Montego Bay Beach Break Excursion Reviews

Montego Bay Beach Break cruise excursion
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Savor the sun and cast away stress as you enjoy a beach break excursion on Montego Bay's white sand beaches.
Member Image Tuckaroos
1 review
Jul 2016
We took a taxi to doctor's cave beach and it was lovely - but got very busy later on. the "taxi" tried to up-sell everyone on the bus an entire day of "beach, shopping, etc." for $30 each and then tried to let us stop and see a lookout of the beach (for 3 minutes) from a gift shop. lol this is a scam used everywhere. luckily everyone on the transport said no. take us to the beach. ($7 per person each way).
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image Sghoward70
2 reviews
Apr 2016
Went to Secrets Resort. Great time, plenty of food,and pools. They supply towels so do not bring them.
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Member Image jomagcin1
1 review
Feb 2016
nice beach day
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Member Image PenK
3 reviews
Jan 2016
For $119 each, it was NOT worth it!!! One of those all you can eat all you can drink all you can do type excursions. This is the second one we've ever done like this. Stay away. The seaweed/kelp undergrowth kept me out of the water. Although the resort was beautiful, we were competing with another cruiseline's passengers and the resorts occupants for chairs. We must have walked 15 minutes looking for chairs to sit in sun. Very crowded! Food was hotdogs, hamburgers, jerk chicken, fries...not a buffet setting. Drinks seriously watered down (not surprising). Too windy to wind surf and paddleboard, and too kelpy to snorkel. Waste of time and money.
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Member Image branfam4
1 review
Jun 2015
I don't know where we were... LOL!.... we were on a tour and they dropped us off at a beach for a while. It was beautiful and great! See above tour notes :-)
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Member Image bearstartribe
1 review
May 2015
Jamaica is dirty and poverty stricken. Business owners and cabbies so needy. Safety is in my opinion ok. I did not have an issue with it. Beach was great. Everything costs so bring $$$
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Member Image malc999
1 review
Mar 2015
taken to a very pleasant location where we saw beautiful beaches and fantastic scenery. the bars were very clean and well priced, a good spot usually to find free wi fi
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Provider: utours
Member Image dmdiver
5 reviews
Not Rated
Jan 2015

This was one of the pricier all inclusives that I recall, but it was very nice. The bus ride to the resort was 5-10 minutes. The resort provided us with towels, so we didn't even use our CCL towels. I know there were multiple pools, but I opted for their large hot tub instead. They had an outdoor restaurant, multiple bars, including a swim-up pool bar, beach area, burger stand, jerk chicken stand. The staff was friendly. There was a 3-person band that we enjoyed listening to & chatting with. I think one of our group got their business card. We wanted to stay longer, so we let the bus go on without us and got a taxi back to the ship. I forget what we each paid (6 of us), but it was minimal & well worth being able to spend an extra hour and a half at the resort.

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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image vriend
1 review
Dec 2014

For those that are interested we have real pictures of what they advertise as the "pristine white sandy beaches" of Chukka Beach! Uh-uh, this was a very sad outing! Chukka is a narrow strip of tan colored sandy beach that barely accommodates a busload of tourists. We had the additional misfortune to be there when enormous drifts of seaweed washed ashore in such quantities that the poor Jamaican worker with his rake and wheelbarrow was completely overwhelmed. This excursion was certainly not worth the 50 minute bus ride from Montego Bay. The small overpriced shore/bar served jerk chicken for lunch, which the bus driver warned was "hot going in, even hotter coming out!". All tourists were stuck on this 100 yard thin stretch of beach with desperate locals hawking their wares at each end of the beach. There was a guard to keep the locals from entering our area and harassing us, but now and then he'd leave and the bravest locals would descend upon us with vigor. As soon as he'd return they'd scatter. We felt trapped and couldn't wait to return to the ship. Not recommended!

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Member Image Avelinnne
1 review
Jul 2014

See Above

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Provider: Resort for a Day
Member Image Coral5
1 review
May 2014
Perfect right off the cruise and straight to the beach. Great location close to the ship. We loved this beach, it was absolutely gorgeous and was so close to the port that we could go back and shop and take our packages to the ship and then go back to our chairs at the beach.
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Member Image cliffjumpergirl
3 reviews
Sep 2013

We took a cab and went to Doctors Cove beach. Great day in the sun. Cost is 6 dollars to get in per person, 6 dollars for a chair, 6 dollars for an umbrella. Great beach bar service! Very few vendors to bother you.

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Member Image dchi72
1 review
Not Rated
Jun 2013

Awesome experience

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Provider: Jamaica for a Day
Member Image gubby4
1 review
Feb 2013
In Montego Bay we went to Sunset Beach which is an all inclusive beach, including a grill by the pool which is open all day and a wonderful buffet which was open from 12-2:30. This beach is paradise. My husband and I took our 2 teenagers and absolutely loved this beach. It has several slides and a lazy river. with a very nice pool area. The beach water even at this time was extremely nice. The hotel was very clean. We took a taxi which was 3 dollars per person and it was only 10minutes from the ship.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image southtexas
1 review
Dec 2012
Took van to Doctor's Cave Beach. Beach was okay, but very crowded. Montego Bay very over-rated. would not be in a hurry to travel to that region again. People very rude and loud and pushy
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Member Image DeeDeeBakes
1 review
Nov 2012
Very expensive trip not meeting expectations or description in cruise material. Beautiful grounds and atmosphere. Drinks were fine, food was huge disappointment. This is the last time we will go for the all inclusive beach excursions, we have never been satisfied.
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Member Image newBell11
2 reviews
Oct 2012

We were at the Hilton Rose Hall. For Jamaica I would give this a 5+ because I am not that impressed with Jamaica in general. For a resort, I give it a 4 because the beach was dirty and not that inviting. The property was very pretty and we loved the lazy river and swim up bar. Our waiter, Ivan was great too!

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Member Image Von Boyage
1 review
Jul 2012
Fun day at the beach. Kayaking and lunch were included. Excellent DJ. Food was okay.
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Member Image ILuvDW
2 reviews
Jun 2012
Irie Mon Beach Party - A fun day at the beach with food and drinks, including alchohol. Plenty of seats and you can rent an umbrella for $5, which I recommend due to the fierce sun. Food was hotdogs (which were a strange red color), hamburgers, jerk chicken, a pork dish that I did not try, salad, and desserts. Plenty of drinks!
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Member Image TylerTxCruiser
1 review
Jun 2012
Booked the Irie Mon Beach Party excursion. A short 15 - 20 minute bus trip took us from the dock to Cromwell Beach. Noticed upon entry that the beach was "closed until 3PM" which made it private to the excursion guests. Beautiful white sand beach with lounges provided. Water was pristine! Beach umbrellas were available to rent for $6. Rum punch, sodas, fruit punch and bottled water were complimentary and readily available. A lunch buffet was provided that included jerk chicken and pork, hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, rice and peas, fruit, cookies and cupcakes. Our group thought the food was excellent. Plenty to do at the beach. There was a climbing wall and trampoline set up in the water, areas to snorkel (They will rent snorkel gear but we brought our own) and the hosts set up numerous beach games that one may participate in. My wife followed an approximate 3 foot ray on one of her snorkel dives.
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Member Image BellaBee
2 reviews
May 2012
We wanted our three year old son's first beach experience to be an international one. We were not disappointed. Up first was the Irie Mon Beach Party in Jamaica. We had seen this party on our first cruise and were concerned about it being a drunk fest. It was all the food and alcohol you could eat and drink. We were pleasantly surprised. We had a lot of families with us. The food was good, the drinks flowing freely but no one was getting out of line. The beach was beautiful and only being used by Carnival and Royal Caribbean. We had chairs and paid $5 for an umbrella. This was a very fun day with our child. We loved it.
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Member Image marimojo
1 review
Apr 2012
I love the Lazy River, the beach was very windy. The food was amazing, Jamaican chicken and pork, awesome!!! It was a beautiful day and so close to the port. We took the bus they sent for us - but we ended up taking a cab back to the ship. Next time, we will just use a cab for getting there too.
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Provider: Jamaica for a Day
Member Image sarvin4
7 reviews
Apr 2012
This is our third time at Sunset Beach. I thought it was perfect. We found shade on the beach under almond trees. It wasn't at all crowded. Everything the resort has to offer was included. There was a water park, pool with poolside bar and a delicious Caribbean buffet was included. Oh, and free drinks. The drinks were a bit watered down, but that's probably a good thing considering how many we drank. The cost for the day is $60 each.
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Provider: Sunset Beach Resort
Member Image citasocita
1 review
Mar 2012
This was a joke. With 5 other cruise ships in port, we had about 1/4 of a football field on the beach and water ares for about 500 people. The ocean was roped off and you couldn't cross the line because security said it was another "party".
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Member Image savvypueblochick
9 reviews
Feb 2012
Port#1 Montego Bay, Jamaica. Hot, unfriendly, dirty, and poor. Think of the ghettos from the movie District 9. We did the Erie Mon Beach Party excursion. The beach is lovely, the white sand struck me as being a little contrived with the perfectly lined up lounge chairs and same-color umbrellas. We were shocked to learn we had to pay extra for an umbrella! I was also discomfited by the asking for tips BEFORE a service was to be performed. The locals have a sort of "unspoken aggression" about them which made me wary and nervous. The water's entry is sharp with shells and rocks, I highly recommend swim shoes to protect your feet. There is a certain dichotomy on this island that is hard to explain; a sort of sweet (pristine white sand beaches, turquoise oceans) and sour (sullen resentful inhabitants) which left a bad taste in my mouth.
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