Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Cu Chi Tunnels Excursion Reviews

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Cu Chi Tunnels cruise excursion
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Experience the world of the Cu Chi fighters with a visit to this vast network of more than 124 miles of underground tunnels, about 45 miles northwest of Ho Chi Minh City.
Member Image jeriram
2 reviews
Feb 2017
Even if you don't want to go into the tunnels, it is a very interesting tour.
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Provider: Avalon Waterways
Member Image Diann Thompson
1 review
Jan 2017
This was an insight into Vietnam and the American war. I enjoyed the trip to the tunnels, as I was able to take many photos that I will use in my classroom as they are studying Vietnam. I would recommend this excursion as you see both sides of Vietnam, the poor and the developed.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image dundeeman
1 review
Jan 2017
Overall a disappointing tour. The tour guide wasn't the best and we felt rushed on the tour and expected to get more out of it given the 3hr travel each way to the site.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image HeapsGood
3 reviews
Dec 2016
Great Day - a long way from the port, but very glad we have done this trip as it is an amazing place and so interesting to learn about this Vietnamese history.
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Provider: Vietland Discovery (Mrs Ha)
Member Image ittlebeme
2 reviews
Nov 2016
This was the best day of the cruise without doubt. Even the long 3 hour drive to the tunnels was OK as we viewed the varied landscape and the thousands of motor bikes on the road. We drove right through Saigon which was really interesting. The tour of the tunnels was absolutely fascinating and our guide explained the extraordinary story really well. I even ventured into one of the (short section) tunnels myself - it was very difficult, but I'm glad I did it. Part of the tour was a traditional Vietnamese lunch at a riverside restaurant. All up, a great day which I highly recommend.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image Sashachattanooga
1 review
Nov 2016
This is the one tour every one takes and it does give you history of Viet Nam war and feel of what tunnels were like. The city it self is very busy with lots of traffic we stayed an extra day that we would have enjoyed more at Siem Reap,
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Provider: Avalon Waterways
Member Image Karen3500
1 review
Oct 2016
Very informative and well worth it
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image oddstuff
1 review
Sep 2016
On my bucket list. So glad it was offered
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Provider: Viking River Cruises
Member Image grantandfi@xtra.co.nz
1 review
Aug 2016
Really valuable to understand some of the history of the Vietnam war.
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Provider: Avalon Waterways
Member Image pc1949
5 reviews
Oct 2015
Bit of a long drive Not enough time to see all Too much time spent waiting for those who want to shoot guns and having to wait nearby putting up with the gunfire noise. Overpriced
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image fireman31828
1 review
Oct 2015
Wonderful experience
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image Teresahinton
1 review
Mar 2015
Hubby went to the tunnels with his friend, and he found it very interesting to hear about the war from the Vietnamese prospective of things...very rewarding and one of the best excursions by Celebrity.
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Provider: Celebrity Cruises
Member Image IamKWgirl
1 review
Not Rated
Dec 2014

This was our first tour with Celebrity. We have cruised with them before, but never gone on one of their tours. We were interested to see if we got value for our money. The tour did not disappoint.

Once we left the ship, our buses were literally just waiting for us on the dock. They had air
conditioning, comfortable seats and we were supposed to have wi-fi but it wasn't working on our bus.

Our tour guide was great and had a wonderful sense of humor. The Cu Chi tunnels are just over 2 hours from the harbor so at about an hour into the ride, we had a bathroom break at a very nice clean stop that also sold souvenirs (great selection), drinks, snacks and had wi-fi. We stopped here for about 15 minutes. The bathrooms are clean and very Americanized.

Just before we arrived at the tunnels, the tour guide showed a short film that had been dubbed into English that was probably made in the late 1960's to early 70's. Some people might be offended by this film, but it is their viewpoint...enough said.

About an hour later we got to the Cu Chi tunnels where we had another bathroom break at the tunnels before we started on the tour. These bathrooms did not have toilet paper, so bring your own as not all bathrooms in Vietnam supply your toilet paper like they do in the USA and Canada.

We started our tour by viewing the guns and ammo that had been used in the war. We then went to the area where we saw various ways the Vietnamese defended themselves by using various booby traps. These were created by using what was available to them locally. They were ingenious and very lethal.

We then watched a guide show us how they were able to "disappear into thin air". You would have to know where an entrance was in order to locate it as they were hidden very well. He showed us how they entered and carefully covered the entrance up, then disappeared down into the tunnel. We had the chance to go down into the vertical tunnel and it was very narrow and difficult to get out of as you needed a lot of arm strength. (I'm only 5"2" so it was extremely awkward for me.)

The next thing we checked out were the tunnels themselves. They have opened up the entrances to 2 of the tunnels and created an entrance with stairs to get down into the tunnel. They aren't very tall, maybe 3" high and not very wide either and pitch black. The government has added lighting inside the tunnels but it is fairly dim...I used the flashlight on my phone. The exit is basically ladder style steps that are very steep to climb out. We went into 2 sets of tunnels to get more of an idea of how they wind around.

We also saw sleep areas, munitions area's and sort of what life was during that time. We came across a man making sandals out of tires. This is how they masked their footprints by using the tire treads and putting them together in such a way as to confuse anyone from trying to see where they were walking. These were available for sale for a very nominal charge. (We paid less than $5 US.)

There is also a shooting range. You can buy ammunition to shoot various weapons. We shot a 30 cal gun that had been mounted to a jeep. They take you with a guide who loads the ammo and shows you where and how to shoot. You get protective earphones and the guns are fastened in a way so that they is no danger of shooting anyone. We got some great pictures...gotta say, it was kind of surreal shooting a gun at the Cu Chi tunnels and well worth the price.

Included at the shooting range is a really nice souvenir shop. My husband bought an authentic
lighter from the late 60's that had been dug up. We also bought some art work and statues that were handmade and very reasonably priced.

It was a great tour. Our guide spoke to us about life in Vietnam on the way there and back and gave us a glimpse into the hardships they had both during the war and also once the Americans left in the 70's.

Just a short way up the road we stopped at a restaurant for lunch. We received 1 drink of either bottled water, soda, local beer or wine which was included. If you wanted more, you had to pay a small price payable in either Vietnamese Dong or US dollars. We were served a meal of Crab Soup with Legumes, Ben Nay Spring Rolls (really good) Grilled Chicken with a Sticky Rice Ball, Fried fish with tomato sauce, Diced Beef, Sauteed Morning Glory with Garlic (similar to wilted greens) Fried Rice with Seafood, Grilled Pineapple for dessert and either coffee or tea at the end. The food was served family style so you got a taste of everything. The tables seated 8 people. The meal was in a very picturesque location with a small bridge over the water before you entered. This meal was included in the price of the tour.

On the way back we had one last bathroom stop at the same place we had stopped at on our way to the tunnels. At every stop we were given an antibacterial wipe before we got back on the bus to wipe your hands etc. We also received a bottle of cold water on the way to the tunnels and the way back from the tunnels.

We learned a lot and this was probably our favorite tour. We felt we got good value for the money. To us, this was a "Do Not Miss" tour.

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Provider: Celebrity Cruises
Member Image Annie1959
2 reviews
Not Rated
Feb 2013

Again, hard to give this a rating, as an American. They won, they get to write the history. Very interesting, and heard the first comments from my Vietnam veteran say that the nearby shooting sounded like what he experienced. A must see for any devotee of history.

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Member Image helping145
1 review
Dec 2012

worth the coach trip

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Member Image AussieTex
1 review
Oct 2012
We didn't have a chance to get any Vietnamese money (Cruise ship didnt have any) so it limited our experience. The drive there and back was slow and traffic packed. Our first toilet stop was at a facility that only had squat toilets and none of us women had ever used one before. When in rome and all that, but well there were plenty of facilities on the return that had western toilets. A warning would have been nice! Our guide was good and he sang for us! He gave an interesting history about Vietnam especially during the war. The tunnels were an overwhelming experience. My dad was a vietnam vet and seeing the traps that the vietcong made and seeing the propoganda materials they had. That said, I am glad I went. The tunnels that you can crawl through were more claustrophobic than I expected which really gave an idea of how these people lived (And these tunnels were widened for tourists.) On the way there and back you could just see the abject poverty of this country, it was quite sad to see and humbling for a bus load of tourists.
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Member Image aussiegirl51
1 review
Mar 2012
My husband did this trip and enjoyed himself
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Member Image mostrow
1 review
Mar 2012
What a total waste of a full day. Very anti-american and very fake. Not sure this was a disney created place just to show how a few soldiers killed lots of americans and how proud they are about it. Don't do this one.
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