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Costa Maya Jeep Tour cruise excursion
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One of the most popular ways to explore Costa Maya is by Jeep, which offers a mix of fresh air and adventure. Drive deep into jungle trails, isolated terrain and secluded beaches.
Member Image Packerkay
1 review
Mar 2017
This was a fun excursion and only dropped to very good because they had a seaweed invasion due to high winds on the beach. No one could go swimming which was a shame as the locations was beautiful. Great lunch and nice place for the stop. It is always fun to drive your own jeep versus having a driver. Loved the excursion guides and they listened when we wanted to pick up the pace. Can be dusty if they have not had rain so be prepared for that.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image studygirl
1 review
Apr 2016
The guides for this excursion were fantastic. They truly wanted us to enjoy our excursion. We were traveling with friends so we had our own jeep without having to share with others. Some who had to share had great partners while others did not. So, try to line up with people near your own age or who seem most compatible. The guides did allow driver changes at the halfway point so there were only two people allowed to drive. Drivers must produce a current driver's license before the tour begins. The tour began on road with a brief photo stop near the lighthouse. We remained in the jeep as a young lady took a photo of the jeep occupants. On our excursion she was able to capture the ship in the background. From there, we had a brief bathroom stop where we could purchase our photos before heading out toward the off-road drive portion. There was only one photo per Jeep offered so it is first come first to purchase. I believe the cost was $15 USD. It is not bound in a sturdy packet or bag so caution needs to be taken due to the dust and wind. One guest had her photo fly out of the small cardboard base. There is absolutely nothing of any consequence to see on this portion of the trip. The drive is through tall grasses and shrubs. The roads are extremely bumpy and were very dusty the day of our excursion. We did not drive along the beach where there were any good views. Our stop at the beach was nice. The food supplied was seasoned well and ample. The tour guides warned guests that there were small jellyfish in the water, but assured everyone that they would not bother anyone wearing sunscreen in the water. The bathrooms are very dark inside and I did not feel comfortable going inside alone. Our husbands accompanied us walking there and waited outside for us outside the building. It is a short drive from here back to the port. There was ample time to shop in port when we returned. The Mayan put on a brief show in port and walked around soliciting donations. If you would like, you can have your passport stamped in the Diamonds international store.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image sportsjer
1 review
May 2015
This was highlight of our trip with Carnival. The mini Rhino tour was an absolute blast. Much better then the ATV one. And the open bar was free at the end. Without this excursion we would have rated our cruise on the Sunshine with Carnival a total Zero. This almost made it a decent trip overall.
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Member Image StacyC295
2 reviews
Feb 2015

We were very disappointed that the ATV Adventure was sold out when we finally made our decision what we wanted to do but we were not disappointed with the Mini Jeep Rhino adventure at all. We had some challenges with people getting stuck in the sand or a couple of the mini jeeps broke (I think it was more driver error) while we were out but it was tons of fun. You have to be in groups of 4 so we were paired with another younger couple that really had a lot of fun with us.

During the excursion you spend some time on the main road but most of the time in sandy trails and then on the beach. The beach was nothing that I would want to look at regularly, there was a lot of debris and trash but the water was beautiful.

When you get back to the pavilion there is an open bar and plenty of beach to swim or sun bake on. There's some vendors and food that is available for purchase. The buffet was $18 per person which I felt was just too much. We ended up grabbing a few drinks and then headed back to the port and the ship.

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Member Image CharmaT
1 review
Not Rated
Dec 2014

This stop was our favorite!! We loved the laid back atmosphere of Costa Maya, the quaint fishing village, and the beautiful beaches. We took the Jeep tour to a private resort. We drove through, mostly, off the beaten path roads to get to the beach. The beach was not visible during our drive, there was follage on both sides of the road. There was lunch provided with our excursion and it was delicious, chicken or beef fajitas, homeade salsa and chips, refired beans and an assortment of fresh fruit. There was a bar available to purchase alcoholic drinks. We were on the beach about an hour and a half, which wasn't long enough for me!! It was a gorgeous place, so calm and relaxing. I was sad to leave there. My family was hoping that there would be snorkeling gear availabler for rent on the beach, but there was not. Once we returned to the port, out Jeep guide, Diego, hooked us up with a local fisherman who does snorkeling tours. There is a natural reef about 200 yds off shore. I hung out in the quaint fishing village while my husband and kids went snorkeling. I felt very safe and comfortable to be by myself lounging on the beach. I enjoyed a delicious cheese quesedilla and a drink while waiting. Best memory of the trip!!!

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Member Image FePerk
3 reviews
Feb 2013
Costa Maya: we went on the ship's "Down and Dirty Mini Jeep Adventure". Lame and not worth the money. If you've never been on an ATV you might find this to be unique, but We own ATVs and found the trails and scenary to be boring. Last year we took a tour with The Native Choice Tours, and that was ten times better - if you haven't used them, give them a try.
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Member Image matcar16
1 review
Jan 2013

Great excursion. Was told a little rough but there was and 80+ lady along wwith her middle aged daughter and she did fine. Took a bus about 20 min oout to the jeep location and was given instructions how to drive the jeeps (2 people to a jeep). We were given helmets (disinfected) Scarfs to wear over our face if so desired, sprayed for insects and away we went with a leader in front and a guy following in back. There were about a dozen of us. Rode through the jungle area and then down the beach. They even let us stop and look for sea shells and gave us each a bottle of cold water. We then ended at ab little resort area with huts, a bar and we could =swim or just relax about an hour.
Excursion desk told us there would be no swimming so we did not take our suits. So if you go wear a swimming suit. The crew was great, fun to talk to and met our every need. A very pleasurable excursion. Note that if you want more than tow ro a vehicle I heard the dune buggy was fun also. Only saw beautiful wild parrots and iguanas on this trip. Would do it again though.

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Member Image FreddyFunFunFun
1 review
Feb 2012
This was a really fun tour the only reason I am not giving it a 5 is because it was short and we didn't actually get to ride on the beach like we thought we would. We did go through the jungle and since it had rained the night before it was nice and muddy. We got to go pretty fast and they stopped half way and took our pictures and gave us bottled water.
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Member Image arozylo1
2 reviews
Feb 2012
The port itself was OK, but to be honest, every Eastern Mexican port I have stopped at has rough water, and is sun-baked, dusty and dry. The beaches are often rocky, and there were shark warnings out when we visited. The Rhino adventure had beach and ATV parts; the ATV part was good, the beach part was ... eh. They did have a nice shaded beverage and refreshment area, and the guides were quite pleasant.
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Provider: Carnival Cruise Line

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