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Dominica Ti Tou Gorge cruise excursion
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The hike through Ti Tou George is actually in fact a short swim through a series of ponds formed by cliffs and Dominica's interlaced trees. Enjoy the island's clear refreshing water after a hot day.
Member Image mattshawman
1 review
Feb 2017
Dominica is another gorgeous island. So lush and the tour was excellent. I would recommend visiting ti tou gorge, but only if you're a good swimmer so you can go inside. Otherwise it's not that great. The botanical gardens is nice too. Book a tour on this island so you can see it all. It's not known for its beaches so if you don't do a tour there is not much to do. There also isn't much of a port at Roseau. Just a long wooden pier that takes you into town. The town is quaint and very friendly, with shops dotted around if you need supplies. We would definitely recommend Ruins Rock bar, which is just a minute or so walk straight in front of the pier as you get off the ship. Ask if you can't find it. Great Reggae band playing and the rum punch is lethal. Also, they have a shop next door, which sells some great flavoured rums.
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Provider: P&O Cruises
Member Image TRUEBLUE66
7 reviews
Jan 2017
Full day tour to Champagne snorkel, Ti Tou Gorge and several other points of interest around the island. Small group tour with several roll call members.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image nailcutter
7 reviews
Dec 2016
Cold and swimming upstream. Must have life jacket.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image methater
3 reviews
Dec 2016
Levi from Bumping Tours was wonderful. We took the Champaine Reef snorkel, Ti Tou Gorge and Trafalgar Falls excurson for $50 per adult and $40 per child. The snorkel was wonderful as we saw the bubbles and many fish including octipus. The Falls were beautiful as well. A few words about the gorge. As described the water is very cold, but once you start swimming you warm up. It had been raining the day we did this tour and the current was very strong near the falls. We had 13 people in our group which is too many as people have to thread water until Levi can pull you up on a ledge next to the falls. While awaiting this you get beat up against the walls of the gorge. To me it was a little frightening and my wife got pretty bruised. I don't recommend the gorge if you're not a strong swimmer. Otherwise we had a great time with Levi and recommend him highly.
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Provider: Bumping Tours
Member Image steelergirlinfl
3 reviews
Dec 2016
Book with Levi at This was an EXCELLENT excursion.
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Provider: Bumpiing Tours (yes two i's)
Member Image latiger
1 review
Dec 2016
The Gorge is an amazing place to jump into a deep pool filled by fresh rainwater. You then swim in a beautiful rocky gorge fed by the rain water draining into the pool. You need to be a stronger swimmer to make it to the head water feeding the gorge as the current is strong and swift. Flotation is required and very necessary. Our guide was able to swim it and pull us up by rope.
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Provider: Bumpiing
Member Image TJKFlorida
3 reviews
Nov 2016
Swim in the Ti Tou Gorge and soak in the Hot Springs. We were not able to swim up the gorge because of the swift current at the time.
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International
Member Image patricia.schmaltz
1 review
Oct 2016
YEOWL that water is cold! Not a good place if you are not a good swimmer, and with the recent rains only a few of us made it to the waterfall.. but BEAUTIFUL inside the gorge!
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Provider: Island Windjammers
Member Image sujaka
1 review
Apr 2015
TiTou Gorge rapids were to strong so they didn't allow us in the river. Recommend you wear water shoes or boat shoes. You will kill yourself in sandals or flip flops. Bring bug spray. Be prepared to be wet all day. Scenery is amazing.
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Provider: Best Price Excursions
Member Image Biddi2
1 review
Mar 2015
Highly recommend this tour as it covered so many of the highlights of the island. Great for first timers to Dominica. The guide was excellent and the tour included free drinks during the day.
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Provider: Bumpiing Tours
Member Image Wareaglex5
1 review
Mar 2015
We did this as part of our whole day excision with Bumping Tours. The stream has slippery steps that lead down to the pool where you enter the water. You are provided a float so swimming isn't that difficulty. There had been some rain when we got there so the water was moving. They would not let us go all the way through the Gorge because they were afraid it wouldn't be safe for us. Our guides were very safety conscious and took good care of us. The water is cold when you get in but if you start swimming right away and don't try to walk but move then your body adjusts to the water and it doesn't feel cold anymore. It was a wonderful experience, very beautiful. We were with a group of kids but I could see that this place would be extremely romantic if you were alone.
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Provider: Bumping Tours
Member Image cameo_girl
2 reviews
Dec 2014

Steps down to the shallow area where you entered, then a deep gorge and the water got very deep. Water was extremely cold (bone-chilling) Several van groups were going into the gorge at the same time, thus there were too many people in a very tight space. Water coming over the small waterfall was knocking people down. One gentleman slipped and cut his leg enough to where the guides had to bandage him and give him ice to bring down the swelling. If there were fewer people, we would have continued to the 2nd falls. Ti Tou has no bathroom facilities and a small local craft area.

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Provider: Nature Isle Explorer Day Tours
Member Image holy_cruzer
1 review
Not Rated
Feb 2014

This was the best excursion I have ever taken. No words to describe the experience and the thrill. Water is cold - but not like Lake Superior cold, just dive in and then be ready for the whole thrill of swimming up to a waterfall. Something you won't find anywhere else.

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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image collinsmom4301
3 reviews
Not Rated
Dec 2013

Ti Tou gorge is a must see sight. DO NOT let the cold water deter you or you will miss out on something absolutely beautiful here. Do take a floater or life vest for this adventure.

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Provider: Nature Isles
Member Image daniel boone
3 reviews
Feb 2013
Second time to Ti Tou Gorge. Tour Guide Gary from bumping tours helped us climb up the first water fall, which was great. We love Dominica, it is a very pretty island.
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Provider: bumping tours
Member Image abroadabroad
1 review
Jan 2013

Wonderful fun.

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Provider: Celebrity Cruises
Member Image ayrhead
3 reviews
Jan 2013
Great day with a very strenuous hike to middleham falls ( not suggested for all )
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Provider: bumpling tours
Member Image Misswings02
1 review
Dec 2012
The current can be rough, need to have upper body strength; however, the guides will pull you into Gorge if you can't make it.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image Moosevilleco
3 reviews
Mar 2012
Dominica was our favorite island and we have been to 11 now. (Tortola is my 2nd favorite). Dominica is a beautiful island and the least developed of all the Caribbean islands. Donaldson from Nature Isle Explorers is a great young man. He and his lifelong buddy Alvin do a great job showing off their island. I cannot say enough good things about these guys. We started out at Champagne Reef which is absolutely beautiful, but a fairly difficult area to snorkel without good equipment and a life preserver. There really are lots of bubbles coming up from the ocean floor, but you will be in VERY deep water. We then went to Ti Tou Gorge. This is another cool experience, but the water is very cold (67 degrees) and it is a little challenging. Swimming out with the current is much easier than swimming in and the rocks on the bottom are difficult to maneuver as you start out. If you can do this, you should, and then go back and watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and you will see Orlando Bloom in the exact same spot you were in! We also saw some large crabs in this area that made for some great pictures! We ended up this trip at Trafalgar Falls. This hike through the rain-forest is amazing. The rain forest canopy goes up forever and you can climb down into natural hot springs while it is raining on you! Donaldson was great in making sure we could all do this safely and he carried a back pack to protect your electronic equipment from the rain. We were able to get some great pictures deep inside the rain-forest this way. I would love to go back and it was the highlight of the trip for my boys!
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Provider: Holland America Line
Member Image FawnRiver
1 review
Jan 2012
This tour included the sulphur springs. The tour guide and her driver were excellent, very informative and entertaining.
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Provider: Princess Cruises
Member Image murfturf
2 reviews
Jan 2011
We enjoyed this tour and loved the island of Dominica. We toured to the botanical gardens, hot springs and Ti Tou gorge. All of it was beautiful, our guide was knowledgable and pleasant. The gorge was amazing, and not to be missed experience. It isn't the easiest thing to do - but once you are in the cold water - you swim into the gorge and it's breath taking. The island was beautiful and so untouched. The town too was fun, and we were able to shop in local markets and try the local beer!
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Provider: Royal Caribbean International

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