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Two twin beds that convert to a Royal King, measuring 72.5 inches wide by 82 inches long, private balcony, sitting area with sofa, and a private bathroom. Rates vary from deck to deck. (184 sq. ft., balcony 46 sq. ft. - balcony sizes may vary)

Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony (E2)
Decks: Deck 6 | Deck 7 | Deck 8
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Cabin 6540
Small Cabin, balcony door was hard to open and close, balcony was small, bathroom had a shower, no tub and was very small. Bed was okay.
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Cabin 9360
I should add. We asked the steward to open the balcony door to our adjoining room. All fine. But the door bangs at night and is can't be closed except from the outside. So while there is a little clip thing to keep the door secure at night, because of the way the balconies work, the door only opens in one direction. So if you have two rooms, you can open the balcony, but essentially can't close the balcony door except from the outside, which means one room can't really use the balcony. Or you have to push you sliding door aside about 4 inches -- enough to get your hand through, then push against the balcony door so that it 'pops' open, then open your sliding door the rest of the way. And if your sliding door handle is horizontal (not vertical) you will not be able to close the balcony door. It's harder to describe than if you see it in person, but suffice it to say it's not well engineered, and the silly balcony door banging can really annoy neighbors (It happened to be me that first night -- so I apologize to our neighbors as I kept hearing the noise but had no idea where it came from).
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Cabin 7420
Cabin looked beautiful. Love the new décor.
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No problem with the size of the cabin but it is showing it's age. Wood trim color is faded throughout. Day 1 foul smell was taken care of when I reported it, actually guest services sent us a bottle of wine which was a nice touch. The balcony windows were dirty. When touching the windows it in the early morning dew it left dirt mark streaks that dried up and we had to look at all day. Attendant finally noticed it on Day 3.
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Cabin 9238
Birthday Cruise Yo-mom1
2 cabins from elevators. Never heard any noise from the guest except in early morning when they were going to breakfast. People forget some are not early risers and talk while walking down hallway.
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Cabin 8316
Very Nice Ship WDPerdue
Easily large enough for us. All the amenities we needed.
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Cabin was good, bathroom horrible not well thought out could have better shelf space and a lot of wasted space
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Cabin 6341
Disappointed sdserie
The cabin was nice and exactly what we expected and have had before. However, the bed and pillows were beyond worn out. The bed felt like a bad pull out sofa, and the pillows were hard flat bricks.
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Worst Cruise Ever lost92660
Equivalent to a motel 6 in the middle of nowhere. Smelled funny. mini fridge didn't work. Room service took 2+ hours every time we ordered. Then it took 12+ hours to get the tray picked up from in front of our door. At one point, we had three trays in front of our room and even though plenty of attendants walked by, no one bothered to pick it up. Scalding hot water which is terrible to shower in.
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Cabin was good size.
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Cabin 9226
Nice Ship kmhightower
The cabin was about the size we needed for 2 people but it may have been cramped with a third person. One suitcase did not fit in the closet (too wide) so it had to sit on the couch. The balcony was actually good size with a table and 2 chairs & room to look around. We were traveling with the gals in the next cabin so we asked to open our balcony door, between cabins. The first night we had to figure out how to "tie" the door closed so it would stop banging against the frame, in the constant wind. We eventually used a towel & made a quieter bang but the room attendant never removed our ingenious idea! The bathroom has very little counter space & not much of a shelf under the sink although one side of the mirror does open for storage. The shower is nice with the height adjustment showerhead but the directions should be attached somewhere to show you how to turn the water on! My companion used the drawers & there was room in the closet for 2 peoples clothes.
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Cabin 7628
Great Ship moby2000
very good
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Cabin 8622
Great location on the ""hump". Close proximity to stairs and elevator, yet quiet location. Adequate room for 2 people.
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Good Service and Food twomacsfive
Very clean and nice
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Cabin 6388
Although smaller than a mini-suite, there was plenty of closet space with hangers and shelves. I liked the drawers on either side of the vanity area - held all cosmetics, hair stuff, underwear and bathing suits for husban and me. Bath had cabinet for toothbrush, soap, etc. While the shower is small, the glass doors are great - temp and pressure was good too. Sometimes had to run shower to get sink water to warm up, but was plenty warm after that. Bed was very comfortable, and I brought my own TemperPedic pillow. The duvet was way too much for that climate, so I asked for another top sheet. The steward took the duvet away and brought a very nice (and little heavier) top sheet to put over the one already on the bed. Made it just right and not too heavy. Have never understood the switch to duvets instead of spreads. Way too hot and heavy for me. We had an aft cabin with an extended balcony on deck 6 that was wonderful. 2 loungers, 2 chairs and a table and completely covered. Even though the cabins are not at the actual end of the boat, the view is great and it is quiet. The only thing that was bothersome was that deck 5 below us was a crew only passage way and they had lights on all the time. I would have preferred to be in darkness so I could see the stars, but the glow wasn't that bad. Clinton from St. Vincent's was wonderful. 3 cute animal towels and everything was always clean.
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Cabin 8674 & 8666
Absolutely wonderful. Javier was a great attendant. Only issue is how full the mini fridge comes stocked, leaving little room for our waters, etc....
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Cabin 9220
It was rather small for my family. Next time I will try to book earlier and check into getting adjoining rooms. The pull out sofa was not very comfortable, but my kids were so tired out on the port days that it wasn't unbearable. We looked on travel sites for room organization tips and we were able to maximize our space with shoe organizers, extra hooks, suitcases/shoes under the bed, etc..
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Cabin 7332
Good cruise and had fun Jimmy Kentworth

Room is good size. There is plenty of storage. The room is mid ship aft easy to get to from the elevator and stairs. No complaints about the room or balcony.

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Cabin 9340

Large cabin, was fine. My wife uses a C pac machine, and we had to get an extension cord to make it work. No plug anywhere near the bed. Cabin designers need to look at stuff like this.

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Large state room with plenty of space for my daughter's wheelchair and medical equipment. The roll-in shower with seat was very nice and made bathing easy for her after a long day.

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Cabin 9288
Had a great time Kitty Mama
Lovely cabin, located in our preferred ship's area. Shower was a bit tight (smaller than the one in our RV). We had a bum fridge which was quickly replaced. Luis was great in all aspects of his care of us and our belongings. My one complaint is that the bed was a bit too hard for our liking. Someone elsewhere suggested getting a foam insert and we'll remember that for the next time.
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Cabin 8536
Not what she once was PeridotQueen

Cabin was clean and inviting. Stateroom staff was efficient and helpful. Other than bathroom odors (sometimes severe) the cabin and balcony were great.

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Cabin 9362
First Time Cruisers SomerStone

The room was PERFECT. Whoever said don't spend the money on a balcony is an idiot. We spent a LOT of time relaxing and reading on the balcony, enjoying the views at sea and at port. It comes with two chairs and a table. I can't imagine having a room without one. There was plenty of space to unpack and put suitcases under the bed. Bathroom is plenty big enough, with great water pressure and hot water. However, the bed was EXTREMELY uncomfortable for this pregnant lady (very hard mattress), but our steward put some soft foam mattress pads on and all was well (ask for this right away - like call housekeeping as soon as you get in your room because they do run out of these things). We brought our own pillows, so that wasn't a problem. One negative - the TV situation. Yes, we are TV addicts, so this was kinda a big deal. It's a great flat screen, but there are hardly any channels! There are 40 channels (ok, that's good) - BUT, about half are devoted to the ship and shopping (think QVC type channels solely for shops on the ship). Ten are devoted to Spanish and kids channels. So then you're left with about 2 news and 2 ESPN channels (we lived on those), and TBS. There was a Food network channel, but they looped the same episode over and over and over again. Sooooo.....bring lots of reading material or download movies to your tablet or phone before you leave. Speaking of that, know that they charge an outrageous price for WIFI (like $300 for the week). We ended up not getting it, thank goodness, because we heard it was spotty and you can't even stream Netflix, etc., much less download an email in less than 30 minutes. At that price, you should be getting the fastest WIFI around.

Couple of random review tips that I read that worked great for us: Bring magnets for your itineraries (walls are metal), so they don't take up valuable space in your cabin. Bring an EXTRA long extension cord for your phone chargers, etc. There's only ONE plug in the whole cable, including the bathroom, and it's kinda far from the bed. Bring a small, soft throw blanket for sitting out on the balcony. Pack plenty of $1 bills for the random tips you give out each day (room service, etc.) - our steward got a couple bucks each time he brought ice, etc. We brought about $200 in one dollar bills and spent about $150 (and we're big tippers). Tip your steward an awesome amount the first time you see him, and he'll do just about anything for you the whole rest of the trip. It shouldn't work this way, but it does make a huge difference in service. Don't bring a travel water container (you get those for free when you get the beverage package). For the guys, pack a couple pairs of pants because they are very strict with the no shorts dress code at dinner - why RCI does this to people is beyond me. Formal nights are a big deal too, but we always ate at a specialty restaurant, or Johnny Rockets on those nights to avoid the silliness. Don't bring beach towels for excursions, you can get some from RCI when you leave the ship. Ladies, go to one of the shops on the first day and get one of those cute necklaces for your SeaPass card. They're only $12 and you'll be thanking me later.

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Cabin 6648

More than enough space for two people. Clean and well maintained

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Cabin 7665

Nice balcony stateroom conveniently located half way between elevators and stairs..

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This Cabin seemed to be a little smaller than usual, but also seemed to be newer as the Mariner of the Seas, the Navigator's sister ship, did not have cabins on the 12th deck. I think the staterooms on this deck were added which took away from the outside running track.

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Cabin 6390

Aft facing room with a larger balcony looking across a large empty deck to the wake of the ship. Room was clean and well-organized.

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Cabin 8662

Good room layout. Plenty of space for two. Nice shower.

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Cabin 6534

It was E1 I think. Anyway cabin was great as was the Cabin Steward who kept Ice in my room 24/7 Thank you Ezra!!

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Cabin 7600

This is designated as a handicapped accessible room. It is much larger but is the same price. The extra room is needed for wheelchair and scooter storage. Only 2 electric outlets but they provided a long extension cord for our CPAPs to plug-in at bedside. I brought a couple of multiple-outlet plugs with me and glad of it since at night we were charging two scooters, two phones, an iPad, and running two CPAPs all at the same time. bathroom was great--lots of grab bars, hand-held shower, seat in the shower, etc.

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The hump cabin was nice. There was plenty of room and we stored our luggage under the bed. We spent a good amount of time on the balcony. We had breakfast on the balcony several times. This is a very nice treat.

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Cabin 6248

We had a balcony stateroom. The room had enough space and enough storage space. Hair dryer is included. Save the room in your suitcase for other things. This room was close to the elevator. That area is always my choice. Easy to get in and out and around the ship. Surprisingly quiet. Upon closing the door we never had outside noise! The shower is a little small. Our cruise tip is; if you get tired of the small shower, go to the fitness area and use the showers there. The fitness area has a great whirlpool. My husband and I like it because it is in the middle and available to both men and women.

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The cabin was roomy and comfortable, starboard side, amidships. Our room attendant was friendly and efficient, but not very visible. On previous cruises we have had a chance to get to know the attendants, not this time. The floor on out balcony was cracked and heaving where the room dividers attached. Probably not a safety issue, but certainly an aesthetic problem.

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Cabin 7570

Very nice stateroom with a balcony on the port side of the ship, located just slightly forward of midship. Quiet, with very minimal exterior noise. And very little motion from the waves outside.

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Cabin 6314

Just like the picture, except no curtain between bed and sofa, and no sofa table (you can bring in the one from the balcony if you really need one).
There was a triangle of extra space (3' at widest) between the balcony curtain and the balcony, because the ship bowed out slightly. It was a great place to stow baggage if it didn't fit under the bed.
Very quiet. Very.
Around the corner from the elevator - so convenient!
Great location for main dining room, Windjammer and ice rink; just step off the elevator. The theater and the largest lounge were on the other end of the ship, though.
Lots of cubby holes to put your stuff, so, even though the cabin was small, we had enough storage.
Bring an extension cord / surge protector for chargers, laptops, etc.

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Cabin 6238

Great cabin located close to the stairs and promenade deck.

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Cabin 7131

bigger than our hotel room in rome. Loved the balcony

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Cabin 7568

7568 - mid ship port side - reasonably spacious with plenty of storage, usual small bathroom. Balcony door had very good seal, so no wind noise. Would select again.

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Cabin 6298
The Navigator of the Seas is showing her age! Our cabin was missing the wood cap on the balcony railing. Carpet was worn and the TV's must have been the original ones installed when the ship was built 11 years ago. The bathroom walls had rust breaking through the paint. I wish that I could share some of my photos in this review.
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The cabin was o.k. There was a leaking at the back of the toilet for two days. The soap was only replaced once. There was only a small bar of soap and not the shampoo, conditioner, bath gel and body lotion found on Princess for the same price of this cruise.
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Cabin 6624
Not all it appears Dr. Dillwyn Enoch
cabins quiet with adequate balcony. Room stewardess saw that bed was regularly changed and bathroom always clean and pristine. King size bed very comfortable and cabin reasonably spacious.
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Cabin 8594
Plenty of storage space. Could use more hangers. Very quiet room & hallway. Great curved shower door. Sometimes the faucet water was too hot & wouldn't go switch to cold. Bad for brushing teeth! Nice balcony view!
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Cabin 8608
We had cabimng 8608-very convenient; it was on the same elevator line as the dining rooms, the Windjammer cafe, and the casino.
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Cabin 7628
Room 7628 Great room Great location at the beginning of the hump. A little more space and very close to the stairs. Very quiet.
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Cabin 6578
Smoky on the balcony and odor in the room and bathroom.
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Cabin 9390
Cabin 9390 on NOS has a horrible aft balcony. It is less than half the size of the one for 9392 and you barely have any room for one person to walk with the 2 chaise lounges, chair and table. No more than 2 even has room to stand out on it. Avoid this cabin if you want a nice balcony!!! 9690 did not seem to be a mirror image as the balcony from a distance appeared larger. Other than that the room is fine, aft was very quiet. I would not hesitate to book the other rooms at aft on that floor.
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Cabin 6322
#6322 has great location and slightly larger being on the hump. Bathroom is smaller than average. Shower is small. No ice in cabin. Plastic SOLO cups for glasses. Much like Motel 6.
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Nav of the Seas jacs2003
Loved the balcony and the bathroom!
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Cabin 8522
standard balcony was large (full size couch, king bed), balcony was adequate (2 chairs & small table), all clean & functional
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Cabin 6612
Mum and daughter bonding victoria marton
more than adequate room space. shower a bit small for a larger than average sized person. closet space adequate .glass top coffee table intrusive had to keep moving it out of the way. our beds were split so very narrow walkway to balcony. balcony small but adequate for our safe good and cupboard above extremely useful. close to but not on top of lifts so never noticed any intrusive noises. mid way down ship so not bothered by excessive rocking. dont forget ship caters mostly to americans so plug points are US.
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Cabin 6272
Great quiet and roomy cabin. Well laid out along with good location. Right in the middle between the forward and midship elevators.
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Cabin 7590
RCL never again rosie56
We stayed in a balcony cabin on the seventh deck. The cabin was nice but there was a terrible smell all the time in the bathroom. Have been on several other cruise and have never had this. Handle to door to balcony was falling off and ac sometimes worked and sometimes not. Maintenance came up several times to fix it but continues to not work correctly. Plenty of room for our cloths and bed was comfortable. In center of ship so not to noisy.
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Cabin 7580
Equidistant from fore and aft stairs, there is not a lot of traffic through the hallway. Balcony roomy enough for 2, enough room to sit and stretch out your legs. From the balcony, you could hear the activities at the pool, but with the door closed to the balcony, it was silent. We noticed an occasional banging sound at night. It was hard to tell whether this was from other people shutting their doors and it re-verbed down the whole hallway, or maybe the toilet vacuum or stabilizers? It wasn't so loud that it was very disturbing, but it was a mystery! Loads of closet and drawer space, though the drawers are small. Roomier bath with curved shower curtain bar. Lots of space for toiletries here too.
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Cabin 7620
Fun in the Sun costafox
Wonderful location, close to lifts and middle of hump.
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