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Two lower beds convertible to 1 queen-size bed, bathtub & shower, sitting area, private verandah, floor-to-ceiling windows. The size of the Deluxe Verandah OceanView stateroom is 254 sq. ft.

Deluxe Ocean-View Verandah Stateroom (VA)
Decks: Deck 4 | Deck 8
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Deluxe Ocean-View Verandah Stateroom Cabin Reviews
Cabin 6051
Jan 2017
Our cabin on the upper verandah was quite comfortable. A large screen t.v. with a large movie selection was a big plus. Having family members next door alouded us the atvantage of a larger balcony by opening the partiction. Our cabin stewards were excellent.
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Aug 2016
1st Time with HAL By: rayjitsu
Lots of storage space. Bath tube.
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Cabin 8105
May 2016
We were in a VA balcony stateroom, which was spacious and practical - lots of closet space. We love the Navigation Deck - a short walk upstairs to the Lido Deck.
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Cabin 4043
Mar 2016
Below My Standards By: bsorge
Best part of cruise. Well appointed cabin with larger balcony. They are very cheap with the moisture lotion which did not replace.
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Cabin 8080
Mar 2016
THEY ALLOW SMOKING ON THE BALCONIES!!! So if you were like me and super allergic, don't book this cruise, you won't be able to go out as you can smell it from everyone smoking around you! Its disgusting. It was even going into my room if i went in and out! Other than that. Our cabin was very comfortable, we did have issues with the mini fridge and had it changed out 3 times. so it should be working now for the next guests. O ya and our toilet overflowed on the last night... yap.
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Cabin 8107
Jan 2016
The cabin was a bit larger in comparison to veranda cabins on other lines. We also felt there was plenty of space to store our clothes.
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Cabin 5124
Dec 2015
Average Verandah cabin no different than others on this entire deck regardless of V-category. VA is well located in middle of the ship and very quiet. Cabins in the middle of the ship on Deck 5 in particular have the top of a tender as the primary view when looking down over the balcony but horizontal view is fine toward horizon. Higher deck would be preferable in retrospect
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Nov 2015
Cabin 5053
Nov 2015
Lovely ship, but boring..... By: K2 of the seas
lovely cabin with a private verandah
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Cabin 8083
May 2015
Calm Seas By: muskegon2
Small. Adequate. Plenty of closet space.
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Cabin 8101
Dec 2012
Pre-Christmas Cruise By: mkazmer
Cabin 8101 on Navigation Deck is a V-Verandah Cabin, Starboard side. It is located between the mid-ships and aft elevators and stairs - very convenient to everything and one deck below the Lido. We did not hear any noise at all from above and very little in the cabins on either side. The verandah was spacious - but they only put ONE comfortable chair and ottoman out there and the other chair was like a rattan dining arm chair-not comfortable at all. There was a tiny circular table. We didn't use it a lot for that reason. We asked for another chair and they couldn't find one - or so they said. The remainder of the cabin was great, bed very comfortable - we asked that they be split - lots of closet and storage space and there was a small tub in the bathroom which made showering very easy. The TV system was the worst we have ever seen with no information about channels or how to operate it. We only used it the last day to check our debarkation order. Otherwise it was useless to us. We loved the location and the size.
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Cabin V8113
Nov 2012
28 days in the Mediterranean By: VEGAS-CRUISER
Rooms smaller than expected - good balcony location - great view - hallway noisy because too many very young kids on first half of trip - had to call security three times - they were very slow to respond - insufficient house phones throughout the ship - had to search all over for a phone to call security. Very inconvenient if you needed to call your room from afar. None (working) near pools or restaurants. Many people (workers) in buffet room not savvy as to ship places. Need to have coffee and something small to eat 24 hours a day somewhere. Computer time extremely expensive. No allowance to "get on" (time purchased). Next time I'll bring my own computer. $0.75 a minute is outrageous. Never had to pay that much on RCL. The Pinnical Grill was absolutely super despite the added cost - well worth the money. Service was better than most Las Vegas fine dining restaurants on the strip.
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Cabin 8032
Jan 2012
The cabin was very nice but it was a little too small for us. On the next cruise we selected a cabin with more square footage. The bed was wonderful. It was quiet and the balcony was perfect.
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Cabin 8090
Nov 2011
A mixed bag. By: Aussiepair
We were in cabin 8090 on level 8. The cabin was small but comfortable with the only negative being the occasional noise from the Lido Deck above us.
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Nov 2011
What A Ride...!! By: 1aCruise4wks
The cabin was not well-lit. When you walk in the door, there are closets on the right and the bathroom on the left. There is one recessed light at the doorway. It is great for looking in that first closet but, because it is recessed, it doesn't provide light for the other closets. Most of the lighting in the cabin was recessed which made for a lot of shadows. The verandah was a nice size but there was no lounge chair. Instead, we had one nice chair and one small straight back chair. The beds were very comfortable, there was plenty of storage space, a nice sized tub and a great shower.
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Cabin 7143
Jul 2011
Nice, but not great By: Fighting34th
Cabin 7143 is on the stern/aft of the ship almost in the center. It was disappointing in a way as we had booked it to enjoy the wake while relaxing on the balcony. However, it's so high above the wake that the enjoyment is reduced. If this is your intent, I'd recommend booking on a much lower level. BUT, the balcony was significantly larger than those on the port or starboard. So was the stateroom -- it had about 5 extra feet at each end. I liked the decor, but didn't care for the closet arrangement. It's very tight -- a narrow entryway that the room service personnel could just barely navigate. Also, I missed the storage shelves that are typically above or in the corner above the vanity. Many past HA cruisers mentioned this and most agreed that it might be just another cost cutting act.
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Cabin 4051
May 2011
One of the quickest and smoothest that I have experienced after about 8 cruises. Further, the luggage was promptly delivered inside of our cabins and laid out on the bed on top of bed protectors. Cabin Although, neither Bev nor I are not handicap we were assigned a handicap room, because that was the only one left near midship. The cabin did have a little bit more room than a standard veranda, but I found the cabin and veranda shaped oddly. I would not book a handicap room again, b/c the closet and hangars are wheel chair accessible, which required us to bend over to hang and retrieve our clothing. This can be a little awkward, especially at 6 ft. In addition, it was understood that if there was a need for a handicap room, we would have to surrender ours, and be given a comparable cabin or higher. This was a little too much uncertainly for us, similar to the guarantee business. I prefer to book early and simply know and settle into a location without any anxiety or doubt. Other than the odd shape of the cabin, one of my biggest complaints is that we were unable to turn off the fan ventilation in the room. There was always a hum, despite my calls and complaint to the registration desk. I simply had to get use to a constant hum, even with the thermostat turned off. This is not good for light sleepers, which I am one. Even, my partner complained, who is not a light sleeper. As for my next cruise, I already asked Celebrity about the quietness in their cabins, and they assured me that it can be individually controlled and the vents and hum could not be turned off completely. Celebrity, here I come, because of their quiet cabins (as they told me) and their non-smoking policy. It is not nice or healthy to catch a whiff of smoke when you simply want to breathe the sea air from you balcony. Dining The MDR dining room Holland's America N. Amsterdam was pretty but the food and service was little inconsistent. The formal night was done well w/ the lobster. The deserts were lack luster. Princess showed more creativity. However, the Pinnacle Restaurant was one of the dining highlights of the cruise because they shined in every aspect, decor, service, food quality, and desert. The waiters had food knowledge and cared whether you were pleased w/ your order, unlike one evening in the MDR, where the waiter actually told us everything is good. We talked to the Maitre'd and was moved for the other couple of nights. If they had rotated the menu, other than the Le Cirque, menu, we would have revisited Pinnacle. Tamarind also held their own very well. Both are highly recommended. Yes, there is a charge to eat on a ship's specialty restaurant, but it is worth to do at least once on the mainstream cruises. We also dined at Cannelli and it was nice but not up to the standards of the other two specialty restaurants that we visited. The buffet and breakfast on the lido deck were consistently good, freshly squeezed oj, was very nice, w/ kudos to the salad and fruit bar. (blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. Gym The gym equipment was very modern and diverse. It was nicely laid out at the bow of the ship overlooking the sea. I worked out thoroughly 3 times, in seven days, which I try to do when I am home. Tip: I am even more diligent with working out when on a cruise because chances are you are having more calories than you usually are. We took a Tai Chai class that was okay. Pool: The pool was nice but the whirlpool was rather small. Spa I did not use the spa, but that had some very attractive prices doing port days. Excursions: Half Moon Cay was simply beautiful, as many of the reviews stated. The beach was nice and pretty. The barbecue lunch was nice but a bit hectic and crowded. I have experienced a few beach barbecues that were more relaxed. They can change the logistics and traffic flow. The bike riding was very short on old, squeaky, heavy, and rusty bikes for maybe 2 miles round trip. I would not recommend it. The hike was a little better. However, for about 59.00 it was overpriced. The horseback riding on Grand Cayman was nice as we walked along the edge of the water, while some riders were allowed to trot and gallop. The horses were ready to run and many of the trippers allowed their horse to trot or gallop and our leader promptly and severely reprimanded us. He was tight that one of us would get hurt. However, as vacationers, we took offense at his tone and harsh demeanor. I complained to HAL about this, and the fact that we did not go into the water as promised. Kudos to them because they refunded me my excursion fee. Grand Turks and Caicios excursion was another disappointment on a HAL excursion because were taken to a church, a souvenir shop, and a salt factory. Tip: I think Governors' Beach or going to another beach or Provivecales are better choices, by far. Overall, I have found Princess excursions to be much better. Costa Maya, Mexico, We had enough of HAL's excursions and booked independently thought Native Choice to visit the Chacchobben Ruins. This experience was by far the better excursion because, the ruins were incredible and the guide David was very knowledgeable and share his insights into Mayan Civilization. We witnessed about 3 or four ruin and archeological sites. After the sites, about 6 of us were whisked off in a van to some remote and long winding dirt road. At the end of the road, was a beautiful resort. Here, the host greeted us, gently, and graciously. (this was welcomed after the horseback riding experience) We were lead to an outdoor dining table overlooking a pretty blue lagoon and treated to a traditional Mexican meal of rice, beans and a chicken burrito/ juice and margaritas. Very nice, and gracious, especially when asked if whether we wanted another margarita. After, our provisions we were invited to tour the grounds and the individual cabins. There were nice and functional. Then we went kayaking on the lagoon. Very nice. The ride is about one hour each way, but it is well worth the trip. I will be doing more excursions that are independent from now on. One nice thing is that they are smaller, more intimate, and more controlled. Entertainment: The entertainment was fine the highlights were the 4 male singers, named Cantera, and the juggler comedian, Andy James was excellent. The other highlights were the Piano Bar, what was very personable as he took requests. The casino was very smoky, t he disco was quiet and often full of teens who they has to constantly ask for ID. The karaoke was fun in the beautiful Queens Lounge. The art auction was typical of cruise auctions serving the cheapest champagne they could find. The steel band was nice, however, they did have the people dancing or involved on the sail away parties. Princess' bands had the people dancing, and not simply because the people are younger on a Princess Cruise. Here, I found the passengers to me mixed. Many of us would have danced and partied if inspired by the band. I though during the desert event near the pool they would kick it off but they were not even playing. Yes, I did miss Princess's champagne toasts, which really gets the party started. Please note, we are an active couple in our 50's who likes to dance from time to time, especially on vacation. Let's get the party started!! I have been warned and advised about Holland America being a little laid back, but I also believe you cater to the current cruisers, not your reputation. They could have struck up the band, at least once. However, I did take a waltz, swing, and salsa class and they were full each time. My partner had a nice time, although she does not think she would do HAL again because it was a low key environment. One reason is because they did not get the party started w/ the band or DJ's, or had a celebratory atmosphere on the sail away or desert parties. Again, Princess has a more dynamic atmosphere. As for me, I am looking to explore some other cruise lines to see what they have to offer. I am offering a 3 ½ star rating b/c of the constant ventilation humming in the cabin, some indifferences in the MDR, below average excursions, and the missing wow factor, although the ship was nice and classy. The highlights on this cruise were the specialty restaurants, the lay out and decor of the ship, some entertainment. The buffet breakfast and some lunches were very good. The weather was very nice, low 80's and sunshine every day, w/ very calm seas. Only one night, the last one, did we felt some motion in the ocean. Areas that can use improvement are more consistency in the MDR, cabin vent noise, excursions, and energy level of the band and crew cruise director to let loose at least once, to have real sail away or theme parties. Compared to other cruises, this one was a more laid back experience. This was my 1st HAL cruise. In short, did it meet my expectations? Not really. Would I do it again? Maybe. However, I love the new ships and with some wow factors. This sailing was selected b/c of the inauguration season, and specifically for the itinerary. I love the new ships and the wow factors. Overall, I did expect a little more consistency from HAL.
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Cabin 8025
Apr 2011
Cabin 8025. A handicapped cabin. Extra large bathroom and balcony. Excellent view from the balcony located in the 'bend' of the ship. More square footage. Very comfortable bed.
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Cabin 8088
Mar 2011
Nice cabin with great storage. Large 7' x 9' balcony. Great deck down from Lido.
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Mar 2011
Seven Glorious Days! By: HALcruiser2
Aft cabin was a little shaky at times, but relatively quiet. No clock in the room and minimal drawer space, but plenty of room in the closets. Shower is combination bathtub/shower which was very nice.
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Cabin 8070
Jan 2011
Our cabin was spacious and had plenty of storage space. One thing to note is that the closets hanging spaces do not go all the way down. I had to fold the bottom of my dresses on the shelf below the hanging rack. We found that there was ample room to store all of our things including all of our diving equipment. Our cabin stewards were wonderful and our cabin was always cleaned by the time we returned in the early afternoon. The beds were so comfortable and we enjoyed the extra pillows that were on the bed. The only issue that we had with the cabin is that the air conditioner or heat is always on. You can control the temperature but the vent is above the bed and the fan is always on. We forgot about this after the first night, but if you are a light sleeper you may want to bring ear plugs.
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Cabin 8059
Dec 2010
8059 was V-class Deluxe Veranda stateroom, Starboard, mid ship, high. Just below Lido deck (pool area I think). Room was well appointed, good lighting, and always clean. Storage was standard and expected (three closets with safe & shelving), remember pull-down shelves in back of closet. Don't forget the storage drawers under foot of bed. Not much counter-top space. Just small desk. Bring extension outlet strip if needed. Good sized bathroom, definitely acceptable, included bathtub! Great water pressure and always hot water. There was some subdued noise from the Lido deck above. Tables and chairs scraping, people walking, music on occasion. Veranda was notable, mostly subdued in room. Nothing to disturb sleep. Got to view most ports from room location. Close access to mid and aft elevators.
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Nov 2010
The cabin on Deck five was not bad.Sometimes we did smell food.Lido was not that far from our side.Banging noise many nights.The lights in the cabin are poor.Specially near the closet.
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Nov 2010
A Tale of Two Ships By: ravencruiser35
See comments in Review specific to our Rotterdam Deck Verandah Balcony (VA)
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Cabin 8064
Nov 2010
Our cabin was very comfortable. We had ample closet space so we could easily store everything in an orderly fashion. The two upper storage closed shelves above the couch is a very thoughtful touch. Our cabin had both a bathtub and shower. The showers are the best I have experienced in my travels. The dispensers of Elemis shampoo, conditioner and body wash are mounted on shower wall which made it very convenient. The room stewards were great. They seemed to know when to clean up the room and did a superb job. The bed is so comfortable you are tempted to take many naps. The veranda was a super touch on this voyage since we spent 8 days cruising the Atlantic. A great experience.
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