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Norwegian Epic Inside Staterooms are a great and affordable accommodation for up to two guests. They feature a separate bathroom with shower and two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed.

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Cabin 9065
good size. comfy bed, enough storage, Hair dryer a bit iffy,
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Cabin 9234
Excellent Cruise
Excellent accessible wheelchair cabin, with plenty of space to get around and a first class bathroom with large seat and plenty of grab rails.
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Cabin Room 10026
• The flooring carpet was dirty and it stayed like it all week? • The smell of cigarette smoke for a few days was unbearable coming though the ventilation which didn’t seem to be working correctly and was very noisy . The smell of smoke in the cabin actually woke us up and caused us to panic in the middle of the night. • The lighting was very poor and practically impossible to shave in that tiny sink out of the bathroom area which I found quite unhygienic, having to leave the toilet area to wash your hands • The towels were always cleaned and changed as requested.
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Cabin 10313
Inside Cabin was a disappointment. Not because it was an inside, it's how they were designed. We've checked the balcony which also has similar arrangement as the inside ones. I don't mind compartmentalizing, but when a toilet is separate and the wash basin is outside, after using the toilet, one has to close the door then go out to wash your hands (just like the common public toilet), it is inconvenient and unsanitized. NCL has also used tiny pen LED lights, it did not give women much lighting for putting on make-up. I have to use my cell phone flashlight so I can see if there are smudges on my face while doing so. Dresser (if there was any) was very inconvenient. Closet lights are much brighter than the dresser lights.
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Cabin 13246
Needs a proper bathroom.
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Cabin 12006
A glass toilet box , no , definitely not .
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I liked the room. Many people complained about the shower and toilet being separate and that you had to pull the curtain shut so you could have your privacy. I didn't care much, cause I felt you had more space in the bathroom.
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Cabin 11150
Cabin was basically adequate but the layout was weird. Separate shower, toilet and vanity took up too much space. No place to sit except the bed. Too little storage. Could have been better designed.
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Cabin 9151
Clean and very up to date...the TV was entirely too small and not enough movies were shown. I know we were overseas but with all the praises pertaining to the high quality satellite - we weren't able to see any USA channels other than MSNBC news. This is football playoff time and no America football games were shown nowhere. Wonder if I will be allowed to bring my Apple TV to look at Netflix????
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Cabin 12294
EPIC Lineup ivanalexander
Cabin was fine except for lack of privacy in the shower and toilet, not a good idea
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Cabin 10030
Acceptable for a week but very very dark. Needs some decent lighting in there.
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Cabin 11278
Great and well equipped cabin. Probably the best inside I've stayed in. Very clean, spacious and modern. Well laid out and loads of space.
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Cabin 12163
Best of class seabat49
Felt small at first, but very well layed out.
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Cabin 11309
Only for the Rich AlanPaterson
the Cabin was at best ok, it was a place to sleep at night nothing more. it was poorly lit for an inside room.
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Cabin 12021
Epic by name, Epic by nature Kellymontgomery1
We had a basic inside cabin as we were on a budget. It was nice. Really comfortable bed and nice bedding. Bathroom a little strange as shower and toilet were separate and not in a closed off room. The sink was on the dressing table. Different but not a problem. Lots of storage space. Fridge, ice bucket, hairdryer. The cabin was quite dark even with every light on. The lack of a dedicated bathroom meant that the mirror was in the dresser with not great lighting. Difficult to apply make up and almost impossible for plucking eyebrows!!!
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Cabin 11041
We were in room 11041. Deck 11, forward, starboard side. We were in an inside stateroom, and I have to say I was impressed with the layout. I found the felt larger and the layout was much more intuitive than on other ships I’ve cruised on. The room provided ample storage space (more than I’ve ever had on a cruise), and of course, the bathroom so infamous on the Epic. When you entered the room, rather than the whole bathroom being on one side of the door, the shower was on one side and the toilet was on the other. Both of these enclosures was surrounded by translucent frosted glass instead of a solid wall, however the section of the room housing these two enclosures can be separated from the rest of the room by a retractable curtain. The sink is located in the room proper instead of the bathroom area. While I know reviews are mixed on this layout, I personally preferred it. It allowed the shower to be larger, and the separation of each feature allowed greater efficiency. I think this feature would be especially useful for families as the sink is still accessible if someone is using the washroom. The bed was formatted as two twins when we arrived, but after a quick call to our steward, it was put together as one bed later the same day. The room steward introduced himself to us on the first day and showed genuine interest as he asked us questions about where we were from, etc.
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I was surprised to enter the cabin by walking between the toilet and the shower. The outside cabins have curved headboards that make it tough for a six-footer to fit on the bed without toes dangling in space.
Cabin service was wonderful. There is one steward taking care of the cabin, and ours did a fantastic job for us.

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Cabin 11025
Norwegian Epic Lori5678

The cabin was nice, no complaints. Seemed to be quite a bit of storage room for a cruise ship cabin.

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LOVED OUR CABIN...very contemporary...larger bed (or so it seemed) the animal towels and our Room Steward (Ryan)...spelling his name wrong!

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Cabin 11057
Good time on the Epic! Kensington74
As I mentioned in my main review, it just isn't comfortable to have the shower, bathroom and sink merged into the main part of the room. The lighting was horrible in an inside cabin. It was very, very difficult to see for putting on makeup. We joked about how we would need to go to a public restroom to see how we looked! :) I would guess it would be worth paying extra for the balcony, but those rooms looked really small, too. The beds were comfortable and there was plenty of storage, but that was overshadowed by these other things.
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Cabin 12062
i had 12th floor near front deck we picked it because it helped with less movement front boat rocking we had suite 12062. and it was a workout just walking to the cabin. if you are not careful and you do not pay attention to the carpet he color and odds and evens cabins signs you can easily walk to miles journey to reach your cabin. we chose the inside cabin. the closet was enough for me and my bf even though i brought 8 different outfits for 7 night 8 day cruise. the bed was 2 twins pushed into one with latches in between so it doesn't separate. it wasnt comfortable but we liked the nice sheets. if you dont put do not disturb they will walk right into your cabin while your naked. there is no toothpaste or toothbrush. toilet seats are very uncomfortable. if your not careful u can fall in. airplane style toilet seats. if you lose your towel they charge you on the last day of your stay.
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Cabin 11050
small area poor bathroom facilities
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Cabin 12301
12301 aft cabin minimal vibrations, noise, traffic. Great attendant -- Maria.
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Cabin 11045
Norweigan Epic bpbbsea2sea
small quiet cabin, dim lighting, split washroom (separate toilet from shower), great reading lights, no sitting area.
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Cabin 11006
A bit far forward for our liking but a perfectly fine inside cabin.
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Cabin 11006
Fine inside cabin allocated on guarantee - a bit far forward for my liking so a long way to walk to the back of the ship, however the Garden Cafe is just overhead.
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Cabin 11046
The room was great for an inside room. We had ample room to store clothing as well as suitcases. They provide a hair dryer and soap and shampoo in nice pumps. There was much complaining about the rooms but we thought they were very much nicer than the usual inside cabin. We had not one bit of problem with the sink - no spills - no problem using it at all. The shower was the largest we have experienced in an inside room - very roomy -toilet area was great and so nice to have seperate from the shower area. They have a curtain that pulls across the toilet and shower area if you don't want anyone to see you. I would like to have seen a better mirror for make up application - a maginfying mirror would be a great addition There is a large medicine cabinet behind the mirror which was great for storage - also there is a pull out table on top of the draws. These rooms were as quiet as can be - rooms were cleaned promptly - you get your towels for the outdoor area right in your room which is also great. We did have a bit of trouble with the phone and I don't know why. The phone is also a night light which is great - they had great reading lights on the wall - ac worked great. No complaints at all with this room.
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Cabin 11026
Very comfortable bed, I am 6 ft. and the best was long enough for me to be completely on it. The room (inside cabin) had more storage space than previous inside cabins, and was extremely quiet as I never heard a sound. The in room sink, and separate shower and commode was NO Problem whatsoever.
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