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Barbados Snorkeling cruise excursion
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The colorful coral reefs and marine life in Barbados make it a prime destination for snorkeling. You don't have to stray too far from shore to see starfish, sea turtles and more.
Member Image torontotraveller
4 reviews
Jan 2017
5-star Tiami Catamaran. The vessel was 5-star as was the food and crew but the actual sites for snorkel/swim were very very poor. Over 200 other swimmers with 10 different vessels in the exact same area. Please choose an area with less people and DO NOT FEED/BAIT THE TURTLES. I understand excursion companies want the passengers to experience a swim with turtles but by feeding/baiting, the turtles become reliant on the food source and could be injured by the vessels and hoards of passengers all swimming at once.
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Provider: Celebrity Cruises
Member Image VickiLovescruises
1 review
Dec 2016
Best day of the cruise! Free flowing rum punch, great food, great snorkelling, beautiful beach and very friendly people!
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Provider: Calypso Cruises
Member Image maxcat910
2 reviews
Dec 2016
Tiami 5 star Catamaran and Turtles Hot tea on a Catamaran! Lunch was great. 2 stops for snorkeling and I did see turtles. On the second stop they didn't advertise it as snorkeling--more as wading, but there were plenty of fish to see towards the rocks.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image Ardie12
5 reviews
Nov 2016
This was our second exclusion with Calabaza. They are a quality operator, very professionally run and organized, and very fun people. I would recommend that anyone looking for a high quality snorkeling tour consider this operator. They limit the number of participants to 12, and go where the ship's tours don't, so you avoid bumping into other snorkelers. It isn't cheap, but it includes booze (great rum punch), and a really good lunch. IF you want quality, you pay for it, and it's worth every penny.
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Provider: Calabaza
Member Image nuclearmom
2 reviews
Nov 2016
Awesome boat crew and sail on a catamaran. Close to port and we saw turtles and 2 shipwrecks. They served an amazing lunch on board and we got to swim at a beautiful beach as well.
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Provider: Silver Moon
Member Image YoYoCruzin
1 review
Apr 2016
We took the Sea turtle & shipwreck snorkel tour on the "Thriller" boat ride where we saw sea turtles while snorkeling and enjoyed a bit of time on the beach. Kim, Ron, and Mikey were a lot of fun and it was a short van ride to the boat (approx. 5-10 mins if even that). Lots of rum punch!
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image meadowhs
1 review
Feb 2016
We saw ten turtles in an area of the ocean. The guide dumped food into the ocean to attract the turtles.
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Member Image Kazzabella19
2 reviews
Jan 2016
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Member Image tigrib
1 review
Oct 2015
stingray feeding was fun
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image MJ Traveler
1 review
Sep 2015
Great catamaran and crew. They found the turtles in the clear, warm water.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image karenj4546
7 reviews
Aug 2015
Saw turtles, but got yelled at for touching (which I did NOT do). Too crowded.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image daiquiridarling
2 reviews
Jun 2015
Best Excursion of the trip! If you are thinking of booking this, just stop reading all these reviews right now and book it! You won't go wrong. Lunch was the BEST food I've had in a long time. Just watch yourself when everyone jumps in the water, people get focused on turtle and fish watching and forget they are moving and run in to you sometimes. The crew are super fun and work real hard to make sure everyone is having a good time and stay safe. This was the most relaxed I have been EVER! Loved it! Cost was $90 per person US
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Provider: Cool Runnings
Member Image hhmom
1 review
May 2015
Snorkeling wasn't great. Too many people all trying to see one poor pet sea turtle and one sting ray. We then went to a beach that was small. Not much to it. But the weirdest part was our boat captain turned the trip into "homes of the stars." He talked over and over about the rich and the famous who owned homes on the ocean, and how much they paid for their homes. It got old fast.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image missadrienneleigh
2 reviews
May 2015
I gave it a very good only because we did not see any turtles :(. But other than that Jolly Rogers - Black Pearl party cruise was a lot of fun. Captain John and his crew gave us a wonderful time. The hamburgers were yummy, and the drinks were flowing on our journey back. I have not laughed so hard in such a long time, and my husband had a great time trying to find fish.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image Bethany Beach
12 reviews
Apr 2015
In Barbados, we had booked privately with Calabaza sailing. They take only 12 people on their good size catamaran and it was a beautiful relaxing day with a stop at two snorkel spots. The first was to see turtles only and since they feed the turtles we were able to snorkel with several. There are of course other boats stopping there but the person in the water with us managed to keep us pretty much away from the other groups. They also take pictures all day long and then send you the pictures in an email link (included in the price). I really appreciated that and it is one of the reasons I booked with them. I gave up a while ago buying expensive underwater cameras that always seem to fail. The second stop was at a place with 3 shipwrecks within close proximity to each other. The water that day was crystal clear and there was enough sea life to make it interesting. Two of the wrecks were closer to the surface so made for interesting snorkeling. But I will say that after floating and looking at the same wreck for 15 minutes it does get somewhat boring. But there is no reef there, just the wrecks to see.
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Provider: Holland America Line
Member Image kimba1
4 reviews
Apr 2015
Gina, Shawn and Chris were excellent hosts for this tour. Their catamaran is beautiful and they treated us like royalty. We got on the boat and they offered coffee, tea and homemade carrot cake. As we went to our first snorkeling point they served us delicious rum punch and fish cakes. We did some snorkeling with the turtles and even saw a huge stingray. We moved to another location over a reef that only had a few fish but the water was so still and gorgeous blue. Gina made an awesome lunch for the 11 of us with a bunch of homemade salads some flying fish, chicken and garlic bread (and yes the rum punch or whatever you wanted to drink was flowing). We all enjoyed sitting on the front of the catamaran coming back enjoying our desserts that Gina served. We had a special treat when Shawn spotted 2 whales we saw coming back. A great day with fantastic hosts that I highly recommend!
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Provider: Calabazza Sailing
Member Image BreeZGirl
1 review
Apr 2015
As we said before , it maybe a bit brisk being the first ones in the water ,,, however swimming with a sea turtle an feeding the fish corral or cheerios ! all a great adventure / journey !
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image firefighterman
8 reviews
Apr 2015
Bridgetown,Barbados - 5 stars. Did the RC sponsor excursions on the Pirate Boat, Barbadian Buccaneers. Lots of rum punch served after the swimming and snorkeling. We had a blast. Snorkeling was good too.
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Member Image Cel64
1 review
Mar 2015
This was a tour by Small Cats. It was great. We did the whole day snorkeling with lunch tour. We were only 11 people on the catamaran, 6 of us and 5 in the other group. They did the 1/2 day cruise so for the last couple hours the boat was ours. We enjoyed the captain and his first mate. We say lots of turtles and fish. We went to 2 ship wrecks and a turtle feeding area. The lunch on board was delicious too.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image Jiffycruise
1 review
Not Rated
Jan 2015

One of the best excursions ever!

I would highly recommend this excursion. I have been on many cruises on NCL and this excursion is one of the best by far.
When I saw the 3 items in 3 hours the excursion provided I thought to myself we would be rushed, however we were not. We were given plenty of time to do all 3 of the items, turtle snorkel, shipwreck, beach.

Turtle Snorkel:
Once on the pier, we got on line to take a short 1 minute bus ride to the powerboat that took us on a short 5 to 10 minute ride to the snorkel site. The boat held 16 passengers and is very fast but fun. Once at the snorkel site the crew got off the boat to feed the turtles. I was expecting a ladder to help us off the boat, however the crew said we could jump off the side of the boat. I never did that before so I was a bit nervous, but I did it. I could not believe how many turtles and fish we saw. They turtles came so close to us! The crew were very fun and entertaining while making sure each and everyone on the tour had a chance to see the turtles. They were just swimming left, right and below us. The turtles would come up very close to us for air. We boarded the boat by using a small ladder in the back. Just be careful of the propeller.

After a good time with the turtles, we boarded the powerboat for a short 3 minute ride to the Berwyn shipwreck. This was my very first shipwreck snorkel. I was very nervous at first but once I saw the hundreds of fish, I felt like I was one among them. We got a chance to see 2 wrecks. We had enough time to swim the full length of both boats surrounded by what seemed like thousands of fish. If you do see both wrecks, be prepared to swim a good length back to the powerboat depending on where they anchor.

After the shipwreck we boarded the powerboat for a short 3 minute ride close to the beach. The tour guide said we could stay on the boat or jumped off the side of the boat for a swim, or if we want, swim to the shore. We jumped off the boat. Be sure to wear your snorkel gear for there are sea stars and fish to see. We saw and took a picture with a beautiful Cushion sea star. Once on shore, we walked along the pink sand for a bit, then went back to the water to swim some more. After time was up we boarded the boat back to the bus that took us back to the ship.

Everyone who visits Bridgetown Barbados should take this excursion!

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Member Image hulamoon
3 reviews
Dec 2014

We took a private tour with Elegance, which does feed the fish and turtles and yes the encounters are close. The crew was extraordinarily attentive and food was the best of any snorkel trip we took.

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Member Image savycruisers
7 reviews
Not Rated
Dec 2014

Beautiful beach and quiet bay where there was a reef and beautiful weather.

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Member Image hillorie_m
1 review
Not Rated
Oct 2014

Again, a great and perfect day. The catamaran took us out to where the sea turtles live. I saw a few sea turtles. Then a huge storm blew in so we had to move. They knew exactly how long we could stay in that area before the storm reached us; they knew exactly what they were doing on the water! Next, they took us to a shipwreck. My kids absolutely LOVED snorkeling by the shipwreck. We had to go there due to the severe storm in the turtle area. The weather was obviously out of the control of the guides, although that did not prevent the Disney clients from being extremely obnoxious about it. Then they served us a hot lunch buffet that was very good; better than the food onboard the ship actually. Lastly we went to an area that had 20+ feet depth that was the most magical and clear blue water we saw anywhere. The water in Barbados is like a movie or a dream! At this location there were many huge starfish that you could see through the crystal blue water. We finished our time by sailing and have desert. It was a memorable day!

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Member Image slabeaume
10 reviews
Not Rated
Apr 2014

This is a port we've been to before, but that time I didn't think there was snorkling from the shore so I went on a photography tour. Although the port is nothing to look at, I was very impressed with Barbados---especially the scenery on the East coast. This time, I read there was good snorkeling from the shore at Folkestone Marine Park. So we walked off the ship about 8:30 and were on our way to the taxi line when one of them came up to us. RT to Folkestone (about 30 minutes north) was about $27@. He offered a tour for $100 including dropping us off and picking us back up later from Folkestone. We didn't have $100 cash, so offered him $80. He accepted and we were off on our private tour. It was a nice but short tour. I had hoped to see the Scottish area again and Bathsheba, but he stayed strictly on the northwest side. Guess I can't blame him for the price we paid the the cost of gas (I think it was about $2.50/liter). We still saw some pretty sights! It was about 10 when we got to Folkestone Marine Park. We asked him to come back for us about 2. They had recently renovated the area around the park---new lockers, store, rock wall by the beach and a new concrete walkway along the beach. Hardly anyone there, lifeguard, lots of shade, beautiful water!---it was fantastic! After a couple hours of snorkeling, we got out. I would have gone back in, but didn't want to be soaked when the taxi driver came back. So I took a walk along the new walkway. A short ways to the left was a cute beachfront Italian restaurant. I can't believe there weren't more people at Folkestone Park and surrounding area! It's a definite Gem! When I got back from my walk, our driver was there.

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Provider: taxi at port
Member Image wmfisher
2 reviews
Feb 2014

we coudn't book Harrison caves and instead decided to go to a beach and snorkel. Not too manny reefs
but it was great to just be in the warm water and sun

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