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Located near our kids' area and with room for up to four, these Family Inside Staterooms are great if you want to bring the kids. They feature a separate bathroom, two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed and two pull down beds to accommodate two more. Of course you'll have access to all kinds of great amenities, like 24-hour room service and much more.

Family Inside (I1)
Decks: Deck 13 | Deck 14
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Cabin 13073
Small for 4 people. Lighting could have been better. Shower and toilet set up was strange but there is a curtain for privacy. Very clean and good storage considering there were 4 of us.
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Cabin 13262
Cabin Negatives:We had (1) inside cabin for the (4)four of us, and this was the smallest cabin we have ever had on a cruise. At 128 sq. feet it was not easy but we had to make it work. Other reviews complained about the room design, and now we understand why. Closet was smaller in size. They eliminated what would have been a bathroom wall. So the shower and the toilet each exit directly into your room. All privacy has been lost, as well as that space. The only saving grace of this design is the curtain I could pull across the area to hide myself from my children when I got out of the shower. And the shower is not bigger than other ships with a curved shower door. When you use the sink the water spills onto the counter, which doubles as your desk. Imagine all your paperwork getting wet just because you washed your hands. Perhaps the customer would have felt somewhat better about this design had NCL given them back the extra space lost from what would have been a bathroom. However, NCL did not give any extra space back in the room- it is tighter than ever in my opinion. The NCL Spirit bathroom design was brilliant. When you walked in you faced the sink, and to the left was a shower with a sliding door. To the right was a toilet with a sliding door. 3 rooms in one, and we had only a basic inside cabin there as well! Cabin Positives: Beds were very comfortable. Refrigerator helped store some snacks. Hair dryer in room. Awkward mirror set up with too short a cord for the hairdryer makes hair drying an issue. Dryer turned off when using with heat, and room attendant said to push the “cool” button when drying. How is that going to help the hair dry? Dryer should have been replaced. I requested and was given extra hangers. Finally a clock in the room on the phone! This was one feature that impressed me. There were two 110 outlets and two 220 outlets in the room.
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Cabin 13283
Everything excellent
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Cabin 13200

Cabin was good overall. Was next to a maintenance hallway, so occasional loud noises, but not enough to make a major impact. The bathrooms are notorious, but not an issue for just my wife and I. Had to pull the curtain to sleep at night because the peek hole from the main door shined right into my eyes if I sat up in bed.

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Cabin 13180/4

These were supposed to be family cabins with cots for babies, however; there was no room to fit cots in. Furniture had to be removed from cabin to squeeze in an undersized cot which bulged inwards due to lack of width space. Parents ended up having baby sleep in the bed with them for duration of cruise. Also, despite having paid extra for the baby, no facilities for bottle warming were available & upon requesting such, the parents were told that inside cabins weren't entitled to coffee makers (their equivalent to a kettle) and they would have to use a chargeable night time room service or negotiate decks to find hot water whilst baby screamed in frustration.

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Too small, noisy with bathroom in the room. TV awkwardly placed

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Cabin 13212

Very small cabin with awkward layout.
Very little storage.
Bathroom setup in cabin means it's impossible to use toilet, shower or sink without making a lot of noise in cabin.
TV is in a location where you can't see it if the bunks are down.
Quiet room.
Easy to access.
Comfy bed.

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Ok, not great. swimmom66

We probably would have been better off put our family in a bigger room or suites vs. separate rooms. Then perhaps some of the upgrades would have been included. They don't tell you this when you are booking. Be sure to ask for food or drink packaged to be includes gratis or gratis if you upgrade your room selection. Reserve your lounge chair at dawn (seriously) and don't be surprised if it and your stuff disappear.

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Cabin 13179

Cabin was good. You can't expect much from a cruise ship cabin. The only complaint was the bathroom door. It's just a sliding piece of glass that you can't see through. But you can hear everything!

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Cabin 13069
Sailing on the Epic funtime238
Cabin 13069. Close to elevator, quiet hall.
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Cabin 13160
Epically in LOVE!! Red Mustang Sally
Great mid-ship room, very comfortable for an inside room. NOTE there are no mid-ship elevators so it makes for a bit of a trek each time you come back to the room, but not bad. We loved being on deck 13, it was very convenient to take the stairs to the Garden Cafe and the pool deck.
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Cabin 13219
Royal Wins... onthegreenz
Close to elevator, no noise though. Good for 2 max. Dark , bring a lamp.. jk.
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Cabin 14076

14076....inside family cabin. Quiet, but would recommend balcony for family.

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Cabin 13013
Big closet with a good, useable full-length mirror on the outside. The converted bed was king-sized and very comfortable. I didn't even feel the divide in the middle. The bedding was wonderful. The pillows, a bit deflated (but I'm used to sleeping on a buckwheat pillow, so anything's going to feel a bit unsupportive if I'm honest). The toilet and shower compartments were functional and not nearly as bad as other people have suggested. They certainly afforded much more privacy than some of the bathroom areas I've encountered in European 4-star hotels (namely the one I stayed in in Barcelona prior to embarking on this cruise). The sink was small but totally functional. People who've complained about it being too small to use must be enormous blokes with giant's hands. The room was always quiet in the evenings. I slept like a baby - particularly because the lack of natural light; it was pitch dark in there when the light was off. It was a long walk away from the aft area of the ship (where the spa was and where I spent a lot of time), but - really - after eating so much a bit of compulsory exercise is nice.
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Cabin 13263
Extremely Tiny Cabin - Felt every vibration -
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Cabin 14056
Epic fail SuzyWM
Tiny tiny tiny. And REALLY don't get the separate toilet and shower. Had also thought we may wash the baby in the sink, but it was teeny teeny tiny! Clean but not much else to say really........
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Cabin 14025
Cabin was small but efficient, inside
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Cabin 13018
Our inside stateroom can accommodate up to 4 people. Two single beds were against the wall and 2 more single beds can be pulled down from the ceiling at turn down service. Our stateroom did not have the unique "wave" feature of the walls. It was a flat rectangle. The sink was in the room on the counter with the toilet and shower stalls separated on either side of the entryway. This design made the room feel more open but didn't make it roomier. We had to unpack everything and store the luggage into the closet as it would've been inconvenient to constantly go through it for stuff. There was plenty of shelves, drawers and hangers when we split up where we want to put our stuff. For example, I used all the shelves for my clothes and my mother and sister used the closet. If we didn't do that, there wouldn't have been enough room to go around. From our cruise critic cabin crawl, I can see that the bigger the room (balcony and above), the more drawers there are built around the stateroom furniture. For those in the bigger rooms, be sure to remember to check every available drawer and shelf space when you're re-packing on the last day. The sink had a swan neck style faucet which deposits the water straight down. This means when you turn on the water to anything larger than a trickle, it splashes everywhere on the counter. I wrote a comment at Guest Services on whether this factor was considered during the design and the next day, the faucet was changed to one more user friendly. Along with the comment, I'd asked why solid bar soaps, lotion and hair conditioner were not available to rooms in the categories below a suite. I thought these were standard amenities. Two days later, I get the same toiletries NCL provides for the suites. Only once though, wasn't replenished throughout the 14 days. Both reactions by the NCL staff were a pleasant surprise since I didn't expect anything to be done. Our room steward was a bit forgetful sometimes, he'd forget a third set of towels (we were three to a room), forget to replace tissue or even turn down the third bed. It was annoying but not too terrible.
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Cabin 14029
cabin was adequate for 4 people, plenty of storage space, very comfortable. We were very close to the kid's club which was a huge plus for us. One deck up was the buffets and pools. Entourage was right there for older son. We did notice some noise which we believe was from the kitchen area of La Cucina. It was not horrible by any meals, but noticeable at times.
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EPIC IN STEERAGE Franklin Traveler
designed by French. Bathroom takes up half of cabin. As you enter see-through shower on left, see-through toilet on right. Tiny sink sits on top of vanity. Good location to Pool deck. Long walk to restaurants and Gym.
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Worst inside stateroom at sea
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Cabin 13164
The cabin was an inside (why pay for balcony on a one night). The cabin was very small ( we later visited a balcony and it was not better) and not practical. When you entered the room, directly on your left you had the toilet with a plastic tinted door and on the right the shower cubical also with tinted plastic door. A bit further down, you had a sink (very small and not deep) with a mini fridge above and the tv near the fridge. Not the best set up if you are 3 in the room or don't know the other person if you are two.
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