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Mid-Ship Mini-Suite with Balcony Cabins

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Mini-Suites have a queen-size bed (that can be separated), pillow top mattress, a built in vanity area, full closet with sliding doors, television, sofa bed, double sink, and a waterfall shower with multiple body spray jets and a handheld shower head.

Mid-Ship Mini-Suite with Balcony (MB)
Decks: Deck 9 | Deck 10
Never Again! MissP76
Tiny, cramped room. Extremely challenging to live in this space with 4 people for 7 days. Very little storage space. The water in the bathroom was extremly hot and there was no cool water option in the shower. This proved very difficult with 2 young children as the shower was too hot for them both. Hallway was very tough to navigate with strollers or electric scooter.
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Not an NCL fan SRQtravelqueen
Not near an elevator so more quiet than other cabins. Small cabin space and balcony. Under pool and spa area so noisy above. Suite is starboard so can smell smoke from deck 8 Waterfront. Richard, our steward, was attentive but not visible very often. Cabin always clean and well restocked with towels and fresh linens.
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This room was very nice! I got it as a free upgrade from a standard balcony. Just don't get the wrong idea- the room is a glorified balcony with a large bathroom. Nothing is much different from the normal balcony, but the bathroom is AMAZING! It is very generous in size- with a double sink and a shower that easily fit two adults. It also has a fantastic shower head with 6 additional wall misting nozzles. Great water pressure and temperature made this room a WIN!
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Location is mid-ship, convenient to both elevator lobbies. Good for two adults. Large closet with ample shelving plus many convenient storage cabinets. Very comfortable bed with nice linens. Spacious bathroom with large shower, dispensers for shower gel and shampoo, but no hair conditioner. Very small balcony. Décor is euro-modern, clean lines, but somewhat drab. Poor lighting from bedside lamps, otherwise lighting is ok. Used the wake-up call feature on the telephone, since there is no clock in the room.
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Excellent cabin with lots of room for 2, maybe 4. The cabin was very clean & maintained its manner for the whole week thanks to the great staff.
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Fun in the Sun! PTHOMSON
Suite was nice. had a balcony was very comfortable. Bathroom was nice. Closet space was adequate. All in all very clean and comfortable.
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The cabin was large enough for two adults and two teen girls. We had family down the hall in a regular balcony which seemed to be about the same size except the bathroom was smaller (but still big enough). The cabin was clean, quiet and comfortable.
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Except for the toilet not working and the shower water too, too hot and the air conditioning shutting down on two days, the cleanliness and size of the cabin was good. The bathroom was unusually large for cruise ships. The bathrooms were very comfortable. It takes so long to walk to your room because the ship is way too big and the hallways way to narrow. You had to actually turn sideways to pass the cleaning carts in the hallway.
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Small, but it was fine! We barely went on the balcony because so small. Not sure if we would get a balcony again.
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Best Vacation Ever! kiskadee823
Our bed was not very comfortable, which I was able to sleep on but my husband had issues every night. The channel selection on the tv left a lot to be desired. Carnival at least gave us 2 basic cable channels and 2 channels that played movies and not necessarily the same ones over and over. Norwegian gave us MSNBC, FOXNEWS, BBCworldnews, CNBC, Nickelodeon, ESPN, and then a few other channels made by Norwegian. During rainy weather out at sea or when we were exhausted from being out and doing everything, it would have been nice to not see the same shows or movies that we saw on day 1. Our steward was amazing, and we appreciated him so much that we left a compliment with the service desk on the third day of our trip. Announcements by the cruise director, or anyone for that matter, never came through our room. I guess the speaker wasn't working. We never heard any announcements and would have to open the door to the hall to hear the rest of the announcements. We were very confused about room service. Every time we've gone away with family or for weddings my husband immediately orders room service. We were shocked to find out that free room service was available from 630am-10am and anything after 10am there will be a $7.95 convenience charge for items from a very selective menu. Carnival offered a very selective menu and free room service any time. Norwegian offered a choice of blueberry muffin, fruit Danish, croissant, tomato juice, orange juice, milk, coffee tea... oh and butter, jam or honey for the carbs. The website was a little misleading in what we believed we would be able to do with room service. Aside from those things, our cabin was very clean and very roomy, with enough space for us to unpack and store our luggage under the beds. The bathroom was very roomy as well, worked well and was very clean.
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Our group stayed in either a mid ship mini suite or in a balcony cabin. DH and I had stateroom 10236. A smallish, but very comfortable room. Lots of storage and plenty of closet hanging area with more than enough hangers. The bathroom was the biggest I've ever seen on a cruise ship and the shower was fabulous. Our steward, Julito, took good care of the room and us. As has been noted before in other reviews, the balcony was small, but big enough to sit out there with a glass of wine or cup of coffee and contemplate the ocean. The only thing I found awkward was the placement of the TV. It faces the area between the bed and the sofa, so the person lying on the right side of the bed has a good view, but the person on the left does not. The same with the couch, the person sitting on the left of the couch has a good view, but the person on the right does not. The TV does swivel, but not enough to make viewing easy. Other than that, the room was very nice.
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We felt that our room was more then adequate for the two of us. We loved having the balcony. We easily were able to both sit outside and relax with no issue. The bathroom as well was very roomy and more then sufficient for the two of us.
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Breakaway Again Bird in Jersey
I booked a GTY minisuite and 2 days before sailing was given mid ship mini suite(13234). Our bed was next to the balcony. The temperature was a little weird, we were cold, hot, but realized the top bed blocks the flow of air at times. The bed was comfortable, I even slept on the bed couch(dd wanted to sleep in bed) one night and it felt good. FYI, we were next to an angled balcony, it is slightly larger(cabin 13232). The suite was fine. Storage was okay, I am very organized and it worked for our 5 suitcases. This was the first time being in a cabin with 4. It was manageable. we kept the morning outfits close by, so that we would not disturb those sleeping) I came with a nightlight, because the cabin is dark- used bathroom light). I also used my business card in the slot to keep the lights on. sorry that I am all over the place, if I do not type this today, I will not do this review. The lights by the bed are very bright, so it can disturb anyone that is a light sleeper. The bathroom, storage, double sink, size good Shower is amazing. My mom has sore knees, so it was good for her knees. This is worth the extra money of the mini suite. It took me a few minutes to figure out the shower. We were close to steps, elevators and I did walk from 6 to 13 with no problem. I would definitely get 2 adjoining cabins next time(not for size) but for sleeping habits of my family.My dd wanted to sleep and the rest of us get up early, no matter, the time for bed. The balcony helps to give you extra space. We used it every day of our cruise(even cool days)
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Crew, cabin NCLbreakway
Too small and dirty
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Cabin was very nice - bathroom was really good size. Not all jets worked in shower.
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Same size a regular balcony cabins, except with a larger bathroom. Comfortable room with a very small (think ledge) balcony.

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The room was nice but I don't know how they can call it a mini suite. The only thing that was larger was the bathroom which had an amazing shower with multiple heads. Balcony was tiny

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We were two in a cabin that can sleep three. We had the twin beds kept together to give us a few more inches of walking space. I worried that this arrangement would cause my tossing to wake my daughter. However, this was not the case, as the separate mattresses prevent such disturbance. Storage was plentiful, although some of the cabinet space is odd. I suggest you remove the extra pillows and linen from the sofa drawers, put them up high in the closet (space that is too high for most of to utilize comfortably), and use the drawers for clothing. My daughter used the closet and I used the drawers. This allowed us each to essentially have half of the room and to stay out of each others space.

The bathroom is roomy by most standards. The shower is impressive in size and features. I wasn't traveling with young children, but could see how a parent could easily assist a young toddler in showering in this. Lower spray jets could be used instead of the rainfall showerhead. However, I never did figure out how to use those jets properly, and they seemed to be rather low for adult use.

The balcony is small, just enough room for two to sit out. I suppose that one doesn't need more room than that, but I wished for a little more space. The view is superb. My daughter spotted some dolphins from the bed one morning and then sat out on the balcony watching them at length. This was only possible because the railing is a clear glass.

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Loved this room large bathroom really nice shower double sink plenty of light, clean and comfortable.

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Our cabin was of average size but on the Breakaway I believe it is the same size as a balcony stateroom.
The balcony was very small and not what we were use to. The bathroom was a good size but the rain shower head was just a simple shower head. The cabin was clean and good for what it was needed for but not a great place to relax and unwind. If I were to chose again I would have to look at the large balcony rooms as I really enjoy the balconies during my cruise.

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Sweet and Sour Fortressgirl

Our cabin was ready for us when we boarded (13198), located on deck 13 mid-ship. We had a mini-suite to accommodate three, since we were traveling with our adult son. Calling the cabin a mini-suite is a bit of a stretch, but it was large enough for three adults without too much trouble. The bathroom is a nice change of pace from normal cruise bathrooms. It has a standard size shower with glass doors and multiple jets for a wonderful shower experience. There was a double sink and plenty of storage. The balcony was very small, about 2 ½ ft by 10 and could accommodate 2 people, but NOT comfortably. The closet was more than adequate for all of us, especially since there is storage in the desk area, under the sofa (two drawers) and even a storage cube that serves as an extra seat or table. The location was quiet and only two decks from the Pool/buffet deck. The Room Steward, Garry was excellent!

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One of the finest prefabricated rooms I have ever slept in. A little noisy from the groovy times on deck 15 above you, but no worries.

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My boyfriend and I always pick a mid-ship cabin just because we get a little dizzy/nauseous in the aft or forward. We usually tend to get a balcony but this time we went with a mini-suite because they had a good deal. With out room we got a free bottle of wine, chocolate covered strawberries, free dinner for two at La Cucina's and as well at Cagney's. I'm not sure how much difference there is between the balcony and mini-suite cabins, but what I do know is that the bathroom in the mini-suite seemed well worth it! Definitely a good space for two people and the showers on the Breakaway in general were amazing (they have jets)! The mini-suite, I believe, has a double sink as well as a more spacious bathroom in general (definitely easier to do your bathroom business!) than the balcony cabin. I had no complaints for the room or the floor we were on. I think the most annoying thing in the room was the TV because you’d have to stand in a certain angle with the remote to turn it on and switch through the channels. The balcony was still a do-able size for us since we weren't out there 24/7 anyway. If you think you'd be on your balcony most of the time, you might want to consider the extended balcony. My boyfriend's parents came with us on the trip and they had the forward mini-suite with an extended balcony and it was huge! Definitely enough room for a round table with 2 chairs as well as another 2 sunbathing chairs.

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Clean, small with a tiny balcony. This cabin is over the Ocean Front deck. You will hear noise from the Ocean Front deck (people, chairs, music) & smell smoke as well. Not good if you turn in around 9 - 10. Even if you have your balcony door closed you can hear the noise. Robes that were to come with cabin were not there, had to request them. In a nut shell, if you are a smoker & stay out late this cabin would be fine for you. It had twin beds that when put together make a king size bed. It also had a couch that turned into a single bed.

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Great. Modern. Large bathroom and large shower with 8 or more shower sprays. Mini suite. No tub. Large comfortable bed. Bigger than a queen. Beautiful views and great location on ship.

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Best Cruise Yet jenmcbee

Cabin 10806. Small Balcony, view below was blocked by lifeboats so would choose a different cabin next time. The rooms are smaller than on other ships BUT the bathroom is larger - we had a double sink - and the shower was actually large enough to turn around in!

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This cabin has a small balcony and a hard to access closet with the bed next to it. The shower is a good size and a dual sink but not worth the extra expense from a balcony cabin which is the only difference between the two. There are two outlets for plugging in electronics but none in the bathroom. It has a flat screen TV but limited channel selections. It was quiet and we didn't hear anything from people around us or from deck 8 below us.

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Wonderful week! dolphinlover12

Four people and we had plenty of space to unpack all our clothing and store in the various drawers and closet.
Plenty of room under the bed for the suitcases.
great location mid ship. a walk to the elevators but hardly felt the sea movements.
Small balcony, afternoon sun on the way to Bermuda, morning sun on the return trip.
loved the bed, slept like a rock and I'm usually very picky.
very quiet
shower was my fav.

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Tiny safe. Above the waterfront walk restaurant deck and Fat Cats so at night smokers and drinkers hang out below. No hair conditioner or body lotion. Tight space between bed and closet. Couch next to doors. Bigger shower with upgraded shower head and smaller water jets.
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