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Mid-Ship Balcony Stateroom Cabins

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Balcony staterooms have a queen-size bed (that can be separated), pillow top mattress, a television, vanity, full closet with sliding doors, sofa bed, private shower, and a shaving bar.

Mid-Ship Balcony Stateroom (BB)
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Cabin 9776
Absolutely NEEDS to have at least two electrical outlets in each cabin. We had one for 3 people to share.
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Cabin 9872
Well laid out, more than average storage space, clean, good lighting options, Air conditioning can use some attention (or I need some driver training) close to the aft elevators is an excellent choice
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Cabin 9780
Nice size stateroom, smallest balcony we ever had. Overall, nice!
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Cabin 9164
Very nice cabin. We had three people and we did not need all the storage provided. Plenty of room under the bed to store the luggage. The bathroom was large and the shower was nice and roomy. Always had hot water.
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Cabin 8762
We had a mid-ship balcony room that was a real treat, plenty of room/storage for everything my wife and I brought on board, which was a lot. Balcony was just the right size for us, it offered plenty of room and we frequently sat out there whenever we brought drinks or food back to our room. The bathroom was small but functional. Good shower size, large full width mirror, good storage. Toilet space was a little tight but for a big 5'9 guy like myself it offered just enough room. Shower pressure was adequate, it fluctuated a bit depending on the time of day but it never felt strong. Bed was very comfy, padded mattress with down pillows/comforter had us staying in bed longer than we should. The 2 standard outlets charged our various gadgets quickly, a 3rd is available but it's Euro so bring an adapter or USB/plug converter if you need more spots. Overall a very clean, spacious environment that was perfect for 2 people. We never felt like we had to leave the room to "get out". The balcony was our first and real treat that made the room feel huge.
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Cabin 10162
Beautiful and very new feeling. Balcony very small. Shower very nice sized with curved door.
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Cabin 10212
Balcony too small, toilet not functional, bath door squskef, haf to use room key to activate lights and powe so you could not charge anything while you were gone. Also it was easy to forget your room key card because you put it into the power slot. The AC was always either too hot o rd too cold. The shower and faucet water was almost always too hot.
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Cabin 10762
Cabin was a standard size, amble closet and storage space. Balcony was average size, could use a little more space. Cabin was always kept very clean.
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Cabin 8176
When we got to our room (8716 - midship balcony) The first thing I noticed was how big it was compared to what it showed on the website. We once booked a mini-suite on Royal & the pic looked huge but in reality it was alot smaller. The stateroom was very well laid out...lots of closet space & more shelves under the TV etc. I LOVED the bathroom. The shower was big, enclosed & had shelves for soap as well as free body wash & shampoo. Water pressure was great. Another great feature is the wooded mini shelves connected to the mirror to put all your toiletries.
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Cabin 10182
Cabin 10218
Awful Bearbear6899
Balcony was a closet
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Cabin 12244
It was clean and well kept. The carpet was not worn. Storage was sufficient. It was about the size we expected. For some reason though, my wife and I found ourselves getting in each other's way more than on previous cruises on other ships. The balcony was smaller than on other ships we've been on with a similar category of cabin. And even on Deck 12 midship we caught some cigarette and even cigar smoke coming from who knows where. All the outdoor public areas are on Deck 8. You would think that's far enough removed to let the cigarette smoke dissipate.
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Cabin 9848
If I ever have the good fortunate to travel on the Breakaway again, I literally would request the exact same room. We never took the elevator unless we were going to decks 15 and 16. The rest of the time, we were able to simply walk to decks 6,7, and 8. The stateroom was in a great location in relation to the rest of the ship. Also, I am the type of person that gets a little nervous looking over the edge of the balcony straight down below into the water. The great thing about this deck was that there was an overhang below which extended from deck 8. So basically you get the enjoy the wonderful views while at the same time having that extra sense of security.
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Nice and clean- we had adjoining cabins with a door connecting the two-plenty of room for 5.
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Very Disappointed Chocolate14
Cabin was nice size and set up very well, closet and draw space was excellent, should have better selection of channels on free TV.... No sports other than soccer.
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Never Again CCnCrew
Raoul, our stateroom steward, was very accommodating and did an excellent job.
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Cabin 9206
Mid ship, with balcony. Great deck to be on. Convenient for dining, etc.
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Cabin 9762
Overall Disapointeed CaptDickSays
The cabin was on the small side. cloth storage closet about 15 hangers there was shelves and two draws under the couch. but hidden because it just looked like a front apron and was very very hard to open Balcony very small. All electric was sea card controlled You had to put your sea card into a slot to have the electric turned on and you had to take your card with you when you left the cabin so you could not leave the a/c on or recharge and camera of tablet batteries Also a/c did not work unless the balcony door was closed and locked. no outlets by the bed .only two under the dressing room table. Toile had a hard time to get it to flush Electric switch that took 2 to 10 times plunging to operate found the water pressure very low.
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Cabin 10812
Very clean! David Lee was very nice and kept are room very nice.
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Cabin 9250
First Time on NCL Breakaway Papa_Bob_New_Jersey
We were in cabin 9250 category BB Mid-Ship Balcony stateroom. We chose this cabin near the middle of the ship on deck 9 to minimize the chance of sea sickness and noise. We don’t smoke & try to avoid the smell of smoke, but we enjoy sitting on the balcony in the sea breeze. NCL doesn’t permit smoking in the cabins or balconies. Others have written about the areas on the Waterfront on deck 8 where smoking is permitted in front of Maltings & Fat Cats bars on the Starboard (right) side of the ship. We didn’t realize that there is a covering over the Waterfront which not only provides shelter to those sitting outside the Waterfront bars but also prevents smoke from rising directly to deck 9 above unless the breeze is blowing towards this side of the ship. Our cabin was on the port side, so this was never an issue for us. One area where our research was not thorough enough was the size of the balcony. At 32 square feet, we felt it was tiny compared to other ships we have been on. The ship does have some Large Balcony cabins and we might have thought about upgrading if we had realized how small an area this is. I was happy with the size of the cabin, but my wife thought it was a little smaller than on other ships. The queen bed can be converted into two twin beds by the cabin attendant. We found the foam mattresses very comfortable. The area between the beds and the wall or room divider & couch was very limited. The night tables were quite small. Part of her perception may have been caused by the decent size bathroom with a nice size semi-circular glass enclosed shower. For us there was ample shelf space in the bathroom as well as in the cabin overall. The lighting in the cabin was sufficient for our needs & with the full glass sliding doors leading to the balcony; we didn’t need any lights during the day. The cabin was equipped with an energy saving system which requires your room key to be kept in a wall receptacle near the door to turn on the lights and electric outlets in the room. This was a problem for me when I had my laptop computer running when I left the cabin and needed to take my room key with me. The solution was to place almost anything into the wall receptacle, even a piece of cardboard, when we wanted to keep the power on. You can still turn the lights out while the power stays on. There are two rocker type switches in the cabin, one labeled “Make Up Room” and the other labeled “Do Not Disturb”. These switches control two small lights above the outside of the cabin door so your cabin attendant can see them. The attendant is not permitted to enter your room if the “Do Not Disturb” light is lit. The temperature in the cabin is controlled by a thermostat that has thirteen positions. It worked very well and we could always adjust it for our comfort. There was a small mini-bar in the cabin where you are charged for anything you take. On the first day we asked the cabin attendant to empty it and then we used it to cool fruit and water bottles we brought on board. There is a small safe in the closet. The desk chair was cleverly designed as a cube which could also be used as a small table and opened up for storage. Our cabin attendant, Dionene Johnson, was excellent. She worked around our schedule and kept the room neat and clean without disturbing our personal items. Each night she would leave us a different towel animal and chocolates.
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Cabin 14224
First Time jack0554
Clean and comfortable. It would be nice to get a few more channels on the TV.
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Cabin 9804
A Must Go Cruise! Chanelle1
The bathroom smelt like urine, sometimes. After it was cleaned it still smelled. We didn't have one of those fancy purple bottom bed layovers... We later found it stuffed under the bed dirty. Some things looked quickly wiped down with its dust swirled around. The deck was clean but the balcony window boarder was spotty. These are things that I normally wouldn't complain about...but since you asked... Lol
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Cabin 10752
Cabin - Balcony cabin Deck 10 Cabin 10752. Nice cabin, but I had come to learn and expect, NCL's balcony cabins are smaller with less storage than I am used to on other lines. The small extends to the balcony as well. This was not a deal breaker, but knowing this for the future, if there are three of us to travel, there is definitely not enough room in this cabin for more than two. We would definitely need a larger cabin. We were able to store everything we packed, so neither of us lived out of a suitcase. If our other sister had been with us, we we would have been severely handicapped with storage space. The bathroom was average size for a balcony cabin, with reasonable bathroom storage space, and the added bonus of a shower door instead of the clingy shower curtain. The shower is a bit awkward as the handheld shower head is very close to the wall, and with no way of extending it out, you find that standing under it while it is in the holder is next to impossible. You have to use the handheld. If the water pressure was stronger, you would be able to use it without removing from the holder. But, the water pressure was just acceptable. Do not expect to get strong water flow, it doesn't happen. The shower had a gel body wash dispenser and shampoo dispenser. The sink had liquid hand soap. If you prefer bar soap, you'll need to bring your own.
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Cabin 10256

Good cabin close to our favourite restuarant, The Manhattan on deck 7

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Cabin 10246

Cabin was nice. Balcony was decent. It was a normal balcony room.

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Cabin 9868

Very nice cabin. Loved the bathroom. The balcony was a bit smaller than on other ships, but still serviceable.

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Cabin 8780

We had a standard balcony cabin #8780. Excellent location, right next to the elevators, minimal noise from bathrooms located nearby. Plenty of room for 4 people, balcony was small but certainly useable. Beds were all a decent size. Shower was an ok size, shower head being too low for tall people, and plenty of hot water on demand. TV remote was sometimes defective. Room steward was advised but was unable to fix it. Toilet flushed when it felt like it all cruise long. They could not fix this issue as well. Patience was necessary with this device. Refrigerator worked well, as did the hair dryer. Room steward was prompt and excellent (as they have been on all our cruises). Air conditioning shut off often by itself for no apparent reason. (FYI: If you open the balcony door AC shuts off automatically) Also, if you remove your key card from the slot next to the door, the cabin lights will go off, AS WELL AS the electrical outlets. Devices left to charge will not charge. We folded a piece of paper and kept it in the slot, thus solving this problem. The lights to indicate room status are a great idea.

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Cabin 8780
Breakaway 2nd Time FootballParent

Cabin location was great. Located on deck 8 near the waterfront fat cats and Maltings. Room was adequate for 2 of us. Bed was extremely comfy. Room steward was great. His name was Harrad.

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Cabin 9760

The cabin was smaller than I am used to.

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Cabin 10220
Not Impressed. jleslie48

Cabin was excellent. The fancy interactive TV was horrible and slow.

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Cabin 12806

On embarking, we went up to our cabin after a quick lunch and found 2 of our 4 pieces of luggage waiting for us (The rest followed a short time later) The balcony was small but wonderful and was perfect for 2 people!! It had floor to ceiling sliders which gave great light into an otherwise small space. (We were docked next to the NCL Sky in Nassau and noticed their balconies only had a regular door and small window) I was afraid I overpacked (I did) and couldn't believe that everything fit! There was a small closet with hotel style hangers, shelving and a passcode operated safe. There was also storage shelves in the vanity and seating "cube" We had our cabin steward empty the refrigerator where we kept some soda. Bringing our own was perfect and great savings. Thanks to all those who suggested it! The bathroom was small but worked well Water pressure was fair but better than I expected. Beds could have been more comfortable, but that's just personal preference. Cabin was clean and excellently maintained with only one small stain on the sofa. While in Nassau we noticed the balconies were all powerwashed-they were doing it again when we got back to New York. We were able to keep up with news and enjoyed watching the Navigation channel, View from the Bridge, and keeping up with entertainment/activities from the flat screen TV.

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Cabin 9756

Balcony small. We moved one bedstand and pushed the bed over so we could get to the closet. Bathroom and shower very nice.

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Cabin 10762

We don't like the bed right next to the balcony. We kept walking into each other. The shower is too small with low water pressure. Not sure why they changed the shower. NCL always had the largest at sea.

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Cabin 9268

WARNING.... BE CAREFUL when booking a balcony to request that your bed be near the sliding glass doors leading outside... if you get a balcony with a :mirror-image floor plan the closet will be very difficult to access !!!!

Our room was spacious, kept wonderfully clean by our room attendant Radwell Torres, and with the exception of the noise factor mentioned above was far better than we'd expected from Norwegian.

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Cabin 12820

Typical room, but kept very clean. Lots of storage space. Decent bathroom. Regular, small balcony with two chairs, and small table. Housekeeping was great. Always had clean towels, and the bed made. I had towel animals 4 of the 7 nights, but they were elaborate. Not a noisy floor. Once in a while I would hear a big cart moving around, but otherwise quiet. Good, mid ship room, and view. Could hardly feel a thing while in motion.

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Cabin 12180
WOW Patti2530

Nice room, large and comfortable bed. Best feature was the coffee pot. Also loved the 1800 watt hair dryer, good bathroom lighting. Unfortunately, the closet was the worst design and I did not appreciate having my undergarments on shelves instead of drawers.

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Cabin 13218
Nice girls' trip ladytravlr2

Needs drawers, not just shelves. Great bathroom. Hallways so narrow on deck 13.

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Cabin 12567
Tiny wardrobe, no drawers,. very claustrophobic. No noise but because of corridors leading off main corridor very confusing trying to negotiate the route from the lift.
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Cabin 10166
Cabin class BB deck 10 #10166. Very narrow about 3 meters. Long enough that there was a couch. The desk had a stool not a chair that had storage underneath. There was a coffee / tea maker in the cabin. The balcony was tiny, about 3 meters wide the same as the cabin, but only 1 meter toward the sea. A cocktail party would be out of the question. The shower was the highlight, roomy and easy to use. There was a step up to the entry of the bathroom that could cause stubbed toes.
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