Puerto Vallarta Zip-lining Excursion Reviews

Puerto Vallarta Zip-lining cruise excursion
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Have a blast soaring through the jungles of Puerto Vallarta on this zip-lining expedition.
Member Image wfibekfjqb
1 review
Oct 2016
We took an hour drive into the mountains of P.V. and hiked up a fairly easy hiking trail. We zip lined through the mountians and forest. It was an adrenaline rushing experience, very fun.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image Capt-G
1 review
Sep 2016
Fun, physical. It was around 100 degrees F with 98% humidity. We were also very lucky that no one was bothered by mosquitoes or any other insect. Previous reviews I read said that mosquitoes were a problem.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image SoulMatters
1 review
Mar 2016
Was lead to believe it was 13 or 14 zip lines, and it ended up being 7. But the staff on the zip lines were very friendly and helpful, always taking safety in consideration. It was fun, but very taxing with the uphill hikes in the heat and humidity. I did not like the rope ladder climb, the tight rope walk, and the standing zip was too short to even bother. I would not do this excursion again.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image carinainacar
2 reviews
Dec 2015
Booked independently through Los Veranos, saved a lot of money from booking through the cruise line itself and had a lot of fun. Highly recommend looking into them for zip-lining excursions.
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Provider: Los Veranos
Member Image eclectictaste
1 review
Not Rated
Dec 2014

Had a great time zip lining, we just went ashore and hooked up with one of many vendors offering their services. Canopy Mundo Nogalito Tour is the place we went, the guides were truly excellent, definitely 5 star service providers.

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Provider: Canopy Mundo Nogalito Tour
Member Image lyndenrunner
1 review
Not Rated
Oct 2014

Did the Canopy Adventure. Ziplining and Rappeling.... Had a blast... but beware you can't take pictures on the trip and they are fairly expensive.

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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image ingreece
9 reviews
Apr 2014

After exiting the ship we purchased a zip lining tour from a tour company right inside the port gates. We found out that a family of six paid only paid $150 for the tour that my and my son paid $120 for! This family bought their tickets outside the port (they weren't on the ship) and they were Mexicans. That is the way it works right? Cruise passengers frequently pay more for tours!
I didn't care for the transportation up to El Eden. We rode on bench seats in the back of a truck! It wasn't safe at all!! But, thankfully we survived and most of all we survived 70 mile an hour zips over a river. I will not do this again!!! I did it for my 10 year old and can say we checked that box. They try to sell you very expensive photos at the end. It was quite a beautiful place but I wonder how many people have been hurt. It is very difficult to slow yourself down.

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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image dejrfan
1 review
Not Rated
Mar 2014

The canopy tour through Vallarta Adventures was the highlight of the trip. An absolute amazing experience and would do it again tomorrow. The guides were excellent and it was all about safety and having a good time.

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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image calx
1 review
Mar 2014

DO NOT book with carnival as it is way more expensive. If you book directly with vallarta adventures it is $90 for the extreme tour. The only difference is you avoid the chaos at the port trying to get on shuttles and you take your own taxi to there office where everyone from the ship is heading . It is approx $2 per person and less than 5 minutes away. From the office you are taken on your excursion with the cruise people. When the excursion ends, if you booked with Carnival, they take you back to the boat, if you booked direct they take you back to the office. Since we were the only two people directly booked, they took us back to boat with the rest of the cruisers which was great.

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Provider: vallarta adventures
Member Image sunnyvegas
2 reviews
Dec 2013

The zip-lining adventure has a 45 minute drive on each end and the zip-lines are not as long as I had hoped. However, the scenery is beautiful and it is an experience. You can buy the photo package which is $60 for the cd with 4 photos printed on site.

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Member Image kinghippy
1 review
Nov 2012
The Zip lining tour takes you through a picturesque little Mexican village.
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Member Image pistoliom
1 review
Jun 2012
AMAZING!!!!! BEST PART OF THE CRUISE!!! LOVE this place. Wish carnival would do 2 days here and 1 in Cabo. Did the adventure tours zip lining booked through carnival. It's a shame this was our first zip lining tour because I'm not sure anything will ever come close to comparing to this adventure. We took a high speed boat to the location got out took a 4x4 up the mountain. Got on donkeys to take us up to the very top and then zip lined down 10 or 12 different lines and repelled down 2 waterfalls. Staff is great and safety is #1. Some ladies in the group were scared and they worked really well with them. Had few beers and some food while we waited for our pictures (extra charges). They took us back to the ship via the boat the waves were rougher this time and it was quite a ride! We went back on the ship got washed off and cleaned up and headed into to town for some shopping. The shops are beautiful and the shop keepers are HONEST! The same boots in Cabo were several hundred dollars cheap here. Such a great deal I couldn't even haggle with the sweet shop keeper. Tequila samples everywhere mostly the flavored kinds but they are yummy. Everyone is friendly I would go back for a full week vacation here. We headed deeper into town and found a nice little bar sat on the small balcony butchered our way through a conversation, drank coronas and people watched. The bar we stopped at didn't have food so we headed back towards the ship and got a massive mound of guacamole at the restaurant right by the ship. Kind of pricey but it was really good.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image crazytranscriptionist
1 review
Mar 2012
Thursday we docked at Puerto Vallarta. We knew we wanted to zip line but the package through the ship was $130/person! Seriously??? I had done my research and knew I could find something for $80ish. We got off the ship and Tony found us. He told us he would take us to a zip line, wait for us, then drive us to a great shopping place, and wait for us, and take us back to the ship, for just $60 each (yes, including the zip line). We were worried . . . does "too good to be true" ring any bells? But it was great. If you're thinking about going zip lining, you have to go with Canopy River!! Romero and Juanito were our guides and they were amazing! We had 13 people in our group but 1 stayed back because she was afraid of heights. I think there were 14 zip lines. They crossed canyons and went over rivers. Sooo much fun! The last line he had us go upside down and run our fingers across the river. After one of the lines half way through there was someone there with cold wet washcloths for our faces and fruit! Yea! After the last line they had burrows for us to ride back up to the top which was a blast. We had lunch there and it was the best food I had (yes, including the ship food). During lunch the photographer presented us with his deal. It was $90 but they took about 25 pictures of each of us and they were well worth the money. We did the "Predator" zip line last time we cruised and it was okay but not even close to as much fun and cost twice as much. Tony was there waiting for us and drove us back to town to shop. He was great and pointed out a lot while we were driving. He took us shopping, waited for us and got us back to the ship. When we got to the ship, our teenagers all took pictures with Tony and each tipped him $5! (I think he got $100 tip combined which is a lot fur us but well worth it!)
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Member Image slickl
1 review
Feb 2012
Fabulous tour. Great tour with professional guides. Very safe. Very high fun quotient.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line

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