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Cozumel Xrails cruise excursion
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If you're looking for extreme adventure, the Xrails in Cozumel will take you there! On this guided unforgettable excursion, you will learn of Mexico's amazing culture while driving in Xrail vehicles through Cozumel's natural habitat.
Member Image Happy Feet70
1 review
Oct 2015
Mine was Xcaret. Gorgeous!! Need more time though. All day event and cruise doesn't give you enough time.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image enviro_phd
1 review
Apr 2015
Was very fun. Not as dirty as advertised. Also, no relics or artifacts to speak of. We were lead to believe the trail was through the forest with ruins. NO ruins at all. a dirt trail to the caverns and back... They charge way to much for everything (food, bandanas or video). And high pressure for minimum of 30% tip to tour guides.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image edenracer
1 review
Jan 2015

The Xrails are a two person dune buggy. The tour is supposed to last for 3-1/2 hours. 45 minutes to a sinkhole, 1-1/2 hours at the sinkhole and then a 45 minute return trip. A 1/2 hour to sell you stuff at the end.
The vehicles are junk! This is because the trail we went down was extremely rocky, I'm talking rocks sticking straight up a foot or more. Nothing can hold up under this punishment except a billy goat.
We had 5 breakdowns total to the sinkhole and back. The vehicles could not be repaired immediatly and required us to wait to get another junk vehicle that would just break down again. We had vehicles losing wheels, tie rod and all! Engine problems, I was lucky my vehicle didn't start on fire since the carbuerator was leaking and bare twisted wires were directly underneath.
We only spent a half hour at the sinkhole because of all the breakdowns.
I almost forgot, the person who was leading the tour had a breakdown and I had to let him ride on the side of my vehicle all the way back from the sinkhole.
When we got back they probably did the hardest sell I have ever encountered for tips, he would stop the tour and give us some hard luck story about having five kids, he only looked seventeen years old.
Then after we got back he went to each person individually and put out his helmet asking for a tip the second time. Oh yea, at the beginning they try to sell you useless stuff at outragous prices.
Until they get their act together I would not spend the $169.99 dollars for this!

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Member Image _RaveN_
2 reviews
Dec 2014
Wild Tours was great in communicating with us and then a great day of fun!!! A bumpy muddy ride through the jungle and then a leap into the waters of the Jade Cavern. It is not for the faint of heart but a tonne of fun. The path is very hard on the vehicles so don't be surprised if there is a breakdown or two along the way. They help you out and get everyone moving again. You go fast and get filthy so bring a change of clothes if you want to avoid heading back to the ship after the tour.
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Provider: Wild Tours
Member Image pinksugar
6 reviews
Not Rated
Apr 2014

Booked Excursion with Island Marketing, LTD who in turn then found us what we were looking for, and we wanted a tour doing off road buggy's. The lady at Island Marketing, LTD hooked us up with a company called, Wild Tours! This was the BEST Excursion we've ever done in our whole life!! This is not for the faint of heart tho, or for anyone with back or neck problems, or for that...for one with any problems, lol. It's very rough and heart throbbing! Very Fast!! But FUN!! We arrived at the meeting point and they took us on a taxi to Wild Tours. It was only us and 2 other couples that did the tour! Bring bandanas and sunglasses!! If not they sell bandanas there, and they have goggles for you to use if no sunglasses. Helmets are provided, and believe me you'll need them. My husband kept hitting his head on the railing up top, lol. This was Very Fun with only a little of us, because it allowed us to go fast and not have to wait on other people!! My husband drove, there is no power steering and these things can get away from you!! It was a very fun ride to the area we went to....arrival to "Jade Caverns"! Very cool and pretty place!! Bats...Yes!! Bats....were all in this cave area and we got to swim with them all above our heads! My husband and I both jumped off the 10 foot cliff into the water there! The water did not smell the best, actually it smelled like sewer water, but it's because of the sulfer in the water. It was not dirty water, actually was very clean and clear!! Our guide showed us by taking an empty water bottle and filling it full of the water there! Once we seen that we were okay to get in, lol. After we did all that then we rode back, again fast and rough!! Get ready to get DIRTY! Once at the end they have showers for you to wash off in. Then you can buy the pictures of the trip and they also make a video!! We bought it all! And plus got 2 tee shirts! Wild Tours did an amazing job at making sure we had a Great time!! For sure the BEST!!

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Provider: Island Marketing, LTD
Member Image dispachcops
2 reviews
Not Rated
Dec 2013

Had a blast.... wore white on purpose and the before / after pix were funny. Wear water shoes, crocks, or shoes you can throw away... make sure your bladder is empty!!!

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Member Image JHappel
1 review
Dec 2013

Listed above, no wow factor, service disappointing.

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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image FrkAintEz
1 review
Jun 2013

very good excursion

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Member Image Derusha
2 reviews
Nov 2012
2nd time in Cozumel so generally knew what to expect from a Port-perspective. Cozumel is generally clean, safe, easy to navigate and offers many choices for activities. This time we decided to do the X-Rails which is basically like a 2-person vehicle with an exposed motor and metal cage around it. We started out questionable but ended with a bang. The tour offers a few added touches in addition to the X-Rail ride in that they take your picture with various 'wild' animals (goes to charity, purchase is optional). The tour seemed large which was a bit concerning. My family was last in line and it turned out, they didn't have enough X-Rails. We let the kids get in the last one and my husband and I stood around watching everyone get ready to go. A few minutes later we were lead to another area where 2 mechanics were feverishly working on trying to get the final X-Rail working. They finally got it to start after we watched everyone drive off. We were told we were getting a very junky one and that they would switch it out with us for a better one down the trail a ways. We finally caught up to the group. A few comments in general: there are a few types of drivers (1) those who don't want to get dirty and want to take this out for a Sunday drive (2) those who like a few bumps and can handle a little mud below the knees and (3) those who don't want to come out looking the way they came in and want to test the limits. The bigger the tour, the greater the chance these various types of people are in the tour. Because everyone rides in a neat little line, it can be very frustrating to be in the 2 or 3 category and be behind a 1. I would see people back off and let slower X-Rails just move ahead a bit only to floor it for a few seconds to get a quick thrill. The first 20 minutes of our tour was brutal as various people experienced breakdowns, including a blown tire. The guides took care of these unforeseen occurrences as fast as possible but it became frustrating after awhile to just sit and wait. We got to Jade Caverns and that was a neat place. We finally got our X-Rail replaced with a better one but we were at the very back of the line. There was a lot of dust and a lot of slowness. We finally asked the guide if we could hang back a bit and just hit the gas and catch up so we could at least feel like we were getting a good ride. He was fine with that. It turned out that since we were at the end they let us do some really cool stuff with the X-Rail because we could allow more distance without holding up anyone else. We ended up having a blast on this tour and it was the highlight of our trip. The guides were great.
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Provider: Wild Tours
Member Image sueby
1 review
Nov 2012
be prepared to get dirty. Heaps of fun but definitely not for anyone with back or neck problems. We were getting plenty of air when we went over some of those bumps. Great fun for teenagers
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