Puerto Limon Rainforest Aerial Tram Tour Excursion Reviews

Puerto Limon Rainforest Aerial Tram Tour cruise excursion
Overall Rating
The Rainforest Aerial Tram glides above the treetops; observe the rainforest canopy and waterfalls on an open-air gondola ride.
Member Image DKlec
1 review
Mar 2017
On the Tram we viewed many species of birds including Toucans. After the tram, we had a tasty Costa Rican buffet lunch were we were served at well kept tables.
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Member Image tmcgillivary
1 review
Dec 2016
Limited time in Rainforest but did see Sloths, Toucans & Monkeys
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Member Image frenchlovers
1 review
Dec 2016
No birds but fun to slide down the gorge into the jungle in the tram for an amble through the verdant flora of Veragua Rainforest.
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Member Image wheelchairtraveler
6 reviews
Mar 2016
We did not know until the last minute that we could go. We were told there was only one bus with a wheelchair lift in Costa Rico. We were surprised this had not been arranged as we had signed up ahead of time. The tour itself was great and we were so glad we could go. The staff was great getting a group with wheelchairs, walkers, and slow walkers on and off the trams and through the exhibits with great humor and interesting information.
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Member Image NCJean
5 reviews
Feb 2016
I took the Rainforest Aerial Tram tour, the one that is 70 minutes in a tram traversing the different layers of the rainforest and offers a lunch. This was a bucket list item for me and it totally met my expectations! It was a longish drive to the site, but the bus was very comfortable with plenty of leg room and also a restroom on board. The guide on the bus was fantastic! He shared so many interesting things about his country, and his life. He brought a banana tree pod on board, and showed us the tiny, unformed flowers that will grow into bananas. He also had a big cocoa pod, and opened it and showed us the cocoa seeds. We could taste them if we wanted, and I did. You suck it, but don't eat the seed. It tasted unexpectedly citrus-y and sweet. The bus ride was actually a highlight of the excursion. When we got to the rainforest center, our guide for the tram ride was highly knowledgable and was able to tell us the scientific and common name of every single plant. I was astounded to see single leaves as big as a door! Every branch of every tree was a miniature garden, filled with symbiotic plants growing on it. There are insects called Bullet Ants, that are about 3 inches long and so toxic that, if they bite you, you can be sick for several days! There is just too much information to include in a review, but it was fantastic! He pointed out some monkeys high on a branch. Other people in the tram saw them, but they were so well camouflaged, I couldn't make them out even though I knew I was looking right where they were! We saw several Toucans and I saw a Blue Morpho butterfly. I want to live in the rainforest….well, except for the Bullet Ants, and the snakes of course, and the huge spider we saw, and naturally the jaguars. The lunch at the end of the tour was great too. It was in a courtyard and featured native foods, such as rice and beans, fried plantains, chicken, tomatoes, fresh fruit, and hearts of palm. They had a variety of native juices to drink. I had something called Soursop, which looked like skim milk, was not sour, but had a clean sweet-tart taste. This was an excellent excursion!!
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Member Image Sandbox Cruiser
2 reviews
Nov 2015
Great tour in the rain forest. Boat tour was nice a little rushed.
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Member Image rmtheisen
1 review
Oct 2015
The Veragua Rain Forest was quite beautiful and amazing. The road from Limon to the Rain Forest is very rough - I'm glad we were in a small van and NOT in a bus. Danny was an excellent wealth of information about the area on the way to and from the Rainforest. Once we arrived, we paid for entrance ($66 for rainforest & tramway - additional $33 for zipline) and were given a mostly private tour by a guide. The various exhibits of animals and plants was interesting and informative. I was impressed that this is a privately held research facility and the concern about preservation. The best part of the tour is the tram ride among the tree tops and then the walking paths to a beautiful waterfall.
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Member Image chip60
1 review
Mar 2015
The aerial tram tour was stunning. The views over the rainforest almost surreal. We were able to see our cruise ship, it was so clear. The walk down to the waterfall peaceful. Had a fleeting glance of toucan on the return tram.
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Member Image JanandBill
1 review
Mar 2015
The tram through the rain forest was uninteresting. Nature walk to anemic falls disappointing. Exhibits pretty limited. Not much else on offer. Maybe better for real flora and fauna lovers.
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Member Image corke
1 review
Not Rated
Jan 2014

Excellent experience.
Bus was comfortable; the Rainforest walking tour and Aerial Tram were great.
Guides were great.
Lunch was great.
Extremely well organized.
Highly recomment.

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Member Image Herbs Mom
4 reviews
Jan 2014

Even the 2 hour bus ride in each direction was interesting - got to see many banana and pineapple plantations as we drove by. Our guide, Manuel, spoke very good English and filled us in on everything we saw. When we reached the tram spot we transferred onto smaller buses and drove down to where the tram starts (about a 2 minute ride). Manuel told us there was a sloth up in the tree, and sure enough he was there. But then a large tapir came thru and it was interesting to watch her feed. The tram ride was great -only 6 people + the guide, so it felt very personal (I just wish there had been less talking so we could enjoy the sounds of the rainforest more). If you go expecting to see a lot of animals, this tour is not for you. You hear the monkeys and birds but don't see much of them. But that was OK - we went to learn about the rainforest. Beautiful plants and ecosystems. About half way thru it started to pour so we got the full "rainforest" experience. We didn't take ponchos, and wish we had! When the tram ride was over (about 90 minutes) there was a lovely Costa Rican lunch for us and time to shop in their gift shop. There is a short nature walk that I'd highly suggest you take - the guides explain details about the plants and we even saw a small poisonous frog and a vipir snake. Their display of orchids is also very interesting. While we were waiting for the bus to take us back up top, the tapir came back and as she walked down one path, her baby came along. A thought she might come back to get him, but she kept on going. The baby cried out for her - stayed near us for a few minutes then went on his way. All in all a very interesting day.

While we really enjoyed the Aerial Tram, I was there had been time to also do the Veragua Rainforest tour. I've heard from others that it was an incredible trip - next time!

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Member Image Vagabondvoyager
11 reviews
Dec 2012
This was an interesting tour, but we only saw two toucans, another large bird, and a pit viper. Fortunately, the pit viper was on a leaf below us!
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Member Image SJandSinFolsom
1 review
Dec 2012
The aerial tram tour is very short. It only lasts a few minutes. This is usually included with the rainforest so it's not that big of a deal. We didn't do the hike to the waterfall when we were at the bottom, instead, we took a short walk down a walkway (5minutes) to a sitting area where we sat for a few minutes and then returned to the tram. I wasn't impressed.
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Member Image jeffnjan
1 review
Dec 2012
I was combining both tours, long day and a lot of driving.
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Member Image advaitin
1 review
Oct 2012
Combination tour. The main reason we came on this trip was to do a rainforest canopy tour. While nice, the tour did not actually have a true canopy tour, so misleading and hardly worth the cost.
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Member Image nc2race
1 review
Jan 2011
It was raining (Rainforest... Duh!) but a great tour beginning with the lengthy, well-narrated large, air-conditioned bus ride past banana and pineapple plantations, shipping centers and villages, up into the mountains, terminating at the entranceway to Rainforest Adventures, Costa Rica Atlantic. A little confusion in the transfer from the big busses to the little ones necessary to get into the facility, apparently caused by the rain, though being in a rainforest, one would think they would get plenty of practice. Tourists trying to get out of the rain filled up the few covered areas pretty quickly. The rain never let up but we had our raingear. My wife and I and 4 other guests into the covered trams suspended on cables above the ground and swung out into the forest. The ride was magnificent as our tram's tour guide pointed out plants, flowers, fruits and birds and had a story to tell about it all. The tram was fitted with a canvas overhead but there was still the opportunity... make that the likelihood of getting wet as the tram headed out mid-canopy height in one direction and returned at a higher elevation nearer the tops of the trees for the approximately one-hour total cable car ride. Lunch of Costa Rican specialties was good and after a few minutes browsing the souvenir shop we headed back to the pickup area to be hauled back to the large busses. Again, a bit of a bottle-neck here and limited cover from the rain but it didn't detract from the overall experience as far as we were concerned. Remember, though, it's a rainforest. Plan for rain.
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