Q&A with Kelly Hoppen on Celebrity Cruises' Edge-Class Cabin Design

March 17, 2017
Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen is the British interior designer lending her glamorous touch -- and eye for luxury design -- to Celebrity Cruises' Edge-class cabins. Set to roll out in late 2018, more details on the line's Edge-class ships were unveiled at Seatrade in Fort Lauderdale this week, include stunning images and details on the movable deck, called The Magic Carpet; Kelly Hoppen-designed cabins, including Infinite Verandas; the "Resort Deck" and rooftop gardens.

Cruise Critic caught up with Kelly Hoppen to find out more.

Q: What was it like to work on the design of a ship compared to a land-based project?

A: To be honest, the design process for me was the same as for a hotel or a yacht. When creating a space it's important to design the space for people to live in. I purposely did not design it with a cruise ship in mind as I was trying to create a luxury interior and to deliver what had never been done before in this arena.

Q: Were there any specific challenges you had?

A: Of course. My team worked endlessly with the team in France [shipyard] to overcome many issues -- the same as any project -- but we never compromised on the integrity of the design.

Q: Have you ever cruised before? What were your preconceptions surrounding cruise?

A: No, never and my preconceptions were that it was not for me. Personally, however, this is the reason I wanted the challenge to change people’s perceptions as history shows that being on a cruise ship could be totally luxury, so why not again.

Q: How have the designs evolved over time to where they are now?

A: [They're] the same -- I knew from the beginning what I wanted.

Q: What learnings have you taken away from this process?

A: That there is so much more to come, and one day I will design an entire ship. That's my dream so the experience from start to finish is one vision.

Q: Are you evangelical about cruise now?

A: [It is] Certainly beginning to be that way! Let's have a cocktail onboard next year and chat!

Want to see more of Celebrity Edge? Check out our slideshow, with renderings of the ship.

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