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St. Thomas Helmet Dive cruise excursion
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Dive deep below St. Thomas’ surface for a tour of the island’s sea bottom floor. Encounter spectacular marine life as you become one with the Caribbean habitat.
Member Image shazam22
1 review
Oct 2016
We did this excursion in St. Thomas through the Norwegian Escape. It was a wonderful excursion. The drive to Coral World was not too long and was in open air vehicles. When we got there we got our shoes (you can wear your own water shoes) and locked up our belongings. We had a short orientation, filled out some papers, and then went down to the ladder. The Trek itself was a lot of fun and seemed too short (LOL). Getting used to the helmet, popping ears, and the current took a bit of time. I saw a lot of neat fish and coral. The divers brought a sea cucumber and a moving type of sea star for us to hold. That was really cool. They took video and pictures that were worth the price of the USB drive. The videos are mostly small clips that allow you to sort your own videos/pics out when you download them from the USB drive. Wear something bright- that helps you pick yourself out! Ha Ha. After the dive, we had a little time to walk around Coral World. My biggest complaint is that we needed more time at Coral World and to possibly explore the beach next door (Coki Beach?). I think we had about an hour to an hour-and-a-half to explore. We saw two short information sessions: one sea lion and one turtle. We then had a few minutes to visit the gift shop before we had to go. I would have loved more time at Coral World with time at the beach. If they could have a few return times that would allow guests to choose how long they stayed that would be great. In our case it ended up pouring and the time we left was OK. But as an excursion, more time would be helpful.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image cruising59
1 review
Jul 2016
If you have never done a helmet dive, you have to give it a try! The staff was excellent and they were with you the entire time as you descended into the ocean. The fish, sea urchins, coral, etc. was amazing. I have never done snorkeling or diving but this experience was worth every penny. It's not hard and all you have to do is breathe. Try it!!
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Member Image Haleyfelt0915
1 review
Jul 2016
Amazing views and crazy once in a lifetime experience.
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Provider: Norwegian Cruise Line
Member Image
1 review
Jun 2016
The 'BOSS' excursion was very enjoyable; the captain and crew were pleasant, they made sure that we saw plenty of fish, and overall we had a great time. However, the BOSS scooter can feel hot and claustrophobic and this did not work out well for our party as we had several people prone to sea-sickness. Dramamine was not enough to overcome this issue. This was not a problem with the operation of the tour however; it was our issue. The people who weren't sea-sick appeared to be having a blast, and we did enjoying what we got to see. Very good rating.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image SwanseaVillanReturns
1 review
Jun 2016
Whisked off to Coral World for this. Amazing experience walking along the sea bed and viewing creatures close up as they come to investigate you. Those yellow fin tuna are HUGE !!
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Member Image Dulacat
1 review
Dec 2015
It is amazing. Strong recommended!
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Member Image duncan449
3 reviews
Dec 2014

The pressure was to much for my ears, but my husband went down and had a good time. We toured the rest of Coral World and fed the birds, touched the critters in the touch tanks and had a drink at the bar. It was a nice place.
The transportation to and from the cruise port however needs some work. It's not very organized!
We were late getting there because of a traffic back up - not their fault at all!
We waited for ever for a ride back to the port though, and when a taxi showed up we decided to just take that, so we were on it ready to go and a van showed up, so they told us it was our free ride and to get out of the taxi and into the van - we hauled our bags down and crammed into the van - then they said, no get out, this is not your ride - so we squeezed back out of the van and our taxi was already gone! So we had to wait another 15 minutes or so for our ride! By the time we made it back to the port we had no time for anything else! The shops were already closing.

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Member Image vcr_traveler515
7 reviews
Not Rated
Dec 2013
We were taken by water taxi to a floating dock nearby. We were given detail instructions about the dive and safety. There were 24 guests and we went down in two groups. While the first group was diving, the second group did some snorkeling around the dock. When it was our turn to dive, we stood on the stairs in the water and the helmet was lowered onto our shoulders. That forced us to walk down the 20 ft. stairs one step at a time. A diver was next to us during the descend. Once everyone was down, we were led through a path with side-rails on both sides and saw a sunken helicopter, some sea creatures and lots of fish. The whole underwater experience was 30 minutes. My wife had trouble clearing her ears when she was underwater, but still enjoyed the experience. The excursion operator took pictures of everyone and sold it for $35 on a memory card. That was a reasonable price since we went as a family of 4. We also took our underwater Fuji camera and got some great pictures and video. Make sure your camera is rated for at least 20 ft. underwater as that was the depth of the excursion. Afterwards were served some fruit punch, some with a good dose of rum.
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Member Image HappySailing24
1 review
Dec 2013

We did the Helmet Dive/Tour at Coral World-they gave us no time to explore the Aquarium-as soon as the Dive was over- they closed the place and we had to hurry and Run to get on the bus to leave. For the 4.5hr tour. we only did the 1hr dive-very unorganized with time management. we had to wait for others to Dive first and do there orientation and that wasted an hour. But carnival did refund our portion of the Aquarium tour which was nice-but my Daughter for a year was looking forward to the Aquarium part and never saw it. And its not like we can just drive over and go , LOL,. Also we were able to bring our Go pro down with us and that was nice to have. The instructors/divers also were very nice. The ride on the Bus was Horrible-I thought we were going to crash- very fast driver and then he was playing chicken with another bus driver and the Police was there and couldn't even talk to them. they were hitting each others bus with their hands and screaming and yelling. Neither one would Move for the other to get by. Very Rude drivers. Also on the way Back, my Son was getting on and the driver started to take off and he had a huge cut and bruise from the seat where metal was sharp that he hit trying to get on.That was not a Good experience....

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Member Image tempocontour
4 reviews
Aug 2013

Coral World staff was professional and informative. The helmet dive was fun but restricted with you only able to walk under water around a circular path via under water hand rail. There were sea life that the dive instructor was able to pull out from under rocks and corals and the instructor fed some fish along the way via a cylinder. The helmet was restrictive in movement and in viewing angle. We did the snuba diving in Grand Cayman, that was lots of fun and I highly recommend that!

When you walk onto Coral World grounds you are immediately greeted by inguanas running all over the place! They have an netted area where you could feed lorikeet birds. They'll fly right to you looking for food! There's also a hands on tank for sting rays, another hands on tank that had star fish, sea slugs and large snails. Another enclosed area that had a couple of small sharks that they let you get into. And a trail to walk around the area.

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Member Image chrryslsh
2 reviews
Mar 2013
Would have given it a 5+ except for the woman who lined us up at the pier. She was very Rude. she asked my 10 yr old son how much he weighed. I told her about 90 -95 lbs. She said. I was talking to him. I told her well I don't think he knows what he weighs. She said. well they will weigh him there. so what difference did it make and why did she have to be rude? Anyway. once there. it was the best excursion EVER!! no they did not weigh him and never saw that woman again. (She said the minimum weight is 80 lbs BTW) the divers who guided us were so attentive to my son. showed him every little animal. let him touch and hold everything. spent so much time with him. I was so very impressed with them. I would recommend this to anyone. my grown daughter was very nervous about doing this as she is a little claustrophobic. She loved it too. she had no problem at all. she said it did not feel like she was closed in. my husband has sinus problems and was nervous about going so deep as he has problems at times with that but he didn't have much problems either. you start out about 6 feet deep and walk downhill until you are about 20 feet deep. it was really awesome. we saw sea spiders, star fish, sea cucumbers, lots of fish, and lots of other things I cant remember the names of. Also after you get done with the helmet dive you can also explore the rest of coral world. We fed the Larakeets which are these very pretty little birds who land on your hands and eat out of these little containers you hold. then you can swim on Coki Beach. See the Sharks at the shark encounters too.
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Member Image TV TRIVIA couple
1 review
Aug 2012
GO!!! Don't wait until you get on board to reserve your space. It is a chance of a lifetime..and to all the non-swimmers, that is nothing to fear! Now, it can be crossed off of our bucket list
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Member Image cruzinfromnowon
5 reviews
Jul 2012
Exactly what we expected -- Staff was professional. Enjoyed the experience.
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Member Image cruisinmimiof3
1 review
Feb 2012
this was the best excursion I have ever done on any of my 3 cruises. It was just amazing! If you can walk down a ladder, and hold a railing, do this tour! You do not swim at all. they have a railing around a course under water about 15 feet. The current pushes you around fairly hard, so you do need to hold the railing. They have a diver in there with you to make sure you are fine, a camera man taking pics and video's and the guide. We bought the USB drive with the pics and video and they are amazing. The guide handed us sea creatures to hold. It was amazing, just do it.
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