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Recent Reviews

"Panama Canal in Style"

As a younger cruiser you may find this cruise a bit sedate. Two of our more "active" excursions were cancelled due to lack of interest because most of the people on this cruise line are olde More…

"Very Disappointing"

We really looked forward to this cruise as our friends and family led us to believe once we went on Oceania we would never go back to Celebrity or Royal Caribbean where we had 25plus cruises. They to More…

"This was not the holiday cruise you dreamed of."

We began this cruise at Miami, the embarkation procedures went very smoothly, but it seems odd to let people board at noon knowing full well their staterooms are two hours away from being ready, why n More…

Pool deck ... A relaxing space

This was our first commercial cruise. We have cruised extensively on our 43' sailboat, so we are used to boats. We are so delighted we chose Oceania and PH stateroom. The ship was lovely, the cabin s More…

"Mayan Mystique; Nicely Done"

We sailed on the Oceania Regatta out of Miami for the Western Carribean. While we had been to several of these ports before, a few were new to us (Costa Maya, Belize, Roatan). We like the smaller, More…

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