Ocho Rios Irie Blue Hole Excursion Reviews

Ocho Rios Irie Blue Hole cruise excursion
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This 20 foot cascading waterfall is definitely a hidden gem in the hills of Ocho Rios. The blue hazy waters are deep enough for the exhilarating cliff jumps & dives, and children enjoy the Tarzan Rope Swing.
Member Image AroundTheWhirl
1 review
Feb 2017
Wear water shoes! Beautiful area. You don't have to jump in the blue holes if you don't want to-still gorgeous scenery and great surroundings. Loved it. Did tubing after that-lots of fun, and ended with delicious jerk chicken and rum punch. Our friendly guides sand Bob Marley as we floated along-loved it.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image iknewsome
1 review
Feb 2017
This was an amazing time. Everyone was pushed out of their comfort zone by jumping into this beautiful water. Would recommend it to anyone. They take pictures for you, and for a large group, splitting the cost and they gave everyone their own copy of the CDs
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Provider: JUTA
Member Image rinzler78
1 review
Jan 2017
Blue Hole was an amazing life experience! If you have the chance please do yourself a favor and go. Don't be afraid to take a chance and jump off a 30 foot ledge and plunge into the blue waters below, it's a thrill and a life event you'll cherish for years.
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Provider: Courtney Taylor Tours
Member Image MaxineTurner
1 review
Dec 2016
Very rugged attraction. Under development. Fabulous swimming spot away from crowds. Our guide showed off his diving skills for us. Very pleasant.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image gators66
1 review
Nov 2016
It was terrible. It was packed full of people and our friend was severely injured due to no fault of his own. The guides were ill-prepared and things were moving way too quickly and all at the same time. never again!!
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Provider: unk
Member Image jjfanoele
2 reviews
Nov 2016
Booked a private tour for 10 with Courtney Taylor to the Blue Hole, Beach break and lunch at Scotchies. The drive up to the Blue Hole is an adventure in itself. Crazy Dave (driver) and Kim (tour guide) were great! The Blue Hole was beautiful but challenging, the guides were so caring and really made sure everyone was safe and felt comfortable. The weather wasn't great, so we skipped the beach and spent longer at lunch. Scotchies is a really cool atmosphere and food is great!
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Provider: Courtney Taylor tours
Member Image rb80
5 reviews
Oct 2016
Waterfall and swimming hole combined. Moderate activity level.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image Guille2228
1 review
Aug 2016
Irie Blue Hole is a must. Cliff jumping and great tour guides that make a very fun experience.
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Provider: MSC Cruises
Member Image wgeddings
6 reviews
Nov 2015
Peat grew up near the Blue Hole so had many things to add and they showed us the hydroelectric plant which depended on huge wooden pipes. There were people along the roadside selling special brownies but we did not stop. Last time we were in Ocho Rios, we did Dunns River Falls which was good but wanted to do Blue Hole this time. It was a good decision! Blue Hole is very hard to describe and the best way to understand it is to look for some of the videos on YouTube. There are waterfalls you can jump from and smaller jumps of only about 10 feet. Others have asked about safety, about handrails and such and I can safely tell you that the guides here are excellent. Peat and Vincent handed us off to local guides who closely watched us and were quick to grab the arm or hand of anyone having any kind of trouble or who might have trouble. They did an incredible job of making sure it was very safe. They also scampered up and down the rocks like mountain goats and I remain amazed at their agility and surefootedness. There is a big waterfall at the end and several of the younger once wanted to jump from about half-way down. The guide just grabbed them (one at a time) and carried them down to a position about half-way like they were on a dry gentle hill. Needless to say the kids loved that! We all ended up jumping more than we thought we would and had a great time. The guides here earned their tips. While Dunn River Falls was certainly pretty and you got to walk up them, at Blue Hole you get very similar sights but a lot more fun jumping and swimming. I would definitely recommend doing Blue Hole rather than Dunn River Falls. Overall, I would definitely recommend both of these excursions and highly recommend Peat Taylor Tours. Blue Hole and White River Tubing are both privately operated so regardless of where you book it, you are likely to be handled by the same people. The payment to Peat Taylor included your admission and fees at both locations. We also tipped Peat and Vincent since we enjoyed their touring and help. His pre-cruise communication was great and he was very responsive. My suggestion about the beer and water is only a very minor thing and I tend to stick with who and what I trust. I trust Peat Taylor and I know if I am in Jamaica, he is who I will contact for any tour. I will mention that as soon as we were all on the bus at the start out of the port, the biggest negative happened. Peat started talking about how he had beer, water and soda in his cooler and water was $3 per bottle, beer was more. $3 per bottle for water is excessive and throughout the tour, he kept harping on it and the beer and wanting us to buy some. It hurt his tips. He would have been better off to have free water (out of a cooler into paper cups) or selling it for a reasonable price or just simply not mentioning it over and over.
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Provider: Peat Taylor Tours
Member Image Craner4
1 review
Apr 2015
Great company and an amazing day for the whole family. THe guides were wonderfull with my children and me when I was scared climbing down the waterfall. A day my family will never forget.
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Provider: Jiatal
Member Image bphawk64
2 reviews
Mar 2015
Awesome experience. Would go back every time in Ocho Falls. Beautiful area that looks to be straight out of a Tarzan movie. Excellent tour from Courtney Taylor Tours and very reasonably priced.
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Provider: Courtney Taylor Tours
Member Image MattAndSunny
1 review
Mar 2015
The Blue Hole was a blast, the lazy river fun and Scotchies - an unexpected roadside joint with awesome food. The boys raved about it. Our driver - Richard was smart, informative, gave us great highlights about the island, the area, etc.. Richard is worth asking for.
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Provider: Marvin Gayle
Member Image Traveler4k
8 reviews
Mar 2015

I am not a fan of Jamaica and tried the Blue Hole rather then Dunn's River Falls. Unfortunately, you must be "guided" by people who make it clear they aren't being paid by the property owner even though one already pays an admission. Therefore, it is another tip and they make you want to give them as much as possible. Unfortunately I fell down and  my knee was bleeding and I elected to leave early (sorry for the gross details). I also saw Ocho Rios (not much to see) and saw some of the ghetto areas in St Mary's parrish (this is where the tour guide took us). I would have elected something nicer for the day. Next time, I will stay on board if I am in Jamaica!

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Provider: Marvyn Tours
Member Image smariba
1 review
Not Rated
Nov 2014

This was by far one of the most beautiful, fun excursions I have ever done. The tour guides were amazing, really fun & knowledgeable. This was certainly off the beaten path, after a bit of a drive on a super bumpy road, we climb down to this beautiful waterfall on the river. The water is gorgeous, we did some climbing, jumping, swinging, swimming. It was great. The guides took tons of pictures of us. We were the only group there, it was like our own private oasis!

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Provider: Liberty Tours
Member Image SJK120
1 review
Not Rated
Jul 2014

Blue Hole was amazing!! It is a must see! Our guide, Omar was really a sweet kid! He was helpful, careful and stood by our side the entire time. You will enjoy every minute of the experience, it is beautiful. Wear water shoes and shorts. Go to The Blue Hole and ask for Omar! And give Omar a nice tip too!! He deserves it!

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Provider: Peat Taylor Tours
Member Image Procook7
1 review
Mar 2014

This company was recommended by a friend. They offer many choices, Made reservation ahead on-line, and they had our names and were expecting us. This port is very organized and it's easy to get on a tour. (Honestly doesn't look like those booked with the cruise line are any different.) The ride is about 1/2 an hour, it was interesting and you see how the people live there. Our guide spoke the whole way...There is a pretty waterfall, you get to jump into the water with several options of where to go in...either from a high jump, a lower jump or even in a cave that goes under the waterfall, and then swing from a tarzan rope in another section. You NEED water shoes...I didn't have them and wish I had. Something else I wish I would have known is that You can ask to stay longer and play in the water (once you get used to the COLD temperature), you can go on the rope again or jump again... but you need to know to ask or they tell you to go to the side and wait for the driver...we waited doing nothing for 45 minutes and then the driver said we could stay another hour and he would come back but we already got dressed. If you don't it's a pretty short excursion if you don't combine it with something else like tubing or Dunn's River falls.

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Provider: Peat Taylor
Member Image Lulabelle520
1 review
Not Rated
Feb 2014

We booked with an independent named Noel through Chris Linton tours. The whole island is full of people haranguing you for dollars, it is a very poor country. He took care of us and we never felt unsafe except for some of the crazy driving that all the locals do. Took us to the blue hole, which was incredible, Skotchies in the jerk village (best chicken we've ever eaten), and a beach where the water was so gorgeous!...all for 150 plus tip and meal. We also paid $10 for the blue hole and paid our guide Ice Cold, who was equally amazing a $20 tip. These are kids, but very attentive and practiced in navigating the falls safely with all kinds of people. The Blue Hole is not to be missed. As far as
Our driver, there always seemed to be something sketchy going on in the background. We observed him getting paid off to take us to a shop to buy souvenirs...I told my party as soon as we got there that he was getting a kickback for bringing us, it was very expensive, even though he sId he was taking us to a less expensive area. But all in all. It is the way of these very poor people. We had a great day, felt safe, he was very personable and took good care of us for what we felt was a very reasonable price and stayed with us the whole time. We were also informed at the end that the original tour guide Chris, who did pay us a visit , was going to take a cut of the money of course, so we ended up tipping him another $20 each couple. Beautiful place, but be awAre that everyone is on the take and expecting a tip for everything.

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Provider: Chris Linton tours
Member Image dispachcops
2 reviews
Not Rated
Dec 2013

Irie Blue Hole is the best of Jamaica. Imagine Dunns River Falls without 2000 people combined with cliff diving... Our guides (Mike and Taj) were the best, personable and very helpful, knew the river and falls like the back of their hands and were well deserving of their tips. Our taxi driver was ours for the day at $25/per person and was the best. Google search "Rusty Irie blue hole" to find his info. Icebread at yahoo if you cant find it yourself. Had a blast.

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Provider: Courtney
Member Image pinksugar
6 reviews
Not Rated
Nov 2013

Amazing! Awesome! Beautiful!! Totally recommend! Cliffs to jump off and ropes to swing from!! The water was really cold, but refreshing! The guy that took us from top to bottom of the Hole was Great! He carried my daughter who is 4 yrs old during the hard parts of the climb! This place hardly had any people and we had spent a good 2 hours here! It was the best part of the cruise! This place is Awesome!!!!

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Provider: Peat Taylor Tours
Member Image Jarnocan
2 reviews
Mar 2013
WOW, this is a phenomenal trip but a little off the beaten path, and not for the faint of heart or weak. I think this is an up and coming place to visit and it will be interesting to see what happens in the future. The guides are very talented, informative and friendly. This is a scenic trip and also part show and activity. There is a lovely waterfall which sometimes runs more forcibly; which means sometimes you can jump in from up further and climb further and sometimes it is too dangerous. It is beautiful in any condition. You watch the young men jump and dive in from various heights, even from a tall tree and then you can try and will be encouraged and helped to navigate the currents. Currently I think it is best for very small groups but they are building more walkways and facilities. Thank you Peat Taylor + Co. for taking us to this unique and lovely place and people.
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Provider: Peat Taylor
Member Image quercus alba
3 reviews
Mar 2013
Big highlight for the kids to jump into the deep water from the high cliffs. Guides hovered attentively and seemed to know what they were doing.
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Provider: Courtney Taylor

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