Grand Cayman Parasailing Excursion Reviews

Grand Cayman Parasailing cruise excursion
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Enjoy a bird's eye view of Grand Cayman on an aquatic parasailing adventure.
Member Image gadmo
1 review
Aug 2015
The line snapped. Not joking. My girlfriend and i booked through discount excursions, who have a booth on grand cayman's pier, after being sold out through the ship's shore excursions desk. We were the first to go, and went tandem with no issues - it was gorgeous and wonderful and we had a great time. Then, the second pair of people went and the rope snapped. We thought we were going to watch two people die. It turned out, they got very lucky - they just kind of hovered in mid air and floated to the ocean where their life vests kept them afloat while the boat raced over to where they were. They could have just as easily plummeted into water or drifted much further out to sea or slammed into a shoreline building. In other words - the line snapped and these poor people fell 400 feet into the ocean.
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Provider: Discount Excursions
Member Image popeyeal
1 review
Apr 2015
I gave it three stars due to how it started. We walked a few short blocks to the pick up point which was a small pier next to a rocky beach area that was not clean (garbage and dog poop). There was no shade or seating. the first group of 8 went out fairly quick. The rest of us (11) ended waiting 45 minutes to be picked up. The boat out to the parasail boat cycled through picking up at the beach to the parasail boat to Seven Mile Beach then back to the original pick up point. Once we finally got to parasail boat we had a great time with the crew and parasailing.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line
Member Image joevancil
3 reviews
Mar 2015
My favorite excursion on the whole cruise. This was my first time parasailing. Although the ride was quick and the price was high for the amount of time you get, this was THE PLACE you want to do this. The water at Grand Cayman is amazing, and even though this was a bit pricey, if I had it to do over again, I'd have just booked more time in the air.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image daisy3774
1 review
Mar 2015
Such a great time, but wish we had done more!! The host company was awesome and we have some great pictures. Amazing experience to be flying so high above the cruise ships.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image XxxHannaXxx
1 review
Mar 2014

Our second port the cruise ship went to was agenda atman. This was a beautiful place to go. However the ship wasnt able to dock up close, so everyone had to tender. The tender boats and sea were terrible that day. When on our way back, many people were not at the ship on time. Many people were confused with ship time and Grand Caymen time. When we arrived onto the Caymen Islands, it was beautiful. We caught a ride to seven mile beach for an excursion. As part of the Seven Mile Beach, there were many water sports. We did parasailing for $120.00 for 3 people to go up. Parasailing for the first time, was an amazing experience. The water was gorgeous and the ride was worth it. It was about a 15 minute ride. I would definitely recommend parasailing in Grand Caymen.

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Provider: At Seven Mile Beach
Member Image rkb1970
1 review
Dec 2012
My son chose to do this with my husband. My husband and I have done this before and I didn't think too much of it. But my son LOVED every minute of it!
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image gcalli1
2 reviews
Feb 2012
We were parasailing through a company (I believe it was Discount Excursions) that is located very close to the pier -just about 2 blocks away. This was very convenient, and the price was far better than anything offered through the cruise lines. We had a great time!!! It was a beautiful day, and the views were stunning. With just a little Internet work, you can save about 50% by booking this yourself instead.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line

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