintained
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Cabin 8102
My Very First Cruise RoadWarrior7

Cabin 8102, located on the port side of deck 8 mid-ship, is a small cabin for two men but nicely equipped and well maintained.

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Cabin 8101

We opted for a balcony and were so happy we did. We were surprised by the amount of room there was on the balcony itself; and even though it did not have a “roof,” we enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, the lack of a “roof” allowed us to carry on conversations with travellers in the rooms above us when we were outside and we met some really nice people.
The room itself was great. We had no problem finding room for all our clothing along with our luggage; I would say we only used about 50% of the storage that was available.

The bathroom set up worked really well for us. It was great that I could be using the sink at the same time my husband was showering and we were not in each other’s way. The layout was a non-issue for us.

All in all, we thought the room was fantastic.

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Cabin 8114
Epic Cruise jmom2004

Close to stairs and elevators. Much of what you visit is located on decks 5-7 so you can access these venues easily and quickly using the stairs. View is not obstructed by the life boats - there is some sort of apparatus just under you, but I found you rarely looked straight down so these really didn't have an effect. The even numbered cabins didn't get a lot of sun on the balcony so if that's what you're looking for, perhaps request an odd numbered cabin. We spent a lot of time on our balcony. Glass doors on shower and toilet rooms were not an issue, we just closed the curtain when someone was showering for privacy.

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Cabin 13151
Let Down Robbo47

Not a good room Hate the arrangement and bathroom set ups.

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Cabin 11141

Great room..balcony made it feel much larger ...will not ever get anything smaller in the future! Layout was good...sitting area, desk, separated bathing area.

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Cabin 12144

when you first walk into the cabin it is visually very nice. Then you look at the details. First the storage is great and well laid out. The balcony was larger that other we have had. Now the other parts -- the sink is in the bedroom and is so small and shallow it is impossible not to splash water. Also when some one is using the sink you cannot get by them, the path is so narrow. The bed is so close to the counter that you cannot get by someone standing there. The bed is curves on the end and this shortened the bed. In fact I am only 5' 9" and when laying near the side my feet would be off the bed. Shower was a good size but no privacy. Same thing with the toilet -- how ever in our cabin it felt strange using the toilet when I was also most next to my wife's head in the bed -- the bed is right next to the toilet area. There are some cabins with the bed switched to be close to the balcony. Make sure you ask for them. Just remember no privacy -- OK for a couple, but not if other are also in the room.

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Cabin 12224
Totally Epic unitedgirl

Had an amazing time, the ship was fantastic, I have no complaints (beverage package expensive so didn't bother, we worked out you would need to drink 10 alcoholic drinks per day at least to make it worthwhile.
Stateroom was spacious and luxurious and the balcony was superb, sunny most of the day.
Food onboard in all restaurants was excellent, steak in Manhattan so goo we didn't feel the need to use Cagneys Steakhouse. Shanghai was our favourite premium restaurant and Teppanyaki was great too.
Entertainment team and shows were top notch, all crew were super helpful and polite, for such a big many of them recognised us many times and remembered our names. A fabulous ships, superb transatlantic crossing highly recommended. Don't listen to the 'nay-sayers'!

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Cabin 8137

Clean- great cabin steward Jingle- plenty of storage- two hanging areas - 3 dresser drawers - lots of other storage spaces- vanity area has storage behind mirror - hairdryer in room- coffee pot in room. There are only two electrical outlets in room. Bed was comfy- sofa is small for larger kids if sleeping on it. Balcony was a great size with two chairs and a tiny table. Toilet is behind frosted door as is the shower. The shower is very roomy. You can see through the frosted toilet and shower stalls- however there is a curtain to pull that will shield this area from the rest of the cabin.

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Cabin 8075
Nice! Cruisingwith3

Balcony was big and we were on the side of the ship that was great for mountain views. Clean neat and big enough. I did not have a problem with the lay out. Liked the room a lot.

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Cabin 8113

Lots of closet and storage space for our clothes. Poor lighting in the room, no body lotion or hair conditioner.

Kitchen odors a constant when on the balcony rendered it useless.

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Cabin 8074
An Epic week aseligman
Room was a little small but didn't feel cramped, at least for a solo traveler. I loved, loved, loved having a balcony. The contemporary decor was nice and there was plenty of storage space, so the room never felt cluttered. I didn't mind the bathroom/sink setup but could see why it might bother people. I DID NOT like the curved couch; it looked good but was simply uncomfortable. Room was also in a good spot, not too far from the elevator and stairs.
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Cabin 8157
Good, but not great... Erinleighleigh
Close to the elevators, quiet and nice sized balcony.
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Cabin 8114
Great vacation starfishwest
Room was fine but the distance between the end of the bed and the counter space was very tight. Two people have to work together to get around it. You have to follow a meandering hallway to find it.
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Cabin 8144
Good use of space. Shower room, sink, toilet layout a bit different but never caused us a problem and there is a curtain for extra privacy if you want it. Stylish, modern, with a very comfy bed and plenty of storage...what more do you need, you arent there long! Enjoy it!
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Cabin 8080
8080 Mid Ship Balcony-Great Storage, bed near balcony, and balcony is partially covered.
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Cabin 8096
Cabin 8096, great location, quiet and not too far to the elevators. I would prefer a regular bathroom but I was able to deal with this setup for a week. Balcony was nice but I really wish we would have been able to open the dividers since we had 8 rooms in a row. They only allow them opened when the boat is not moving. What's the point of that? The rooms were a little cramped because of the new design but they did look nice and had a ton of storage.
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Cabin 8079
Cabin #8079 Bump out balcony which collected debris from the rooms above. It smelled like Chinese food at about 5:00 every night. (no complaint)
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Cabin 8092
Worst balcony cabin I have had on a cruise ship. Sink is in the room whic meant water all over the place, no space to pass the bed, balcony was always wet and had debris on it. Toilet closet was just that; a small closet. Curved design has failed!
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Cabin 8079
Interesting cruise provencedelsol
Don't care for the cabin layout. One way traffic, no standing in travel lane. Good location near the forward elevator bank. Only for and aft elevators, none midship.
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Cabin 8125
We were in a balcony room, mid ship (Cabin #8125). The actual layout of the bathroom area reminded me of several hotel bathrooms and modern home bathrooms in which the sink area, toilet and shower are separated. Both the shower and the toilet room have their own frosted glass doors. Its nice to be able to use the toilet facilities while the other person in the room is taking a shower. The shower is one of the largest I have seen on a cruise ship. No wet shower curtains sticking to you while you shower. No bumping into the walls with your knees or elbows. The water pressure, shower head and water temperature were fantastic. No complaints about the shower here. The toilet was loud as are all cruise ship toilets. Guess there's no way to get around that suction noise. We never experienced any sewer smell as has been reported in past reviews. The sink does take a little getting use to. The important thing to remember with it, is that you do not need full pressure to make it work. Too much pressure would occasionally allow water to escape the sink bowl but nothing ever disastrous. For my DW and I, the bathroom layout worked well. Now the bed. Yes, my feet did hang over the edge when I fully stretched out (I'm 6 feet tall). Since I usually sleep in the fetal position, this was not a big concern of mine. Also, if I placed my head closer to the nicely padded headboard, my feet would stay within the confines of the bed. The bed was extremely comfortable and there were plenty of pillows available to make anyone happy. The couch was also larger than most we have experienced on a cruise. And the storage, wow, the storage. If you fill up all the storage available in your cabin, then, you've brought way too many clothes. Even my DW, who is known to overpack, was unable to use all the storage. I believe even if there were more than two in the cabin, there would still be adequate storage. The balcony was just above one of the lifeboats and did present a vision obstruction to the water below. Since most of the time we were sitting down in the deck chairs this did not pose much of a problem. But if you do not want to deal with the lifeboats you need to book a higher cabin or in the areas that do not have the lifeboats directly below them. We did not find it a problem but I can see why some people would.
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Cabin 8129
An Epic Journey compobasso
Cabin 8129 had an extra large balcony with two lounge chairs and two other chairs. Located on deck 8 just about the life boats. The view was unaffected by the boats. Stay away from cabins close to the from of the ship because they do not have glass balconies. They are steel enclosed for the structural integrity of the ship. We switch from 12013 to 8129 for an additional $16 per person well worth it.
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Cabin 8092
Cabin 8092--Nice decor, cramped quarters, tons of storage, near the elevators. Glad we didn't book a cabin further toward midship....or we would have been directly overlooking a lifeboat. Wish we'd known that layout was different in alternating cabins. Bed placed near window leaves more space in bath area.
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Cabin 8078
No enough space. Not enough closet space or shevles to put anything you buy.
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